Go back to your country; Can’t understand you. Clayton Bigsby rant.

Everyone bitching about petty squabbles, like I give a fuck.

Its time I made a rant about the outside war perpetuating my country.

This is the time Clayton Bigsby was right.
“Go back to your country Can’t understand you.”
Everyone complaining about who blew up the hospital when its clear facts, now why the fuck are you in my country?

You think I give a fuck about whos killing the most children in the middle east , I guarantee you I dont give a fuck.
But, when it comes to protest and debauchery on my own soil, who motherfuckers dont have the time in.

Want everyone to disrespect your ideals, keep up as is.
I guarantee no one gives a fuck.

I like lots of Muslim things and also I like the 3 stooges and Larry David.
Just acting like a bunch of inbreds on the world stage.

Not like the government any better, blocking prayer on the remembrance day, but praying for palestine upon the streets and blocking traffic.
Nah if you didnt swear the allegiance, you are a false Canadian citizen.

Like it blows my mind, how killing is the first allegiance.
I reject your religion I reject your corruption, and all go get blasted in the middle east for all I care.
Just keep it the hell away from my country.

As for my personal experience, Jews I met were always creative welcoming.
Never met a Palestinian that wasnt obsessed with old war beef.
Yeah so the British sequestered your land and gave it to the Jews, guess what I dont give a fuck.

Again, keep that shit as far away from me as possible,
You think your stupid cause of murdering ravers is more important than mine, fking blow it out your ass you heathens.
If I have to hear or see this shit on my TV I might just lose it.

you see no one cares, go slaughter yourself in the desert thats just the intended ideal.

Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

As the great Joey B Toonz says, make art not genocide.

___ No thats exactly it im not picking a side, nevertheless how desperate ‘they’ want me to.
My side, is get the fuck outta my face!, Before I make you see what its like.
And, that goes for all this bullshit. When the blame should lie at very precise specific locations, Im not having it.
And you know its repeated history.


Holy fuck the barbaric shit i see online, seriously go genocide each other no one cares.
Mememe no compassion the worst is these campaigns to get someones favor. Ill tell you what i see bunch a disgusting savages that dont deserve this earth.
Put on a good show cause the doctors are mocking you.
its a necro rap that rings true, nah i dont care just such a loss of life, I dont even kill bugs or pests that hard.

Not only that this external shit is affecting my countries politics at the House of Commons where we already have a inept parliament.
What has happened since summer break, just distractions galore. Its so easy to see through.
Simply put; I dont care whats happening outside Canada I want my democratic representation doing things for Canada.

Rant about telecoms, and Home Phone voicemail technology

The blog is the perfect place for this since no one I know gives 2 shits about hearing me rant about telecoms.
You got the monopoly here, but they keep the purchased company name, what a sneaky move.
Oh you think its its own company but nah, its the conglomerate.
I swear this conglomerate ion particular is about as well liked as my bank.
Too busy sponsoring dumb shit and forgets to do the banking. Same with the telecoms too busy putting their names on arenas and dumb commercials to do the telecoms portion of the job.

My latest gripe is the landline voicemail technology.
One part improved you can download the .mp3 message and put it on a record or whatever, i mean how did they do it with tapes!?
Otherwise I think i would prefer the rotary phone.
Ok having a rotary phone is impossible nowadays because 75%-80% of calls are spam BS so could you imagine that bell going off constantly, people have no manners anymore.
Back not even 20-30 years ago it wasnt nearly as bad.

Then to have a analog voicemail how awesome would that be.
I tried to check voicemails through the stupid site.
Cant even rewind, took me two verification codes.
Ooooh new browser or changes made to the account, what did a spammer pay my bill lol.
Uhhh and no same browser.

Complete losers the pass on all the responsibility top the user with a phone or email code, and just leave the infrastructure to rot.
And, if there was a security concern im sure a verification code is really gonna stop em.

Just a trashed compromised telecoms its like what do you expect, and even with the astronomical bills we pay, does it ever get any better; NOPE!
Nope goes all to branding the ridiculous displays ive seen. “Proudly sponsored by….” Well that makes me sick.
And, the only Canadian baseball team, just shit plastered advertisements behind the plate lol.
Its ugly-looking to be frank lol.
Its not even team colors.
Thats what im paying banking fees for right.

