TMNT 2023

Watched a bit of this and the turtles are stealing toilet paper, since when lol.
and they just trashed the franchise and nostalgia.
Lots of dope cameos but overall not stoked.
Just another modern movie trashed , on the surface and animation is cool.
Nah not even comparible, they did spiderman good they did the turtles nasty.
On paper it looks nice, but not for me I guess.
Which is fine supposed to be a kids movie right not made for 40 year olds.
Im just they should be faithful to their older fans too?
If that makes sense.
I dont have kids of my own so thats probably my gripe.
Im still a kid myself.
I dunno if your just gonna rinse a sequel.. The only thing I can compare it to was Spiderman spiderverse 2, alot more challenging themese and characters.

The Public Enemy ’31

Watching Sopranos, this movie came up in Season 2 I think.
The Public Enemy The James Cagney movie to make him a star.
Noticed they tried to rob the Northwestern company warehouse.
The Fur company that competed with Hudson Bay.
Movie was pretty good, its about bootlegging and mob gang wars.
Night before prohibition that looked pretty crazy.
Well times have changed after 107 years but what still entertaining to watch.
I guess this comes at a time of great depression and prohibition comes as a warning to society.
I can see how Tony liked the movie. Anyways had to watch it for context.
Bought it on youtube.
yeh its a good movie classic.
Liked the rain scenes.
Character nicknames.
Would watch again it was pretty short.

Spiderverse 2 2023 Across the spiderverse

Awesome movie.
I have a few complaints but all in all the movie is epic.
Its a little emo and whiny little teenage angst but as a Spiderman fan didnt bother me too much.
Actually seems way better than the live action ones in my opinion, cept the No way home.
That was good.
The animated is closer to home for me.
Love the Miles Morales, love the Gwen, Love the Peter Parker.
Some of the other characters didnt care for much.
The parents is a stretch from Aunt May. I guess its for added effect.
The multiverse is ok part of the story I guess, it leaves room for improvisation.
Still its a little off to me.
The cell phone in battle was cheesy. The protagonist struggles between, himself his friends, his family, the antagonist, is it really just Spot.
Well it makes for some wild story telling.
Miles Grows does he take a back seat in his own movie, maybe.
But its a movie about all the Spidermans so also not.
Also heavy focus on the mentor aspect, not sure Im a fan of that.
I just want spiderman to kick some butt, and when he gets stuck his friends and society help him out.
Gone is the news and J Jonah Jameson.
I guess its just a entirely new story.
But with all that sligjtly negative being said , I liked it.
Sony movies kick ass.
Animation was the best.
Voiceovers were the best, mini jokes, meh was ok.
Some parts were more epic than others.
Definitely on my top 3 movies this year.
See i like retro vintage things, so its cool they using some retor source material.
I dunno and Miles Morales makes a good spiderman.
Then its like a little back to the future where Biff is the Casino guy in backwards world.
Left it open for a cool finale though thats forsure.
O h I see its a IA exchange for 007 and spiderman, well im glad they did it Columbia continues to rule, and Sony makes awesome movies.
I gotta say 100x better than past spiderman films, I just wasnt a fan.

Not sure I reviewed the Into Spiderverse 2018 on the blog. Gonna have to rewatch that.
Although I doubt it could be better than this one.
Part 2.

Didnt even see the flag, was too busy being entertained.
But thats hilarious it got banned in several countries for that.
I just wonder now with multiverse etc, why its so hard to write up some new characters and just recycle characters from 100 years, yea Im happy multiverse is here but I think there is some creativity lacking in these writing departments.
Just gonna perpetually rinse Stan Lee, JRR Tolkein, Lucas.. etc.
Theres already so much spiderman, and half of it aint even done right.
But, this film and the last 2 have been ok by me.
My theory with the endless potential push, is it becomes really about the endless money and not about the fans. Just sayin.
It is a good story to expand, but I fear it will becomes like some of the MCU just abject failures and ruin the franchise.
Like a oversaturated pong console market if you will.

The Gumball Rally ’76

200th blog post.
Mini achievement.
Yeh its mostly all movies but sometimes I get inspired to write about other things so its a nice little outlet.
Cant seem to leave comments open cause 100% is spam and SEO and i dont care much for that.
No one reads my ramblings anyways its really just for me so thats cool too.

