Pal Joey ’57

Last of the ’57 movies. Well what can I say. Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak.
Movie is pretty good. I guess its a bit old fashioned probably didnt age too well. Giving drinks to minors in his hotel room is the opening scene , lol. Its a musical and he had to skip town, im sure they could have though of something better, also to drive home the premise that hes a total playboy, and just goes for all the women. Somehow gets a romance going with Rita Hayworth. Kim Novak more the next door neighbor style small town girl, not gritty like Rita in this one. This my 3rd Rita picture I think now. We got lady Shanghai, Gilda, this one. 92nd Kim Novak Picture, the first was picnic. Really Im surprised sometimes I dont even recognize em till later, with the hair styles and the clothing, really chameleons, they look completely different in all the films. Anyways I like this movie, Id have to say 3:10 to Yuma was slightly better, 20 mil miles, is a different style of picture all together. Its hard to compare and group up with the last 2. This one focuses on song dance romance, rags to riches. Jealousy, love. Gotta say really impressed with Frank Sinatra singing, and Kim Novak Acting. Rita Hayworth is good too but shes more cold and mean in this movie. I guess shes kinda mean in Gilda, but more mean in this one, sultress still but sassy rich lol. Novak more down to earth and innocent it would seem. Anyways was a fun picture to watch wasnt really sure what to expect. But, yeah cool to see San Fran again, cool to see the classy cigarette filled, backed handed compliments in dance, and song .. Playing mean tricks in a weird love square maybe penta or more. All the ladies just love Frank Sinatra and hes just like whatever, player. But he also gets tricked a few times too at his own game so that was kind of clever.
Yea id watch this movie again, leave it on in the background. Too bad Rita wasnt much of the pro singer, cuas eshe got the dance and acting down. I read a bit about that on the wiki, so I was expecting it during her number. It was still good, little lip sync, I didnt care. Shes still a superstar. So to see the cast in this film. Yeh and Kim little more grown up than Picnic by a couple years, the character is more developed I think in this movie. Still bit of a princess type role .. Agrees top be a stripper then Sinatra like noooo. Which pisses off Vera (Rita). Anyways glad it came up on the list. Love me a good musical, with some lounge music and some good singing simple. But also with a band, and everything going on its quite the act. Makes me think a little of white Christmas they just bring the whole production company out with em and its like a small to medium village. Yeh I think thats officially first Frank Sinatra movie I seen feature length. That I can remember at least. So was good makes me feel nostalgic from the 50s even though thats way before my time. Its the past and neat to experience something that was around before me.

Author: clayton

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