And just the fact the telecom owners, let the network get so trampled on with its users getting scammed non stop.
And try to make me believe its been that way forever, nah you ruined it you greedy swine.

Failed Cabinet Departures Prompts Cringe Awards Acceptance Speeches No One Asked For.

Lol in some other humorous to me events, the latest cabinet shakeup, many ministers getting demoted, some promoted, promoted for epic failures, dont ask me why.
Prompting the most cringe “Awards Acceptance Speeches” no one wants to hear.
Just go look for yourself if you cant take my word for it.

“Id like to thank my cat, my friend on Facebook I havent talked to since summer camp. Id like to thank my neighbors ex wifes mother in law’s cousin.”
“Thank me for my service.”

More like get the fuck off the stage you nitwit abomination.
Thanks for siphoning the tax payer, with absolutely nothing to show for it.
In what world does one gloat for lying failure incompetence and so on.
Guaranteed Im boycotting any business that takes any of these doofuses on as their own.
Not cause it will make a difference, because I have morals and it would be so damaging to my conscious to listen to any goofy endorsements or associate with any hypothetical products.
Its like the Catherine Mkenna on twitter. Ultimate troll, its like your done get off the stage, witnessing that epic failure I think It would be damaging to my brain to listen to you any longer.
Especially now out of government, its my license to put my hand up and say; I dont subcribe to your incoherent bable and no longer have to listen to it.
As a citizen, yes Im concnered with the operations of parliament and cabinet, ill tolerate the stupidity to make informed choices based on evidence.
But now get off the stage, I truly dont care anymore, let the next under the bus be humiliated.

Anyways these people that take failure as a chance to accept some magical award at some ceremony thats not even a hypothetical, Its a complete farce!
Im taking this opportunity to mock it on the blog.
After 2 days of acceptance speeches enough is enough.
In the theme of Larry David someone needs to plays these fools the Oscar speech ending music.
See i can be nice, besides its my opinion.
And, thats all im gonna say about that.
Call me when you done something non selfish for the country.
Just another cockroach scab gone with the wind. A parasite if you will.
If I had nothing better to do and hated my life a video compilation with the music and cringe could be pretty funny.
But I dont care enough, no more than to write this 400 words to satistfy my mocking sadist humor.
Like a bad review for real life events.

Civics tax greivances

Just these stories coming up in my feed.

This video is mostly USA but feel the same sentiment up here.
I would be ashamed of my behaviour too if I was that dense.
Theres a quote in there its like : “Dont do your own research thats against the science.” Just a parody video pretty much. Its also pretty comical with use of the layered soundbites.
Hey im not trying to change anyones mind the video speaks for itself.

3 years of intense COVID propaganda, fear and hate mongering summarized in this video
by u/gx45tz in Canada_sub

Then fighting the traffic ticket, glad my taxes are going to a new arena for billionaires, literally the worst business deal imaginable while the province is burning down and toxic smoke just blankets the city and provinces states around us. Atleast the smoke brings one good news, you cant just deny it when its in your face. While the smoke blows somewhere else its easier to ignore.
Good thing my taxes are going to the important things!.

This next one, starts here with horrendous minister Dianne Lebouthier.
suspending audits of charities and political activity circa 2017.

Fast forward to whats the count now 4.45 million tax dollars going to foreign operated ‘secret’ police stations, tax money using to actively oppress citizens of this nation.
Good thing my taxes are going to the important things.

Next you got the guy that CRA demands payment after his information was stolen.

Rewind to 2020.
GC key hacked,. Geez who could be the fine minister for CRA.
Google CRA minister.
Ha yeah, I rest my case.
Of course with hybrid parliament and covid, those are some top tier excuses for incomptence, or rather criminal negligence.
The video at the top just makes it hilarious..

They you see the Worlds biggest Burl arsoned.
Churches arsoned.
Foreign interference, and you tell me its so far fetched that a single malicious actor couldnt ever be possibly responsible for setting a few blazes, yeah right.
Or if that doesnt suit you; Good thing my taxes are going to the important things.

