Batman Returns ’92

Yes watching this first time in a long time.
This one pretty good I remewmber wioth good cast, creepy dark.
Better than the next in the series.
Newer batman is pretty crazy but lost some of that fantastic feel like this one has.
Maybe a little too childish or cartoony. I cant say thats bad though. Well anyways see how it is to watch 28 years later lol.
Just came up on the cinemassacre youtube and I had plans to watch it before. I guess its Christmas-sy Hadn’t occurred to me too much before.
Cat burglar cat woman with that latex rubber costume. Pretty over the top sexy before lol . And Christopher Walken.
Penguin is gross. The sets and props are awesome, and thats just what I remember from before.
Original Batman was pretty dark and Joker Jack Nicholson and that grimey feel to it. When Joker shoked that dude and caugth him on fire with the buzzer handshake was pretty hardcore.
Not to mention he gassed everyone at the restaurant and shot Bruce Wayne. Yea so I mean that movie was awesome hard to beat in a sequel, returns was good the third one maybe not so much. Maybe would watch it again. Ive always been more of a Marvel fan , but the DC movies have been better. Weell in the Batman vs maybe xmen movie franchise. Or Wolverine movie or any other lone star. Avengers was pretty cool, but its not 1992 grimey batman with villains, and gotham city that batmans gotta save!
Ooops did I saw Madonna I meant Michelle Pfeiffer.
OK finished watching this last night, it was awesome. Its grimey gritty dark, cartoony toys, and villains. Vehicles sets props.
Danny Devito in one of his most unique roles. Penguin is disgusting with black teeth as he drools over women.
Once he cant have cat woman tries to kill her.
Cat Woman talk about a hot mess. Glad I watched that still.
Fun Xmas movie, still kinda adult maybe, Pg 13.
And Christopher Walken playing a main role of corrupt city exec.
I dunno im stoked I watched taht too bad Bruce Wayne and Selina couldnt hit it off lol.
Ah well she was in cahoots with penguin and Max. Out for revenge. I like how they keep the movie open at the end with the Cat Woman silhouette.
The whole last scene in the Ice palace was good. Penguin gets ditched by his clowns. Body keels over lol. Its a goos scene with some explosions and Selina Kills MAx with a electrified kiss.
I like the sets for Gotham the large statues Art deco, has a 20’s-30’s feel Men still wears top hats and trench coats. The women dress like some 90s mixed with 50s.
Gotham and its villains. Michael Keaton aint the worst batman. As Bruce Wayne he says cool things. Playboy Bruce Wayne had Selina smitten for a bit, but too hell bent on death and revenge lol.
The castle batcave is cool.
I dunno im not a movie critic or expert, but I like this Batman universe and wish there was more.
Batman 3 fuckin sucks though. Like mr freeze I dunno. Ill give it a try eventually.
Just watched the James Cinemassacre review thats some good points.
Seeing those scenes again.
Tim Burton is no joke, and James really said it well on the review.
Like I was saying the last scene, but also alley scene is really good. Where he adopts the cat.
Definitely Christmas movie.
Wow michelle pfeiffer too lots of movies shes been in. Scarface. and some other classics.
I threw on the “Its a wonderful life” prolly some “Die Hard”, some Batman 1 and 3. And More Tim Burton movies..
Good way to stay engaged, outta trouble, its a positive thing.
Throw in some homework, and good to go.
This Batman movie took me back. I remember being a kid and watching it lots and the parts liked and the parts I didnt.
Revisiting it in 2020 was fun. All of it.

Critters ’86

What a fucking annoying class, had to mute then close that shit.
30 pages behind fuck em.
Thats second class your talking gibberish. I dont fucking get it . Work on something I understand.
This is fucking brutal I cant follow with the class that makes no sense.
Yet I found a error in the book.
Shit fuckin pisses me off.

Anyways get on with this movie shitty attitude shitty fuckin day what.
Aight sweet shitty fuckin attitude know nothing about this movie.
I heard its ok from the quick googles I seen.
Were in space prison asteroid lol. that funny.
Ok right away that tube alien is hilarious.
Nothing that mushy is threatening. Like I just watched ‘they live’ that mushy alien has no chance.

K well close enough the critters escape, and its very bounty hunter starwars esque.
Aight prediction. The aliens crash land in 80’s america, cause some damage for a bit but eventually get destroyed. Pretty sure thats how its going down.
The 2 faceless green dudes tasked with bringing the critters back.
Awesome splash screen intro after the ‘intro’.
Is that.. is that little house set ?
Some type of pioneer farming set up.