The Gumball Rally 1976 came up on my recommend a while back, Im familiar with the actual race from my era, but not the ‘original?’ movie?
Anyways what a fun movie.
The one actor that stands out right away is Gary Busey. Lol remember ‘Under Siege’ what a great flick.
Hes a stuntman, just wild behind the wheel.
I like the British chaps too, the two main cars, the Ferrari and the Candy CEO car.
The Italian and USA rivalry is fun.
The two ladies driving the Porshe.
The crazy hungarian on the bike that doesnt quit.
The 2 fake cops.
The one white Corvette that crashes in the beginning, the other 2 fellows in the red car cant get the car started.
The real cops and the main guy forget his name already theyre in a race of their own.
The mechanic and the actress in the rolls royce get into their own little mayhem.
It think my facve scenes are the race through the LA aqueduct. The New York Scenes forsure.
The rolls royce crash scenes, the denouement.

Just a fun movie to watch didnt take itself too seriously but the cars are stars of their own.
No super familiar with 70s actors, but it was pretty wild.
Ok Raul Julia I knew that was him, hes Gomez in the 91 – 93 addams family. Suave Ladies man, no doubt they picked him.
Good actor the water pistol scene was pretty on point.
Not catalytic converter missed that rule.
Fave car is obviously the AC cobra. Also like the Mercedes.
Haha the Jaguar was failed to start.
Theres all sorts of american car clichees in this film.
Sadly cant say I recognize any other actors in this, although did enjoy more than the 3 star reviews.
Cant believ rotten rates it 33% thats ridiculous.
its 60+ to me.
Oh thats from ‘critics’ should have knows.
65% from real reviewer 2500+ cant argue with that score.

I cant believe these back handed reviews, “..Rally is for people who like stupid movies.”
No its for people who like entertainment, I dont need no fake drama, and created provocative films for entertainment. Its like what a film gotta show me some senseless violence and tragedy to be entertained I dont think so. Its listed as a comedy I got a few good laughs.
Ah this review is from 76 thats hilarious.
Yes I do like seeing cars crashing and racing. FFWD to present time, look how successfull Fast and furious is, and I prefered this gumball rally to that.
Heres my critique of the critics. You stink how you like that.
Paragraph phrases, some dont even write a sentence. Just the laziest writing Ive ever seen, and these people get published ! wow.
broken links from “Top critics.”
Arguably the best critic writing pieces found in newspapers fro the year of release.
I swear the more I read critics the more shabby of writers I think they are! Richard Eder is dead rip, he had the funniest review.
I dont get it when film critics insult the audience, like oh youll be a fool if you see this movie, fraid not friend. Steve Warren you know alot of these people arent around.
Roger Ebert probably the best of the list.
Actually wrote something.
Noting these for my own records.
Matt Brunson 2.5/5 paragraph mocks the audience
Dorothy Woodend 2.5/5 paragraph, linked with several other flicks. Boring
Variety Staff 0.4/5 No name, broken link, barely a sentence, poor grammar.
Jake Euker 0/5 No sentence, no link
Jeffrey Westoff 0/5 No sentence no link
Emanuel Levy 0/5 No sentence no link.
Richard Eder 3/5 decent review mocks the audience
Roger Ebert 4/5 page review, honest, though full.
Yeh Im sorry tomato approved, more like total ass.
Top critics what a joke.
3/10 woulda been enough.
already 75% audience reviews more personal and more effort.
Bottom line prognosis, tomato approve = garbage.
Audience = thought full effort reviews.

Anyways for what i was I enjoyed the movie alot more than what the critics give it.
Thats why I only ever read reviews after Ive seen the film myself.
Dont want their tainted opinion to ruin a perfectly good film for me.

