Coming to America II 2021

Eddie Murphys 40th movie with mega cast.
James earl jones, SNL friends.
I was stoked to see Eddie Murphy on the movie screen again.
The dude is a legend.
Beverly hills cop 3 is childhood favorite movie.
I just usually watch older movies so when I see something new its pretty wild.
Sometiumes take for granted those older movies that ran reruns on tbs for some long.
Im thinking too of trading places. I like those movies reminds me of being a kid.
Heards some opinions about the blueray too gotta say I kinda agree.
I guess its just media types that will come, and go.
Im just over all glad i seen that take a joke or two, see some fancy dinner parties on screen.
Fancy houses.
Just the world seems like its been through alot lately I can appreciate people trying to bring us together for some laughs, Its a job for them too.
Then near the end the movie was a big party.
Its really like after setting up the stage so extravagantly they coulda take the jokes maybe a bit further.
At the same time I was crylaughing a few times.
No way reading the wiki page, He said in 16 years hed do it again for number 3.
Hell yea.
But also looking at my age thats a scary number, cross that bridge when I get to it.
I gotta do homework, but that was a nice distraction.
After reading a few more reviews, this guy saying this movie gives a warm feeling form 3 decades of movies of Eddie Murphy silliness. Totally right

Hagstone Demon 2009

Rated R for good reason, and some gross scenes.
It was good movie I thought better then what I normally watch.
Got super weird near the end, was tyring to keep up.
But, overall was interesting as a movie finished that one in a couple sittings.

Movie got me several times in cheap thrills.
I was wondering what the hell was going on and just iennjoying the chaotic dark scenes. Boiler room trapdoors and crawlspaces.
Then just weird things with the ring. Not knowing whats happening with plot.
Otherwise the black and white makes it creepy along with the building in general and the characters.
Strange movie prolly not for everyone but I enjoyed it.
Not even sure what t write I like the narators settings cast. The cheap thrills and wondering what the hell was going on.
Man vs supernatural and vs some characters. Funny dialogue like James Rolfe said.

The Cyclops ’57

Sierra Madre its black and white. A woman seeking her lost husband of 3 years hires rag tag group of adventurers. Film starts with her asking the governor. Its like a indiana jones style treasure hunt. how can you wear a tweed suit in the hot Mexican sun. Doing some homework on the side, do a little homework, watch a scene.
Movie pretty short. Acting was really good. The special effects were the wort, really comical. When he grabs his wife, yea that shot, just takes the whole background. The nerd is like I didnt know you could do that then does the shot himself. That was hilarious.
And that cyclops yell, I dunno I was laughing my ass off. I guess its no different than greenscreen nowadays lol, I guess. Only an hour and 5 mins how can you go wrong.

The Omen ’76 + Running scared ’86

Actually started watching some Running scared. Its kinda like chucky in the train scene Chicago opening. Billy Crystal., Im gonna watch omen, the 80s fix must be quenched. Whoa joe Pantoliano from Goonies.Ouch hit by car as pedestrian May 2020. Goonies is the best movie. Snow foam ew.
The theme song is what I heard first before the movie. I got Blues Bros on the list. 80’s fest officially. Yea anyways was talking about that song. Michael Macdonald Sweet Freedom. Good song. im watching the movie.
Thats a first pre-prodigy haircut. Hot tvs. Whats next hot VCRs, by the boat load. and uzis in a box. Lol this movie has its funny moments. Ordered on vacation.
Some tuna fishing changes than chicago.
Hmm Familiar caged apartment. Called the El Camino, Chicago. Movie Action Comedy. Hey its the other Kramer, with the taxi cab. Pacific mission. The cars on the train tracks. Making good time lol. OK that was pretty good movie was fun to watch takin it back to 86. Gregory Hines and Chicago and The Cubs. gotta watch the Paths of Glory again. Watchd the Kubrick doc Night of the fight with Walter Cartier. I seen paths of glory but revisit that.

watching this omen finally, Gregory Peck , how many times have I said , is that greg peeck and been wrong ? atleast once.
Ok Omen is hardcore, this movie like a 2 hour suspense horror with good acting. Im suprised with Gregory Peck in this rolee. Its a supernatural horror religious specifically the son of the devil came to be as a adopted kid. Not writing too much commentary enjoying watching it between problems. Graphic, and hardcore this movie some real terror and just generally creepy characters & settings.
holy shit that was hardcore lol.
Some deep sinister looks from Mr Peck. i think that was awesome movie. Although 70’s gore to the max, falls. cringey fights yea that movie was no joke. NMo real comparison to running scared just theres no rules so why not. If I had to compare, its no contest the Omen wins. Gets you with the real horror. Its a bit cheezy at times, otherwise pretty captivating. That one still took a long time to watch on the list. Been busy with school, and life. Gl;as its over now, ill watch em when I can. The more I do, the more I do including watching these old flicks. Havent read or heard much anything bout the omen but im gonna check the wiki.