Might have missed a scene. Ok the kid running a thermometer under the hot tap water. Classic, prolly doesn’t wanna go to school.
Is it because a covid pandemic ? 34 years later that trick would work too well, you get quarantined and a spit dog lassoo mask and chair
Just another 80’s family about to go trhough the ringer with either paranormal or mosters or living dead, aliens in this case.
Nothing says 80’s like that black minute maid jug. Wonder what the story was behind that. I mean the cans look pretty cool, but why does the black look outdated now.
Classic family scene with the phone. The farmer dad he like when you sit at this table you act like this! With the mom servbing everyone up toast while the dad rambles on about values and BS.
Brad cant stand tests. Slave mom bitching about the thank yous for breakfast.
Charley in the back and thaty slob cop lol. ooh boy. Its like light ghostbusters vibe.
Finally the aliens, on a ship. I will also continue the math problems. trade off a couple scenes for some problems. Chem too.
Ok just now the more I see this the more I recognize some scenes. TYhey have a learning ‘machine’ thats making the aliens ‘learn’ watch everything. Kinda humourous, oh its double screen too.
Thats how you learn everything important. And i see that chin forming. Buddy , they better hope they dont run into Roddy Pipper. Nice singer actor combo. That makes this movie good then right.
I think maybe shapeshifting as the first person you see on tv might be the wrong move. Also sweeet melting face formation. Looks like some work.Farmer dad is the buzzkill although probably necessary. He seems tough, but fair. lol. Getting distracted by math now, atleast making some “light progress instead of bitching.” Hes got the toyota looks like. Looks like the MR2. Maybe its fancier but anyways got that little sporty look. No supper after that slingshot episode. Yep dinner the calm before some mayhem, i knwo how these movies go especially this particular list.
Dinner scene thats like me going back to HS in a tv show. Nice kid is making dynamite listening to rocknroll. Some extra curricular with the chem class.
I cant rell what car it is but definetly not the MR2 Im thinking maybe a ferrari or a porshe model. I guess after the movie ill find out.
Sweeet got a tough problem right.
Brother is a creep watching through the window, yep no internet. Hes got a Royals hat though. Anyways hopefully here comes the aliens and that monster.
Barn is a good place for the ufo. Then what the singer/actor is the bounty hunter, Is this gonna be like ET. They are criminals and bounty hunters according to space pod goop guy. Lol I wonder what Jontron will do next, those were some hits. Nice the old man brings him some cookies to talk lol. “always taking her side?
Hes grounded and shes rolling around in the hay with mr gr8 from NY lol. Here comes alien or dad to pinch em. Nice space ship nice droolin whiskey. Prolly some AJ !
Finaly some thing happening outside. Hes liek earthquake? as he gets caught in the tree. Like more than 25 minutes later of some boring family routine. OR building up to the action.
Was he wearing the ghostbusters logo? lol that migth have been common back in the day. But not the farmer dad. Anyways they find the UFO ! More like a scene with some hardcoded alien subs. Fun to say.
Fur-ball takes out cop/ slave mom hands garburator/ No thats not a haiku.
Woo December 10, old man bday Happy bday ya fuckin loser, hope you drop dead fucker.
Ok new day for me. This being kinda a journal of sorts. These critter better not disappoint this morn. Its took nearly half hour to see the cop get run off the road to a little furbal. Ok they speak like a alvin and the chipmunks, lol. Then you got the first person sneaking up on house scene those are always good.
Ok bounty hunters have arrived. Dont they have ship cloakers ? Whose the villains.
More first person. Well they show the green face and singer actor, so they should be showing the critters.
The phone doesnt work. Clichee but good still. I almost coulda predicted that scene. HEs like taps the phone ? The phones dead. Shout out to that bowling shirt too very stylish. gotta love that cyan magenta shirt. Thats a funny idea for printer; you wear a cyan magenta shirt then print yourself lol.
I guess the farmer dad pretty sensible as a character. I mean believable atleast. Now its time to go reset the breaker.
What the’
Yea so the panel was eaten maybe. lol
How about a tums. that would be a good advert, did you just eat a electrical panel, have a tums.
That shirt logo really similar to ghostbusters, skinnier ghost. Then I finally seen the critter lol. Hes chillin in the preserves. Is this what started trolls lol. No. Damn hes got a critter on his shoulder and leg. Meaner then hell, lol. Those some good lines.
Ok the bounty hunter shoot off the shotgun in the rack lol . Negligent discharge.
They listen to the radio in the barn. Lol now theres some action. New York rat tail gets it. Good scream.
This movie pretty good too bad the critters arent friendly.
That scene on the chicken wire.
Making math progress comment. Im glad.
Ate the dynamite ahaha. Then falls down lol. Critter had a tummy ache lol kinda cute in a grotesque way. Ok so theyre both bad.
No one blows up the church organ and scare the church organist unless you really evil. I think the lady recognized him as the actual singer.
Pinbusters is whats on the shirt, same as the simpsons bowling team. Same colors I mean.
Lol so they talk and one gets blown away. After locking themselves out. lol. Still pretty awesome.
I was thinking of something else when I though id seen this.
Too much bounty hunters at the bowling alley, lol.
The critters where are they. Bit of carnage ensues then the grumpy sheriff gets woken up.
Darn she got neck veined porcupined spined. Burn em with a oil lantern and he jumps in the toilet lol.
Chaos erupting everywhere in the movie town.
Kids gotta go get help. Critters by the bike. These monsters gotta go. Pillow figth theyre getting bigger. Gremlins why didnt I think of that.
Kid runs into the bounty hunters. Chaos ensures. Chewie the cat. Theres a big critter lol. With big bird feet lol. Saving the day with a molotov and liquor.
Sweet another 80s adventure.
They blow up the farm house, and get blowed up themselves. uh oh he says. Movies pretty good. HE gets the alien phone lol . House reconstruction thats sweet and the cat in the mailbox.
I guess those green head shapeshifters were ok afterall. Nice classic final scene.
Nice synth ending too. Math streak.
Stephen Herek from bill and teds, & Chiodo brothers, trio. did killer clowns from outer space. Thats cool. lol james review thats hilarious.
Comparing he songs thats funny. Marty Blowing up those speakers. Sequels.
The Krites
Scott Grimes

