Beat street ’84

This on of my favorite greatest movies. The way this movie makes me feel is epic.
Every scene and the club scenes, the struggles in the ghetto, i can relate with alot of this. And, this movie is pure hip hop. Deals with emotion and the creative outlet. I can understand Ramones struggle and goals. The little house they make for the baby its nice. Its like despite all the shit they still have a community. Success through hip hop and work on self and mastery of craft. Cause whent he battle begind can only count on yourself and your team. Its a beautiful movie. Contrasts of how gross and rowdy it was back then. Elements of why i love hip hop so much, and what it means to me. Everyone deserves friends like that, but if you burn your bridges its on you. Struggles withh family and how tio spend your time. Ramone, “Why dont you even look at what i did” to that joy in the clyub and perfomance and taste of success Djs mom always givin em a hard time., which he in terms passes on to his younger bro. Then the dance audition and tape, and the commerciality of the hip hop culture, ‘used’ by the mainstream and for what for some exposure. Really the duality the creative vs the business. Not sure what else I can write about it except i love this movie. Watch it once every year xmas time, the movie has vivacity, the scenes are alive full of energy. Anyone wants to talk beat street im all about it. Any day or time 24/7 movie reminds me wqhy i love life so much. Golden age fore NYC so trashy but amazing at the same time. People so real back then compared to now, even though i discuss a ficitonal type movie tyhat breakdance scene brough hip hop to the world no small feat.

Star Trek TNG

This gotta be the best show on the planet.
I think ill mark it as film. This page all horribly organized anyway.
I got some things to write about Star Trek though.

__ not sure where to start writing about TNG, maybe i recaught on when the scub church page was up, caught a few episodes. Picared worf data are my favorite characters, followe dby Ryker, Geordi. TYheres some good writing in that show. And, english and poetry and Naval battle tactics. Picard is a funny strict character wise. I enjoy watching him deal with situations. Actually im always curious to what will happen next. Reminds me of that Mike Tyson interviews captain kirk Admiral.. yeh Shatner. Nash picard is the best character, so stubborn yet effective. He calls barkllay brocolli haha thats a good laugh. Against his own orders. Show is still futuristic, although some of the sets seem a little off. Im surpised the computer images and engineersing doesnt look completly corny. I love data as a character, the AI , the humor, and the android, very asimov ish. aint nothing to it its a great show. So i giess im planning ,y sadness with stooges and star trek ends and when im done reading foundation what will i do next. You ever see the books Carl sagan read, damn that guy was a legend. can only read and watch so much in a lifetime, its a truth. I wonder if Carl Sagan liked StarTrerk he proubably enjoyed it yet also thought it was a little silly, thats what id ask him who his favortite charatcers on TNG were. I was 11 when he passed. How do i connect Carl Sagan and the stooges lol. Maybe just that war time, academics and the professor and his lab lol. Makes me sad and also smile at the same time.. D troi is a interesting character a bit of a Lisa Simpson type of character. Voic e of reason maybe.

