Honeymooners (Sitcom) ’55 – ’56

Watched every episode.
Show kinda grew on me.
Its a great show. Funny, and wholesome.
The acting is great, its old fashioned.
Just 4 characters in a room usually, but the characters and acting make it happen.
Show centers around Ralph Kramdem and his wife.
Hes really like Fred Flinstone, abrasive and semi annoying.
Always a plot to get rich quick or full of bad ideas. His wife teases him.
He’s always threatening to beat up his wife, making the faces. But, shes no pushover and tells him to ahh shut up frequently. lol, its part of the humour.
When Ralph realizes his big mistake, and screwing over his loved ones he feels shame, then ends the episode aw baby youre the greatest.
Such a simple show, but really grew on me. I swear Jackie Gleason one of the funniest comics ever. Just the faces and over the top acting.
Hes like a gentle giant, but has a big mouth.
Anyways love it in its simplicity.
Alice is an awesome actress, shes just as much part of the show. she doesnt take any guff from Ralph so thats funny too.
Ed Norton his best friend, kind of acts dim witted but comic relief, hes really a great character. In the end Ralph always knows hes blessed to have an awesome wife and friends. Trixie adds to the shwo to making it for 2 couples in the era. Anyways little squabbles about money and the perceptions of what one wants in life. The show a little crass and might not be for everyone, but its got the Flintstones vibe. The funniest moments are when Ralph gets caught up in some crazy plan or gets caught red-handed, nothing ever really works out for him, and hes always blowing his top, but its done in such a funny way. Like some rageoholic rage comedy. I dunno hits a sweet spot, enjoyed watching all these episodes, and the acting like I said is the best. Its not over rehearsed and they jumble their lines sometimes. The set ups are pretty good, eating dog food and big mouth getting into other peoples business. Ralph steals the show though. Such a funny character. Glad I watched these super pop culture and sitcom comedy references. Watched the Johnny Carson only Jackie Gleason appearance was pretty cool to watch I think he smoked like 8 cigarettes in one sitting. Referenced alot on Sopranos, Simpsons, Family guy. etc. Pow right in the kisser. Bang zoom, (flying to the moon) Just funny watching the little couple squabbles and simple life.

Anatomy of a Murder ’59

So watched this last night. Great film. Jimmy Stewart plays the lawyer now, again.. Not a Washington lawmaker though but a defense lawyer.
2 Hour 40 min runtime which is pretty long but it flew by, good story telling and adventure over a little while. The whole entire case. His team and little house. The wife likes to make the husband jealous sort of. Sort of. Everything is vague pretty much. In effect for the courthouse scenes as everything sort of unravels. Anyways I enjoyed this movie. Jimmy Stewart. Also it had some Jazz scenes going on a music in the background kind of neat. The court scene and Jimmy Stewart really does it for me. Hes always having these crazy outbursts, which the movie calls for and the Prosecutors are all flabbergasted. Heck even the judge was pretty funny, and I swear I seen that judge before. Although and besides that.. Ok the teacher boyfriend from Picnic was in it. Same actor as the dad from Gidget. Now hes a drunk Jimmy Stewart assistant. He goes off on some tangent crashes his car driving at night lol. Some mentions of Thuderbay, USA Michigan, and Sault St. Marie. I remember going through there lol. Not a super fan. Nothing against it, just think I’d rather spend my holidays anywhere else lol. In that long stretch of Ontario that never ends. Anyways. So Iron city does exists its more called Iron Mountain from what I know. Near Iron Wood etc. Thunder bay is the name of the bay in Lake Huron. Fishing seems fun. Anyways getting off track. I liked this movie alot. Would definitely watch again. Actually one of My favourite Jimmy Stewart pictures so far. He just fits the lawyer image freaking out. Its fun they win the case too. As the the legalities of the case itself, Im not a jury. Crime of Passion with some loose ends. Buddy shouldnt have assaulted his wife. Buddy shouldn’t have murdered the other guy. Not criminaly responsible. Seems to be a go-to defense. Everyone’s temporarily insane once they get caught. Don’t know why its societys job to rehabilitate people after they go on some ballistic murdering spree. Whne they were likely psycho to behin with. Anyways. In the case of the army officer with service in Korea, he got off. did he deserve it I dunno. Not the Judge or Jury. makes for a crazy story though. Movie based off some truth I hear too. Knowing whats right or wrong lol. I know some people go in robot mode specially military. So either way makes for a interesting discussions. Im not picking sides on a fictional USA court fiction comedy drama. lol. Maybe some law expert can enlighten me one day.. Im sure they all study this film lol. That being said I thought it was a entertaining piece. Watched it all one sitting cause I had to know what happened, start caring for the characters. And, wondering if they lying. And the rosary and religion in the court.