They Live ’88

This movie is awesome, second time watching this.
Im realizing its a John Carpenter. 5 years between the Thing.
The Thing was pretty hardcore. Kurt russell
Now, Roddy Pipper Canadian Wrestler.
Thats awesome.
This movie is like a grand theft auto with aliens or something.
Like a action thriller figthing movie comedy sci-fi Orwellian.
He gets thrown out of a window.
The aliens you can only see with glasses. Everything isnt what it seems.
The unlikely pair.
So the scene where hes getting the glasses outta the trash truck, and sees the buddy from construction site and hes like put on the glasses.
And they argue and wrestle for like 10 mins is pretty funny.
Then its funny seeing em walk down the street.
I just seen he passed in 2015. Thats saddening.
Well it makes me treasure this movie even more.
Gotta comment on the duke nukem, and grand theft auto video game references.
Just a weird concept and it plays out nice when hes trying to convince people of some aliens living amongst us they brush it off as crazy lol.
Its just a fun movie with some obvious scenes to give you just enough weird information.
Its comedic when theyre all beat up draggin their asses thru the street.
I guess the 80’s and one liners.
And the scenes in the film from the late 80’s Sets cars outfits, hair. Plays out kinda like a wwf movie. Sorry WWE.
My buddy tellin me now he was on always sunny. I gotta see that.
Its liek a lethal weapon duo cept they fight more.
Its like ignorance is bliss all in a movie or something.
After having seen this before I struggle to recall how it ends. Maybe ill remember after seeing it lol.

Keith David; I just recognized that hes also in the Thing. Worlds longest fight scene ahaha. Just was searching up some Keith David and John Carpenter.
Meg foster shes the one that throws him out the window. They all looking pretty retro.
Roddy plays the da maniac season 5 and season 9 always sunny. Im definitely checking that soon. Just got no where else to write this.
Learning about Kekule, and his statue at university of Bonn and the students dress him up kinda funny. Learning about the chemical structure benzene and so on. Sure enough hes got a mask on Covid. Gilbert Lewis.
Anyways back to the conclusion of they live, getting caught up in some research.
Roddy piper just says some cold shit in this movie and witht he psycho eyes and neck veins im pretty sure he means business.
Oh yea i forgot about that character he was like the bad guy now hes an ally.
Roaming the streets with those shades at night makes em look like the unibomber.
But im cheering on the heroes.
Lol contact lenses the future is now im tellin ya.
“Most of em just sell out right away”
Ah yes so more plot unfolds, Basically Earth is a developping country and business aliens are turning us into their third world dumber down consumers.
Wait a minute, Buddy the safehouse leader, also is in The thing! im 90% sure.
Oh man here we go its Meg foster again, shes part of the revolution, after throwing Roddy out the window.
Wow time sure does fly 32 years ago. yipes/. Are you ok shes asks lol.
lol didnt expect that.
wow they really bust the party civil war style.
like wow really action scene. no talking straight action. Like all this movie is is hip firing . Anyways the monochrome tone showing the aliens is always creepy. Theyre eye in particular and teeth. Lol neat the watch, malfunctions creates a acme hole to their base. No way theyre using the supernatural detector for the ghostbusters, and that cool white urban camo. They go from the tunnel to the dinner acceptance speech.
The southern gentleman leading em around for some more plot things.
Oh now they got to the broadcast center.
Having a taste of the good lifee thats a little tgoo close to 2020 and the NWO. “Theyre aint no countries anymore, aint no good guys, they control everything”
Theyre getting to the signal, a la diehard up the building. Lol Romero and Carpenter shout out on the alien broadcast.
I gotta say before I go see the review, movie is provocative, maybe was better the second time around.
The original duke nukem.
Crazy i was about to say looks like some kubrick black and white. James saying its a tribute to some 50’s films. Some things open to interpretation is fun too I agree. The fight scene obviously hes from wrestling fame and its a movie. Family guy does it to excess too. Alot of wrestlers making some above average movies. Sure is fun to revisit or see these movies first time, or first time again. Critters 86 is next no idea never seen it.
based on the 1963 short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson.
Heres the google write up :
Nada (Roddy Piper), a wanderer without meaning in his life, discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. As he walks the streets of Los Angeles, Nada notices that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued, and that most of the social elite are skull-faced aliens bent on world domination. With this shocking discovery, Nada fights to free humanity from the mind-controlling aliens.
I wish there was happy ending for nada but njo.
Also Peter Jason is the guy i thought was in, ok apparently not. Im mistaken. similar google searches, “is they live a true storey?” ahaha, thats a keeper.