Nope call it how i see it; A self serving abomination.
How many nuclear reactors or R&D have we completed with that massive deficit.
Not a single one oh.. I rest my case.
Tax payers building arenas, and secret police stations what a farce.
I write this from my smog covered city that couldnt manage a forest because all the public funds have been pilfered.
gotta love the army though how many domestic ops have the forces completed under this last term, more than you could shake a stick at.
And, is any recommendation taken seriously, nope.
You say climate change, but all I see is epic frauds, 800k clothing bills, flying away dodging parliament.
Oh and the last punchline just for comedic effect in this poorly written rant.

My response to sub-par Alberta Traffic Court.

Nah fuck this people wanna deny science for the almighty dollar this is my rich response.
You know; Didnt have to be like this maybe we coulda talked like men instead get judged like some cattle number feedlot input.
This type of civics gives me a raging hard on. Please can I have some more.
Its Ironic Arthur Palowski got the same trial date as myself, well guess you shoulda picked ur battles better ahahah.

Letter no longer reflects the edited letter I have sent.
I may choose to post it based on the response I receive.

Latest covid BS

Euro parliament oct 11th The MP Rob Roos questioning pfizer director states the vaccine wasnt tested against transmission.
So doesnt protect from contracting, doesnt protect against spead transmission, maybe protects against symptoms lol.
This is the biggest grift of my time.
Thats why they wanted to block documents 75 years.
Un-fucking believable.
I watched cops, soldiers get fired, nurses get fired, people that chose to not get vaccinated were blamed on hospital backups.
When the whole get vaccinated to protect others was a lie.
Watched the feds shut down the tried tested and true pandemic early warning system, travle mandates, NOT based on science.
If this is a real democracy there should be accountability.
This on the eve of the inquiry into emergency measures act.
Yea no we just watched small businesses destroyed, big boxes make record profit.
Rights, and constitution trampled on.
Its really quite shocking, yet not surprised.
Lets see what unfolds cause aint no media in Canada reporting on this, heck they cant even show up to parliament. Or rather without the hybrid model.
Oh theyll be anywhere else fancy euro vacations galore.
No dount they dont want parliament look what was just uncovered in euro parliament.
Um id like to see everyone that spread this bullshit about vaccine protecting against transmission and bashing others get their disinformation called out.
This is really the biggest grift I have ever seen, and any critical thinker, is just gonna disregard the authorities in a serious pandemic.
Just treated worse than lab animals for a quick profit. Un-fuckin believable.
Im pretty disgusted with those that propagated these lies and spread this massive disinformation.
You wanna stay ignorant cause the truth is uncomfortable and truth hurts be my fuckin guest.