Asteroid City 2023

Brand new Wes Anderson movie.
Movie was good its all over the place, I like the formality structure of the sets. The animation mixed with reality.
I like the actors. The characters, the costumes and sets. I like thew black and white switched with colors, and the color palette.
The one thing I wasnt super fan of was the dialogue and delivery. Felt like some excessive overkill writing.
It was overkill on how they said it, I just thought it was a little cheesy.
I guess it is more of a theatrical play. I just feel it tries to be more witty than it is.
Scarlett Johanson kills it shes probably the best. Tom Hanks was pretty good to.
The Photographer was aight too Jason Schwartzman.
Otherwise the movie was interesting all located on the one set mostly.
The acts was cool, yeh like I said the script was good in a way and other ways I found it pompous and annoying sort of.
Not annoying but pompous forsure. Writing with filler.
I can appreciate laying down the scene and all.
Anyways no point complaining I havent created anything so grand.
Just my opinions thats count for diddly squat.
Yea Scarlett total babe playing the role of the disturbed actor lol.
I liked the back scene too seeing how it was a play written by Ed Norton he kisses the main actor , meant to be taboo what I dont know.
Shock value maybe.
Does rank as high as French Dispatch I dont think.
That one was definelty up there for me.
I was surprised when they showed the alien scene that was kinda cool.
Well and Alien in live action too, not clay figure or whatever.
It was fun to watch, has some negative reviews on google lol.
Definetly is a movie unlike others so its creative, its got the interesting play showbiz style.
The last scene with the New york backdrop was fun.
Although again the dialogue was off putting slightly.
The google reviews are funy just taking a look right now.
Id review this movie as good/great worth watching.
Wasnt provocative or profound or anything but was enjoyable to watch aesthetic.
Might revisit in a few years.
They never did mention about the cop chase going through the town the writer director point obviously left to be a loose plot end.
Was cool to see Steve Careell, didnt care much for the Bryan Cranston narrator role, especially he was in the wrong scene and tried to break 4th wall like that i didnt care much for that lol.
Matt Dillon always stoked to see him in a film, light part but strong presence. Jeff Goldblum is the Alien thats a neat easter egg.
Yeh Can say my favorite mini scenes were Augie and Midge.
The back and forth between the Dark room which would never work like that not with that little curtain I dont think.
And, the Bath tub and dressing acting green room.
The fact they reference a nude scene with an extra model that was slightly funny.
Anyways atleast it wasnt 3 hours ?
Scarlett the worlds highest paid actress actor. That reminds me I left once upon a time in Hollywood oops, where In the Tarantino script hes like their actors lol. (not actresses) that phrase always stuck with me.
Any film shes in Ill always be interested in checking out.
Oh the playright and stars are lovers, I couldnt tell i thought it was just meant to include the kiss in the film at a strange time lol.
I guess he does bring him icecream which is rando, so they had me fooled with the midge and Auguie, but I guess it is a play within a play.

Neon Kong or Godzilla vs King Kong 2021

This movie freakin rocks.
probably best latest movie, just non stop action keeps on giving, its really made for the fans.
Its like a DJ’s DJ party, its like excessive effects and gross plot holes just to keep the action going, and they arent holdy at all .
Action water scenes, ice scenes, underwater scenes, fine explosions the whole package, when I saw whole package I mean it. Just Insanity in a movies, its surprising it even has a plot when it just delivers non stop action.
At one point im like why are the avengers or some shit here, lol just incorperating everthing they can even if it doesnt make sense.
The magic axe, the phrase magic axe has become a bit of a joke in the movies, but whatever, since the movie cant end without the magic axe bring it on.
I especially like the sign language and how the little girl is the one directing Kong, its like yeh hes a brute crazey monkey but hes got a heart of gold too.
Godzilla all lizard like and effective. with the tail that can do some good damage. that electric breath too is no joke, but just wait till Kong gets his magic axe and kablamo the whole picture erupts in a frenzy.
Frist time I watched this I was like no way theyre gonna give us mecha godzilla too lol, but yea! they brought it in after the 3rd fake movie ending!!
As a fan your just like wtf is happening!!! Mecha godzilla fight and trash the whole city. fuck yea
Its cool how despite their differences the true warrios godzilla and kong team up to smash the mecha, cause thats the real enemy.
The hacking side jokes are just hilarious too.
Very briefly you question why kong isnt on screen but its just for some light plot details, that are fun and funny, and eally your just waiting for kong and zilla to clash in the epic battle trashing the city lol 4 years old but it feels like yesterday just really awesome.
Anyways havent had so much fun on a blog post for a minute, just like kong this, kong that lol. Its really movie magic and fun for the whole family.