Hellraiser ’87

Note to self dont buy the hell portal cube.

Day one, second lockdown. TP sales, and shortages.
Just next on the list.
Its a realtor, selling the room with the hell portal.
hell is just some chains dangling from the roof and the victim pulled to pieces.
Theres gross bugs. So far nothing lie reanimator lol. That was the ulti-gorefest.
Just kinda leaving it in the background while i do other things and If I think of anything clever to write.
Second time seeing this. I thought it was ok the first time just a special effects, cant recall too much else.
Some cool dock scenes and background music.
Thats a nasty reverse melting corpse raising.
That crawling guy lol. Scene is pretty scary I guess. Its hard to hear some dialogue this time already 1/3 way in.
That haircut maybe reminding me of Sting and the police or something. Corpseface ew. What shes gonna fall in love with meatface. Pussface.
Ew hes hanging off the railing lol. She has a romantic interest im not sure lol. Unwanted guest. Distinctly 80’s shades and hairstyle.
Heavy 80’s its what I crave sometimes. Lady Hammer time scene ugh lol
Graphic movie this one too, well I guess I knew that from the title lol. Dude with Nails coming out of his face. They all have names Ill recall. So she did it for the guy. gradually feeding him more skin ew. Hes like inside out like the Simpsons ew… The audio really up too lound then way too quiet. Cant hear the dialogue but can hear the gross meat sounds lol.
At this point im not sure who was in the petstore, the deal with the realtor. The bum in pet store , her boyfriend..
Ew so much blood blood-suit guy. Lots screaming lots of nastiness. She figured out something about the cube. The cube is some geometry. The cube is portal to the unnderworld. connect that somehow with some math. Uh of she activated the cube I think she might be in trouble..
That was a crazy demon chasing scene, and the escape back to the bedroom.
So they came after she openede the cube. Thats the object in where all the mystery and supernatural come from, and some hallucination maybe.
The characters are cool and metal. The scenes are cringey and gross. I guess the realtors or I dunno what kind of side deals they made with the demons. Hes such a creepy dude saying all the clichee lines. Defiantly rights up ther for nasty movies. Corpses maggots blood ew. Its revolting really but metal and classic horror flick. Oh shit you kow when the rack start spinning kup and the demons all prersent u know shits gonna hit the fans. Theyre like you touched the cube. They kinda look like the borg in a way. Ew the hooks are gross lol. Its like Re-animator maybe a tenth of a percent more gory but not by much lol. They have wrestling belts lol. The female demon has chin razors or something. Ew Medieval torture mustahve been so nasty. Thats all this movie is making me think of. They somehow almost get away from em one after another. The flying face foot thing ew. Gnashing teeth and such. Its like a ride. this movie lol. Crank that cube.
Yea dont get involved with the hellraising cube. Its the guy from the petshop lol turns into a skellie dragon wow.
Its amazing those special effects really. The movies liek a thriller, its not my fave but, that wasnt so bad. Pretty disgusting scenes, lol some made me laugh. Sometimes with the hands gore its so nasty its like you can feel it from the screen. As far as creation its like movies are the ultimate creative project. Need liek a studios, better than what I could do but pretty sweet horror flick from across the Atlantic. Happy to move on with having done something entertaining for a bit. There i said it it was entertaining. Not my favorite thing, but can appreciate the work, couldnt look away some scenes, some scenes you cant watch. Its like taking a sledge to some blood oranges and hook it to pieces. Excessive and splattery. More than splattery, soaked repeatedly.
James review was good lol. creature at the end was crazy. I think maybe I seen the author. not sure. He says you only watch this when you wanna watch something gross or get scared lol. Im just watching cause the old reviews. Fun to watch the movie first then learn random things about the film.