Gidget ’59

Wow what did I just watch lol. Ok its a teen comedy, I guess its some guy created a character based off his daughter. shes a tomboy 17. You got that growing up pressure, peer pressure, ‘Man Hunt’ lol. Shes like a model, I think she must be actually 17 in the movie or younger. Which is neat cause I think of some high school movies where the actors are way older. Well Gidget drives a car. Shed rather have fun then be all sexy lady like on the beach like snorkeling or surfing. Anyways.. GThis film started a whole genre, brought surfing into the mainstream and beach party type films were born. So thats sort of interesting. Which makes me think about niche things into films that I dont like but, I think this movie was for everyone made it cool, and to be a girl surfer was obviously an important thing. I mean its 39 years after the every state female vote so a bit of a sufragette thing going on in a surf sense. Well I like this movie more than Fallout I think lol, is what I was getting at. I was thinking well what did the surfers think of a main stream surfer film, just like the turbo nerds being like oh a fallout show. Anyways just my personal commentary not really meant for anyone but my own introspection. Anyways this film is on a fine line cause its like independent woman, then the tapestry says, the best a woman can be is how much she brings the best out of the man or something like that lol, and that totally wouldnt fly these days. But in the context of a sumemr coming of age film for a young female, not no Treasure Island. Well she like moondog and , kahuna, isnt a bad dude or a creep, but she wants to make him jealous anyways its all little bit of filler drama in otherwise a surf culture movie and also about dating film, wow dating in 1959 lol. For James Darren woulda grown up 36 3 years old war. Woulda been 9 when the war over Silent generation lol. Because of comformity and civic. I guess they got attacked pearl harbour and just parent at war, hoarding and getting their values worth. Just trying to put myself in a generic set of shoes. Cause otherwise then the heavy awkwardness that beach summer looked pretty Fun. I mean if Beach boys was a movie this would probably be it. Its the first Columbia movie I heard anyone use Surfer Vernacular. Or say Ultimate. Sure is a contrast to Humphrey bogart all ptsd’d out on the bridge of Caine Mutiny. More Columbia family, Arthur O’connell is the Gidget Dad, hes all over himself, when he finds the leg of lamb and falls on his ass, probably one of the funnier scenes. And Joby Baker was Canadian. He’s ‘Stinky’ surf dude. Wait Arthur O’Connel is the whisky drinking teacher date on Picnic. Cliff Robertson was The guy on Picnic that was supposed to date Kim Novak, he got all mad cause his hobo friend stole his GF lol. Oh so one big happy family. I didnt recognize him as Kahuna. People back then changed their haistyle and its a whole new person. Also film 4 years apart. Anyways was a cool movie glad I watched it. It was super awkward, and I was like this movie aint for me but gave it a chance and it turned out to be a cool not so bad surf movie, memorable even. And, what else filmed at a real bech in California called the Leo Carillo state beach West of Malibu, so it gives a sense of what a summer off school living there its like straight up archie lol. Neat to men cause way before my time. Even being a time traveller, probably stick out like a sore thumb.