The Longest Day ’62

Watched this movie first time.
I thought it was pretty good for a John Wayne war flick.
Lots going on within that day span and lots of little stories and tons of characters, huge panoramic shots.
Lots of destruction, some historical footage.
Overall I thought it was entertaining and action packed.
I wondered how they made some of those shots, or I was wondering.
Lots of radio back and forths and commando raids, Some resistance, some British and Canadian, multiple stories going on at once, it could have had a part two.
Its funny they remade the 101st story with band of brothers, but never heard much about the 82nd.
Anyways I guess Eisenhower didnt like it which i guess is pretty common for generals/troops seeing movies of themselves featuring John Wayne.
But yeh for me it was a neat Dday movie in black and white.
I thought the commando raid at the casino was probably one of the craziest scenes and also the Omaha beach.
I would watch that again forsure.
Probably one of the better ww2 movies I seen recently on the list.
I guess if I had to choose the HBO band of brothers is still probably the best.
Patton was pretty good too.
Gotta love these 3 hr movies just get into it.
All these stars from days long ago.
I guess this might be my second Henry Fonda movie.
I dont really recognize anyone else, I mean some faces are familiar but I couldnt say much about em.
The American gambler was a fun character, the German at the beach getting attacked was pretty funny.
The german general with the cane and the war games, was just ironically thinking of his war game plan as general that Normandy was too obvious.
The Omaha beach general was memorable.
I guess John Wayne anyone would recognize him hes been in so many movies, I thought he was ok little bit cavalier but didnt really bother me, its kinda to be expected, actually his character breaks his leg in the jump so that was kinda unexpected, just to be wheeled around an ammo card barking orders at everyone lol. Classic.
Yup I feel like I shouldnt like it cause Eisenhower walked out, lol. Im sure hed forgive me that I had an ok time with the flick. Ill make sure to read some innacuracies, but really no way to experience Dday not like id want to be there anyways. Hopefully their sacrifice isnt squandered away by the rich elite class. I think thats the thing about the world wars, imperialism in general. Its like they send the best to fight and die, those that come back broken, those that never sacrificed anything left to run the country into shambles and self service, with no sense of urgency or care in the world sending people to their death. So i guess thats a negative thing I could say. Falls true for most conflicts ive seen. Anyways interesting to see the film techniques and the mass production for me. I guess its based on a book based on the event so. Theres so many stories to tell must be difficult to organize the story telling aspect. In the sesne that theres so much going on at once, and what dialogue or action or method to tell the story. Its vintage in a way of passing papers like that, passing a paper to a guy on 10 phones, I find that way before my time.

Oh wow so I did recognize Sean Connery.
Im thinking this was made in like the 50s but its 62, still I wasnt sure if that was him he looked so young and slightly different than bond films but sure enough hes in this.
Making jokes with the beachmaster and his dog lol. Wow 11th movie. Rest in Power 2020. I liked him as James Bond hes probably my fave Bond. Of course those movies are just maybe would be difficult to show some audiences of the present. And, you know why.

Wow some of the French actors variety of character types, the woman resitance was very beautiful in the film. Looks like a 60s model lol. I also liked the scene when the attack starts that old man just going wild, remind me of LT Dan in Forrest gump just screaming and laughing in the window, while shit blows up all in his vicinity.
Also the nuns couldnt be bothered either .
Some of the parachute landing scene were a little humorous the dude in the well, and you hear a splash sound, in reality that would suck! But in the movie land, it was kind of a funny sploosh. Another guy lands in the chicken coop and it looked like someone just off scene was throwing chickens at him.
Anyways its cool can make a movie with all sorts of cast and languages, hey a movie abouyt war is better than war right, all those people getting together jobs and snacks and acting. All sorts of writers. Hmm Most expensive Black and White movie until Schindlers list. Not sure ill be watching that again soon, but maybe.
This film definitely an epic aswell as a war pic. Won a couple Academy Awards.

