Stormy Weather ’43

Best film I seen in a long time.
For Tap dancing and big band.
Pretty sure was a all black cast so that was cool to see after watching a dozen or so similar era pieces.
Im not even super familiar with the musical acts but still really good.
Cab Calloway I think Ive heard.
Just cool sets and music of course, I just enjoyed this one more than the others I seen.

The original shuffle and dance.
I dunno that good entertainment.
Bang for you buck I seen it was on TCM via the schedule and just took a chance on the youtube movies.
Its like a comedy too so not all music but comedy bits set it up for the next scenes. It plays out more like a play.

Not sure what else to say other than I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I was searching for films similar to this, but havent found one that could beat this one so far.
Of course its a journey just watching old era films no one ever talks about anymore. Some hit and miss, I enjoy the vapor-nostalgia.

Films logged late 2023 and early 2024

First post of the new year, been slacking on the blog but im back.
Trying to get this Sony 100 for 100$ film package. But, alas unavailable in Canada.
So what a bunmmer, get me all excited for nothing.
Atleast the Stooges doing a film festival on youtube free. Thats really the best part.
Well cant say I didnt try to own these movies.

Had a change to watch some Cable TCM.
Seen some good ones

Giant 1956
James Dean and Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor.
Fun movie about cattle and oil.

Weird comedy about 2 guys trying to get in a hospital or something they had the blackfaced baby, cant remember the name but it was alot like a stooges, or Abbott and Costello bit.
Cant remember name.
Weird film though.
Was shown on TCM, didnt recognize any of the actors.

Where Eagles Dare 1968
That was a good film action packed and stunts, and cool scenery and sets.
Another Clint Eastwood ww2 action drama, fiction.

Ben-Hur 1959
Just the craziest Horse Racing scene.
Dont see that everyday.
TCM was saying how they did everything in their power to protect horses.
I guess maybe like a pre modern rodeo in a way.
Horses in film and rodeo both un-popular with some people.
Film, nothing I can do about 1959 cept enjoy the movie. Seen it free not like im making paychecks. Actually my first time seeing this film.
Rodeo, is a showcase of way of life, turned sport.
Goes along with ‘Giant’ movie in a small way.

The man who came to dinner 1942
That was a funny movie.
Screwball comedy forsure.
Romance whatever, it was bound to happen, but the scenes that happen in that little house and the joke finisher at the end were funny to me.
The old guy so obnoxious but you love to hate him cause hes ridiculous.

Christmas Carroll 1938
That was a good one first time seeing it.
Its all grimey black and white.
Just neat to see such old classic for the holidays.

3 stooges movie. 2012
I thought it was good.
Larry David as the nun that was funny, other cameos.
Funny to see Jersey Shore and Stooges, its very 2012
I thought it was funny just to watch the first time.
It doesnt have the best ratings but was still novelty and more for me.

Other films
Other film might come to mind that I remember I’ll post em here.

Superman Animated ’41

Cool 17 serial animated Superman, never heard about until tonight.
Love finding these old classics.
Nominated for Academy Award 1942.

1) MAd Scientist.
Intro to Superman.
Cool animation with details and orchestra.
Nice lighting details.
The Scientist has a bird sidekick.
Very much inspiration for the doctor evil Austin Powers, hes wearing the same style smock.
Either way I recognize that jacket.
Thats kinda vintage everyone gathered around the radio.
Superman looks good the clouds, the darkness. Prediciting a radio style TV.
Oh yea Ive seen this scene, he holds up a melting building.
That might be something like the empire state.
Seen this posted on Reddit, the OP is right the animation is great. Punching the laser, its a little like an advanced Flash Gordon. And, a vintage Heavy Metal. So many frames and many things happening at once. Its quality for 1941 forsure. Awesome that was fun to watch. only 10 mins or so per serial.

Watched the whole serial now
wow I remember alot of that as a kid Its an amazing animation
I have more to say, ill have to watch it again.
It happened so fast , and the distant memories from childhood

Gene Tierney Laura ’44

Just finished watching The Public Enemy again.
Seen a pic of the Gene Tierney so watching her hit movie.
Vincent Price, thats exciting.
Its got some Orwell vibes right away. Narration.
Like a cheezy Clue movie whodunit lol Hes playing the baseball handheld.

Ken Burns Vietnam ’17

Im finishing the 3rd part.
Bro id rather be watching Ken Burns baseball but here I am.
THat monk(s) burning themselves that was fucked up. Took me a long time and a few tries to watch this.
I still likeKen Burns and the ultimate intimate documentary.
Its pretty good got both side, sadly the theatre of war.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Not only is it a great Metallica song but it’s also a Hemingway book.
Seen it on the Ken Burn Vietnam, inspired the VC to fight.
Or in laymans terms inspired atleast one Vc to fight inspired by American literature.
How crazy is that.
That girl said, “this character. I related to and helped me fight.’
Isnt that crazy, that kind blows my mind.

The Rock Cookware

Was wondering what the coating on the rock cookware was and if it was safe if say a chunk of the non stick coating were to come off during cooking into your food, apparently its completely safe since its a ceramic applied coating. That would make it like simply ingesting a piece of ceramic of similar completely non reactive. Unlike some of those uranium painted plates lol.
Better than teflon too if I piece of that came off you dont want to be ingesting that.
I guess the teflon is fairly safe still but if alot was in the body at the same time for a long period, it would cause some complications.
I just thought the ceramic application is a cool chemistry thing.

Three Amigos

That was a hit Jaunty to the max best cut scenes
best references
Big L fill ya Lead
I never knew Big L and 3 amigos was connected in some, way but when i heard that line lead etc.
9 years apart its likely.

Columbia short – Get along little zombie ’46

First time seeing this its so ridiculous and funny.
Found from a search about Dudley Dickerson. He was in the Stooges but also these other shorts.
Im already a huge Christine Mcintyre fan, and with Hugh its just a comedic masterpiece.
Only has 3 star rating but in my opinion its much funnier than that.
The plot, is doofus Hugh is a real estate, kisses the wrong wife, to a house hes supposed to sell to them, dodges Hugh with Dudley, they both drive over to the house, where the caretakers are trying to kill them, Hugh shows with his wife (Christine) then all chaos ensues. I dont know i love cinema and theatre like this, its very slapstick but it sets up the jokes better than Simpsons.

And im just a recent new fan of Dudley so to see him on film makes my heart warm, hes got a great scream and a commanding stage presence, Im glad Columbia used this actor cause hes super hilarious. I know theres servant themes etc as opposed to main character leads, but for his parts, and despite knowing all this, Im happy to be a fan of Dudley Dickerson and im happy to have him live on my blog and on my TV. Especially Halloween.