The Big Heat ’53

Woo more Columbia films completed.
Gotta love this one, the Big Heat, difficult plot, took a while to understand what was happening.
Starts off with a suicide, a suicide with evidence tying some crime kingpins to be put away.
What does the widow do, she goes on the payroll to keep quiet. Besides her husband cop was cheating.
Enter Glenn Ford, well to do Homicide Detective, starts picking around too much, kingpins get annoyed.
Kill off the barfly girl that had a alternative story, kills off Banion’s wife, with a car bomb. They called it pre-prohibition crimes.
The Car bomb wasnt expecting that.
The Banion goes off the deep end.
Does some investigations, somehow attracts vinces girl Gloria.
She gets all impressed with his chivalry, then he hits her with cold lines, like Id probably choke on the drink (she offered him) and I wouldnt touch anything of vinces with a 10ft pole.
Anyways we start getting the gist that Lasagna, is a political empowered crim boss, Vince is his stooge, but Larry even more so, Larry got sloppy with some leads and folds like a cheap hand. Not before telling Vince, that Gloria was at Bannions hotel, Vince scalds her with some boiling coffee ruining her looks, Gloria starts to fall in love with Banion, but he refuses to talk about his wife. Finally Gloria goes over to the widows house and shoots her cold to get the story out. Waiting in the dark Gloria hits vince with a second pot of coffee in the face in this film. Bannion and vince have shoot out, and Glorias disfigured corpse on the living room floor..
Bannion gets re-instated (he was fired as a cop for digging too much)
Good movie though lol, I enjoy Glenn Ford and Gloria on screen.
Even thought its liek not happy ending so much, its justice cold hard justice.
I like the Interactions with the general populace, hes beating people up, telling people to scram.
You got the ol army folk watching over the daughter after the cops shit the bed on the protection duty.
And right away they razzin’ each other with old war stories lol classic. Except this time its the original war story, anyways they all playing cards with their revolvers at the house lol.
So it was Gloria with Humphrey, and with Vince and she does not have luck with men, lol, and Glenn with Rita and his wife gets car-bombed lol, not much luck with women.
But they sure look cool on film acting it out. Glenn goes from gambler to policeman and he plays both roles well, and Gloria Actress to gangster gf/ barfly with a dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde face..
Anyways liked that movie, wasnt much comedy about it but I enjoyed watching it. Gotta love this era in Hollywood and the studio. Noticed one of the back drops was like a cardboard city, just looked cool. For Vince Penthouse. People with nothing else going on but drinking, smoking, and playing cards. Funny to see what the bars looked like. Honestly makes me want to have a drink and smoke with the cast as their always in the liquor cabinet, but more of a stylish affair.

5000 Fingers of Dr. T. ’53

First colour movie from the Columbia 100 year list.
Wow what a interesting movie.
So I know Dr Seuss, didn’t know there was movies like before the cat in the Hat.
Might have to check that out too, still haven’t seen it.
Super interesting to watch this and get transported to a kids/family show from 1953, kids back then musta thought ‘this is the shit!’
The bands, musical scenes, the weird sets. Like you know the painted on sets, that make the filming picture much larger or stranger than it is.
Dream sequences, and the real life post war America, any town USA with the big trees and the nuclear family. Kinda enjoy that for what it is. The dream sequences were crazy, was like a psychedelic ballet musical, whimsical, and songs that didnt really make too much sense, but singing for the joy of singing and dancing and so on.
Film kinda breaks tyhe 4th wall, talking directly to the audience. And, dreams, turning into realitly imagination, that innocent child spirit, pretending. Kinda like Mr Rogers. I like the Dungeon scene with the musical perfomance, seemed akin to Dr Seuss for me, just big crazy drawings of instruments and tools that make no sense. And also going down in the dungeon. The kids getting all their suitcases searched was weird, and biut of a post war vibe from the administration buttons, switches, the enforcement spot lights.
Overall a pretty cool movie for the first non black and white film, and not a drama or a romantic comedy just a kids family film, so that was cool.
Yeh neat to see that for the first time ever today.
Like I wrote to a friend wasnt no Mary Poppins but it was still good.
You know like comparing this to like a new disney flick its just so weird. Say something that kids might like, like Frozen, or like Beaty and the beast more my era, maybe Aladin, I musta seen Aladin 150 times, So if I had to watch 5000 fingers 150 times I might go insane, but yeh didnt really have VCR back then must have been more difficult to see something, youd have to go to the theatre. But same as Titanic people saw that movie half dozen times in theatre. Double VHS 2 Cassettes I remember. So VCR and VHS was pretty amazing for when I grew up. Only limited by time as the rewind button to how many times you could watch media.. I guess you could have reel to reel, but that doesnt seem as accessible. Although I do remember some reel to reel in school growing up .. lol. Glad I still have those memories, and not just a strictly digital memory bank. Thats what this film is memories and Nostlagia pop culture faded away, barely present in todays world. Dr Seuss is popular, but still its been a while since I though about it. Not liek a nmain feature, and presentation and a household name. You’d assume its a household name, but i’d wager like 1/5 people or more I know don’t know Dr Seuss.