Ride Lonesome ’59

First Randolph Scott movie. He’s got a face made for a bounty hunter lol.
This was a short movie, but good suspenseful, action.
Movie starts off weird, Brigade the bounty hunter capturing Billy. But Billy’s bro in the hills, but Brigades got em, Billy doesnt want to die.
anyways story keeps on going he’s bringing back Billy to Santa Cruz.
Ulterior motive. We meet the lady, Boone and Wit. Wit I guess is James Coburn, Ive seen him around before.
They leave the first little waypoint shack. Have to deal with the Mescalaro.
Anyways Billys bro Frank gives chase, they are following from behind.
Theres all sorts of subplots, for instance, Boone and Wit want Billy in Santa Cruz for Amnesty.
Billy trying to free himself and bluff about his bro.
The Lady husband been killed by Mescalaro, perhaps, it isnt known, but they bring by the horse.
Brigade, and Frank had beef from a long time ago we learn about near the end of the movie. In fact Brigade doesnt even want Billy hes using him to get to Frank.
So Boone kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. He wants Billy, hes ready to kill Brigade for it, but once Brigade gets his wish, he gives up Boone, on the account of Boone and Wit helping him out a few times. Its a few times Boone saves his life. So my favourite characters were Frank, cause its Lee Van Cleef, and Boone is a cool character too. Talks cool, but wants to go back to his spot and raise beef. Yeh the movie leads you along a nice scenery, not sure exactly whats going to happen, lots of tension and walking around in the dark. When Billy gets the repeater rifle and tries to hold up Brigade, Boone comes in to save him, sayin how he never keeps it loaded, so they win the bluff. A lot like Good bad and the Ugly, too with the hang tree, and Dirty Harry is it loaded or not. Anyways turns out it was loaded lol, so that was a exciting part of the movie. Oh yea right at the beginning theres a stage coach crash into a fence full speed, horses looked ok, but that was a wild stunt. Never seen a stage coach crash before. Yeh probably never see that again. I can’t imagine those metal bars and wood pieces being too dafe coming to a stop from a good speed. Yeh Lee Van Cleef was exciting when I saw him.. Only said a few words and hes the bad guy Frank he killed Brigades wife on the same Hang tree can you imagine, then he forgets lol, how do you forget something like that. Anyways Brigade puts him in a tough spot and ends the movie pretty much. He burns the tree in a symbolic thing, but Boone thinks its a sign of war for the Mescalaro, they did it twice.. Anyways couple plot holes, but I enjoyed the cast, writing, and acting, the sets were amazing, and even looking good at night time. Its like your camping with this motley crew and Billy there oh trying to talk his way out of it. Good western, some new actors to the Columbia list. Glad I watched it. And, one of the shorter movies , only hour and twelve minutes feature. I mean coulda had a little side plot, but it was a adventure movie tension and a few funny moments.
Roy Jenson was in this film a Canadian.
Pernell Roberts is Boone
Karen Steele the leading lady in this picture.
James Coburn Film Debut.
Wow you can even see where it was Filmed Lone Pine California, and Alabama Hills.