Poltergeist ’82

Another movie ruined for me by cable tv.
You know skimming through the channel 100s of times, while never watching the whole movie and skipping scenes if you are trying to watch it.
This time I was impressed with the effects, the ghostly apparitions and retro characters.
Actually the house from 82 has all the awesome toys and nostalgic feel to it.
Simpsons did it too. Wow and the poltergeist really imploded that house.
There was some pretty crazy scenes I remember. Some effects looking like ghostbusters. Maybe id watch it again it just seems like the movie ive seen 101 times.
Pretty good this time watching. Not nearly hardcore as the re-animator lol.
Spielberg. And actors dying that were in this movie. 4 cast members dying short order after the film came out. Poltergeist curse.
Tobe Hooper from Texas chainsaw.
Cant help but reading some reviews. I think maybe if you were exposed to this in the theatres opening night. Not like half scenes, assuming some cuts in film on cable tv for years.
I mean watching it again was fairly creepy. Gotta do the same with Hellraiser. Except I haven’t seen it so many times, and don’t recall seeing it on cable tv.

Re-Animator ’85

Really gory graphic rated, X rating. Or maybe im watching a edit.
Weird when it starts off non descript, then gives sick intro.
Every scene pretty gory.
Has a tense horrifying feel so far.

I know the song melody from dr. Kucho which is funny.
First time watching this. The skinny black tie is that necromancer character.
The doctor is the doc that tries too hard, all good qualities.
Lots of brain talk and that brain scene was particularly nasty. So far.
Dialogue and scenes are gross lol. Like oevr the top gross, now bonesaws.
Brain dissection lecture ala horror film, This tops the nastyness in movies i watched though.
This is like George A Romero steeze. More techno samples. I guess I expect to hear them all. I wonder how that would sound dnb. Science not superstition.
Anyways the necromancer is like screaming about brains, theory. The other doc aint too happy. The doc teaching the class, can be doc outdated. The fiance doc can be; wholesome doc.
Wine with the suits and doc outdated and the guy with the cheeks.
Gotta love the fake dinner setup just for that shot. Or as many dinner shots before you have to reset the take.
Its a dinner party with the fiance wholesome doc. So she leaves to show up mins before then shes like thats him at door. Different scene just why wouldnt they have travelled together.
High tension in the houshold after a toast i couldnt understand.
That ivory soap box (not-standable). I love 85 its when retro for me was new. When all of yesterdays dull clothes was bright and so on. Its -erfume free soap but I can still smell and picture it in my mind. Ivory. Distinct logo. uh oh the second they start looking for that missing cat is pretty ominous. You can tell its juts gonna be plot, and not gonna be pretty or good.
Love that late night math. Well I know what happeneed to sabrinas cat. Its in doc deaths fridge. Oh hes got the glowstick injectable. So i bet hell claim he saved it from roadkil or soemthing and trying to give it life. HP lovecraft whats that gonnna have to check all that. Im guessing something like tell tale heart. As such im sure Simpsons reference atleast one thing probably as a guess. Thats whats up though, watch this shit late night. Even it looks like sabrina teenage witch still some tense parts. Hes like to the stuffed pet, Im a doctor. Lemme chjeck for signs of life on this puppet. Must-have been fun making this song version I heard.
Lol so the explanation is the cat was messing around knocked the garbage over and a jar fell on its head and suffocated . If that somehow really happened the truth is stranger than fiction.
But yea hes the creep character all lawyer like. Then blackmail for being with his fiance andf threaten to get wholesome doc kicked out of school . What a guy. Imagine thats ur secret santa.
Sets up a really morbid stage. Anyways forget secret santa just roommate lol. With the screaming creature, its gotta be the revived cat so I cant wait to see this. OK that basement furnace scene was just outta control. Was pretty wild funny scene. Doc wholesome saves the day. The other guys got a mallet. So you cant r-reanimate without the glowstick fluid. Infernal beast. Ok this guy tops the villain list in recent movies I watched.
Cheeks and glasses pissed off for no reason. It sucks buddy is such a creep but would be much of movie without him. First thing you do when ur a security guard; leave the desk for some snacks. Isnt that stereotypical. And now I guess to convince glasses that it works on humans. Poor sabrina cat was just a cruel test subject.
Tried it in the morgue setting wrestling area. Doc necromancer and doc wholesome get beat up. The fiance dad is dead killed by the monster they created. Theyre trying to revive him now. The glowstick needle, just hasnt seen anything more than aggressive zombie results. Damn now hes beome the patient of his brain hospital.
This films got the cringe gross scenes. lol
Omg this movie is just gorefest zombiemani and hardcore they musta used truck fulls of blood. Thrills too. I think that migth be the end of doc necro and that was like dare I say more hardcore than Romero. Elevator scene was no joke lol. The whole conclusion was just crazy. Kinda wasnt expecting that, so that was awesome. Ulti-carnage gorefest.

