Not as good as Flintstones, lol.
George Jetson would sure have a tough time living in the new millenia lol surprisingly.
Women drivers and other old fashioned remarks.
Its an ok show, I prefer the Flintstones though.
Not very good at working, relationships, lazy and corner cutter.
I think Flintstones has better writing although it is a neat take on the world of the future.
And, some things never change, with the assembly line profits, getting fired and so on.
Ah well take the good with the bad, still glad I watched it but Flintstones jokes were way better, better animation.
Fred more realistic of a character and learns his lessons.
I dont dislike it, but its not the greatest.
To see the characters reactions to the real future or present time now would be interesting.
Neat how they go to the beta ranch to live like old times, some people still live like that today, and its not a bad thing.
Its got some MAD issue 1 vibes, with the flubber people that never stand up and do all their work sitting down till the machine breaks.
Not sure if its issue 1, but first 3 forsure.

You Can’t Take It With You ’38

Another Frank Capra movie from the Columbia pictures movie list.
Bought this one on youtube, so I own it forever, forever digitally I suppose.
Lifetime ownership I guess.
Not like DVD would last an eternity neither scratches.
With the internet it lives on.

Anyways walked into this movie with no expectation, however with a title as such you’d get the idea of a certain theme.
Feel like I already talked alot about this movie before the blog, so I fear i’d be repeating myself.

Anyways I’m new to the Frank Capra movies but he makes good films.
Wonderful life, Lost Horizon, and now ‘You Can’t Take it With You.’
Just wonderful themes like actually being happy, the important things in life, not being embarrassed, not being bothered by trivial things, appreciating the moment, dancing, and being happy in general. Vs. the un- important things, of business over family, social status, missed opportunities, real opportunities, and following you heart.
Family and not letting the material things blind you.
Kindness for Mr Kirby.

Anyways it was a great movie, glad I watched it.
Great ending great story. Funny, drama, romance, dance, music.
I liked the big apple dance, and the young romance.
The awkwardness between James Steward family prejudices and grandpa’s eclectic family.
They were all a happy bunch, and having nice friend, vs being a cold old soulless person for money Its a big contrast.
The house scenes were great, the not selling the house premise.
The early dinner, felt so awkward for them.
Then the conflict might lead into the court house, the rising action with the introspective Mr Kirby has and losing his son, the climax, and I feel like this film or play does a good job at making you remember certain things like the dance and the harmonica, and the grandpa speech.
The going down the elevator to be happy.
Yeh I liked the court room scene that was pretty funny. The previous dinner scene.
I was wondering what all that character intro was, with the man who makes machines, was to introduce the family, the lilies, Yeh the courtroom scene was the funniest and the judge was exceptionally funny. I dont think ive ever written that sentence before, a funny judge. But that courtroom was chaos.
I was wondering if they just werent going to ever get together, but had to go through the conflict, or James Stewart would quit his job, Ramsey wouldnt come to him like the ghost of christmas past.
Finally selling the house and on the bloick it was sad, you feel for the characters, however the growth in Mr. Kirby was the best. so that was a ncie ending, the harmonica duet was a nice ending.
The dancing sister always looking so jovial. I liked the income tax scene. ‘What do I get for it.’ Seems 75 bucks should be good for taxes lol. What a refreshing scene. Everyone in this new millenia should see this movie, Im sure its a little widely exagerated, but movies and people and politics arent like that anymore. The grandpa in the crutches slightly shabily dressed, with a house that isnt nearly as fancy as Mr Kirby be Grandpa was more rich. Losing his temper like that. I like that sometimes things have to be said, even if you regret it and take it back immediately.
Im not so sure what it is about that, but sometimes people need to hear the harsh truth. I might regret writing that lol, but in the case of this movie it rings true.

All in all I really enjoyed this one, was best movie I seen in a while I would definitely watch that again, and motivated to go through the Frank Capra films, as they all have a feel good quality and I like that in a movie. Plus its from a play, so If I ever have a chance to see in theatre it would very much peak my interests.

Found this cool photo.

From Allison Marchant on the Flikr page
Just a cool photo after I watched the movie, it came up in the creative commons license search.