The Canadian federal abomination summer 2022

Heres a little something that has to be said.
I fuckin do science, and im sick of these petulant little children, and the shit politics ive been seeing.
Im fucking mad, and im gonna write about it.
This is basically the recent gist in the least amount of words.
With the current events coming out recently, CDC. New CDC guidelines. CDC ends recommendations for social distancing quarantine, apperently natural immunity is a thing.
No im not linking it, what am i a fucking babysitter. You wanna debate me or prove me wrong go ahead bring it on. You cant research your own information well youre a fuckin dunce, feel sorry for you.
Denmark, bans the vaccine for under 18s. Costa rica (ironically) makes obligation to get vaccinated illegal. Ok sure whatever.
Now look at Canada, where the natural immunity was never a discussed topic.
Then you got recent news coming out that there was no scientific data backing the decision for travel mandates.
What did we get; “dont knee jerk reaction and be a xenophobe to you know where”. Right after the Winnipeg Virus lab scandal.
So there was no scientific basis, to the travel mandates, it was purely petulant childish political theatre.
Then you got the freedom convoys, which litteraly the basis was against the travel vaccine mandates. So you got the truckers protesting this anti-scientific approach with a government that doesnt listen.
Today is Aug 12 i write this. Id suggest “Freedom convoy” wouldnt have even happened, had they followed the science, but sure lets perpetuate this theatre and lie.
You got people fired for not taking the jab, you got political players heavily invested in the pharmaceuticals. $$
You got James Topp, apperently stolen valor for lying about the CD ahaha. but regardless, walk all the way to Ottawa. Fact is the vaccine hesitancy was a legit concern, and madates Not based off science. Whagt the fucking point of doing science when the scumbags choose $ and lies to further advance their agenda. Thats a huge break of trust.
So would the freedom convoy have even occured had those in charge listened to science. These are some damning reports, against legit science.
then you got the invocation of the emergencies act, when all protesters wanted is to talk, so its like reminds me someone of their web of lies, i suggest it never woulda gone this far had the initial lie not been told. Now that were here was it all necessary. Now you got csis saying multiple levels of federal provincial municipal politicians, surveillancing and being surveillanced. Getting funded by foreign entities not acting in the “best interest” of Canada, these are CSIS words not mine. Thats some high treason buddy so lets see some names and charges. Conveniently king douche is on holidays lol. I swear what a pathetic leader, is always the first to flee lol. Sure enough told ya so this web of lies is being exposed. How deep and offensive does it go.
You got blatent liars in a shitty parliament. Its like these people need to shut the fuck up. Im done listening to these hypocrites.
Lets see convoy according to google started Jan 22 ’22 Not saying i agree with the whole or any of it. But when the truth comes out the mandates were never scientifical. You got the feds interfering with mass shooting investigations, makes you wonder how deep is this total corruption, csis saying what anyone whose been watching knows. Just short of saying the names.
Im gonna do some calendar math. Days since Jan 22 = 202 Parliament days in January (1) . Parliament days since Jan 22. = 76.. 76/202 37.6 % sitting days. With people lives on being broken, destroyed. For fucking petulant childish policies. Give me a fuckin break. Im expecting to see some pretty wild charges, treason seems like a good candidate. Hopefully see some more truths and lies being exposed. Considering convoy and small business closures, vaccine injuries, travel restrictions, Emergencies act prolly coulda been avoided, where does the blame lay ? Oh yea dont forget the massive inflation and record big business profits. That is one epic fraudster scam. Petulant imbeciles taking away peoples lives and lively hood and you wonder why people are mad.
Whats my last post, Wheres parliament? lol. Is this chaos by design sure seems like it.
Its pretty simple to me why some people are pissed off.
Now leave me the fuck alone. I said good day.

Been little more than a week since i wrote. Just got a few additional comments to make that arent necessarily gonna make it into a shitty email, but are important to me to write down. lol mostly humorous, some serious.
I posted this on the Salman Rushie attack date Aug 12. Where i see the copious amounts of freedom of speech apologists, oh freedom of speech this freedom of speech that, Canadas own minister of immigration, and the Pm had to hop on twitter and offer their halfwith regurgitated lines, I wont even get into what these two have said previously. Now you got the department of Heritage patronizing businesses for digital ID compliance, and “Help combat misinformation, and hate speech.” Lol which is just laughable, cause the Department of heritage has been the proponent of the contraversial ‘censorship’ bill. Remind me what ‘heritage’ has to do with controlling information. So lemme get it straight its a chosen Heritage vs the true Heritage, well; hasnt it been that way all along. What did we just lose a war and this is the infamous book burning/ rewrite of history. What a fools errand. Anyways the point I was treying to make, its like hlep combat misinformation and hate speech, meanwhile what was the department of heritage doing, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to this new guy lol, Here the headline its the Canada to take action on the anti-racist consultant with the foul mouth and the anti semetic tweets. LOL cant even make that shit up. The dude got himself into some hot water playing on twitter spouting off some really rude childish things. Anyways theres been such an outcry I barely have to mention it.
Well furthermore dept of Heriatge got some more tips for you. Marco Mendicino caught lying again saying the app helps reduce transmition lol, where does this guy get his facts. Omar Alghabra, misinformation, and mis-informed. I watched him get just absolutely roasted at the Fridays Commitee, it was quite comical i suggest you check it out, This dude couldnt debate a house plant, and here he is saying theres no scientific evidence the ArriveCan app is causing delays and problems, Alright thats 3 already 3 tips already. You got mega dunce Mark Gerretsen just going completely monocratic on the twitter. When hes not bashing Pierre P and creating these outlandish tweets, He actually called Rupa’s newest story blatently lying and, well heres what was written lol’ We can not wait until the next election to suddenly decide this type of blatant lying is unacceptable. Its populist rhetoric meant to exploit fears and intsll distrust in the very institutions that preotect our democracy, its dangerous and must be confronted now.’ So im sorry Marc lol shouldnt be removing yourself then for the blatent lying weve witnessed lately, and your oh so impressive parliamentary record. Hes basically accusing a reporter of a story he doesnt like with the same blatant lying and nonsense hes accusing her of. The Rupa story has legit court docs. But we gotta decide this lying is unacceptable lol. Yea what a buffoon. Theres my 4 tips less than a week. 3 disinformations, one government funded mega-hate spreader. Meanwhile the bill C-11 in the senate. Gosh after all this it would be insanity to see that pass. Theyre the most guilty of what they claim they are combating. Circus-farce that isnt funny.

