Beverly Hills Cop II ’87

Not much to say bout this one, just add it to the log.
Its a good movie, its funny.
Axel Foley back in LA.
New pissed off police chief.
The villains are funny.
Ive seen this dozens of times by now.
Rosewood and Taggert are pretty funny.
I love the Eddie Murphy improv.
The shooting club, the dinner club, hes like this Medi-lux explosive research company, (hes all sweating).. Plutonium nitrate multi explosive sound seeking projectiles, lol.. Thats so funny its borderline hilarious. Then he makes her pay him. ahah
Oh yea the Beverly hills mansion, construction dudes. The strip club, The police inspersonation. The ferrari. Ah its all good and funny. Rosewoods firepower. The cement truck at the Playboy mansion.
Theres some good jokes, Cant decide if its better than the first.
The villian is kinda cheezy their pulling off all these ridiculous heists. The Bev hill cop I was more realistic, the Bev hills cop 3 is just straight insanity.
Overall its a good franchise much better than the Golden child although i enjoyed em both for different reasons.

Joe Piscopo New Jersey Special ’86

What is this short film musta ran on TV, very strange but very 80’s its cool.
Its like some skit jokes with personal stories interviews real people.
Its neat.
Definetly would like to visit Jersey some time.
So much media has been made there.
Joe was on Saturday night live
Some current events from the day.

The Golden Child ’86

It was ok. Kinda like a lesser ‘Big Trouble in Little China.’
Ended well was some cheezy action scenes was some funny jokes.
Some memorable characters from indiana jones and big trouble.
Wasnt the worst movie I seen wasnt a waste of time.
It wasnt so bad.
Very much like Indiana Jones and Big Trouble for me which is fine, was the era.
Compared to those two just a classics, this one mighta gotten forgotten.
Special effects were ok. Villain was ok.
Adds a fantasy martial arts element to the usual formula.
Ok was wrong.. not Indiana Jones. my mistake

Beverly Hills Cop ’84

What can I say about this movie, its ridiculous its action, its fun Its Classic Eddie Murphy.
Love the cop that doesnt follow rules always in trouble, acting like a gay, a customs guard, a cigarette smuggler,Rolling stones writer.. he gets into all the trouble just barges in guns-ablazing its hilarious.
Its just classic nostalgia for me, differences between Detroit and Beverly Hills, and procedure. The banana in the tail pipe lol. Thats so epic funny. Taggerty and Rosewood just a hilarious Duo, they really got their characters figured out by the third one. I dunno I just love this movie franchise, looking back its not all that great but im bias beacuse of nostalgia. I think the jokes are good, classic gangsters and villains. Classic pissed off police chief. Its way better than best defense but, incomparable in a way. This one is a comedy but its got some action too, its lighthearted and not too serious. Follows the buddy cop 80s movie formula. I like this one better than II but I think III is still the best for me lol, cause its so ridiculous. But it was a good one for today. More 80s greatness. Good start to the franchise. Not sure what else I could write about it, just logging it and moving onto the next one.
Ooh Ronny Cox was on Start trek TNG thats interesting. Deliverance lol.
Jonathan Banks was in Breaking bad neat.
Damon Wayans first movie lol.