Been watching every Flintstones episode, gotta say its been a fun experience.
This show is great nostalgia, even for a period I wasnt around for.
Fred is the asshole he has his moments, Barney is the loyal friend. Freds always stealing his ideas or trying to swindle him for a couple bucks or a deal, or trying to make him look bad.
In turn Wilma, Betty, and Barney all make fun of Fred constantly.
Fred always getting the gang into crazy activities.
And, just playing tricks.
Hot temper.
Anwyays the show is pretty funny all the characters are lovable.
Even Fred the grouch is happy sometimes.
Its the modern nuclear family. I think Simspons took alot from this show, or its the same show, but 30 years later.
The art and animation is great still stands up after all these years.
A little post war racism with the Asian Judo teacher, the cowboys and indians gag.
Otherwise for a G rated show its great.
I just realized Mel Blanc was the voice for Dino. Dino and Barney..Thats fun.
Im sure Looney Tunes and Flintstones were competing.
This show ran on re-runs forever even as a kid I remember seeing it on cable TV constantly.
Fred and Barney know it all attitudes and getting into hairy situations are my favourite, but the wives are pretty funny too.
Its very old fashioned in a sense now with the wives preparing dinner and cleaning the house. Wilma wheres my dinner Fred screams.
You dont see much of that nowadays.
In the later seasons, celebrities make cameos, like bewitched and other references not totally familiar.
The Intro and outro is especially memorable, the lounge music and the yabadabadoo, getting off work.
Bedrock seems like a nice place, the suburbs, they have all sorts of rock type and animal type technologies.
Its a feel good show, glad I took the time to re-watch all these.
Some good writing and fun adventures.
I especially like the art work style its very basic, but its well done and nice scenery.
I think everyone can relate to this show especially if you are familiar with nuclear family or suburbs.
Watching TV and film in general.
Just seeing a episode makes me smile.
Got em all for free on tubi tv.
But something worth having in the collection.
Timeless show.

The Awful Truth ’37

Okay, think that about wraps up the ’37 from the Columbia movies list.
This one stars Cary Grant, his film wife.
They get divorced for 90 days or something then hilarity ensues.
Cary Grant and his wife are super hilarious together as a cast.
Cary Grant gets all jealous about his wife singing coach and they start feuding, starts the divorce.
She moves in with her aunt, and this rich dude from Oklahoma is living next door, so anyways they start seeing other people.
And, the whole show they are embarrassing each others dates.
Originally, they are sort of high class, with dinner parties from the period.
The Oklahoma guy is more rough around the edges.
Cary then is dating some a club singer, that does the original Marilyn Monroe wind up the dress and actually shows her undergarment, well Cary all embarrassed his ex wife thinks its funny.
So the movie goes on they share each others embarrassing moments, completely turning off their dates.
Eventually they see they are meant for each other and cancel the divorce in the end, but they are both so stubborn, unwilling to admit anything truthful at all.
The dance scene is epic, really liked that . Kinda felt bad for the Oklahoma rich dude, but Carys wife is mortified having to dance.
Anyways the whole movie is charming.

Reminds me alot of the stooges of the era, except stooges completely poor, these people high society, but not snobs exactly but, very fancy parties.
The sets are incredible.
Furniture and wallpaper and mansions decor, very cool.
Even the cabin is very oldschool.
Its a innocent charming movie. Cary Grant has a amazing performance, but I mean equally is his wife. I dont know her name yet cause I havent googled it, but shes beautiful and funny.
She pretends to be drunk and causes mayhem at Cary’s new dates house, meeting her parents. She answered his phone earlier so the date was like why is a woman answering, so Cary’s wife pretends to be the sister, and in turn mortifies Cary. Its all pretty funny.
Wouldnt typically watch a film listed as a ‘romantic comedy,’ but Im glad I watched this film. Yea Cary Grant, legendary.
The wife, always had these epic dresses and hats on. So yea people really dressed nice back in the day. Just wild outfits.
The theme is just chasing romance, and tad jealousy mistrust, but also love.
The police chase was pretty funny, I wonder the cops being so strict back then, and also in the Stooges. Stooges always getting chased and getting beaten up by cops in the street walking around.
Here, they gat mad cause the radio was too loud.
Eventually she trashes her car so they get stuck at the cabin together where romance ensues. As audience its happy moment when they get back together after all the farces theyve been through.
So it makes me think of the period and how many people watched this movie back in the day.
Or if the Stooges met Cary Grant or seen this movie themselves.
And, vice versa.
Ok not much else to say, watched it on youtube and the audio was completely off, but the subtitles could still watch it.
That makes 2 movies from 37 that the records still arent perfect. I would buy this movie because it was hard to find otherwise.
And, still watched it for free.
The internet is a good resource for preserving old film like this.
Its amazing, 87 years old and parts of film are missing, I guess just 30 years after just sitting in a warehouse it gets lost, or damaged or who knows.
So glad I watched this little piece of history, most of the comedy still stood up. Its not like the stooges its more, embarassing awkward comedy, but Cary Grant sure gets in a couple pickles and you cant help but laugh at him, hes a good sport. The lead cast was really above par. So I enjoyed that. Ok onto the next one. Good bye 1937 for now.

