Anatomy of a Murder ’59

So watched this last night. Great film. Jimmy Stewart plays the lawyer now, again.. Not a Washington lawmaker though but a defense lawyer.
2 Hour 40 min runtime which is pretty long but it flew by, good story telling and adventure over a little while. The whole entire case. His team and little house. The wife likes to make the husband jealous sort of. Sort of. Everything is vague pretty much. In effect for the courthouse scenes as everything sort of unravels. Anyways I enjoyed this movie. Jimmy Stewart. Also it had some Jazz scenes going on a music in the background kind of neat. The court scene and Jimmy Stewart really does it for me. Hes always having these crazy outbursts, which the movie calls for and the Prosecutors are all flabbergasted. Heck even the judge was pretty funny, and I swear I seen that judge before. Although and besides that.. Ok the teacher boyfriend from Picnic was in it. Same actor as the dad from Gidget. Now hes a drunk Jimmy Stewart assistant. He goes off on some tangent crashes his car driving at night lol. Some mentions of Thuderbay, USA Michigan, and Sault St. Marie. I remember going through there lol. Not a super fan. Nothing against it, just think I’d rather spend my holidays anywhere else lol. In that long stretch of Ontario that never ends. Anyways. So Iron city does exists its more called Iron Mountain from what I know. Near Iron Wood etc. Thunder bay is the name of the bay in Lake Huron. Fishing seems fun. Anyways getting off track. I liked this movie alot. Would definitely watch again. Actually one of My favourite Jimmy Stewart pictures so far. He just fits the lawyer image freaking out. Its fun they win the case too. As the the legalities of the case itself, Im not a jury. Crime of Passion with some loose ends. Buddy shouldnt have assaulted his wife. Buddy shouldn’t have murdered the other guy. Not criminaly responsible. Seems to be a go-to defense. Everyone’s temporarily insane once they get caught. Don’t know why its societys job to rehabilitate people after they go on some ballistic murdering spree. Whne they were likely psycho to behin with. Anyways. In the case of the army officer with service in Korea, he got off. did he deserve it I dunno. Not the Judge or Jury. makes for a crazy story though. Movie based off some truth I hear too. Knowing whats right or wrong lol. I know some people go in robot mode specially military. So either way makes for a interesting discussions. Im not picking sides on a fictional USA court fiction comedy drama. lol. Maybe some law expert can enlighten me one day.. Im sure they all study this film lol. That being said I thought it was a entertaining piece. Watched it all one sitting cause I had to know what happened, start caring for the characters. And, wondering if they lying. And the rosary and religion in the court.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85