Rodan ’56

This is a movie theres a dubbed version, english sub version.
I seen the bug, heard the screams.
Theres some interesting scenes with the models. Explosions.
Didnt catch much plot.
Might have to watch the other version.
I know its suit monster or models but its still pretty sweet.
The whole movie played out like it was really happening. Like a news broadcast.
Ill try to watch it again when I can pay more attention. Was neat to look at today.
I just didn’t commit undivided attention.
Ill give it another shot and see if I can write anything clever.
Writing clever hey.
Well its been some days. If I dont watch this now It might be a while before I get to it again.
And, this being the second time already watching this.
Ok I watched some more of the subbed version. 2 characters that fight amongst themselves miners. The mine floods. Theres tension right away and it happens to be the 2 arguers trapped beyond the flood. Well i meant to say I like the sub version much better so far. Damn looks like Yoshi got it from a head wound. Yoshi such a iconic name from mario world fame, yoshis cookie. Im sure theres lots of that mario, yoshi facts I dont know. And, then I got caught up in some 80’s music. Aight movie time, Yoshis wife freaking out and they got the autopsy going on. maybe Rodan was the cause of yoshis death cause u know shits about to hit the fan in the model town. Goro another video game famous name. Yea 56 its a while ago not that long though. Still plenty before I was born. Goto the missing arguer hes suspected in yoshis death. They probably got bigger fish to fry coming up. Bigger pigeon to flip. Itws a transporter 1 mission im watching live this morning. Go spaceX watching with another 83k people thats awesome. Alright more plot happens, im like a tenth of the way through. That booster landing never gets old. Well back to it.
Village to larvae scene. Ok this movie is awesome its like a real monster attack in the village. First the yoshi wife is mad at the Goro sister, but the villagers calm her down sayin its not really her fault. Theres extra police in the village. Everyone on edge since the mine events. Then Shinegu I think his name is , he goes up to check on the Goro sister, they have a touching convo then it turns to absolute chaos in the village. The creature larvae busts into the house, theyre like oh damn! Barely escaping, and alerting the police nearby. The best part about the scenes is how it just increases in chaos. Its not like some other movies giving it in small dose, now its just mayhem with that bug larvae crawling around. The air siren going off so everyone knows something is going on but not sure what. The larvae suit is cool. The set is awesome the darkness running through the village. And that creature is on the loose eating people the mega maggot monster about to rapid-cocoon. its liek a dog chew toy sounds. Here comes the army, and damn they said it too as that thing rolls down the hill. Thing escapes to the mines, some tense scenes as theyre firing machine gun at the monster it does nothing. The good miner guy rides a cart down ready to crash into the bug. Its like Donkey kong. Riding that minecart pretty cool for the 50’s. He gets trapped between the monster and the little cave opening, after checking the status of the minecart crashing into monster. hes like shoot its still alive. So yea some tense scenes and theres a cave in. The the earth quake and painted scene awesome. The whitewalls on the tires. Got some football to watch. ok well I watched all the football. Shigeru is shell shocked after the cave-in and larva. Why the extra e i dunno looks good though. Shigeru really shell shocked. He doesnt even recognize Goros sister looks like. A case of amnesia, thats a bummer. Ok the time that Shigeru had amnesia the Rodan grew from larva and it flies faster than a jet at 20k ft. Super sonic beast rips that model plane apart. All thats left is a gruesome helmet, badly damaged and bloodstained. That might have been a tough recovery lol. Well either way Rodan is flying and causing damage. The jet scenes are pretty cool, its like the flintstones car cartoon scenes going past with the same scene just scrolling past. Hes drawing the cave scenes. They developed the newlywed volcano film roll. Its a animal dinosaur roaming the Earth.
Concluding his tonight this movie although fun been kinda a chore to watch. Not a chore just a few sittings. WEell Im glad watched the subbed version, much better. These guys are in Pteranodon catching business. Lol , so does thew audience trust an author that doesn’t like the love shack song. Thats what I wanna know. lol sure the song irritating but time and place for everything, maybe if you gotta listen at work, or its the type of song on the radio heavy. IKts better than silence, yo thrown on love shack video more than 3-4 times prolly lose it lol. It jst came on now wasnt so bad… Anyways back to movie. lol. The Pteranodon. Cool fish eater im learning from the Britannica. That counterbalance on its skull. Not a flapper so much as a diver. Oh yea i remember Shingeru is drawin caves, Amnesia. Shigeru getting re-introduced to birds. Ok thats cool, he sees the eggs hatching, that leads to flashbacks in the lair. Is similar to aliens with the egss and larva hatching. The larva suit is well made. Looks kinda cheesy but otherwise awesome. Youd hesitate with that thing coming at ya. the egg though one of those painted cells. Huge set though i like that with water too, slime more the larva. Shigeru is like oh damn, when he sees the size of egg, its very like godzilla. That egg scene, and the bird reveal that was awesome. Thats some fun effects, I liked that. The egg just exploding with a creature inside. Just another reason to be weary of mines; Rodan. Ok sweet they go to the cave recover an egg shell remnant. Doing the math on the size of the egg from the concave. Its large, that effect on the photocell though I love it. Adds more fantastic elements to the film. Oh and that computer awesome. Pretty retro, but ive heard recently of old computers from this era still operational thats cool. Taskes up a large room, well i guess like server rooms of nowadays. But moree retro and less Leds, cept this one had some large LED panel lights. Oh they reference Arabian nights thats interesting to mean you might find it in a folks tale. I like those stories too, thats a book to pick up. Learning about interesting things. Rodan from the prehistoric species and super sonic from jets thats a awesome combo. Good thing they got a military; in case of supersonic prehistoric beast causing mayhem and destruction. It could happen. Finally atomics gave its final spark. Whoa so they begin the search. Right away they find Rodan playing in the dirt. THeyre like get back tell HQ. The jeep tries to get away but is smashed along with passengers by Rodan supersonic flight. They’re like what its coming right for us? AHhhh. alot of this jet footage soem of it must be real. Theres 3 jets and one contrail that looks real. Some early greenscreeen. The model town destruction is a epic finale. Thats awesome they debate the life of the rodan and ecological volcano and the people living in the area. I think thats a neat scene, they entertained that with some logical discussion. The people getting on the bus from the bridge in a hurry thats alot of people. these truck launched V2 types is what they gonna finish the job off with. Wow nice farmhouse at the end there. Sandbox & Pyrotechnics and models and explosions is hows id describe this last part. Whoa magma. Wow and thats the end of that. Dont see movies like that everyday. Thats the closest to godzilla ive seen in a while. With some decent suspense and some funny, and hardcore effects.