Detroit Rock City ’99

Dunno why im watching this more Cleveland Ohio things lol.
Ok intro is awesome love the coming of age in the 70’s Nowadays Kiss seems so tame or lite. Just the late 70s pretty awesome. Seen Richard Pryor that club 54, Kiss of course, The former president Carter, the cover. THe disco, I dunno woulda been fun to experience, makes me thing a little of the Dazed and Confused. Muscle cars stioll cool, I dunno i liek Kiss despite its mega marketability, always hear those tunes on the radio, Gene Simmons pretty funny for a old time rock guy lol. I got nothing bad to say . Samrt dude that did well for himself, and the songs are good. Makes me think of that 70s Show. All clichees and stereotypes. What can i say about Ohio; wild place. High school in the 70s and all trying to go to some concer. Its like Almost Famous , all these movies have a similar theme. Got some stooges gags in the beginning come on the sping back with phone i see that as stooge inspired with the funny sound effects. I dunno at heart its a comedy, in the same hand its a rock movie. Its a window into Kiss concert for those of us that havent been. Funny how many people Kiss inspired in the Metal scene no joke lol. After watching some beatles film and now im thinking about the Jack Black and Tenacious D thats good shit lol. Jack Blackk and tenacious D did some awesome things with Rock and for Rock. Just as a musician entertainer hes pretty good, just a comjpletely silly over the top actor, you just think Jack Black and you think of mega rocking out over the top and rock style grimaces, brings a tear to my eye how much he rocks out lol. Pick of Destiny that shits legendary! Some elements of hip hop and rock being for everyone, mostly the misfits. With your mom picking out the clothes at the main character. Dont know why this came up just on some Ohio musical themes since some NCAAF, and watched some TBDBITL: 41 got me in the spirit. Not much rocking about the drum major but sure takes dedication practice and consistency. I admire it and the group effort.
Anwyays back to rock city. They do like a comic book style presentation. Its good seeing Ed2ward Furlong, , 1 hes not in American History X good gawd that movie lol, but nice seeing him Terminator 2, fucking love that movie. That atari pin pad machine learnt about that on the LGR cool. Anyways I cant wait to see what kinda trouble they get into. Teal Yellows browns oranges. Damn got the tickets lol. Everyone knows the drama from highschool. Yeh fuck that though being censored from music from hardcore christians is wrong lol.Smoking the ciggy from that lol thats esome epic antagonist. With the flames. Not bad lol. The mom is going off lol. Its like a feature them in alot i can think of. Like the twister sister and the Creepshow 82. you know so silly just noticing some of the 90s grunge right now lol. thats funy.
Movie is ridiculous, its liek a giant Kiss commercial, got the pinball all the merch. Was a little surprised to see the Gene Simmon wife forget her name. Watched all their family show she seems nice and funny from the show lol. Reality tv Is what it is lol. I just instantly recognized her, shes buying young boys drinks at the bar ahahah. Its funny. Its an adventure. This guy at the church gonna get the girl and the ticket, shout out to the weird chain smoking mom. Ron jeremy. Ed Furlong is stripping lol. Well of course the Kiss team gonna be in the Kiss themed movie, im surprised the name isnt in the title. Isnt it Shannon? Yeh Shannon tweed thats right. Seriously all the KISS Merch all in this comics toys toys from the day . must be all the museum items lol including the stretch armstrong. that song lol. lol protest party this some funny scenes.
Ok what I liked about it, not too long, the musicians dint play all these stupid scenes they just did the show like 10 mins, kept it to the point wasnt the greatest movie but it was fun. Captures the experience pretty well. That 90s grunge is pretty heavy lol. What am i hearing Marilyn Manson Pretty good soundtrack. Random movie silly. Movie plays out like the wizard big commercial for super mario 3, except for KISS. wow 23 years old of a movie thats wild.

NCAAF 2021

Woo been watchingt he playoffs bowls, been exciting.
I watched some Purdue and Tennessee That was proibabloy craziest football game i ever seen.
Then pittsburgh Pathers vs Mich state spartans. both main players out.
Then Alabama Crimson tide and, Georgia just won. Cinci and Michigan lost. I watched a few games this years its a fun thing for Fridays and Saturdays, I dont care if I never went toi school there, i like watchin the good teams do amazing plays. So this year in particular has been pretty wild to watch and crazy stadiums.
Then I remember some wild times with LSU, and the Joe Burrow vs Clemson and the Trevor Lawrence that was good times, then I seen Joe Burrow NFL cinci. Now this year Alabama is the team to beat, and yea was hearingt he annoucer big boy that defense is pretty rock solid. Was cool seeing the winning ceremony and speeches, cheerleaders, 6 moe gamres on the google and the Final coming up, little bit more than a week. Overall that was exciting as fuck and I cant wait till next season. It would be amazing to attend one of these games in the future, Some pretty serious football clubs and stadiums. What can i say the marching bands and the excellence just makes being a student exciting. You know the winning team had consistency, its just like uphill battle for all the teams crowd is fun and wild to watch, teamwork for the win. When every player is a cog in part of the well oiled machine, I think Bama gonna win after what i saw, but im not 100% sure you know Bulldogs is a good football club too.