Pal Joey ’57

Last of the ’57 movies. Well what can I say. Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak.
Movie is pretty good. I guess its a bit old fashioned probably didnt age too well. Giving drinks to minors in his hotel room is the opening scene , lol. Its a musical and he had to skip town, im sure they could have though of something better, also to drive home the premise that hes a total playboy, and just goes for all the women. Somehow gets a romance going with Rita Hayworth. Kim Novak more the next door neighbor style small town girl, not gritty like Rita in this one. This my 3rd Rita picture I think now. We got lady Shanghai, Gilda, this one. 92nd Kim Novak Picture, the first was picnic. Really Im surprised sometimes I dont even recognize em till later, with the hair styles and the clothing, really chameleons, they look completely different in all the films. Anyways I like this movie, Id have to say 3:10 to Yuma was slightly better, 20 mil miles, is a different style of picture all together. Its hard to compare and group up with the last 2. This one focuses on song dance romance, rags to riches. Jealousy, love. Gotta say really impressed with Frank Sinatra singing, and Kim Novak Acting. Rita Hayworth is good too but shes more cold and mean in this movie. I guess shes kinda mean in Gilda, but more mean in this one, sultress still but sassy rich lol. Novak more down to earth and innocent it would seem. Anyways was a fun picture to watch wasnt really sure what to expect. But, yeah cool to see San Fran again, cool to see the classy cigarette filled, backed handed compliments in dance, and song .. Playing mean tricks in a weird love square maybe penta or more. All the ladies just love Frank Sinatra and hes just like whatever, player. But he also gets tricked a few times too at his own game so that was kind of clever.
Yea id watch this movie again, leave it on in the background. Too bad Rita wasnt much of the pro singer, cuas eshe got the dance and acting down. I read a bit about that on the wiki, so I was expecting it during her number. It was still good, little lip sync, I didnt care. Shes still a superstar. So to see the cast in this film. Yeh and Kim little more grown up than Picnic by a couple years, the character is more developed I think in this movie. Still bit of a princess type role .. Agrees top be a stripper then Sinatra like noooo. Which pisses off Vera (Rita). Anyways glad it came up on the list. Love me a good musical, with some lounge music and some good singing simple. But also with a band, and everything going on its quite the act. Makes me think a little of white Christmas they just bring the whole production company out with em and its like a small to medium village. Yeh I think thats officially first Frank Sinatra movie I seen feature length. That I can remember at least. So was good makes me feel nostalgic from the 50s even though thats way before my time. Its the past and neat to experience something that was around before me.

3:10 to Yuma ’57

This is the original movie.
Really good. Another from the Columbia list. 2rd Glenn Ford film I seen. He makes good movies. Ive enjoyed all his movies, and plus he was Canadian, till he became American is cool to me.
Glenn named after town in Alberta his dad was from. His original name was Gwyllyn never heard that name before. Um synopsis. Movie starts stagecoach being robed by Ben Wade’s (Glenn Fords) gang, the driver takes one of the gang members hostage, Ben Wade decides just to simply shoot him. Then The driver. Men ride up its, Dan. Hes a cattle farmer, he wants his cows back. Ben says 5 minutes after the robbery can have his cows back. Ben comes back up, says we taking your horses so you can’t tell the sheriff or whatever hes called. Anyways the gang all escapes, leave the couch to sit in the sun. Dan with. Next the Gang in town having a drink, they lie and say that someone else robbed em. The sheriff sets, out. They decide to split up. Ben goes back in one last time for some romance. Anyways a side scene, the sheriff finally meet up with stage coach and Dan, and they inform him that they been fooled, that was the gang in town. The drunk that eft last informs em one still at the saloon, might be Ben Wade. So anyways long story short they capture him, and come up with a fool proof way to get him to face for the murder and robbery. One other stage coach, diversion, with Dan and Mr Butter taking him to town to the 3:10 to Yuma train that had a big prison back in the day. So this is all set in lower state Arizona, the film is pretty badass sets, with rock formations, multiple towns. Anyways in the film, the Ben Wade gang is pretty fierce, they get to knowing that Ben is actually in Contention (train stop) Everyone starts getting scared sheriff aint around and basically its a suicide mission just for Dan escorting Ben to the train. Even they’re surrounded. No law, and lots of gang members want to release Ben. Ben is also doing some shifty talk trying to convince Dan to take a 10k bribe to let him go instead of the measly 200$. Dan is committed on doing it. Theyre not really friends but the time Ben and Dan spend together makes em grow closer a bit. I think they both change in character a bit, which makes em both round characters. Anyways Glenn Ford really kills it in this movie they way he talks and acts hes just a natural. Ive seen him as the gambler now, the detective and the cowboy villain. Yea this is a really good movie, had my whole attention the whole time. Its a little of a action movie, and well you don’t know whats going to happen and a perfect setting for high tension. In the end Dan kinda reminds me of a Jimmy Stewart character, slightly flawed regular guy that does incredible things. Ben Wade is the gentleman bad guy. Just hearing him talk hes really polite, and cool, but hes done some really mean things. Hes in handcuffs the whole movie, and you know hes the bad guy. Everyone else at the mercy of the gang cause they seem to control the law. So its cool character than Dan stands up for justice. Nothing against Dan actually they both had some awesome synergy, but Ive become to be a bit of Glenn Ford fan after seeing a few of his movies. Entertaining. And good at delivering dialogue, and those long pauses. Hes a natural. Would definitely watch that again. And, what about the new edition, haven’t seen it in I don’t know how long but its certainly not as memorable as what I just seen that movie was awesome epic classic.
Oh you know Glenn Ford died in 2006.
The remake was done in 2007.
Elmore Leonard was the story author.
Delver Dave Director never heard of him.
Van Heflin won a best male actor for this Dan. He was good This the kind of movie you kind cheer for the bad guy a bit though. Even though you like the good guy, you kinda hope he gets away lol. Maybe its just me lol. psycho ahaha jk
Atypical villain says on the wiki.
Man movie posters small fortune for one. Unless you get the re-print.
Originals cost a fortune