Downfall 2004

Watched Downfall 2004. It was on youtube so checked it out.
Ive seen the meme more times than I can count.
Neat that there was some truth to the story.
The bunker puts everyone in malaise.
The visitors come and go.
The womed and suicide rituals is pretty crazy.
The rants and speeches are right out there.
Gotta say the Hitler actor was pretty passionate, all twitchy and pissed off, made for a believable acting experience.
Remember when Indiana has his book signed by Adolf lol.
Anyways movie is pretty morbid. just partying during war and the red army in Berlin.
We all know what happened in the bunker, but to be trapped in there with them as the movie progresses makes for a surreal experience.
Theres a sense of relief when Hitler dies cause the madness can finally end officers and people start making their own choice of suicide or escape.
Main Character Junge by Alexandra Maria Lara was really good too, I guess she got Hired by Francis Ford Cappola in another movie after he saw her act.
Oh this is an international academy award winner, dont watch to many of those on the blog.
When Goebbels dies its much less pagentry than Hitler and Eva.
One line that was kinda frighting is when Goebbels is like oh, its the peoples fault, they gave us the mandate for this, its really cold blooded thing to say, and not sparing the civilians, i guess what cause they didnt fight hard enough. I dunno the city trashed, people sick of the war and the war mongers holding on till last breath.
Another scene with the Goebbels wife and the kids, that was pretty chilling.
One funny scene with the officer, saying only way to die with honor is outside lol.
It was a taboo joke. But also with so much suicide and hopelessness in the bunker it was kinda dark funny.
Im sure theres some truth to the accounts, and also some liberties taken, after all its a movie.
But it did have a purpose and was hard to look away.
It was either Sound of Freedom last night or the Downfall, it was coming up on the recommendations so I gave it a shot.
Not sure what else to say about it, the sets were awesome. Acting top tier.
Costumes and casting seemed really good.
Goebbels was a freaky looking dude lol.
Oh yea and Hitler says something creepy too about how Western will fall to the east cause they are too decadent.
I wonder if he actually said the likes, its a creepy thing to hear although I dont totally agree.
Maybe the politicians surely, but cold war, Ukraine and actual history might suggest otherwise.
Just thought Id point it out.
Goebbels wife; oh theres no point in living in a world without nation socialism. what a odd thing to say and to die over that belief, is a little like those opposed to emancipation.
But also in that case in a way its true their individual life style cannot continue without the power or the slaves in the other example.
Its cool its a free movie pretty much everywhere.
Between all is quiet eastern front and this film, a few film from German perspective.
Ive watched several assorted ww2 films lately too, and sisu and 60’s 70’s Pacific West and East.

Summer movies list

Watched a few recently.

Roger Rabbit again, great movie.

Addams Family , and Values.
Was entertaining to watch, back to the 90s.
Joan Cusack was great in Values.
Love both these movies.

Watched Tora Tora Tora first time, that was really good. Non fiction. Would watch that one again, lots of planes and boat battles.
Lots of Command decisions back and forth.

Watched Patton first time, that was really good. almost 3 hrs long.
Followed along with some google maps, pretty interesting. Guy was crazy lol, some of thise speeches and rambling ahaha, had me laughing a few times. Good movie though enjoyed that.

Watched a old documentary about the dustbowl, the plow that broke the plains, something about the dustbowl 1936. Learned about John Palliser too and some Canadian aspect of the dustbowl.
Has some old books im interested in reading about his travels and adventures.

Watching the battle of the bulge trying to go through some more of the 70’s ww2 pics

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 1930 – 1969

Watched every Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies passively while doing other chores and homework.
Was fun to have on the TV.
Classic what can I say.
Of course some oif it didnt age so well, it should have a disclaimer but I dont think it should be cancelled or censored.
Obviously dont want fun at someone elses expense. And, in the same hand times were different.
Its classic animation. I remember being a kid and watching all the episodes.
Was on TV forever.
Good times i love the Looney tunes cast and gags.
Funny to see Pepe Le Pew. Interesting character, its a poke at french stereotype so I get a kick outta it.
Of course I dont condoine the overly agressive women chasing or cat calls spanking butts and shit from the day, but otherwise its a funny joke, always starts with the cat being transformed into a skunk. And, skunks are pretty funny. I enjoy the fairy tales too, villains and heroes. Theres alot of race and prejudice, stereotypes. But theres also good and bad. Also the grimey alley scenes, and just doing anything to get a meal. You dont really see that nowadays. I mean to add a little more to the Pepe Le pew, it was ’45 its a light poke at european french from USA, and its pretty innocent. I mean Im looking at Duke Nukem 3d and thats quite a few tones more hardcore than Looney Tunes. Is anyone that was a kid really offended by that at the time. I dont know. All i know is I enjoyed watching it again takes me back to some nostalgia and some kid fun and silly jokes.
Definitely some African American portrayal, Native american, others thats a little offensive by todays standard. Similar to the Stooges I would say. Just a sign of the times I suppose. Putting it in perspective the MLK assassination was ’68 so. When I watched the creators animators and voice actors, all they looked like they were trying to do was entertain kids. Yeah and seeing back in the day and Disney, its nearly the same thing. Some offensive some mostly entertainment. WB and Space Jam 2, all the new Disneys. Its not like Roger Rabbit, like the golden age of the mix of the 2. Gritty cartoons that were semi violent but also cool. Alot of that shit lacks the cool factor nowadays.
I guess it goes on past ’69 definitely reduced in frequency.
Honestly dont know enough about W-B and the franchise to comment further.