This song and dungeon master is memorable from the film.

Curb your Enthusiasm Season 12 Finale ’24

Not much to write watched the whole of season 12 recently.
I’d say it was really good probably the better adult comedy shows of this era.
Best Jokes, Best Cameos, best belly laughter.
Theyre not chintzy on the jokes, its all a big joke lol.
Its too bad laughing at Larry most of the time, but I think hes a grown up comedian that knows what he’s toing, certainly makes a fine TV show.
Just the most hilarious awkward comedy, and heavy juxtapositions, and oxymorons exageree to the max. People don’t act like they do in the TV show, but when its exaggerated and done for a comedy sure turns out funny.
People always taking things out of context.
I thought the cameos were great, Conan, Lori Loughlin, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Buscemi… some nice flashback scenes, but more suble than last episodes of Seinfeld, and the ending was fantastic, With Jerry there.
Actually it made me pretty sad it was over, felt like the end of an era, and historic, and just that you know those laughs will never be new again.
That being said, thankfull for all the entertainment and laughter throughout the years. Long running show. Sad to see Richard Lewis pass shortly after the taping was over. And, glad to see him again in those few scenes. There was outpouring of love on social media after his death was announced. JB Smoothe and Larry though kill it together, just funny duo, don;t even think they planned it out going so great. Thats a funny match and interactions. Plus Larry, manager, and Suzie, thats another funny ass quartet. I liked Vince Vaughnn come in, after Super Dave was gone. Nah the whole show, is an homage to comedy, comedians, getting all the cameos everyone together in a free for all. Makes me think of Ben Stiller and David Scwhimmer Michael J Fox. You couldnt ask for a better show as a audience. Rich people problems and completely un relatable to most people like always dining out, and the country club and LA dinner parties etc, but the jokes were really simple and still funny af. Plus the characters don’t change too much, meaning you could completely destroy their relationship amongst themselves for one scene, and the next scene start from scratch with no old beef. Yeh emotional ending cause im sad its over, but Im glad it was around for so long and so well done and wasn’t chintzy at all with jokes, the show just kept on giving and getting better and better, wilder and wilder, till it was a meme, and its hard to distinguish the real life and show, cause on the show he goes and acts a fool on judge Judy, and other day time shows, then in real life he goes to strangle Elmo live on a daytime show. lol. I thought that was pretty funny, and Im a sesame street fan, I mean yea as a kid i mighta been traumatized, but as an adult that was a hilarious scene, I mean compared to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock or the actual taboos and nastiness that goes around in the world. Nice to just escape turn it on and know you’re going to laugh . Im not sure what else to say, but been watching Seinfeld for years, and its nice to have a newer show as a continuation in sorts, plus HBO swearing more crudeness cmon.
Probably one of my favourite shows lately, like Fallout doesnt even compare, different style, but its just whole tiers away. Not sure theres anywhere as much replay value, but who know maybe Im wrong. Should keep it to rthe positives, but yea I know what I like. I watch movies from the 30s-50s so its rare im super committed to new medias.