Child’s Play ’88 Chucky 1

Cue up that Olympic winter theme David Foster. Thats ’88 for me. Opk well im wtahcing this I guess kinda sorta. Movioe came up on this list, I used to hate this movie as a kid. Now i feel indifferent to it. I tell you what that little hideous doll crossed paths with me. Chucky would be looking like one of those half mutilated GI joe or Barbie with melted hair nailed to a board with a broomstick up its butt. Amazing how many spinoffs extra films there were. Im just watching the first one, just a revisit cause its been so long. Seen it on cable for years too. I think itll hold up today. Its got some unique things going for it. I dunno ill hit play and see what I think in 2021. Chucky who eveer be buying their kid cringey shit like that. That litte kid is similar to me lol. Wonder where hes at today. And the shining redrum kid.
Sick 80’s flash title screens. Ok I dont remember any of the toy store scenes do I , theyre in New york, the criminal guy is like getting shot at runs into the kids store, then chants some incantations then dies and posseses that goodguys chucky doll. The 80s scenes, and in the store are neat. Not the kid from shining. Alex Vincent got a youtube and been in all the chuckys nearly. No context, thats the bad dude, now with the smokey sky he possesses the chucky doll. Lol that bowl of cereal. Lets see what do I remember even. Ok there some chase scenes, outside, the mom doesn’t believe him. They end up at the factory chucky then on a conveyor belt. But I dont remeber details like the cereal scene or the good guys show and cereal. Twinge of supernatural. That hideous kids show lol. I wonder if that suit still exists it horryfying lol. Says chicago. Make ur parent gross breakfast in bed , thats funny. Something I reading google, while trying to find the rating, rated R. No positive message anywhere. I guess thats how I spend my time lol. But yea further to what I read the mom goes to some alley to get the possesed doll surely. Which is kinda humorous. Just doing some quick research man 30 $ dont get you much nowadays. But maybe if ur talkin the doll is 150-300. Stolen doll sold on the blackmarket is kinda funny but i concede no positive message. The kid made breakfast in bed for mom so that was nice. Whats she doing wrapping pantds up in a big box like that. I seen some neeed robots toy dolls for 2020, from 10-399. It like the hot fad toy for xmas season. Jingle all the way , and some Frasier episode. The sweet dancing robots are 500. ‘Fifi the flossing sloth’. lol Thats outrageous. Kid getting blamed for chucky watching the news. I wonder what movie that is in the background thats a common thing inn horror movies showin the ole black an white film in the background. Jeeez chucky got the baby sitter. with a nice acrobtic jump from the window. wow new old city bus in chicago then Thats a crazy building and elevator setup. Ok the mom back. Im gonna read about that building. Theres that cop from the earlier shootout. That damned chucky a killer trapped in a dolls body. Hes like oh you little rat got flour on the shoes, did you learn that at detective school. Imagine being an adult in the 80s. Is weird for me. Nothing like the psyucho mom screaming at andy that chucky aint real.Also as a mom are you evebr ghonna admit the doll is a psycho killer. Qu’est-ce-que ces’t. Cest Chucky la poupee. Run. etc. /Lol well whats gonna happen going to school. Oh man those parent taking their kids to school clothes are so tacky. And the hair outrageous. Gray snowsuit with red trim. Lol theyre skipping school and riding the bus or train or whatever I didnt know that Chicago also has some over the road subway.
Love those 80’s beiges, and browns. Thats definetly Chicago. With the Magic of internet see the chances since 33 years. Makes me think of death of a salesmen riding that train really far outta town, Yonkers, and so on. Imagined it more to the up and left, its really more to the up, and right. Then Chicago quite far from that. Thats amaziong so from the shot with the train crossing the river bridge I was curious to where that was and in not too long found it. Its looking south from Wolf point West River walk. Wow and that red brick building has some intersting cafes and restaurants attached to it all with river views. Fascinating. They dont show just to the right oof thee scene is a newer building its liek a illusion standing on thinner foundation. Also hasnt changed much from that perspective looks like they fit some new condos there. That would be like lake street bridge the train is crossing. Ill check it out if I ever go there. What is that a greyhound too. Eddie be livin in way outta town in the slums. Kid almost got shot eddie is like whew, then kablamo. Nice flaming wreck. Lol kid gets picked up at the cop station getting grilled by the cops. lol. Why was he at Eddie Capulos house. Jeeesz edddie you gotta look after ur house a little better, and maybe get some help shooting the 6 shooter all over your wreck of a house. Thats now destroyed. Curious on some filming sites they used. And the toy was operating wiothout batteries.. lol nice. Those are some horrible scenes as a kid I remember that. Shes trippin lol. Old school midas sign. well she shoulda thrown him in the fire. Psycho doll killer on the loose.detective looks kinda familiar almost like fright night, just almost. Its just a similarity im probably wrong. And chuccky was in the car ahahaah. That voice. He feels pain lol. Ok this driving scene is chaotic. lol chuky with the knife is just frightening, and then hes a artist too decorating murals his whole suite. The voodoo doc. You ge a goiod look at the chucky doll. Sweet chucky gets the keys. tormenting that litle kid. The mental docs gets it scalpel style. Oh man. Chucky having a great time, and thats so gory dont remember that lol. that electrocution scenes thats pretty nasty. Ugly doll lol damn right. Andy always fallin . Damn Andy got it. Ok Chucky got the screaming fire death then blown away by a clint eastwood shooter. blown to pieces. Then the revive and shooting twitching death. Its ridiculous. Oh weird I was remembering chucky 2 then, sorry ‘childs play 2’ 1990. That was pretty good some slightly funny parts its pretty graphic and violent still. And that burning chucky face. That doll running around is just some straight nightmare fuel. Maybe one day ill get to the sequel to to revisit some 31 years later.

