Honeymooners (Sitcom) ’55 – ’56

Watched every episode.
Show kinda grew on me.
Its a great show. Funny, and wholesome.
The acting is great, its old fashioned.
Just 4 characters in a room usually, but the characters and acting make it happen.
Show centers around Ralph Kramdem and his wife.
Hes really like Fred Flinstone, abrasive and semi annoying.
Always a plot to get rich quick or full of bad ideas. His wife teases him.
He’s always threatening to beat up his wife, making the faces. But, shes no pushover and tells him to ahh shut up frequently. lol, its part of the humour.
When Ralph realizes his big mistake, and screwing over his loved ones he feels shame, then ends the episode aw baby youre the greatest.
Such a simple show, but really grew on me. I swear Jackie Gleason one of the funniest comics ever. Just the faces and over the top acting.
Hes like a gentle giant, but has a big mouth.
Anyways love it in its simplicity.
Alice is an awesome actress, shes just as much part of the show. she doesnt take any guff from Ralph so thats funny too.
Ed Norton his best friend, kind of acts dim witted but comic relief, hes really a great character. In the end Ralph always knows hes blessed to have an awesome wife and friends. Trixie adds to the shwo to making it for 2 couples in the era. Anyways little squabbles about money and the perceptions of what one wants in life. The show a little crass and might not be for everyone, but its got the Flintstones vibe. The funniest moments are when Ralph gets caught up in some crazy plan or gets caught red-handed, nothing ever really works out for him, and hes always blowing his top, but its done in such a funny way. Like some rageoholic rage comedy. I dunno hits a sweet spot, enjoyed watching all these episodes, and the acting like I said is the best. Its not over rehearsed and they jumble their lines sometimes. The set ups are pretty good, eating dog food and big mouth getting into other peoples business. Ralph steals the show though. Such a funny character. Glad I watched these super pop culture and sitcom comedy references. Watched the Johnny Carson only Jackie Gleason appearance was pretty cool to watch I think he smoked like 8 cigarettes in one sitting. Referenced alot on Sopranos, Simpsons, Family guy. etc. Pow right in the kisser. Bang zoom, (flying to the moon) Just funny watching the little couple squabbles and simple life.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85