Wheres parliament? November 2021 edition.

What a fucking disgrace.
Out galavanting in the netherlands for a climate summit. Ha what a joke. 400 private planes out there to talk about carbon.
The twitter is nothing but photo ops. Lies about the lytton. I say its an embarrasment. 68% of people didnt vote for this clown. Here comes the ass wiping of remembrance day. And whose family involved in the 60s scoop huh. Call it what it is a vacation abomination.
With all these ministers voting yes on censorship bill C-10 the audacity of wearing a poppy a symbol of honoring those who served. How many hundreds of thousands Canadians died protecting freedome of speech at a minimum and these clown that sacrificed nothing vote to take it away from us.
Where the god-damn parliament ?
Its a disgraceful joke. Gotta hear the stay home cause covid, onl;y justin allowed to do remembrance day lol. Thats what happened 2020. Lol class of 2020 parliamentarians : Abysmal! 0/10
2021 , much of the same. Looks like their only focus or madate is destroy Canada, then take excessive gluttonous holidays. Seriously what the hell did my tax dollars buy, what good from tis excess money wasted. A fuckin dog and pony show, hey everyone look at me like a fuckin child. 0/10 wheres my god damned parliament?
Time until xmas.
52 days.
What percent of work time will we get outta those 52 days.
Im gonna go ahead and guess a solid 4-6 %
Absolute bare minimum mediocrity, think how many dedicated people could do for their communities with this complete lazy imbecile out of the way. Says 2/3 Canadians worried about inflation. Falls upon deaf ears. Not even in Canada for heavens sake. We’re all sick of the surfer bro!
Come on lets see some debate, I wanna see these douches get served. Not to mention most of these idiots should be on EI after what i just witnessed.
Awol Cowardism, dereliction of duties, corruption. yadda yadda.
In the words of Shania Twain; that dont impress me much.
You see him doing any philantropy with his oil riches , something like Carnegie. Nah, spends the tax coffers the claims =it like his own, doesnt even the bible write about how thats wrong lol.
Now you got the nonsense with the flags been down forever, “its up to the indigenmous” Feds actively in court fighting the kids payments just like the veterans.
Yup i read about the characters in the Pierre Burton books love that Canada. I see this team in action im aghast, and quite frankly disgusted.
Lol the photos coming out of Netherlands are comical. lol Thank you Duchess Cambridg for facially expressing what we all thinking what a turd thats hilarious.
So apprently Mckenna out gallavanting in the Netherlands too despite not being elected, course shes sent there at taxpayer expence, what a fucking jok. The he says his climate ageda endorsed by a vast majority of Canadians, yea a whole 28/100 thats a majority to clown shoes. The fact Mckenna went out there and theyre being hush about who paid for it tells me how much of a joke, its just “one last holiday” for the gange d’imbecile. Get it in you corrupt fucks. No care for taxpayer money. No care for democratic process. I didnt vote for this scoundrel. Missing infrastructure money holy fuck. Kenney and gang too busy in Hawaii and Mexico. While the rest of the gaffes prentend Alberta, and especially AB oil exist. I wonder what sick convos going on behind closed doors, Ill destroy Alberta oil, then sell it to you mwahaha. Says the guy that play philantropist only with tax dollars. Not his own oil fortune thats off limits.. pfft. Carnegie would call you a fuckin bitch.
Lets do a little math
1/52 = 1.92 % 52 days left till xmas, 1.92 % potential wasted everyday. Even every day would be excessive (100%), but this is excessive in the opposite direction. incompetence and refusal to work. Automatic raises. SMH.
Fine take off the weekends cause we all know how lazy politicians are.
2 days left this week 3 wasted. (2)
Literally 35 work days left till xmas.
1/35 = thats even more. 2.35% potential wasted everyday.
Its a joke when a previous low ranking NCM harder work ethic and wastes less time and resources, people arent as stupid as you believe they are and when you see the math on what could have been its quite shocking and frankly disgusting.