Puppet Master ’89

NCAA NFL done. Still homework got this movie List to work through.
Halloween movie then puppets, and a water psychedelic effect. I feel like when i think of Halloween I dont think of the beach and a sunny hotel
Puppets are cool can be lightly creepy maybe. Puppet master pullin your strings. Wonder if Metallica seen this.
Looks like a fancy monte carlo. Marionettes have that Italian maybe Mediterranean. Says Ancient Greece with a internet search. Movie Calls it Bodega Bay in Im guessing maybe American no clue. I like geography and learning about new places.
Thats the good ol days. Entertaining yourself, with some music that isnt internet. I think if I was that dude paint the moviuing parts seperately let dry then re-assemble but whatevr I can see hes ‘acting’. Then the puppet is like hmph get back to work while I stare out the window lol. Like lady makes space for the critter, I mean camera guy.
lol the suits walked in step for like 5 seconds. Extended critter scene with some funny foley sound effects, like grunting and hustling. Alreeady I mean I got stuck into math but its necessary. There he is the title character lol. Scurrying around like a creature.
Critter made it to the elevator. Lots of dressed up extras walking around with the following leg and shoes scene. Maybe its the set but Playing for time was same-ish period looks way more 80’s
New York, this on ehas thee car elevator bellboy birdcage. The little puppet cover is blown its, a claymation style animation. Usually dont show the cover monster right away, to be fair, once he appears right in the box he goes. Hopefully those creatures get loose, and cause chaos on the populace cause theyre pretty funny puppet monsters. So far they seem tame and not monstrous at all. So the suits arrived at the door and I was expecting something to happen but the mystery of the puppet master, some one else will have to discover them Gotta mention the touching moment between old puppet guy and sad quiver lip killer marionette from the cover. New Character Leech dream what can I say. Present day Yale. Imagine you do math all your life to get to Yale then get killed by a puppet late 80s movie style lol. 10 math courses to be a major at Yale sounds tough. Like I say with chemistry if Homer can do it so can I.
Ok the fair in present day Yale looks 80’s out.
Yale dude has some problems and had a leech attack.
It was a dream to be exact.
Some new characters appear.
Crystal ball lady gives a compelling vision of puppet thing doing some dirty deeds. Somewhat funny scene. I guess that part was real. Not the grandpa part. Saying things like, you have a parent.. Construction. lol.
Its a strange movie. And im not sure whats gonna happen.
Enter some cool shots of New York 89. In a research docs office. Something about sexual fantasies it sounds ridiculous. Like what happened to the puppet masters house and the case . Side comment, I love butter. I love butter, only a lard ass would say that lol. Its true though. Anyways im a serious mental doctor, now tell me some erotic stories.
Weird movie weird cast weird plot.
___ Finished watching this it was ok, gets so strange at the end.
Last scenes are crazy lol.
The puppets are funny the rest is just strange movie took a while to watch, and in broken pieces maybe watch it again someday.
Didnt know about the director and the assembly line movie thats kinda cool.
Alrigth what’s next.