Born Yesterday ’50

The Columbia list continues!
What an odd movie.
Focuses around a ditzy blonde, and a thug steel junk guy in Washington DC.
I guess he there to get some congressman deals.
Shes there as the silent business partner, signing stuff.
She embarrasses the thug guy with the congressman and their high class gatherings so he hires professor type to teach her the ropes about DC and educate her into not being such a low class person with no conversation or manners. Anyways time goes on Professor teaches her all these things about government and founding fathers, art, music, literature. Then she has a revalation shes working for the wrong person. Anyways, in short order they turn it around on the thug, through various scenes. Couldn’t tell if it was a comedy, more of a drama, coming of age for the young lady. Knowledge is power sort of thing. So lead lady was great, she won bunch of awards for this film. Um the thug guy, can’t remember the characters name, just a hilarious actor. Theyre the type to scream at each other, and yell out WHAT!? Its very hick trashy lol. But he plays the character so great. Just a boisterous fellow that thinks everyone can be bought. He’s like Whaaat ! Eating on a mutton chop and wipes the food off his face. Just the conversations and interactions the 2 characters are hilarious, like playing cards, and she insults him, and he loses his top, always mean muggin and yellin and why I oughta back hands. And, they stop arguing for the maid, and get right back to it when she leaves. The thug guy is Broderick Crawford, hes the same as the Willie Stark in all the King’s men. So its funny to see him as a (sorta) well to-do politician turned corrupt, to a full blown white collar criminal thug lol. He’s just not impressed with anything, hes like who asked ya!? All crazy eyed. So a very crass character but he plays it so well, its hard not to admire the acting. Lead actress Judy Holliday, shes so funny with her lines. Its like every dialogue is unique. She has a really unique voice too was kind of difficult to make out what she was saying seemed like a thick vintage New York accent. I personally don’t hear dialect like that too often. Anyways maybe Im wrong but not like a English English, an American English. Anwyays shes an adorable character, always upset about trivial things, like when Proffesor calls her 30 she loses it. Or she like dances around what she means, Im not totally sure about this character, leaves alot to the imagination, and not really sure what shes thinking or will say next. Round character.Delightful aswell. She comes off crass but shares some stories about her dad and ethics, etc, grows a bit. So yeh Judy Holliday and Broderick steal the show, I would enjoy watching more of either of their films. As for this one I’d probably watch again, just to see how wild Broderick gets, and how funny the interactions like the card game were, just how he talks to people is so off the wall. You just don’t see that nowadays in real or in media. Maybe like a memory sequence of someones old dad or something. Anyways film was entertaining, been happy watching these sequentially too. Its like a history of film. And, I like Columbia make good movies. Everytime I watch a Columbia film, I have expectations it will be above average film. Or bring something new to the table, and the last few Ive watched no different. Not super comedies, but they have their moments.

