20 Million Miles to Earth ’57

Ok this movie was absolutely hilarious.
Better than Kong, not quite but pretty good.
Note that I watched the colourized version. The Colonels lips, were strange yellow the whole film, and his eyes like a beady dark blue kinda weird. I think thats my first ever colourized motion picture ever. Some scenes you can’t tell other times its really obvious. Anyways thats the official version from Sony there on the Youtube, so I went for it.
Ok try to recap, mans first planetary mission is to Venus. they capture a creature, for intents of finding out how it survives with all the toxic gasses. The rocketship on the way back to earth hits a meteor and lands at, somewhere near Sicily. Fishermen discover the rocket, climb inside, save 2 crew members, one is the mission commander, the other is the Doc. They report it to the authorities and General flies out to Sicily on a cool ocean plane. Anyways the boy pepe or whatever find the US cylinder with the creature.. yadayada he brings it to the veterinarian to sell, where it starts growing. Colonel, and General figure out that the creature they looking for is on the road, Vet guy has a trailer, creature growing escapes from the trailer and causes havoc on a farm. Eventually they get it subdued with a electrical net, because its revealed last sec, that current of electricity puts the creature to sleep. Then they research, they want to reseach to discover how to breathe on Venus. Its held captive at the Rome Zoo. Then during a crane malfunction the electricity current is stopped, so the Creature then goes on a rampage through Rome. Finally getting destroyed by bazookas and tanks at the Coliseum. Ok this movie was hilarious, its nothing but scenes of this creature fighting and screaming, then military men getting in position. The Helicopter scenes, its all close ups of the Mash style helicpoter flying around, Jeeps driving around. People close up screaming and running away. The creature fights an elephant at the zoo, its also a stop motion, but its kinda hilarious. The Colonel and the Vet granddaughter have a pseudo romance, between all the carnage. Its very cool it was filmed in Italy, its cool they have all sorts of scenes at the zoo and coliseum, from what I know that must be difficult to get traffic permits, to spin around some tanks doing burnouts. The one tank shoots flamethrower sherman, which i guess are a thing but it looks like movie effect.. Otherwise the monster screaming and crushing and destroying and throwing boulders is the best part. It was just a small little thing trying to be born on Venus, next thing you know its fighting all the Italian army and American Bazookas, and tanks, elephants, dogs, getting rammed by cars. It eats sulphur by the way lol. If you ever just wanted a good handful of sulphur to snack on ahaha. Yeh I liked the special effects, of course its a little cheesy nowadays, but yeh probably was cheesy back then too. But, still cool they made it. The actors take it seriously, and dozens of just screaming out the window shots are pretty funny. Would watch this again just for more monster screaming and destroying stuff.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85