20 Million Miles to Earth ’57

Ok this movie was absolutely hilarious.
Better than Kong, not quite but pretty good.
Note that I watched the colourized version. The Colonels lips, were strange yellow the whole film, and his eyes like a beady dark blue kinda weird. I think thats my first ever colourized motion picture ever. Some scenes you can’t tell other times its really obvious. Anyways thats the official version from Sony there on the Youtube, so I went for it.
Ok try to recap, mans first planetary mission is to Venus. they capture a creature, for intents of finding out how it survives with all the toxic gasses. The rocketship on the way back to earth hits a meteor and lands at, somewhere near Sicily. Fishermen discover the rocket, climb inside, save 2 crew members, one is the mission commander, the other is the Doc. They report it to the authorities and General flies out to Sicily on a cool ocean plane. Anyways the boy pepe or whatever find the US cylinder with the creature.. yadayada he brings it to the veterinarian to sell, where it starts growing. Colonel, and General figure out that the creature they looking for is on the road, Vet guy has a trailer, creature growing escapes from the trailer and causes havoc on a farm. Eventually they get it subdued with a electrical net, because its revealed last sec, that current of electricity puts the creature to sleep. Then they research, they want to reseach to discover how to breathe on Venus. Its held captive at the Rome Zoo. Then during a crane malfunction the electricity current is stopped, so the Creature then goes on a rampage through Rome. Finally getting destroyed by bazookas and tanks at the Coliseum. Ok this movie was hilarious, its nothing but scenes of this creature fighting and screaming, then military men getting in position. The Helicopter scenes, its all close ups of the Mash style helicpoter flying around, Jeeps driving around. People close up screaming and running away. The creature fights an elephant at the zoo, its also a stop motion, but its kinda hilarious. The Colonel and the Vet granddaughter have a pseudo romance, between all the carnage. Its very cool it was filmed in Italy, its cool they have all sorts of scenes at the zoo and coliseum, from what I know that must be difficult to get traffic permits, to spin around some tanks doing burnouts. The one tank shoots flamethrower sherman, which i guess are a thing but it looks like movie effect.. Otherwise the monster screaming and crushing and destroying and throwing boulders is the best part. It was just a small little thing trying to be born on Venus, next thing you know its fighting all the Italian army and American Bazookas, and tanks, elephants, dogs, getting rammed by cars. It eats sulphur by the way lol. If you ever just wanted a good handful of sulphur to snack on ahaha. Yeh I liked the special effects, of course its a little cheesy nowadays, but yeh probably was cheesy back then too. But, still cool they made it. The actors take it seriously, and dozens of just screaming out the window shots are pretty funny. Would watch this again just for more monster screaming and destroying stuff.