In a Lonely Place ’50

Woo new decade in Columbia Films.
Didn’t get this one free had to buy it.
This movie was awesome, Humphrey Bogart is such a crazy character, hes a loose cannon lol.
Its almost funny if it wasn’t so tragic.
I mean just his character in the Film Dix Steele, what a name.
Hes a troubles Hollywood writer, with a small clique. He beats up his friends, hes got a side to him thats completely crazy,k and beats up people on the streets and in cafes. Hes one of the grab a woman by the arms type. Naturally Laurel is a Hollywood actress shes very beautiful, out of work but very classy and suave. So shes somewhat attracted to Dix Steele, lol just feel wrong typing that. Anyways theres a murder. The whole movie youre wondering if it was Dix or not, all his friends are like yeah Dix is totally psycho lol, so youre like hmmm I wonder.. Anyways the movie focuses around his troubled writing, and finally gets his muse Laurel, but Laurel sees the insane part of Dix so shes like yeah no this can’t go on, but she lets it go on, the stress from the murder charges, and well Dix decides wants to get married, but finds out the deception so he flies off the handle again. And, just at the end when everyone is battered and broken and broken hearted they get the call that this other dude no one has heard of ‘kessle’ had done it. So in shorter words the movie is fantastic, its like a modern day shakespeare heavy film noir.Just happiness for a few moments, then non stop tragedy, you wish you could shake some sense into these crazy characters and tell them what youve seen as the audience, but the characters won’t listen, and are too driven by passionate emotions lol. Its a very cool movie stylish, elegant. Dix Ptsd going up beating people up at the parties, is strange, you don’t see a guy like Humphrey being too violent, but boy you don’t want to say the wrong thing to him, cause once he flies off the handle he’s really gone. Laurel is super stunning for a lady from the 50’s shes very elegant and pretty and her voice is nice. Shes sexy too, just in her mannerisms and the things that she says. Its a old fashioned chauvinist style with the woman secretary breakfast maker, arm candy. But yeh she does manage to break his heart from being scared half to death lol. Chuckles, anyways didnt know they made movies liek this just the anti-thesis love story. Everything that could possibly go wrong. But you can’t look away.
I really enjoyed this one would definitely watch again or show a friend. This is the movie to watch by yourself on valentines. Plus they make Humphrey look like such a sadistic psycho, with the eye filters, its like a borderline horror lol. I don’t know awesome movie, something completely different.
I feel sad they didnt give the ending everyone wanted, only a real twisted writer would do something like that like a big joke, but its well received.

All The King’s Men ’49

Woohoo 2 decades of Columbia greats finished with this movie.
Ive been having a blast watching all these actually.
Even though Im not USA American, and I couldnt get all the movies for 100$, Even though Columbia doesnt care about me, I still care about Columbia lol. The Stooges and these movies are a great entertainment to me. And despite the studios I know that people in film make em to get paid, but also entertain others of all races shapes and sizes. This movie All the Kings Men, never heard of it at all, I mean the title evokes a type of movie. Starts off with a well to do farmer citizen, gets a law degree, gets first taste of power, then drunk off power, and infecting everyone around him in a powerful whirlwind with death and murder, suicide. The acting wasn’t that hot, but it also wasn’t a conventional film, it was more shot like a documentary, with narrator. Its fictional but passed off as a news real reality. Any State USA. Capital and just generic places. The characters go from farmer types to gritty political insiders, reporters, old Governor Family, and that encapsulated world. So it was a neat movie to watch full of characters and actors Ive never heard of, and not the fancy film parts of LA, more like the dusty backroads of small towns and mobs and police and just maybe a bit of a pre back to the future vibe, pre soda shops and hot rods. Fun seeing unknown to me actors doing their things makes for a neat experience in cinema, compared to when you recognize a few actors, anyways and the story was really good the ups and downs of running for Governor, and going from family man, to some kind of human drunk abomination, some of those scenes game me the chuckles. It was a little hard to believe, but still in a good way, I enjoyed it. It was really a tragedy with no way out lol, I guess im a bit of a sadist and found humour in that ahaha, yeh anyways. Ok favorite actor was the King and his men I guess, Willy, hes the Governor, Sadie the raspy campaign secretary, The reporter, good guy following the lead in a story, eventually has to make a moral; decision, Sugar, the muscle errand boy. Willy was good at giving speeches, was actually fun to hear him rant and yell about whatever. Big burly drunk type with a angry voice good yeller. Sadie was a good yeller too, lol she said some crass things for a lady actress lol so she was definitely believable character, the other innocents, were soft and not as crass or rugged, hicks like he said. Man of the hicks. Funny in retrospect the dirt roads, and the hospitals was really eye opening to the politics styles back then and comparing to now. I wonder if its because most people have enough to not hang out in mobs and rallies, or if they are just distracted or if the government is doing a better of a job then in this fictional story. I can tell ya with no cell phones and whisky being liek the only thing to do, besides toil in the field, participating in a mob sounds kinda fun. If they all had Xboxes and air conditioning guaranteed no one would have patience to spend a free day on a politician ahaha, or many the craft is so rinsed none of those tricks or deception works anymore, every trick in the book rinsed and repeated.
Anyways cool movie for me to watch, was nothing like MR Smith in Washington, although I thought it might be sort of similar. Yeh just more of a drama from the time I think, and a story people would enjoy, it was kind of a thriller too. Little different than any other movie Ive seen. Just a unique story and its way of telling it.
Good movie would watch again.