__ been a few games already morn, it Arkansas vs Nitanny Lions, still pretty close and tied, Jan 10 is the finals , Bama vs Georgia, got a OSU Buckeyes game later, Got notre dame playing today 5, vs 9 Oklahoma state. Vrbo Citrus Bowl thats a mouthfull lol 17 Iowa vs 25 Kentuicky, Last one is the Sugar VBowl Baylor6 and Missisipi ole miss rebels #8 thats exciting. im kinda surprised michigan lost so bad against Georgia, er sorry not as bad as Cinci, I dunno io though the Cicne game was semi close till it blew apart but yea, im by no means a super NCAAF fan i just enjoy it recently past 2-3 years or so, I think i intend on watching best games just for the love of the game of Football. So many amazing stories out there. Like this Arkansa player jst a touching story about how his mom is his inspiration and she suffered fromn stroke, and buddy was by her bedside but she recovered and was at the game. Halftime right now lets see who comes through, Penn state isnt even top 25, and they winning (so far).. Another exciting day for the college ball. All these players playing on new years day. Guess they didnt party ahaha. Yea commercials too. its like mini-NFL superbowls, shout out to the dr pepper ads, yea tons of insurance companies with some funny content too. An ad for the best glass floor office covering so you glide your office chair on heavy duty glass. lol.
Thats KJ Jefferson Razorbacks.
Baylor won the sugar bowl, Buckeyes won after some wild ass game, never gave up. Buckeyes with the marching band too. Just waiting for some youtubes to pop up on that one.

Xmas movies

Happy NYE in my time zone everyone.
Ill fix the front page just wanna write some about the movies I seen over holidays, thats what this is anyways or original intent is the entertainment log if i keep some school things just cause its a tool thats it. Reminds me to make the front page. Ill do it eventually. Disney+ general review pretty awesome.

Treasure Island, seen the movie before the book, i thought it was awesome. It glowed out like a diamond after i seen the William Henley storey dunno why I keep spelling that with a.
Fuckin treasure island! and that obviously led to some Pirates of the Caribean Bloody hell talking like a piratre always in fashion. With the grimaces, lol.

Soul, that was dope, from Jazz to incredible story line, a visceral , emotional cool story, some humour, the Jazz and magic moments explanation, i thought the voice acting was awesome. Just yea reminded me a little of Fantasia in a way.

What else the Rogue one was fun, Watched the “Dont look up” that was pretty wild lol. Im happy for Leo, hes always had a knack for being in the best films, I mean like revenant, this last one look up, fuckin wolf of wall street.Sorry to say; titanic, he needs to come back and experience a real chinook, although even for that vs the climate change and a little silly appearance at the cop 26 I still ,like the guy lol, the teenage girl heartthrob from my youth, lol . Hes not Canadian, I think he makes a good official guest despite all that crap lol. But the movie itself fuckin crazy yo. Wild ass satire. Like effects , range of emotions. Makes me wanna be a stargazer,. gotta do it all. So an inspiring movie for me. yeh I dont edit ahaha.

Next, What else Rogue 1, Second time seeeing it was just as good the second time, for me feature lengths its the best of the stand alone series that ive seen so far, Bravo. Sorry to hear about the one time characters, I was like whats this ? When i first seen it, however its a powerful film with extra star wars action and drama, overall the acting is good. Some part im like ugh. Tarking fuckin wild. Space battles races wild. Battles and suspenses are exciting. Its a real sing along in terms of cheering along. Cause the Death Star activation sequences. Then the hologram messages, and the whole comes together at the episode Iv correlian corvette opening scene. Except this time, the scene is shown of the princess right after making her message and the hot pursuit by Darth Vader, that scene fuckin crazy. Darth Vader as powerful as seen before probably. Hes just layin to waste anything in his path.
Happy New Years.