Picnic ’55

OK when I seen the cover I was like this movie aint for me lol.
Actually if it wasn’t for the list prolly never woulda watched it, but since it has the Columbia Stamp. I had to give it a shot, so blindly I walked face first into this movie lol. For the better, this movie is classic. Really its mind blowing tis like travelling back in time with Marty McFly and the ‘Stand by me’ kids. Mind blowing. They even had the pie eating contest, the same vibes as their festivals back then, as shown in the 80’s as shown in actual 1955. A vagabond with sex appeal driving all the women wild then when he rejects the teacher all drunk ass she loses it on him. This is some wild passinate emotional movie with not much sense or reason but romantic and coming of age too, cept I think it would be aimed a little more at young women. I still enjoyed this movie just eharing how they talked and dressed, and the social things, faux pas’s. Yeh freakin wierd though lol, I mean how long ago this film compared to now. 69 years ago lol. I wonder if this year 2024 will ever be looked upon with remisnice or romanced like back then, I doubt it. Everyone gone zombiefied cell phone and the movies and shows suck lol. Maybe music has improved a bit, in terms of selection. But to go back then would be like the stone age, even business guy with his 12 inch TV luxury. The other guy Hal just beating up on cops. Business guy drinking and driving. I think after all that time though some things still relatable in this movie. Passion, romance, Having fun, dancing, awkward teenage years sibling parent disagreements, rivalry, miscommunications. The old people enjoying the young and putting things in perspective. Ah, good movie though, just actually surprised how good that was. Yeh both of the 55 films, very American and very caucasian. After watching some Memorial day stuff on TV some very USA things. Kinda feel for Hal being the run away bad boy, but he also makes some poor choices. Or to any guy thats had a girl pick someone else knows how, Hal’s buddy felt. Mind he was in a bit of a fit of jealous rage lol certainly wasnt going to get the grain job, specially not after stealing the car again. but just disapear to the next town. I dunno i’d watch that again actually. First Hal (William Holden) and Kim Novak picture. Cool time capsule.

Damn the thing bout watching these movies, Millie is Strasberg passed away in 1999 weird seeing a young child, and the time has already passed so.
Hmm theres a Holden and Audrey Hepburn film. St Louis Walk of Fame, didnt even know that.
Wow Kim Novak Still alive thats amazing. Thats pretty cool Kim Novak Un-official fan club right here.

The Man from Laramie ’55

James Stewart Western, didnt know there was such a thing.
Good movie, kinda sad, little bit of action, lots of misunderstanding.
Nice ending.
Sure Vic coulda ended up better than his fate, had he told Mr Waggon the truth, although, not sure mr wagon woulda heard it.
Like that ending though, he gets shot, then pause like 6 seconds, and an arrow in the back lol.. Thats pretty hardcore for a movie from 1955 lol.
Anyways the mystery of the Repeating rifles.

So Im a James Stewart Fan, always liked his movies, his characters, Him on Johnny Carson. Last movie I seen on the Blog with him was Mr Deeds in Washington. This tim his name is Mr Lockhart, or Captain Lockhart so hes always got the aesthetic name. Nah as first western I seen in a while this was a good one.
Hes like That Waggon family makes no sense!