Pumpkinhead ’88

Cue up the 88 Olympics music. That David Foster there no other song like it. That takes me back.
Cool title flash. What can I say about this movie. Its only 1 hr 27 min long.
Ok I seen the pumpkin head hes got a face, he flies, draggin that guy away lol.
Its the guy from Aliens. Theyre on a farm. Aliens guy has a flamethrower. Whats the best of the 80’s the overproduce tech parts from the late 80’s or the more closer to 70s.
Its like the 80’s starts off cool gets even better up to the 90s then falls apart. maybe like Back to the future for example. Although the third im supposed to watch that.
Anyways that car, lol. Buddy’s like honey pass me a beer. How many movies like this start with drinking and driving. Kinda funny though the rambo impression. Not as extreme as toxic avenger maybe , but humorous none the less. Then they show leaving hope, thats odd. Hope being rambo, but its in the desert gulch. Paused the movie for a garcia campell fight. I alreayd knows who wins but to see the action. whoa garcia took a quick spill in the 2nd. But Body shots I hear and
Down in the seventh, damn has it been since Garcia fight. Kinda busy still. Ill sit through this soon.
Weird gas station with the rude guy.
he drives off, leaves the corvette in choice of a dirt bike. Seems kinda outta place with the other people, and the actor seems familiar.
A truck pulls up, who can it be. A bunch of dirty kids maybe four, or three.
Another teacher episode, remember all this shit ? What the fuck are you talking about ?
No, i dont have a fucking clue what the fuck youre talking about.
Id be better off burning these dollar bills for warmth. Alrigth stupid fucking whaty do you got.
Stupid dirty kids pretending to be poor while disgusting covid fuck blows his nose all over the store. Worst day still going. Atleast got this cringe movie. Pumpkinhead gonna eat some victims.
The kids summon pumpkin head whose the first gonna get it. Maybe some Frasier season 10. This mo
Pissy pants, I dont care. Math issues to traumatize myself with. ill scream like the pumpkin head. Lol ok more attempts to get through this one, for whatever reason im just not that interested, hopefully gets better, or worse for that matter. The math companion cause I gotta do this. Where was I. It was the rude corvete guys, making fun of the coke bottle glasses. The fam dog hates the new travelers at the leaving hope gas station. The covid sneezing gross dude is in the store. The grubby kids were singing the pumpkin-man song. Its like something pumpkin man eat your limbs or face guh. Oh yea, the lady is pissed shes like stop it! Thats where im at. Thats so funny that camera i dont think makes that auto film roll sound or maybe im mistaken, its like pretend foley sound, hand crank lol im probably wrong but could be true, funny to think about. That desert gas station looks i guess kinda 80s 90s some of those advertisements.
Coolers and that stove. Damn some plot that dude hit the kid with the motorbike, its like with all that space had to run into the kid. Or dont run into the bike jump landing area. Harsh ruins that kids day then drives off. Is the kid gonna turn into pumpkin head. Tension in the air as Alien guy drives back. Seriously what a jerk runs that kid down hes like I drank a beeer im outta here. The character ur meant to hate, Pumpkins heads victim im sure of it. Best part of the 80s isnt at this gas station. Could be worse. Jack Klompus, The thing drove itself in the swamp its a behemoth! At least thee kid in yellow tries to help. Sad story witht he kid and crazy person that bludgeons his friend(s). And so thats how it turns into the cabin thriller. And that got creepy real quick. My math problems arent really problems compared to ‘this’ lol. Also its called pumpkin head maybe raking it too seriously. The dark forest setting is cool.Looks more fantastic then the rest of the desert setting. Spindely wirey light thru the hair fellow . The witch house looks more like a fantasy 80s flick. More plot, turns into a necromantic thriller. Thats like the triple entendre. 40 mins in start getting some scenes and the buzzzard. Lots of swamp, animals of the dark in this movie. The spindley haired dude is like tales from the crypt. And Aliens guy is like Ash from like a strange evil dead. Slammin on those keys. Sohes gonna ask pumpkinman to raise dead on his son. Cool set though and the ground screamswhen you stab it with a shovel. Hopefully pumpkinguy comes from the dirt and enacts revenge on the hit and runner. Now hes tomb raider. And fun roadtrip get locked in a room nailed shut. Lol thew with is like ‘give me ur hand’ Id be like did you wash your hands you spindely witch ? And, then after the blood is drawnm, aight ill be watching the tv; ‘what, you dont got a nintendo?’ Or thatd be funny if he justd ropped from being dizzy. Love that sizzle. Oops he does drop, wrote it before I seen it. Ok the scene wherte pumpkin head is born thats awesome. Alien guy now is like homer the blood donating intoxication. You know the pumpkin head kinda looks like the food golem. Not as big. Ok so after all that effort with the witch man cryptkeeper and all that weirdness, the kid comes back to life in a hallucination. lol. Strange movie , I like it overall the pumpkin guy gets the more chiller of the bros. So you know the rest is gonna be rad. Theres some good sound effects when pumpkin dude shows up. As he walks past the window and the log cabin. Similar Rambo villain vs pumpkin. I guess thats the main character. story thats so strange. Ok more plot. Pumpkinman is the summoned assassin to..alien guy. summoned to enact revenge on his sons killers. In form of pumpkin monster. pumpkin mans MO is he drags his victim by the head like someone would ‘grip’ a chess piece shaped like, a pumpkinman victim. as theyre dangling their little legs. Like plucking a toy soldier piece by the face and spinning them about. ITs a thriller forsure made me jump a few times. Yep classic case of pumpkin scratching faces again. deep scratches. More lore about the pumpkin man and some good looks at the suit in that last chase. And they trash those cars that cant be cheap. Only two if em left in some crazy scenes.Its like the pre aliens with the suits ans stilts. Gross close up demon faces. And thats how it ends what a horrific hideous horrible movie. I mean its awesome but that plot and creatures and ending lol. Would maybe watch again if i was looking for something toxic avenger like, with some eviul dead and aliens. And, tales from the crypt. Super unique movie. Lance Henrickson. Gypsy is Mushroom lol, what kind of credit is that. Oh its the dog lol. That had some good effect kinda short for a theatre movie but enjoyable once it got going glad its done now after a bit of a struggle.
Wow amy farah fowler from big bang actress is one of the grubby kids. The animatronic suit is good. thee James review was good. Someone was like the kids were compasionnate. John D’Aquino, in alot of shows from the 80’s . Movie was pretty fun i was hating on it at first but through halfway I was having fun, as is often the case with these. Stan Winston, I mean Aliens is awesome and has its own vibe.Pumpkin head dos game lol