Nosferatu ’22

Silent movie so nothing to write about.
I closed my eyes, and there was nothing.
wow 98 yrs old.
Is anything I know 98 years old ?
Its close enough to the Century.
Its Dracula i just learnt, cause otherwise I know nothing of this film. Its silent and heard its creepy.
So I believe it. I dont know how but ill try to write it.
Just break from homework, and the groundhog days of my life.
Im thankful for the movie lists cause it always gives me something interesting to do.
I sat and thougth about what this movie is gonna be for a while but couldnt justify the 1.5 hrs to just sit.
Well and sometimes writing a few words on it seems like alot more effort than sitting idle, but something choose to do anyways.
Too much math and chem Its a chance to see something fantastic. Plus its covid its a nice thing to be excited over a 98 yr old movie.
Sometimes these movies get too silly but yea i guess to finish tangent how cable tv ruined Carrie for me, it was good watching it again, to fully appreciate it.
Kinda dreaded watching it. Im not mad it was on tv just channel surfing ruined it. Seeing several additions of half parts. Then the censoring for nudity or maybe not but I dont remember those scenes as a kid. If the Cable tv kept the boobs id be more inclined to watch it in entirety as young adult lol there I said it. But yea only need to see it once. Like the exorcist. I mean that was creepy, getting possessed. But see pretty much that walking down the streets.
4 years after ww1 , well thats creepy enough.
Death bird. blackbird and freebird.
Holy moly its digitized 1920s im looking at. Yellowish film.
Like really film.
Happy guy and 100 yr old cat.
locks in hair.
Theres some written dialogue im surprised. Not gonna write it out but its there. in Green.
Caricatures and spiritual symbols. More like symbols of the occult.
The fellow looks like scrooge.
Nice cackle evil laugh, & the mention of costing blood.
Journey to the land of ghosts and thieves.
Wife looking distraught.
100 yr old horse.
The flute sounds kind futuristic. Now the filter is Blue thats strange.
Ok outdoor blue, indoor amber. Ohj buddy having a good time drinking and having some dinner.
People are like you cant go to there. All shocked faces,scratching their heads. But the reason given is the werewolves. That innkeeper with the blond hair and the intersting wizard sleeves and collars. The werewolf roams the forest. Hes like ahaha so funny. Its a hyena or looks like . Really old fashioned. Poofy shirts. Love that laughter face hes liek nah I wasnt reading that was I ? AHAHAH Throws it on the ground.
Flute music sounds futuristic. Travelling music opposite Oregon trail. Hes like ur on ur own pal.
So what the rich dude back at the village sends Dracula some fresh meat every so often thats not sustainable. Unless just need a little bit of blood. Nice horse scenes. Some negative scenes. Some old cloacks. That wagon and whistle just strange. Weird european baseball cap. Nice theres an Act. Sorry gotta say nosferatu ? really a bad person? didint wake up his servants.
Or servants is a lie and hes gonnas eat Butter or Rutter. Was it just me or did wagon cart driver seem the same as big nose ? He looks so comic reading that.
Nice a pursuit. buddy get ur garlic ready lol. When you cut yourself and the guy says oh the precious blood lol. Gotta be feeling like bugs bunny in the cauldron. Nice actual castle though. That would be some maintenance cleaning up castle wolfenstein. He got bit lol sleeping. Hes like ahaha. Letter delivery guy on horseback. Looking at the pic lol. Nice neck. Well what can you do when your job is to sell the house next to yours to dracula. Hes lanky and odd. Even his wife tippy toes out the room. Almost jumps out the window hypnotized minds. Shadows are pretty good. Hutter.. i wonder if hell turn. Harmless blood congestions thats wassup. Anyone can say that i saw it on a movie from 1922. lol. Yeh that castle is awesome. Giant casket and there he is lol. All wretched. So why cant he escape. Too much of a jump. what, and all those caskets unloading themselves well I guess he is moving into his new house. Nice river rafting down the river cool scene. So Dracula on his way to Ellen. Hutters wife. Oh man that would suck being in a hospital in 1920s some true terror. I wonder if the bad guy wins or not. Carnivorous plants and rats too. A new character. The professor robes. Wow looks like Hutter changing to vampire. Not sure what that scene was. OK sweet she got the letter. Lets go bring it to Ellen. Or something like that. Wait hutter didnt change ? Who was that his boss I dunno who ws sucking flies and bugs. Nice boating footage. shot from another boat looks like. Another brass instrument sound for travelling boats on the black sea. The rats. Nice Dracula raising on a board scene. Jumps overboard lol. Lovbe that creepy upright walk. Captain can only pilot half the dasy the rest sleeping. Why all the strange nuances. Who chose and why do we know it all. I wonder will he rescue the wife. I expect the village to put up some resistance. Well so it was the banker guy hes a vampire then. Hes such a black toothy hunchback. Cursed earth. Burried before. Cant we all just get along. lol. Ok so he brings si dirt to the house next door. poor town. Creeping through witht he coffin of dirt is a bizzare premise. He surf across with a boat. Now the other boat. Captain is a vampire now ? I dont get that part. Or he dead. Plague now. Omg theyre not wearing masks lol.
Puttin the crosses on the door. Maybe during passover lol. Occult book. Its like quit making faces and read the book lol. Like what happened to Hutter he was a jolly character. Oh his wife pissed. Hes like I did it for money. I wonder what the audio was before. Illness spreading through town, know that feeling. Not really seeing the bodies get dragged out plague style. I like how people always falling over in the 20s. Lame shes gonnna sacrifice herself for Hutter. I guess its like a gossip scene, theyre like spotted him starts chasing him mob style. Grotesque. Shes making a I love you tapistry .. wow that wirey stringy hair hunchback. And there we go pitch fork guy, leading the way. Kill the scarecrow. Shes like wakeup I let him in. Grotresque shadows and long spindely fingers. Get the proffessor. lol. Nice bathrobes. looks like he got heer, but she kept him so busy that the sun crept in. Who disapearing special effect. Who would choose to work for such a creep, money. Ok so shes still alive but infected? Nosferatu. That was pretty epic for 98 yrs old. Creepy vampire.

___ oh here im reading some wiki content. Expressionist horror. Some antisemetic undertones. I handnt really thought of it. Florence stoker the actual Dracula Heiress won some copyright infringement and won. But the movie still exists. Now anyone can write about Dracula or no. Wow you can watch it on the wiki page. No filters. The magic of the internet. Some other awesome shadow scenes. Kind or ironic mid pandemic. Maybe its a vampire blood sucker.