John Ireland, the Reporter was Canadian born in Vancouver, He was the first person from Vancouver to be nominated for Academy Award.
Grown up in New York though.
Based on a southern Governor in real life never heard of. Based off a book.
Culturally significant film. Love those.
Good movie.

The Lady from Shanghai ’47 second time

Ok so watched this again, nearly 1 whole year since last time.
This was before I was doing the Columbia movie list.
So this was my First Rita Hayworth film, not ‘Gilda.’

Anyways what can I say I love this movie, I love how Welles tells the story.
Its a dark mystery story but its fun.
He says some really cold lines.

I like the movie cuts, sets and scenes, the close ups the crazy scenes, the walks in the park.
Its definitely a little more odd than some other films, you get some close ups and grimaces.
Don’t really know whats going on till the end.
Tragedy in a way, crime courtroom drama, I like the Having an edge line, and the sharks in a frenzy at their own blood.
Having seen it twice I would still see it again someday.
I just like Welles voice and acting.
Hes all love stricken by Rita lol.
And shes married just its similar to ‘Gilda’ but not quite.
Shes good in the movie too goes from innocent to murderer, speaks Chinese, The San Francisco set.

New medias, Kong Zilla Empire & Fallout Tv show

Just quick filler post before I forget.
Seen Kong Zilla New Empire in theatres, enjoyed it.
Wasn’t as good as the first one, but nearly as good.

I think It was covid, and excited for something awesome and watching it with a friend made it more than a movie it was an experience.
Seeing it second time (neon kong) it wasnt as exciting.

New movie it was good, wasn’t chintzy on the monsters and over the top ness.
New Kong would watch again, wanty to see Minus one first.

I liek how the Kong movies arent chintzy and give the audience what it wants no matter how ridiculous it is, and just to keep the story going cause thats what the fans want, so I like how it does that very well.

Fallout TV show, just finished.
I have a couple critiques, but overall it was enjoyable, entertaining.
I would have done some things a little differently.
But this adaptation was pretty good above average even.
I would watch it again.
Favorite character is ghoul and his human form, Lucy was pretty good too.
Those would be my top characters, not that I didn’t like max or flame lady, or vault dwellers. just didn’t pack as much punch of actors as Walton Goggins, he is really suberb.
Yehn sets are awesome, costumes, good, cast good writing good, like not too many complaints. Id rate it as just a little above Wednesday the new Addams family, just different genre.
I dunno when something beloved becomes immortalized on film, it has me feeling the same way as Spiderman Movie or Xmen movie.
Its like yeh as a fan, I woulda done it differently, but also exposes more fans to the franchise, which begs the question, is it industry or movie made to please the fans or me in particular, obviously has to make money, to be long running or successful, that mean more mainstream audience. Im just sometimes, I like a fan fiction, not the Miley Cyrus of nerd turned movies into mainstream. Definitely better than what they did to my beloved TMNT. ANd, yeh Im happy they made the show, happy with the adaptation, I just would have done it a little differently. Im sure and wouldnt have been as popular as this show is now. Im happy for its success and hope it is a long running franchise show, with some spin offs, then everyone gets a chance at directing sorta like a Star Trek, or StarWars, definitely shit the bed lately, but it has to be mentioned because, ultimately none of this is true new material, from Kong to Fallout. I could have handled a little darker humour. Um. Does everything have to be a generic audience thing no, but once you do a big project like that, tend to try and have as inclusive audience. But if its the exclusive audience that made it ‘cool’ to begin with, isnt that a disservice. ANyways fuckin hollywood and remakes lol. Thats why I like old movies unless you gonna be like Kong and just be overkill gratuitous, its not my first movie.