Watched some Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer the stop motion, that was gud. Been a while since I seen that. Really well done, the dentist elf, rock on lol. I dunno I gotta watch the making of or learn more bout that one, thats pretty gud.

What else trailer park boys xmas special, fuck thats funny. Thats definetly got a Canadian trailer park cranked up stereotype, but fuck its funny. Its like documentary style can help but watch and laugh at the hilarity your witnessing its so overkill, its got a little stooges themes in it. It pokes jokes at alcoholism and other undesirable topics.
I dunno thats all i got.
Watched more halves of other movies.

Lol watched the Sitter , Jonah Hill it was pretty funny, funny ass kids just doing mischief.

Played some Risk 2201 lots of rules, added some new elements to the game lol.

Watched the new matrix resurrections movie, was good, gotta love the Keanu, breaking the 3rd wall, I was like what the fuck is going on, then it revealed itself it was quite epic. Takes me back 20 years like wtf. I gotta say like ive told everyone else, after matrix 1, 2& 3 were kinda rinsed, but they came back huge for this one. These types of movies they like redefine movies in general. Or what a movie can actually be. You know its nostalgic seeing your ‘heroes’ from back in the day, as they are today… that crazy hacker JTHM look maybe was it fashionable that flip phone ? 90s were wild. But, yea sorry the one complaint I had was no-Lawrence Fishburne, you know gotta love the Fishburne as a actor, Apocalypse now, yea. They did a cool nod-too, with Keanu sayin sorry, but yea it did work through the story, The agents were different but the way they explained it was cool. So some good acting, also playing the hollywood cheeze to your advantage. I really liked it, and it was a good lenght, they didnt milk it like 2 & 3, once again why not fishburne thats weird to me.. Afraid to pay the cost? Or whats up. Some good cheer moments though. Love the Kung-Fu, love the computers, love the dystopian machine world how grimey it is and the switch it up on em that the humans power the robotics world. I guess thats the Gaia vs Robots style shit. Pretty wild, then they started taking some themes from the new star wars, like the reporgrammed droids, and the Robots, that fight vs the evil robots, plot twists, I wasnt clever enough to figure out, but i was surprisingly pleased with those big reveals. Fuckin Matrix bro living inside a simulation. So many metaphors you dont know whats real anymore. MEh thats all i got. Watched a bunch of movies justa quick note on what I recall and my initial impression, shit changes after a while i think itll be interesting to revisit some of these experiences, thats what it is right. Entertainments experiences, looking at subjects through a different lense, rinse repeat lol. Feeling a little rusty on the writings so its nice to spend a bit of time just fuckin with the blog its always a rewarding experience. Just bvetter use of time, than just watching and not logging.

