3:10 to Yuma ’57

This is the original movie.
Really good. Another from the Columbia list. 2rd Glenn Ford film I seen. He makes good movies. Ive enjoyed all his movies, and plus he was Canadian, till he became American is cool to me.
Glenn named after town in Alberta his dad was from. His original name was Gwyllyn never heard that name before. Um synopsis. Movie starts stagecoach being robed by Ben Wade’s (Glenn Fords) gang, the driver takes one of the gang members hostage, Ben Wade decides just to simply shoot him. Then The driver. Men ride up its, Dan. Hes a cattle farmer, he wants his cows back. Ben says 5 minutes after the robbery can have his cows back. Ben comes back up, says we taking your horses so you can’t tell the sheriff or whatever hes called. Anyways the gang all escapes, leave the couch to sit in the sun. Dan with. Next the Gang in town having a drink, they lie and say that someone else robbed em. The sheriff sets, out. They decide to split up. Ben goes back in one last time for some romance. Anyways a side scene, the sheriff finally meet up with stage coach and Dan, and they inform him that they been fooled, that was the gang in town. The drunk that eft last informs em one still at the saloon, might be Ben Wade. So anyways long story short they capture him, and come up with a fool proof way to get him to face for the murder and robbery. One other stage coach, diversion, with Dan and Mr Butter taking him to town to the 3:10 to Yuma train that had a big prison back in the day. So this is all set in lower state Arizona, the film is pretty badass sets, with rock formations, multiple towns. Anyways in the film, the Ben Wade gang is pretty fierce, they get to knowing that Ben is actually in Contention (train stop) Everyone starts getting scared sheriff aint around and basically its a suicide mission just for Dan escorting Ben to the train. Even they’re surrounded. No law, and lots of gang members want to release Ben. Ben is also doing some shifty talk trying to convince Dan to take a 10k bribe to let him go instead of the measly 200$. Dan is committed on doing it. Theyre not really friends but the time Ben and Dan spend together makes em grow closer a bit. I think they both change in character a bit, which makes em both round characters. Anyways Glenn Ford really kills it in this movie they way he talks and acts hes just a natural. Ive seen him as the gambler now, the detective and the cowboy villain. Yea this is a really good movie, had my whole attention the whole time. Its a little of a action movie, and well you don’t know whats going to happen and a perfect setting for high tension. In the end Dan kinda reminds me of a Jimmy Stewart character, slightly flawed regular guy that does incredible things. Ben Wade is the gentleman bad guy. Just hearing him talk hes really polite, and cool, but hes done some really mean things. Hes in handcuffs the whole movie, and you know hes the bad guy. Everyone else at the mercy of the gang cause they seem to control the law. So its cool character than Dan stands up for justice. Nothing against Dan actually they both had some awesome synergy, but Ive become to be a bit of Glenn Ford fan after seeing a few of his movies. Entertaining. And good at delivering dialogue, and those long pauses. Hes a natural. Would definitely watch that again. And, what about the new edition, haven’t seen it in I don’t know how long but its certainly not as memorable as what I just seen that movie was awesome epic classic.
Oh you know Glenn Ford died in 2006.
The remake was done in 2007.
Elmore Leonard was the story author.
Delver Dave Director never heard of him.
Van Heflin won a best male actor for this Dan. He was good This the kind of movie you kind cheer for the bad guy a bit though. Even though you like the good guy, you kinda hope he gets away lol. Maybe its just me lol. psycho ahaha jk
Atypical villain says on the wiki.
Man movie posters small fortune for one. Unless you get the re-print.
Originals cost a fortune

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