Best Defense ’84

Movie was ok pretty retro and silly jokes.
Some ok action, nothing like 24 hrs.
I still enjoyed it, follows some engineering defense contractor drama and Kuwait.
Eddie Murphy is the Army tank Lt. And, Dudley moore was the other lead.
Havent heard alot about theses casts before.
I enjoyed the movie, the story telling was good, the production not as good.
Raunchy jokes.
Characters were mostly believable although ridiculous. That annihilator tank was ridiculous.
The tank insides was ridiculous, it was weird how 2 stories were going simultaneously 2 years apart but all connected in the end which was cool.
Just a slapstick off the edge of your seat wacky movie.
I liked the 80s sets, hotels decor, clothing.
Cars, Eddie murphy was funny as usual.
Just as a whole piece it was funny, but not as funny as Dan Akroyd dressed as santa all pissed up.
Like I was chuckling cause it was funny, action, and adventure.
Trading Places, I was cry laughing cause it was so ridiculous and funny.
Probably bottom tier for me, but I still enjoyed it.
I had to see what happened.
I thought the ending was clever, and its just so stupid watching defence contractors, FBI, tank crews acting like that its a joke parody you know.
Like when the generals come in during the sting operation, Or eddie in charge of a tank crew, its just so stupid you cant help but laugh. All in good fun though.
Hmm interesting Helen Shaver, voice for little foots mother.
Bunch of other movies im vaguely familiar with.
Ok Kate Capshaw, married to Spielburg, She was in Indiana Jones.
And some other films not familiar with neither.
Overall Id watch it again, but its not top tier Eddie Murphy, although i was happy and laughing to see him as a tank commander from Cleveland lol.

Trading Places ’83

Wow thats a good holiday movie lol.
Havent seen that since I was young. The PG rated tv version.
I gotta that that was refreshing.
That movie was the bomb.
So freaking funny I couldnt stop laughing.
Its a comedy, heist, romance, revenge, good ending.
Ill just go through characters cause theyre so funny.
Eddie murphy; kills it as poor and as rich.
The first rich man party.
The legless vet scene.
The jail scene and the kung-fu.
The encounter with Dan Akroyd, and suitcase.
The first few days rich, the immediate successes.
The smoking weed in the toilet.
The heist.
The kind deed.
Dan Akroyd really kills it almost better than Eddie sadly. lol.
The rich pompous style.
The gets arrested and poor.
The encounter with Jamie Lee Curtis, the rough streets of Philly, the lost friends. The pawn shop. Omg the Santa scene and bus ride he really kills it.
Then hes black face on the train which is kinda weird but I couldnt help from laughing him and Eddie playing like old Africa buddies, is so fk ridiculous.
Then finally the ending where they pull off the mostly legit heist.
Wow epic ending to the movie.
Duke Brothers not much to say, seem kind and mean, two faced in the end.
Jamie Lee Curtis, Beautiful and charismatic smart and for whatever reason she helps Dan Akroyd lol.
The business spy, typical villain.
The butler, cheeky kinda funny, kind.
Loved the ending to this movie, the second half once Valentine discovers the plan, he groans as Santa its absolutely hilarious, and sad at the same time, mostly hilarious.
Alls well that ends well, this movie is an 80s classic was so happy to revisit it.
Was so worth it, I was cry laughing at the jokes.
And, its just great they team up at the end.
Has to be one of my favorite Dan Akroyd movies, hes such a wild actor, same with Eddie, they really got the buddy genre down.
Its not a cop movie, but business deal, and yea, they hayday of the world trade center, wow thats a retro scene forsure.
Funny to see the trading, much before the digital age, there was advertisements for apple ii but nothing like what im writing this off of.
So yea I watched that in two parts but definitely a adult comedy, Christmas is on after watching that lol.
Just thinking about makes me tear up a little lol.
And Philly is hardcore, definetly want to visit one day.
Party on the amtrak with the Belushi brother.
I guess the dukes were some famous actors from the 60’s.
Omg its Paul Gleason from Breakfast Club, no doubt I remember him as a perfect a-hole character.
Bo diddley