Ok googling the film to learn more.
Irene Dunn is the wifes name. Wonderful actor, I really liked her.
Box office hit, based off a play, so Im sure the Stooges seen it.
First Cary Grant Columbia film.
Joyce Compton she was really good too, with the wind up the gown.
And, that thick accent was hard to understand lol.
I liked it though.
That club they were at was pretty fancy. Probably some big studio at Columbia, They had a balloon fountain display.
Everything was so Art Deco. That style still lives on and probably make a big comeback too.

Lost Horizon ’37

Wooo! That was an awesome movie.
Wasnt expecting too much, got a super epic adventure, thriller, mystery, romance, culture.
To think of the world in 1938 pre ww2.
I bet 7 years in Tibet was inspired by this film just a hunch.
Of the greed and powerful war machine, and weathering out the storm in Tibet is a neat story.
Some times were fantastical, but I enjoyed the entire film, learning about the characters and the mystery of what was happening to them since the beginning.
Plane ride.
Mountain scenes.
Setting and sets in the valley.
Really not something you see in movies lately its all green screen, so its extra special.
The house they mostly filmed in or palace, monastery.
The story and culture and the meek shall inherit the earth.
So many metaphors in this movie it would be difficult to name them all, but the bounty and outside vs inside.
Personal greeds and honesty, fruit, and skin, and age.
Love and happiness in nothing and in everything.
Perseverance and willpower, curiosity, and doubt.
Gold bounty but impossible to profit in a way.
Its hard to explain but the story is fantastic, wish I could write a fiction like that.
I havent read the wiki, I literally read the title of the movie, not even the synopsis and just started watching.
In a sense it could be adapted to the current era.
Main character was my favourite.
Would it be vain to say I see alot of myself in this character.
Not everything but certainly alot of growth amongst all the characters.
Something nice about the world pre ww2, that you dont see anymore either.
A romance and peacefulness in a way.
So im not an Asian expert at all.
I know of Shanghai.
Don’t know the airport they were at.
Not sure anything about the period I think it was March 1935.
I know a little of Tibet and the mountain range.
Actually reminds me alot of a Tin Tin adventure in a way.
I particularly liked the horse chase scene.
The waterfall, the mountaineering scenes.
The way the location Shangri-la grows on each character in a particular way.
And, how George could have everything he ever wanted but too blinded by his own self to see it or be aware.
The doubt in Bob for leaving, maybe an ego.
Its a very good story in a few parts.
I just liked the unknown and the little paradise, and the message, and every human finding their own little piece of heaven on earth.
But also a nature peaceful way about it.
Someone industrious could destroy that place almost, but they make it really disconnected from the outside world.
Maybe a little like the Beach im thinking with dicaprio. They find the awesome spot, but gotta keep it hidden, some people go to ruin it etc.
Anyways neat movie, glad they (Sony) restored it.
It was a little weird seeing the cut scenes with photographs and pans- zooms.
For an older movie really held up for me.
85 years old damn.
Ok gonna google and IMDB it.
I would definitely watch that again.
Learnt a funny english phrase slang of sow a few wild oats. Never heard that phrase till this movie Im pretty sure.
Some good acting too. all in all just a nice gem of a movie, never heard about or seen till now.
Not sure how much you can compare a film of today compared to that.
Like I said just reminded me a bit of Tin Tin, 7 years in Tibet maybe, Lawrence in Arabia.
Frank Capra Seen a few of his movies, they all good, didnt know he made em like this though.
I think my age Im the target audience for this.
That definitely wasnt a waste of time, I feel more enriched after watching that.

Ronald Colman
Interesting. Theres a little documentary about him on the youtube, which is where I watched this movie free too btw.
It just reads out the wiki.
Evolved from the silent to sound.
Anyways Awesome actor I really enjoyed that performance.

