Ride Lonesome ’59

First Randolph Scott movie. He’s got a face made for a bounty hunter lol.
This was a short movie, but good suspenseful, action.
Movie starts off weird, Brigade the bounty hunter capturing Billy. But Billy’s bro in the hills, but Brigades got em, Billy doesnt want to die.
anyways story keeps on going he’s bringing back Billy to Santa Cruz.
Ulterior motive. We meet the lady, Boone and Wit. Wit I guess is James Coburn, Ive seen him around before.
They leave the first little waypoint shack. Have to deal with the Mescalaro.
Anyways Billys bro Frank gives chase, they are following from behind.
Theres all sorts of subplots, for instance, Boone and Wit want Billy in Santa Cruz for Amnesty.
Billy trying to free himself and bluff about his bro.
The Lady husband been killed by Mescalaro, perhaps, it isnt known, but they bring by the horse.
Brigade, and Frank had beef from a long time ago we learn about near the end of the movie. In fact Brigade doesnt even want Billy hes using him to get to Frank.
So Boone kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wants Billy, hes ready to kill Brigade for it, but once Brigade gets his wish, he gives up Boone, on the account of Boone and Wit helping him out a few times. Its a few times Boone saves his life. So my favourite characters were Frank, cause its Lee Van Cleef, and Boone is a cool character too. Talks cool, but wants to go back to his spot and raise beef. Yeh the movie leads you along a nice scenery, not sure exactly whats going to happen, lots of tension and walking around in the dark. When Billy gets the repeater rifle and tries to hold up Brigade, Boone comes in to save him, sayin how he never keeps it loaded, so they win the bluff. A lot like Good bad and the Ugly, too with the hang tree, and Dirty Harry is it loaded or not. Anyways turns out it was loaded lol, so that was a exciting part of the movie. Oh yea right at the beginning theres a stage coach crash into a fence full speed, horses looked ok, but that was a wild stunt. Never seen a stage coach crash before. Yeh probably never see that again. I can’t imagine those metal bars and wood pieces being too dafe coming to a stop from a good speed. Yeh Lee Van Cleef was exciting when I saw him.. Only said a few words and hes the bad guy Frank he killed Brigades wife on the same Hang tree can you imagine, then he forgets lol, how do you forget something like that. Anyways Brigade puts him in a tough spot and ends the movie pretty much. He burns the tree in a symbolic thing, but Boone thinks its a sign of war for the Mescalaro, they did it twice.. Anyways couple plot holes, but I enjoyed the cast, writing, and acting, the sets were amazing, and even looking good at night time. Its like your camping with this motley crew and Billy there oh trying to talk his way out of it. Good western, some new actors to the Columbia list. Glad I watched it. And, one of the shorter movies , only hour and twelve minutes feature. I mean coulda had a little side plot, but it was a adventure movie tension and a few funny moments.
Roy Jenson was in this film a Canadian.
Pernell Roberts is Boone
Karen Steele the leading lady in this picture.
James Coburn Film Debut.
Wow you can even see where it was Filmed Lone Pine California, and Alabama Hills.

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