“Its A Wonderful Life” ’46

Had to quotation it up according to the book style title screen.
This is the infamous movie from the past. Or maybe one of two. One is maybe the miserable ending xmas title. Maybe miracle on 34th. If I think of anymore infamous retro xmas movies ill write em here. And, I mean pre Die Hard or The Batman returns. Gotta say its NYE and getting this last festive movie outta the way. Cause to follow up with this movie after the last one I watched was just crazy and nothing in common. Or, ok sure, ill try to find things in common with the Frank Capras. This movie has a presence of its own by the way people talk about it. Yet I know not much about it. First thing I said is, what its in color lol. Ok I was like Frank Capra whose that? Sounds liek playwright a wright lol. Maker Builder. Bedford Falls looks black and white. The light snow tracks showing not many people travelling.
And Bedford town looks made up like in a small snow globe. Seeing the moon from the miniature version is the cosmos. God receiving all those prayers. Wow the galaxies talk. Thats probably the oddest reprention of gods? talking amongst themselves. Cute though prayers being answered. So god is like a military installation where one can rank up and take missions on earth. Why the hell not. Anyways its touching oh its Angels talking I see. Hes reading Tom Sawyer like its a bad thing, or just childish. I dont know I got Huck Finn right here not much has changed. Still American classics. Wow that opening scene after the ice sledding scene. In the town thats just crazy to the shoda or shop or whatever. Cant tell if its false color in some scenes. Just old. Its like looking at a museum. Ok I seen Scrooge and that phrase. Peter Bailey is the Dad, theres the son dead and the poison errand delivery. Damn starts off hardcore, the drunk and the poisoning. That kid saves the day apparently. Kids from this movie must be pretty old by now if still alive. Im not gonna ruin the movie with some searches right now. Ok i see. The soda shop kid was the past, past past. Now hes grown up getting the suitcase. What my age. Land trip around the world. Not sure who that actor is hes all young chipper and enthusiastic. The everyman, most man , someone just struggling to find place in the world. Or wants to see the world and not be stuck to a small office. Stability , or adventure. Nat geo still cool today. Nat geo, but have you heard of Nintendo Power lol. More like Nat Geo has been around for a long time. Class of 1928 it says on the board, thats so disconnected from anything I know. Lemme think Transatlantic flight(s). Mystery Noire. Late roaring 20s. Adventurer like Howard Hughes. Maybe a little Hemmingway. Hemmingway must makes me think a little more tropical office setting. Nostalgic for a memory ive never had, or I guess I have seen some of those places, just not the years. Lol looks kinda old for a High school grad, says me. Anyways just a odd thing to watch for me I cant really look away. Ok i get it hes in college or something and also at the High school dance prom, for whatever reason. Gets a dance with the sister? Well that mean looking blonde after him too, just a regular archie and betty,veronica. THats some super Caucasian dancing foxtrot beyond retro, this is vintage. Lol the pool scene well they dont make movies like that anymore but thats a great chaotic scene, kinda backfires and everyone has fun. Oh man this movie a commitment still learning the characters. Bedford is that like Binford? More character development the love interest and the archiest all American varsity wardrobe. So im guessing George will either go travel or runt he family business, something to do with the scrooge. Hes George gonna go from happy go lucky to depressed miserable or something I dont know. Ill find out. Did math problem instead. Tough choice keeping that business around or follow his own dreams. He was gonna go to europe and do something rather destiny calls. Movie has depth in characters and plot. So what do the angles decide now and who or what form. If its Tom Sawyer reference its maybe mischievous, but good. Ah well so the brother returns, and george maybe haveing a bit of jealousy his brotehr