Ohh novel by Jame Hilton gotta check that out.
Apparently is a lavish musical too 1973 hmm its a Columbia pics aswell.
Just gonna put it in the 70s section so i dont have to jump between the 30s and the 70s.

Peter Finch never heard I dont think. Hes in the ’73 film..
Jane Wyatt, looks familiar huge filmography including Star Trek 4 cool.
Sam Jaffe seems like a interesting person, never really seen films by him
Edward Everett Horton. Good actor same, just unfamiliar to me.
Thomas Mitchell Unfamiliar but been in a few movies I seen. Maybe recognize him next time. Otherwise good acting, I liked his character the failed businessman crook, turned gold, turned philanthropist.
John Howard good character despite being rash and un-calculated.
HB Warner.
Ok So noticing Capra using alot of his same actors.
Isabel Jewell, wow lots of movies and from Wyoming thats kinda cool. Sad to read about her death suicide from OD, she had the first laugh in this movie as a cackling weirdo, but made me laugh.
Margo never seen or heard anything.
No one left alive from this film, I mean 85 years right.
Just a time capsule though.
Happy to have watched it.
The original posters are great though.

Columbia Movie Sale

Wasn’t available in Canada, but I have the alphabetized list.

1776 4k does not port to MA (1972)

20 Million Miles to Earth (Black & White) (1957)

2012 4k (2009)

3:10 to Yuma (1957)

…And Justice for All (1979)

A Knight’s Tale (2001)

A Man for All Seasons (1966)

A Raisin In the Sun (1961)

A River Runs Through It (1992)

A Soldier’s Story (1984)

About Last Night (2014) 4k

Air Force One 4k (1997)

All the King’s Men (1949)

Anaconda (1997)

Anatomy of a Murder 4k (1959)

Anzio (1968)

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)

Born Free (1966) Great movie seen this one years ago 10/10

Born Yesterday (1950)

Brian’s Song (1971)

Buck and the Preacher (1972)

Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965)

Butterflies Are Free (1972)

Bye Bye Birdie (1963)

Cactus Flower (1969)

Casualties of War (1989)

Cat Ballou (1965)

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

Christine 4k (1983)

Concussion 4k (2015)

Dick does not port to MA (1999)

Easy Rider 4k (1969) Seen this recently its above average

Fail-Safe (1964)

Fat City (1972)

Five Easy Pieces (1970)

Fright Night 4k 1985 or 2011

Fun With Dick & Jane (1977)

Gandhi 4k (1982) seen this in school, Buddy is on Curb too lol

Gidget (1959)

Gilda (1946)

Heavy Metal 4k (1981) Seen this over 100 times

Hero (1992)

Hitch 4k (2005)

Ice Castles (1978)

In a Lonely Place (1950)

In Cold Blood (1967)

Jagged Edge (1985)

Jason and the Argonauts (1963) One of the first non kid features I seen

Just Go With It (2011)

Just One of the Guys (1985)

Krull (1983)

La Bamba (1987)

Last Action Hero 4k (1993)

Lost Horizon 4k (1937)

Midnight Express (1978)

Modern Romance (1981)

Money Train (1995)

Moscow On the Hudson (1984)

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 4k (1939)

Murder By Death (1976)

My Girl 4k (1991)

Pal Joey (1957)

Picnic (1955)

Postcards from the Edge (1990)

Premium Rush 4k (2012)

Radio Flyer (1992)

Ride Lonesome (1959)

Robin and Marian 4k (1976)

Rocket Gibraltar (1988)

Salt (1:41 Extended Cut) (2010)

Stealth (2005)

Stripes (Extended Cut) (1981)

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

Taming of the Shrew (1967)

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953)

The 6th Day (2000)

The Awful Truth (1937) Cary Grant

The Big Chill 4k (1983)

The Big Heat (1953)

The Cable Guy (1996)

The Caine Mutiny (1954)

The China Syndrome (1979)

The Deep (1977)

The Lady from Shanghai (1947) Seen it, ill watch again Welles

The Last Detail (1973)

The Man from Laramie (1955)

The More the Merrier (1943)

The Net (1995)

The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) Seen it years and years ago

The Professionals (1966)

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Survivors (1983)

The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974 united) (2009 Columbia)

The Talk of the Town (1942)

To Sir, With Love 4k (1967)

Tommy: The Movie (1975) seen it few times was on cable forsure

Tootsie (1982)

White Nights (1985)

Wolf (1994)

You Can’t Take It with You 4k (1938)

Lost Horizon 1973 the musical version.