Carrie ’76

First time watching this in forever.
John Travolta.
Womens shower scene, the original slow motion action scene. Pretty racy for 76 some crotch and dropping soap blood scenes. I just got it playing in the background doing some other things meanwhile.
Just a horrible highschool experience for this Carrie girl omg. People so cruel. But I know what happens in this movie ultimate revenge movie..
Really all I remember is the very last scene at the dance. They certainly didint include that much shower scene on analog cable tv Or did they.
Smoking ion the office lol. Cigarette in the face lol. I think any non smoker is like Carrie. lol its funny when she made thee kid crash his banana seat bike lol. Lets see what horrible thing will happen next to Carrie.
Shes like read the sins of woman. Shes crazu/
Carries mom is the villain in all of this and her schoolmates. Shell turn into a monster though. Its sweet shes telekenetic though. I rememebr class like that to be fair I would hate going to that school too lol. Imagiune really these actors gettying transported to the 2020s how bizarre and crazy that would be for them. MAybe theres a Carrie anniversary where they talk about the film. So there ius a bonus clip with some people involved in the movie.

The discipline from the coach is a start of another campaign against Carrie. I I think the shorts are hilarious. 1976 seems so strange to me, a good 9 years before I was born, yet youve have to be around during the 70’s to really enjoy the 80’s. Im enjoying the 80’s right now still. The gym class. Sure enough PT punishment leading to. lol the teacher slaps the student . lol. Thats just an odd scene. The bully gang fallin apart. Thats so funny the PT punishment crying. Its a chuckle atleast. Some evil plots going on. I dont remewmber Travolta but there he is. IKts liek yeh drink and drive. Doing in movies. the cop flashlight in your face lol. Disco pre-80 driving the strip. pulltab can. 70’s fonts. Its cool its like a time capsule. Coal miner daughter. Really looks like that 70’s show. This movie probably gave so many people fear of gym class. Its obviously more interesting as Rated R picture. The prom here comes some mayhem for Carrie. Cant help but feeling sympathetic. Then its like what ulterior motives. Trying to hurt her.More of an emotional horror, rather than liek the haunted mansion liek spookies. Some effects, realistic horror. I dunno trying to categorize it. 44 years old Its established. Imagine they had cellphoens is a funny concept lol. Ew pig factory. Baseball bat the pig for ur girlfriend lol. wtf. I can sense the mayhem is just. Back to closet so its just non stop trauma for Carrie. Good sport actor to go through all that splashing screaming nudity. you got that stabby violin music Pretty fitting, Anyways isnt it weird these highschool kids going through the whole process of getting / setting up the blood. Totally savage plan. Yes now we know in 2020 that ruins someone trying to give your classmate ptsd for life. Its like there was Columbine kind of a turning point in bullying history maybe. Lots more froshing pre-columbine I guess is what im sayin. The mom is totally crazy , theyre all gonna laugh at you some foreshadowing. Like i was saying time capsule for anyone that didnt experience 1976 prom. And if you did can compare your prom to the one in the movie. Liek the back to the future. Pro is pretty busy. Bates high school kinda like BAtes motel
Wow Carrie is Stephen Kings first novel thats intersting. Debut. Carrie gets here fun prom moment shes smiling lol about to go downhill in not much time. Just all the anxieties all at once Stephen King knows.
Wonder why Carrie gets picked on, I mean to me they all look nearly ridiculous. Ruthless plan unfolding. Its like the perfect prom or is it. Was caught reading up all on this badlands movie about a murdering guy and his young gf. Well there it is the diabolical plan unfolding. Its like yep see it there and the teachers are all proud of what they did. Getting whole audience clapping for being prom kind and queen Bucket Dangling.Its like someone built the incredible machine. Ew . Anyways epic scene how could anyone forget that. Theyre all gonna laugh at you abnd the face of horror she has. The double shot is kinda cool. Like the crazy conductor of a haunted mansion. Conductor of death. Carrie definetly turnt into monster. Alot of there death scenes pretty saveage. Whats another Stephen King Story, Cujo where all the horror happens near the end. I guess this is kinda liek that. Although the mom scenes are crazy. Surely that dude, her date knew about it. N ice rollover car explosion. theres a franchise. Kids music and the stabby mom is pretty horrific. Slow death. Thats a pretty horrific scene I thought she might shake back to life. Weird end and tghe house is gone. Weird Jesus figurine looks like the way in which the mom was killed. As adult and not watching on TV so much better than I remember. Carrie white burns in hell. Some good screaming and mental horror. .. And shes still in the ASYLUM lol

Spookies ’86

Its a honest film.
Opening sequence.
Its like got a light.
No idea what to expect lol.
Right away hes toast

So in my own words, buddy just got his bag of loot stolen
hes like my dreams will actually happen
Other guys’s like eh u got a light for an old man,

This movie on the knife edge

Theres more to this movie lol
I like this movies takes its time.
the most bizarre movie lol.
Hard core good acting

This has some goood development
OK its ovver
wow wha an abominatiojn buit i love this movie and the people that
10/10 would watch again lol
epic bad movie lol
Whoever made this is good movie id say
budddy thats a work of art right there.