48 hrs ’82

Lol watching Eddie Murphy movies.
This one was ridiculous but great.
Maybe one of the better cop buddy movies Ive seen.
It was just ridiculous, ridiculous characters, protagonists, ridiculous scenes and car chases gun fights.
It was well made, really 80’s and cool car chases.
Nick Nolte is one ice cold bad ass, Eddie Murphy is cool and funny.
Typical stereotypes, angry police chief, angry girlfriend lol.
I liked the setting in San Francisco.
I liked the China town neon lights and the final scenes.
The characters developed ok.
Nick Nolte just a racist asshole, but turns around into a buddy situation.
Eddie Murphy makes me laugh.
Loved that Cadillac and the way he drives it.
Just really some of the best of the 80s.
Rated R something I could never watch as a kid, but nothing stopping me now lol.
Ive been to San Francisco too so that was a cool throwback.
Yeh Nick Nolte super overkill thats probably the first movie Ive ever seen him in, but hes a natural like Kurt Russell, lol.
The scene where he empties out his pockets to fight Reggie Hammand, classic.
There was some good laughs in that, totally worth my time.
Was cool seeing the Hill billy bar, and the other rock club. I guess 82 some racial segregation happening in the states so the black white buddy cop movies are a funny contrast.
Especially two wild characters like that.
Its a film style thats worked well over the years. I think of all the way up to Rush Hour, same formula, different characters.
Just makes me chuckle thinking bout how crazy that was.
Gotta love the 80’s heavy nostalgia for me.
The dialogue and smokey rooms, and slamming the phone and swearing.. Takes me back lol.
It thought lots of populated scenes worked well, lots of busy streets busy clubs. Busy train station chase.
Didnt skimp out on the car chase scenes.
That was the first Eddie Murphy movie so I decided to watch em all and be a connoisseur lol.
Crazy how 48hrs has outstanding ratings and Harlem Nights is very very low.
When they were both enjoyable.
If I had to compare I’d have them at a very close tie.
Nothing beats the Beverly Hills cop III for me. But theres things I liked about Harlem Nights thats wasnt in 48hrs. And, vice versa. I think the car chases were better in 48hr, but Harlme Nights was a little funnier. More Cameos in Harlem Nights, but 48 hrs had Nick Nolte. Ah its cool to finally see the first Eddie Murphy film. Enjoyed that very much.

Harlem Nights ’89

Huge Eddie Murphy fan, this came up on the reddit nostalgia.
Decided to watch it.
Nothing sweeter than watching all the R- rated movies from when i was a kid.
Never seen this movie before. The theme and settings were great.
It was a little cheezy but was some good adult comedy, i mean geez Richard Pryor.
Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Arsenio, another few I cant recall. The crooked cop detective was great too.
Richard Pryor that takes me back to a simpler time.
Same with Eddie Murphy, I think it was a pretty good movie, nothing i didnt really like about it, gangster action comedy romance drama.
Just a fun movie throwback to back in the day, a day in the late 30s maybe where Richard Pryor and Eddie murphy are family lol.
Eddie plays a sly dectective slash criminal tough guy, smart and dangerous.
Richard plays the playboy club owner with a heart of gold just out to make a name for himself and do business and make money.
I think my fave scene was when Arsenio chasing Eddie and that car scene and Eddie just jumps through the window that was hilarious.
The boxer kinda funny.
The villain is like a typical villain in these movies, wants to make too much money, gets in the heroes way then underestimates em and eventual downfall.
I just i love the 80’s and Eddie takes me to my happy place.
A movie without cellphones and screens and just fun.
Doesnt take itself too seriously but enough decent acting to make you forget about your troubles for a bit.
Plus just delightful to see Richard on screen again, its been a while.
Otherwise i enjoyed that.
Just silly setting with some late 80s effects and jokes.
Rotten tomatoes gave it a very low rating but the google reviews are high.
Rotten tomatoes doesnt know what its doing honestly they dont know what makes a good movie in my opinion lol.
Id be better off just searching the lowest rated movies, and call it a day.
Meanwhile im venturing what is rated high is just straight garbage.
Cant totally confirm.
I think if its mainstream and popular it gets a good rating, if its niche and not mainstream or widely advertised or critiqued it gets low ratings.
Ity wasnt no Beverly hills cop 3 but was just as memorable.

Middlebrow thats me kinda, lower middlebrow maybe, with a mix of high. Maybe yea true middlebrow.
Just reading about Pryor a bit.
Redd Foxx never heard of him but he looks familiar.
Lol these nominations for worst movies lol.
I dunno im a fan of these have you seen the blog i mean it wasnt the worst thing I watched I was actually kinda enthralled to see some of my stars from the yesteryears, plus im a huge Eddit Murphy fan for life!