Stormy Weather ’43

Best film I seen in a long time.
For Tap dancing and big band.
Pretty sure was a all black cast so that was cool to see after watching a dozen or so similar era pieces.
Im not even super familiar with the musical acts but still really good.
Cab Calloway I think Ive heard.
Just cool sets and music of course, I just enjoyed this one more than the others I seen.

The original shuffle and dance.
I dunno that good entertainment.
Bang for you buck I seen it was on TCM via the schedule and just took a chance on the youtube movies.
Its like a comedy too so not all music but comedy bits set it up for the next scenes. It plays out more like a play.

Not sure what else to say other than I enjoyed it quite a bit.
I was searching for films similar to this, but havent found one that could beat this one so far.
Of course its a journey just watching old era films no one ever talks about anymore. Some hit and miss, I enjoy the vapor-nostalgia.

Films logged late 2023 and early 2024

First post of the new year, been slacking on the blog but im back.
Trying to get this Sony 100 for 100$ film package. But, alas unavailable in Canada.
So what a bunmmer, get me all excited for nothing.
Atleast the Stooges doing a film festival on youtube free. Thats really the best part.
Well cant say I didnt try to own these movies.

Had a change to watch some Cable TCM.
Seen some good ones

Giant 1956
James Dean and Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor.
Fun movie about cattle and oil.

Weird comedy about 2 guys trying to get in a hospital or something they had the blackfaced baby, cant remember the name but it was alot like a stooges, or Abbott and Costello bit.
Cant remember name.
Weird film though.
Was shown on TCM, didnt recognize any of the actors.

Where Eagles Dare 1968
That was a good film action packed and stunts, and cool scenery and sets.
Another Clint Eastwood ww2 action drama, fiction.

Ben-Hur 1959
Just the craziest Horse Racing scene.
Dont see that everyday.
TCM was saying how they did everything in their power to protect horses.
I guess maybe like a pre modern rodeo in a way.
Horses in film and rodeo both un-popular with some people.
Film, nothing I can do about 1959 cept enjoy the movie. Seen it free not like im making paychecks. Actually my first time seeing this film.
Rodeo, is a showcase of way of life, turned sport.
Goes along with ‘Giant’ movie in a small way.

The man who came to dinner 1942
That was a funny movie.
Screwball comedy forsure.
Romance whatever, it was bound to happen, but the scenes that happen in that little house and the joke finisher at the end were funny to me.
The old guy so obnoxious but you love to hate him cause hes ridiculous.

Christmas Carroll 1938
That was a good one first time seeing it.
Its all grimey black and white.
Just neat to see such old classic for the holidays.

3 stooges movie. 2012
I thought it was good.
Larry David as the nun that was funny, other cameos.
Funny to see Jersey Shore and Stooges, its very 2012
I thought it was funny just to watch the first time.
It doesnt have the best ratings but was still novelty and more for me.

Other films
Other film might come to mind that I remember I’ll post em here.

Superman Animated ’41

Cool 17 serial animated Superman, never heard about until tonight.
Love finding these old classics.
Nominated for Academy Award 1942.

1) MAd Scientist.
Intro to Superman.
Cool animation with details and orchestra.
Nice lighting details.
The Scientist has a bird sidekick.
Very much inspiration for the doctor evil Austin Powers, hes wearing the same style smock.
Either way I recognize that jacket.
Thats kinda vintage everyone gathered around the radio.
Superman looks good the clouds, the darkness. Prediciting a radio style TV.
Oh yea Ive seen this scene, he holds up a melting building.
That might be something like the empire state.
Seen this posted on Reddit, the OP is right the animation is great. Punching the laser, its a little like an advanced Flash Gordon. And, a vintage Heavy Metal. So many frames and many things happening at once. Its quality for 1941 forsure. Awesome that was fun to watch. only 10 mins or so per serial.

Watched the whole serial now
wow I remember alot of that as a kid Its an amazing animation
I have more to say, ill have to watch it again.
It happened so fast , and the distant memories from childhood

Gene Tierney Laura ’44

Just finished watching The Public Enemy again.
Seen a pic of the Gene Tierney so watching her hit movie.
Vincent Price, thats exciting.
Its got some Orwell vibes right away. Narration.
Like a cheezy Clue movie whodunit lol Hes playing the baseball handheld.