Brutal opening scene the one to start the drama, that kid Dave sure was a wild one too.
Just obssesed with fighting killing, sneaky, I dont know typical villain. I like the Mr Wagon Character, Strong, old changing, trying to leave his empire cause hes going blind, charges through all blind to a gun fight, Lockhart doesnt kill him. Its interesting cause, that same type of character point happened in the Fallout. The Good guy has a chance to finish off the bad guy, and decides not too, cause well youd lower yourself to the same level as the villain.
I like the New Mexico landscape, quite nice actually for a desert, rough terrain for those horses was impressed. Strong accompanying actors. Vic playing the role pretty good. Seemed like Mr Waggon was reading the lines a bit, but still turned out one of the better characters. Kinda sad to see him all blind at the half moon house, and they still looked after him. Yeh Believable James Stewart. The one scene, hes like the drunk jumps off a roof trying to stab him, 30 seconds later hes chilling at the wedding like nothing happened, that was weird. Another one was Mr Wagon, hes like mourning his son, 30 seconds later hes like oh theres a wagon we are missing, must be the rifles, lets go find the missing rifle shipment. Oh its over here. Yeh I guess the truth was unravelling, couldnt figure out if it was Dave or Vic that was the main culprit in the repeating rifle wagon apache affair but yeh typical fashion, he arrives like the starship enterprise and stays untiol all the bad is eradicated and moves on. So was a good movie, id watch that again, just for the scenery and action scenes, and stay for the plot. New Mexico like the way they show looks pretty unique place, makes for some cool cowboy movies. Looks hot and dusty and rocky. But still scenic and huge valleys and plateaus. Theres a book too, looks kinda interesting. It brands itself like revenge tale, but its more like blind justice, and shooting yourself in the foot kinda. I mean he does good deeds, but the antogonists just unravel and are their own undoing. Had the antagonists played it smart theyd really give ol Lockhart a rough time. Yup and end badly for the liar, the apache scene I mentioned lol. Shoulda thrown in a wilhem scream for my pleasure. That would be the scene.

First time I ever seen a Anthony Mann picture, but some interesting things on his wiki about scenery.
Strategic Air Command seems kinda interesting.
Bunch of other movies seem interesting. Always neat finding a whole catalogue of things I knew nothing about.
The anti hero and his work with James Stewart.
I guess the real Laramie is in Wyoming with a big altitude, rail town education center.

Caine Mutiny ’54

Interesting first time seeing this film.
Follows ensign Keith, On the minesweeper rag tag ship the Caine. Ww2
Herman Wouk novel writer name came up, its been a long time since I heard that name, since my youth.
Um its a great movie, I was fascinated to learn about the Let the Fire Fall Yosemite. Just a cool place Ive gotta visit sometime next time im in the area, ill make a point to visit.
The boat doesnt get into too much action, but some of the behaviors displayed by the captain Queegs, (after old captain gone) Its funny cause Ensign messed up a pretty big order he signed off on. which the original captain, was pretty forgiving about considering it was his transfer papers, so ensign starts off right away on the bad foot.
The film goes on, the Captain starts jackin some guy up about his shirt and lets the boat run over its own tow line, thats when I was like yeh this guy is crazy, Hes like shut up and let me think, or shut up while im disciplining this guy about a shirt, meanwhile the boat is about to crash into itself lol. Yeh the strawberries, that was funny. Then the mutiny behaviors of the writer, ensign and second in command. Well they get into a typhoon, and the little miniature boat that sure was odd to see, lol, little miniature boat getting tossed about after seeing them on board the real ship so long. But whatever its a movie, I can get past the old special effects, it was a rough storm. The court martial was another part of the film, seems like the prosecution had it all figured out. Till Queegs went off on some tangent. What do I think, well the old Captain seen alot of action, and was obviously off his old rocker, if he was just deliberately trying to sink the shiop he wasnt.
And, well the prosecutor too said it himself, he asked for help, but still pretty poor leader based on some today standards, lots more could have gone wrong, they should have tried to correct it, after the tow line, before the marine beach landing or during. Fictional tale anyways but makes for a neat navy officer JAG type story. The final drink in the face lol, not sure why the writer was all switched up testimony during the trial, defense guy was like throws the drink in his face. I dunno cool movie, Humphrey plays the off his rocker type, not unlike the writer in that last movie I seen him in. Glad I dont have to deal with some boat full of crazies in a war lol. Makes for a neat fictional story, I mean truth is stranger than fiction, but this one lays it on pretty good, it feels real and well its like a bit like some of the other military navy court dramas of today, Im sure pulled some inspiration from this.
Classic movie, glad I got to experience the first time.