Gidget ’59

Wow what did I just watch lol. Ok its a teen comedy, I guess its some guy created a character based off his daughter. shes a tomboy 17. You got that growing up pressure, peer pressure, ‘Man Hunt’ lol. Shes like a model, I think she must be actually 17 in the movie or younger. Which is neat cause I think of some high school movies where the actors are way older. Well Gidget drives a car. Shed rather have fun then be all sexy lady like on the beach like snorkeling or surfing. Anyways.. GThis film started a whole genre, brought surfing into the mainstream and beach party type films were born. So thats sort of interesting. Which makes me think about niche things into films that I dont like but, I think this movie was for everyone made it cool, and to be a girl surfer was obviously an important thing. I mean its 39 years after the every state female vote so a bit of a sufragette thing going on in a surf sense. Well I like this movie more than Fallout I think lol, is what I was getting at. I was thinking well what did the surfers think of a main stream surfer film, just like the turbo nerds being like oh a fallout show. Anyways just my personal commentary not really meant for anyone but my own introspection. Anyways this film is on a fine line cause its like independent woman, then the tapestry says, the best a woman can be is how much she brings the best out of the man or something like that lol, and that totally wouldnt fly these days. But in the context of a sumemr coming of age film for a young female, not no Treasure Island. Well she like moondog and , kahuna, isnt a bad dude or a creep, but she wants to make him jealous anyways its all little bit of filler drama in otherwise a surf culture movie and also about dating film, wow dating in 1959 lol. For James Darren woulda grown up 36 3 years old war. Woulda been 9 when the war over Silent generation lol. Because of comformity and civic. I guess they got attacked pearl harbour and just parent at war, hoarding and getting their values worth. Just trying to put myself in a generic set of shoes. Cause otherwise then the heavy awkwardness that beach summer looked pretty Fun. I mean if Beach boys was a movie this would probably be it. Its the first Columbia movie I heard anyone use Surfer Vernacular. Or say Ultimate. Sure is a contrast to Humphrey bogart all ptsd’d out on the bridge of Caine Mutiny. More Columbia family, Arthur O’connell is the Gidget Dad, hes all over himself, when he finds the leg of lamb and falls on his ass, probably one of the funnier scenes. And Joby Baker was Canadian. He’s ‘Stinky’ surf dude. Wait Arthur O’Connel is the whisky drinking teacher date on Picnic. Cliff Robertson was The guy on Picnic that was supposed to date Kim Novak, he got all mad cause his hobo friend stole his GF lol. Oh so one big happy family. I didnt recognize him as Kahuna. People back then changed their haistyle and its a whole new person. Also film 4 years apart. Anyways was a cool movie glad I watched it. It was super awkward, and I was like this movie aint for me but gave it a chance and it turned out to be a cool not so bad surf movie, memorable even. And, what else filmed at a real bech in California called the Leo Carillo state beach West of Malibu, so it gives a sense of what a summer off school living there its like straight up archie lol. Neat to men cause way before my time. Even being a time traveller, probably stick out like a sore thumb.

Author: clayton

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