Belle Epoque

Just was learning random things via the curiosity found a few things worth writing down on some creative things from the Belle Epoque. 1900-1914
Was watching some old 80s documentaries on the Era.
Learning about Loie Fuller, American living in Paris doing the serpentine dance with silk and Lighting effect what else. She did the cool dances and movie effects. Its pretty good.
Other things I liked was the Renoir paintings really skillfull and interesting.
Oh man I saw suffragette Emily Davison get hit by the horse on video, I read about it but never thought id see it on video, that was pretty hardcore.
Gotta touch back a little bit on the stooges. But, for offensive shit the line back then was that playwright that got exile.. wait gotta find out more about that one.
Its like in sexual frustration he makes love to a scarf ad te world wasnt ready for it lol, Right now in retrospect its hilarious. Because even at the stoioges vs now, its just such a contrast. Wild ass contrast, seriously to a world almost where nothing is sacred anymore, and often I see shocking juts for to be shocking and not relevant or connected to the original context. Whats that ww1 guy that said, I still think any human has the right to be horrified seeing a war casualty body on a quick stroll. Thats a shame I cant find, that I imagine some literay poet or writer during the war. Totally agree. I think thats a little beyond the belle epoque but wanted to write it anyways. Ah its interesting to me Canadians in France. but also the arts. LEadup to the war. What would the world e without the first world war. Its not the same but Its a worthwhile question. Im not asking if It had to happen or if it was avoidable just what it would be like in a different universe. Time traveller let me know ahaha.
What is with playwrights and being the center of controversy, and when does the playwright as a artist (or the author in fact) decide to stop with the entertaining bit, and go full on trauma. I gotta say it takes an exeptional artist to go from that, to that. And in bad taste, when its done as debutants.. for example Ill use John Steinbeck and grapes of wrath, and death of a salesman, Arthur Miller. I guess art is so subjective I find it in bad taste when thats the initial goal, thats my 2 cents.
Salome play, was past the line too. Oscar Wilde.
Afternoon of a Faun sticks out as particularly notable too. 1912. Vaslav Nijinsky. Thats some powerful shit, make a whole audience and norm shocked about the graphic sexual desires. Can you just imagine all those well to do-ers going for a night out. Its like throw in a little Roger Waters political and social commentary with the entertainments, too. I dont think theres much else to add.


Physics been kickin my ass aint nothing can stop me holla back now lol
im bringing that boxer attitude
Gota keep studying im just like wtf how and what what ectectera.
See what the final grade says.
Sure was neat learning about Newton more. Yea i know how to spell his name just thought it could be humorous.
Few of those ancient scientists rocked my socks off so far. I visualized and researched more independantly was also neat.
Visualize that moon falling.

Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I bought it on youtube.
Ok first i played myself, thinking the shit woulndt come on, i mean come on.
The screen black is so weird what the fuck. Played yourself sun! lol thats funny.
lol funny,. the video was dark i though t it was a joke,,
Already the intro is a special thing,
yea pro opening credits.
theyre like mixing it all up. purpous
I like it .
Creative golden years i dunno awesome animation
Its awesome just thrash that ordinary.
Stanley Kramer, first time i heard that.,.
I know a bit not too much just enough. sick driving
whoa .
lol dying words about pot of gold thats hilarious…
imagine hearing that in Forrest gump NAm scene.
All the old faces from back in the day , i dont know half of em
Johnny carson right,.. lol ill probably regret this but just gonna roll with I dont know, lets just move along.
I was preocupied with something now im back lol, love how didnt need to write this or that but I do anyways.
Hes too old to be johnny carson, im just like movie takes me for a loop cause i dont know.
Tough when theres the radio too but work through it it is what it is, Is that Sinatra, nah….
These characters its from a era i guess i know nothing about, kinda humbling all the faces look familiar but i dont know shit, till after i look it up.
Abbot and costello or the other way around.
OK they all racing for the 350gs its some nice american scenery, theyre all in their different styled vehicles. Really vintage more than i particularly know.
That radio shack lol. This movie is definetly really interesting to watch.
Whoa Ecto 1 wow. Big W
its like a joke on the macdonalds maybe. Before GPS and how to tell a story on film like that. Now its all just mega command center .
This is some wild ass movie. lol. Gotta love the vintage car rat race, isnt that what thi is lol, rat race bit this hard right.
Or its a common theme. Lol this movie freaking hilarious.
Almost need like a booklet guide just great really.
Movie making at its finest.


lack of a better spot

Hitmans wife bodyguard
Blazzing saddles well who hasnt seen that.
Cat Balou that sounds interesing
support your local sheriff
Paint your wagon
Tank circa 1984

Night in the museum series.
Watch 12 episodes in correct sequence.

Victoria street
William Ernest Henley
Treasure island.
Revenge of the Ninja
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