returning married with a job, while georges life best days slipping away. He wants to ride the train and so on. Im sure he can be happy for his bro and new wife. And now expecting more burdens to fall upon him. That ol uncle having a hell of a jolly time. Isnt it gregory peck I swear thats what I think his name is. The actor. Smoking ew. The sad thinking smoker. The whole town laughed at him lol poor guy. Hes terribly awkward, makes for some chuckles and hes pissy. Too cool for singin. Some awkward lover comedy , Oh smash that record, I recognize that. The phone call hotel scene. Piccadilly and fur jackets neon lights, bar, suprised there not just a turkey there. Rochester from Boston I presume from the window sign. THat was the quickest movie romance marriage lol after grip shaking her. Its maybe the only similar to forest gump movie, i dunno life journey. He says some kinda cold things when he has it all in fornt of him I was thinking. Prolly general sentiment, I know atleast one person thats seen this. Really has me guessing whats gonna happen next. This supposed to be a Xmas movie couldnt tell. Almost halfway through. Or the angels still. I really dont know. Intermission required. Thbey guy gave up his honeymoon for his community. Gentrification, 74 years later any tales like this anymore. Although i completely recognize that scene. The crow in that scene what does that represent. theres that festive chickenon the fireplace. Its funny she bought up the old house. Or maybe they own it from the bank loan. Ol george well he keeps wishing europe trip but everythin in front of him is want he probably wants. The cop setting up the derelict home lol, ok. Potter wants the building, george hates it too, now sell it all out all he hates for a payout. Dont do it.
Still dont know whats gonna happen. Although ive seen that near bankruptcy scene maybe a dozen times. Its a ‘Wonderful World’ Song by Louis Armstrong, ‘Louie Louie’ is another sweet song.
Im sure a happy ending after some grief maybe. A whole lifetime of doing good deeds. Helps the family own the home. Vs the crazy old guy in the wheelchair. But wheelchair said it, people dont like me, and I dont like them. Hes the scrooge; potter. Armstrong, a cheese in my refrigerator. Coincidence, maybe. Turned on the subs to not miss dialogue. Tough with the movie style sound its like muted, or full blasts alarms, and whistles. Its too bad it has to be money and compromise, being bought out. And why people so evil like scrooge guy. Well it sucks for George lose the business in a mistake from Uncle. Accidents happen. But thats some big consequences maybes scrooge will give the money back. Trashes the house and distraught wife. Destiny. The wife gets yelled at. George really going off grinch style, griswold holiday rant style. Just loses it on his family. Yea George going thru a rough one. He does have the family it does suck having to beg for the money. And that 40’s car crash into the tree, well hes got warrants aint going well. Somehow the life insurance switch with 8k I dunno. The snow is like foamy. There well theres a bridge scene the angle is old person reading tom saywer talking about MArk Twain. Going for a polar dip on the xmas new years. Some more plot, identifies as angel and so it is, so how will they make potter give up the lost money to save the day. Nice its liek a back to the future scene biff town, and so on. The alternate reality where georgee never existed. Potter town dont you think i know where i live? Angel magic. Nice the cops hassling him the whole town gone potter evil. kinda hunmourous hes gone off his rocker, Christmas carroll esque. The Christmas horror. Hes really gone from happy go lucky to psycho. Bijou house. Is this the universal studios town. Well so in the end the neighbors come through for them but what about that original then. The Bros reunite for xmas, and Sam comes thru with the potential 25 k loan. James Stewart isnt Gregory peck. Ok just seen the photo can tell my mistake 40-60s. Donne Reed too in the credits. Really brought it all together at the end. That was a really good movie for the list. Recolorization its bright and looked vintage new. The tom Sawyer and friends is a nice touch too.