Thursday. Just assume the week is done is the MO of “these buffooons” How much time you think will be utterly wasted before Xmas id say the whole 96%
Get your filet mignons assholes.
Low class action lawsuit for the veterans 7 days before remembrance day. Are they gonna gloat on the 11th the censors lol.

November 8, figured out how to use a flag last nigth sunday. Still MIA still no parliament, still no accoutablity. Sleeping. Its 4 pm in Ottawa another day pissing up wind. Deputy is suggesting french be a part of the Air Canada CEO needs french in his performance review. Excuse me how stupid, and incompetent are you ? Get your dumb-ass back to parliament! 34 days left, sitting at a whopping 0%. Just think how many actual Canadian loving parliamentarians could do for their communities. I cant wait to see this disgusting display by the ‘censors’ on the 11th. Gloating around. Remember last year. Remembrance day cancelled for everyone except me and that douche Payette, that was a disgusting display. While they made the day about themselves, gloating around on TV. Im expecting more of the same this year. Id hate to be the trudeau kid, get made fun of so much at school. Even the big guy himself, Carnegie would mock you so bad. Contempt for Canadians much? Going down in history as worst government, and a complete goof. Wow whopping 0%. Im not even surprised come to expect nothing but corrupt shit from these imbeciles.. Prove me wrong.
November 9, Another day of nothing — selfish pricks. Big surprise. Wanna see a farce bigger than the 3 stooges go look on twitter. Fucking jokes– It would be funny cept its Canada and regular citizens sacrificed so much its actually an insult. Fuckin war is hell sent all our best while the bottom of the spitoon in society left to be scoudrels and reap the rewards of others.
Still sitting at 0% effeciency, 100% wasted. Just imagine what people could be doing for their communities. Imagine– cause thats all were gonna get.
November 10.
Anything from our incompetent government today? Turdeau talks to cabinet, well that aint for Canada more selfish nothingness. Who fucking gets paid excess tax dollars to have a pretend phoney convo. – This gov. Still sitting at 0% efficiency 100% time wasted. Who fucking voted for these idiots. Thanks ya fucking imbeciles. Alright so dodged canada and parliament all month so far, stepping out to be front and center on remembrance day is absolutely pathetic.
Nov 23.
Throne speech today, prepare for disappointment. Although cant be as bad as payette. “Dhur we need jobs..” That was fucking laughable except it was so pathetic. Aight lets see how they do.
Seriously those fckin goofs, nothing but fun and games, They dont care they got theirs, not its just do as little as possible and try to not atteract attention. Climate change and covid the biggest hoaxes and money transfer of modern times. Covid for taking away freedoms, climate change for self serving $$. Yerp lockdowns after 18 months, gimme a fucking break. No part of the social contract I have to stop my life cause they cant figure out underfunded hospitals after 18 months. seriously. meanwhjile big boxes and billionaires taking in record profits, Gah. Inflation lets see will they mention it nah. well here come more strongly wrded letter. Incompetence of the highest magnitude; damn right im writing letters.

Nov 23 still, oh man got some seriously sub-par laughable parliamentarians and some super above par surprisiong parliamentarians too. Stand by.
Just a quick update took em 4 days to say they dont want parliament. Now moving to hybrid . SAeriously bunch dog fuccker and sises pardon my language.
We want accountability answer la question.
a meepish 4 days a jughead thru in the towel Jagmeet your a disgrace to the NDP with that move. Go to Raptors Game but cant go to parliament woop there it is.
How long can the charade go – on much longer apparently. Meanwhile i got friends boots on the ground what a disgrace. I want more ; accountability action; old biz ; Want more.! GAH