Gilda ’46

Just watched Gilda 46 for the first time, it was really good. Compared to others on the Columbia list the ones I watched of course have been Stooges, and some other romantic screwball comedies, Or action I guess, Or the Capra movies, this one just hit differently was like a film noire, Drama romance, adventure.
The film was cool, with the main character narrating style like Sin city. Johnny was the main character, gambler, then ends up running the Casino, love triangle ensues, then a faked death. I guess thats Glenn Ford, my first Glenn Ford Movie. Rita Hayworth Plays the songstress sultry, and mischievous bride.George Macready plays the bad guy German, all three were pretty awesome. Just in this film everyones life is always falling apart and sadness misery, hopelessness. Even though having many material things, other problems with the illegal casino. Nice Argentinian flavor to make it different than a Hollywood picture. american in Argentina that is. ANyways was a awesome movie, had a cool atmosphere and setting. Wasnt sure what to expect, but was a fun dramatic picture. Would definitely recommend and watch again. Glenn Ford is super cool, drives a cool card and smokes alot of cigaretttes. Mean mug lol, but hes a softy for Gilda, cept the time he beats her.
Gilda is a trouble maker but she has her moments too. Interesting history of her personally. And, I guess Columbia and her, had a bit of a turbulent history, but all that being said, Im glad to have watched this movie, first intro to all these actors for me. Actually reminds me a little of the Game Grim Fandango casino year just the style and aesthetic. So thats cool and I wonder if the game creator had seen this movie.

The More the Merrier ’43

Don’t know much about this film, I know Jean Arthur big fan, shes fantastic.
Another Washington movie this time mid-war.
Its a romantic comedy, It was pretty funny actually compared to some of the recent ones I’ve seen.
I really like this movie.
Farragut Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, the dude was Navy and in the War of 1812 lol.
Thats a little before my time. I enjoy both the British Empire and the 13 colonies.
Im not american so British is more my heritage, or french even. I bet the French wish they followed suit of the 13 colonies thats just a strong hunch.
Anyways this movie has barely anything to do with what Im talking about, its more, Washington is crowded and Mr cant remember his name, hes some big time housing guy.
Joe Something. Ms Milligan, they all are cramped in this apartment, you get to know the characters, a love story ensues, comedy aswell. I think Jean Arthur is really great in this movie, shes super funny in her awkwardness, super beautiful to. Anyways its a fun movie. Neat time capsul into Washington DC in ’42. People chilling on the rooftops was cool. The funniest scene was Ms Milligan crying at her Carolina wedding eating catfish ahaha. Just cause you can tell that wasnt her dream wedding, but it was a humorous situation. The ending and the ‘Scandal’ wasnt the best story line, in my opinion but worked out. The Fbi investigating Joe something cause he had binoculars spying on Ms Milligan lol. People in love were so funny back then, its such a big deal crossing the door into bedrooms, its like had to be all dressed to go out and be all this way and that way, in conversation and appearances and dining. Nowadays its just sweat pants, with the kids and dog and go get groceries, and mac and cheese with weiners lol. Not fancy hats in boxes, or maybe Im just chilling with the wrong people ahaha, that would be more of a formal office setting I would think.
Tyler O’Neill just hit 5th consecutive opening day HR most since 1900 lol.
Sorry watching baseball right now too.
Anyways Mr cant remember his name, hes all rambuctious, sets the couple up on a date, hes behind the scenes a bunch.
He starts off as poor and etc, but hes old and smart, and high up business man with power.
So the routine with Ms Milligan was awesome.
I don’t know I would watch that again.
Its not like a Capra movie, Capra was more hardcore in characters and stories, this one more light comedy. But just as good. I didn’t know what to expect was able to enjoy it over a few days without thinking too much. With a somewhat happy ending despite the war.