Last House on the Left ’72

Ok some changes at the cinnemassacre, all good though and a 31 movie list for October 2021.
Im starting to watch last house on the Left. Some psycho dude hassles some highschool out of towners for a concert or something.
Doing some cleaning too, not very xmassy but whatever. Its hard to tell here anyways.
Chores and this 70’s movie is kinda odd to look at. Opens with some ducks and mailman and the topless girl.
Odd house. Its a true story slasher as told by Wes Craven. Maybe ill watch some gremlins after lol, or some Die Hard but yea this came up on the list, so Im watching, for better or worse.
2 girls drinking on a rock 70’s style.
Lots going on, the girls drinking and driving, the gang, on guy mean looking the others pretty retro shes got a fan next to the tub, does that mean she has a deathwish?
He’s upstairs takin’ a bath.
buddy with the cigar is Junior. This movie from the extremes, the girls getting ice cream to the gang. We need more girls. Anything with the Christmas spirit might be non-existent.
Next extremes getting kidnaped during your birthday party. I watch it all, all the cringey movies and happy just the same. Now I wonder if theyll get away.
Just looking through list. Last other movie I seen from the 70’s was Carrie and that was pretty fucked up too. The frog guy has like black play-dough in his teeth lol.
Or just someone that never brushes theyre teeth and what chews tabbaco and tea leaves lol. And some other leaves too why not.
Anyways this movie pretty fucked up, in a Scarface kind of way implying things but not happening, then the cake scenes.
Its like the chainsaw you hear it you see the spray, but dont see nothing more than the shower curtain.
Nice so it looks like the Bronx pre- 80s and the window is saran wrap.
Now theyre in the woods for some kidnaping rapey scenes. This whole movie rapey so far cept the cake scene, that was wholesome.
Dealing with a massive snowfall here.
Hot pursuit in the woods. The frog guy saying they gonna get someone killed. Not sure how this ends Moree of a real-life psychological horror. Both the deputy and Junior looking pretty psycho.
This movie all shot in the woods now. The girls need Lt Dan, Get down! , Shut up.
Oh more plot, they are opiate freaks, heroin junkies, or just him. And hes got the most sense of any if the gang. Well lets see what happens next.
Shes definetly pleading with him. Using the addiction friendless as strategy.
Ew this gory damn.Its like a pushing the envelope snuff movie.
Ok seems theyre both gone now fugitive movie. Its like pre- texas chainsaw. Its just regular scary dude in the woods with sharp things killin teenagers.
The sherif and deputy be chasing these people down.
Lol how did they end up at the parents house.
Thats just crazy, well people hadnt seen this movie, and done these crimes yet. That is one wicked snowfall.
The crooks eating up spaghetti n shit at the victims parents house. Then they both answer something different. The dad noticing somee cuts and scrapes similir to altercation hell Junior has bite marks on his hands. Hes like: “bite me, I dont care how hard, its for a movie!” lol
Shoveling snow good exercise. Good times.
Oh good times opposite of this movie. Now the moms gonna see the necklace. And say thats hers. I guess its kinda a thriller, as audience I want things to happen, or frustrated seeing other things. The story gonna climax though ill be relieved. Wes Craven; no joke. Youre sick! lol. 48 yr old movie yipes.
Toad gettin, sorry willow, getting sick. That actor Juniors face, cant forget that.
Oh hes got the pipe wrench and garbage pail shield combo, Its no Captain America shield lol.
Its like the parent now turned into the predators, isnt something I was expecting. I guess when your in a situation like that. Kinda reminds me of some Ken Follet a bit with the story about the family caught up in the storm, even though theres no storm the situation seems a slightly familiar in a fictional sense. Im gonna raid the ice box, and hes preying on the wife. At teh same tiem the husband was mega gropey while talking to her, likew gripping her. Anyways.Oh yea that dental dream was weird. Oh yea some Edgar Allen Poeish with the guilty feelings/dreams.
Thats just ridiculous now with your hands tied behind your back. Its liek here, lets do it here with your head in this guillotine, yes here. Thats a pretty elaborate booby trap, he goes Home Alone with it. Then theyre outside for some silly dialogue. Now hes like Maverick. Dick jokes now lol.Omg it gets worse that scene ahaha. Those sound effects. like holy fuck lol. Things turn around quickly, or rather that escalated quickly. Ok never mind its like texas chainsaw. Another bloodbath. Finally its over! I cant wait to see the Hames review cause that was crazy.
Got a 70’s deliverance horror, and madness.
Oh I though junior was the kurg not toad ooops.

