Picnic ’55

OK when I seen the cover I was like this movie aint for me lol.
Actually if it wasn’t for the list prolly never woulda watched it, but since it has the Columbia Stamp. I had to give it a shot, so blindly I walked face first into this movie lol. For the better, this movie is classic. Really its mind blowing tis like travelling back in time with Marty McFly and the ‘Stand by me’ kids. Mind blowing. They even had the pie eating contest, the same vibes as their festivals back then, as shown in the 80’s as shown in actual 1955. A vagabond with sex appeal driving all the women wild then when he rejects the teacher all drunk ass she loses it on him. This is some wild passinate emotional movie with not much sense or reason but romantic and coming of age too, cept I think it would be aimed a little more at young women. I still enjoyed this movie just eharing how they talked and dressed, and the social things, faux pas’s. Yeh freakin wierd though lol, I mean how long ago this film compared to now. 69 years ago lol. I wonder if this year 2024 will ever be looked upon with remisnice or romanced like back then, I doubt it. Everyone gone zombiefied cell phone and the movies and shows suck lol. Maybe music has improved a bit, in terms of selection. But to go back then would be like the stone age, even business guy with his 12 inch TV luxury. The other guy Hal just beating up on cops. Business guy drinking and driving. I think after all that time though some things still relatable in this movie. Passion, romance, Having fun, dancing, awkward teenage years sibling parent disagreements, rivalry, miscommunications. The old people enjoying the young and putting things in perspective. Ah, good movie though, just actually surprised how good that was. Yeh both of the 55 films, very American and very caucasian. After watching some Memorial day stuff on TV some very USA things. Kinda feel for Hal being the run away bad boy, but he also makes some poor choices. Or to any guy thats had a girl pick someone else knows how, Hal’s buddy felt. Mind he was in a bit of a fit of jealous rage lol certainly wasnt going to get the grain job, specially not after stealing the car again. but just disapear to the next town. I dunno i’d watch that again actually. First Hal (William Holden) and Kim Novak picture. Cool time capsule.

Damn the thing bout watching these movies, Millie is Strasberg passed away in 1999 weird seeing a young child, and the time has already passed so.
Hmm theres a Holden and Audrey Hepburn film. St Louis Walk of Fame, didnt even know that.
Wow Kim Novak Still alive thats amazing. Thats pretty cool Kim Novak Un-official fan club right here.

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