The Beast with Five Fingers ’46

Wow movie from long ago.
Dont know anything about it except seen Peter Lorre face a few times is familiar.
piano playing beast? Cant be the penguin.
This can be placeholder for now.
Dinner scene hes taking advantage of the tourists probably im guessing. Just cause sounds like a made up line.
Watched sopme scenes gotta pay attention cause its no effects just dialogue.
The local is trying to sell some antiques to the tourists, thats forsure. In San Stefano. Italy village.
Not sure fictional but theres a cool painting on the wiki page. Its a tourist stop. I dunno I guess the guy could be honest but why alter his appearance, camera shows this. So makes it abitt suspect but lets see.
Police inspector gave the guy some shit can sell antiques without a permit. Nice so in 2020 If he woulda paid 50 euro, the American woulda actually got better deal. With the 50 for a 50 exchange. Thats an intro and theres Peter Lorre, then a mad pianist. The house, and fireplace kinda like Bruce Wayne.
Old fashioned. They got chess. Awkward dinner.The mad pianist kinda lost his shit though even though he makes everyone sigh off on how ‘sane’ he is then proceeds to strangle someone lol.
Damn so the windows left open overnight cause some destruction. Witht he wheel spinning like a car wreck. Really had a stuntman throw himself from the wheelchair there. Thats horrible.
Screaming out her name Julie. And he had a hallucination like the Piano was mocking him or something causing everything to be distorted. Poor pianist and thats the end of him, his dying breath. With his passing everyone is there to get a piece on the antiques. Peter has no place to go. And his expensive books. The maid weeps. The villains try to break up the will on the whim of conspiracy based on when he tried to choke Peter. Still has a mark like Dracula bit him in a sense. That hairstyle from long time ago I wonder if will ever come back. Its nbot something you see everyday. Maybe like Pirates of the Carribean esque. Cept in Italy country side. The ring is significant cause some ring wearer going around choking people and the piano playing mysteriously. Thats odd, and everyone wakes up. Turns into a whodunit so far pretty good. With the mausoleum mystery.
Somebody wearing a ring gets the brother in law or soemthing screaming through the door. Really gotta pay attention each scene and get all the info. Peter Lore = Henry, I feel like its Henry he knows all these supernatural books, or who knows really. The service is leaving. lol. First its the service leaving, then the wife leave with he kids, the the repo guy lol. Wow didnt expect that its the original Thing. lol. The hand is actin out the revenge, and writing creepy notes.Now im left thinking Henry, lost it and hes the hand, when he wears the ring. But thats not what it shows it shows the hand coming outt of the box and wants ring. I guess well see here pretty quick. Anyways Henry is now thought to be crazy, some good acting about the the hand though. Hes gotta hammer it to the board so he can show inspector and friends. Thats the explanation: Hes a sick man. That miror scene and Henry is pretty much a psycho.
Wandering around that house. Maybe a little Edga allen Poe Henry just walking around that house3 all creepy. Alls well that ends well but that fire scene was creepy. This movie as a thriller , suspense. Film reveals the tricks ion thee big ol house. The hand is it there or not makes for a good story. I like some of the old movies then, This even supposed to represent the late 1800s.
Thats a good ending too lol. That was similar to a play. Was good. More chem math.
The cinnemassacre review is good. James is rigth slow start but pretty suspenseful. The ending is like a Scooby Doo episode when they reveal all the ghost gags. I like the movie actually took it a bit more serious than some on the list.