Xmas movies

Happy NYE in my time zone everyone.
Ill fix the front page just wanna write some about the movies I seen over holidays, thats what this is anyways or original intent is the entertainment log if i keep some school things just cause its a tool thats it. Reminds me to make the front page. Ill do it eventually. Disney+ general review pretty awesome.

Treasure Island, seen the movie before the book, i thought it was awesome. It glowed out like a diamond after i seen the William Henley storey dunno why I keep spelling that with a.
Fuckin treasure island! and that obviously led to some Pirates of the Caribean Bloody hell talking like a piratre always in fashion. With the grimaces, lol.

Soul, that was dope, from Jazz to incredible story line, a visceral , emotional cool story, some humour, the Jazz and magic moments explanation, i thought the voice acting was awesome. Just yea reminded me a little of Fantasia in a way.

What else the Rogue one was fun, Watched the “Dont look up” that was pretty wild lol. Im happy for Leo, hes always had a knack for being in the best films, I mean like revenant, this last one look up, fuckin wolf of wall street.Sorry to say; titanic, he needs to come back and experience a real chinook, although even for that vs the climate change and a little silly appearance at the cop 26 I still ,like the guy lol, the teenage girl heartthrob from my youth, lol . Hes not Canadian, I think he makes a good official guest despite all that crap lol. But the movie itself fuckin crazy yo. Wild ass satire. Like effects , range of emotions. Makes me wanna be a stargazer,. gotta do it all. So an inspiring movie for me. yeh I dont edit ahaha.

Next, What else Rogue 1, Second time seeeing it was just as good the second time, for me feature lengths its the best of the stand alone series that ive seen so far, Bravo. Sorry to hear about the one time characters, I was like whats this ? When i first seen it, however its a powerful film with extra star wars action and drama, overall the acting is good. Some part im like ugh. Tarking fuckin wild. Space battles races wild. Battles and suspenses are exciting. Its a real sing along in terms of cheering along. Cause the Death Star activation sequences. Then the hologram messages, and the whole comes together at the episode Iv correlian corvette opening scene. Except this time, the scene is shown of the princess right after making her message and the hot pursuit by Darth Vader, that scene fuckin crazy. Darth Vader as powerful as seen before probably. Hes just layin to waste anything in his path.
Happy New Years.

Watched some Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer the stop motion, that was gud. Been a while since I seen that. Really well done, the dentist elf, rock on lol. I dunno I gotta watch the making of or learn more bout that one, thats pretty gud.

What else trailer park boys xmas special, fuck thats funny. Thats definetly got a Canadian trailer park cranked up stereotype, but fuck its funny. Its like documentary style can help but watch and laugh at the hilarity your witnessing its so overkill, its got a little stooges themes in it. It pokes jokes at alcoholism and other undesirable topics.
I dunno thats all i got.
Watched more halves of other movies.

Lol watched the Sitter , Jonah Hill it was pretty funny, funny ass kids just doing mischief.

Played some Risk 2201 lots of rules, added some new elements to the game lol.

Watched the new matrix resurrections movie, was good, gotta love the Keanu, breaking the 3rd wall, I was like what the fuck is going on, then it revealed itself it was quite epic. Takes me back 20 years like wtf. I gotta say like ive told everyone else, after matrix 1, 2& 3 were kinda rinsed, but they came back huge for this one. These types of movies they like redefine movies in general. Or what a movie can actually be. You know its nostalgic seeing your ‘heroes’ from back in the day, as they are today… that crazy hacker JTHM look maybe was it fashionable that flip phone ? 90s were wild. But, yea sorry the one complaint I had was no-Lawrence Fishburne, you know gotta love the Fishburne as a actor, Apocalypse now, yea. They did a cool nod-too, with Keanu sayin sorry, but yea it did work through the story, The agents were different but the way they explained it was cool. So some good acting, also playing the hollywood cheeze to your advantage. I really liked it, and it was a good lenght, they didnt milk it like 2 & 3, once again why not fishburne thats weird to me.. Afraid to pay the cost? Or whats up. Some good cheer moments though. Love the Kung-Fu, love the computers, love the dystopian machine world how grimey it is and the switch it up on em that the humans power the robotics world. I guess thats the Gaia vs Robots style shit. Pretty wild, then they started taking some themes from the new star wars, like the reporgrammed droids, and the Robots, that fight vs the evil robots, plot twists, I wasnt clever enough to figure out, but i was surprisingly pleased with those big reveals. Fuckin Matrix bro living inside a simulation. So many metaphors you dont know whats real anymore. MEh thats all i got. Watched a bunch of movies justa quick note on what I recall and my initial impression, shit changes after a while i think itll be interesting to revisit some of these experiences, thats what it is right. Entertainments experiences, looking at subjects through a different lense, rinse repeat lol. Feeling a little rusty on the writings so its nice to spend a bit of time just fuckin with the blog its always a rewarding experience. Just bvetter use of time, than just watching and not logging.

Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I bought it on youtube.
Ok first i played myself, thinking the shit woulndt come on, i mean come on.
The screen black is so weird what the fuck. Played yourself sun! lol thats funny.
lol funny,. the video was dark i though t it was a joke,,
Already the intro is a special thing,
yea pro opening credits.
theyre like mixing it all up. purpous
I like it .
Creative golden years i dunno awesome animation
Its awesome just thrash that ordinary.
Stanley Kramer, first time i heard that.,.
I know a bit not too much just enough. sick driving
whoa .
lol dying words about pot of gold thats hilarious…
imagine hearing that in Forrest gump NAm scene.
All the old faces from back in the day , i dont know half of em
Johnny carson right,.. lol ill probably regret this but just gonna roll with I dont know, lets just move along.
I was preocupied with something now im back lol, love how didnt need to write this or that but I do anyways.
Hes too old to be johnny carson, im just like movie takes me for a loop cause i dont know.
Tough when theres the radio too but work through it it is what it is, Is that Sinatra, nah….
These characters its from a era i guess i know nothing about, kinda humbling all the faces look familiar but i dont know shit, till after i look it up.
Abbot and costello or the other way around.
OK they all racing for the 350gs its some nice american scenery, theyre all in their different styled vehicles. Really vintage more than i particularly know.
That radio shack lol. This movie is definetly really interesting to watch.
Whoa Ecto 1 wow. Big W
its like a joke on the macdonalds maybe. Before GPS and how to tell a story on film like that. Now its all just mega command center .
This is some wild ass movie. lol. Gotta love the vintage car rat race, isnt that what thi is lol, rat race bit this hard right.
Or its a common theme. Lol this movie freaking hilarious.
Almost need like a booklet guide just great really.
Movie making at its finest.


lack of a better spot

Hitmans wife bodyguard
Blazzing saddles well who hasnt seen that.
Cat Balou that sounds interesing
support your local sheriff
Paint your wagon
Tank circa 1984

Night in the museum series.
Watch 12 episodes in correct sequence.

Victoria street
William Ernest Henley
Treasure island.
Revenge of the Ninja
More ideas from the

The Three Stooges

Got caught watching three stooges, decided I was gonnna go all in.
Something weird about watching the old stooges episodes, makes me feel a little strange.
Where do I start. Cloumbia pictures, how boss back in the day.
I guess the company turned to Sony.
Thats a company I can get behind Columbia pictures.
I really admire the stooges.
OK so lemme describe a stooges episode.
Three men, Happening to be at a place.
Its like job offer, then screw up job amidst the chaos then find a new role for the stooges and hilarity ensues.
My favorite episodes are the handyman style, where they trash evertyhing.
Something melancholy about wacthing the stooges.
Its like yeh the current events, ww2 . It strikes a weird impression with me.
Stooges looking for work while the normal people pass by lol.
Its real but its fantasy.
Good natured but its sad in a way i dunno.
Watching old ass media.
Such a crazy thing to watch in the 2020s the shits like 80 years old.
What strikes me is all these scenes, weve all heard before the original comedy.
The sets , theres some racism in it but not that bad, its always good natured.
The stooges always on the edge of crime.
The indians with coal in their pants, its plays out like a comic book.
Reminds me of being a kid. People so hungry from the great depression its quite a shock to see full screen.
Then it reminds me of my youth.
Stooges shows how cold the world is, cant get food late on rent, looking for work all the problems of a individual.
Something totally genius about it too.
Really i can connect with that disconnect from society and the mean world.
ANd the army and drill too it makes it extra funny.
I think i watched 44 episodes or so.
Lets get in the characters.
Moe the leader, the brain of the 3. He always gets the mop in the face.
Moe commands the three.
Larry is a strange character hes like moes bitch lol. gets dragged around by his hair, higher up then curly.
Curly best character probably, victim of circumstance, 3rd man down the list. Hes always the first casualty or victim lol.
Also just a funny character in mannerism and voice.
I like all the stooges even lary hes part of the show. Hes always getting jerked around by his hair, and he seems half smart just moe brings him down lol.
These characters are just the most ridiculous its overkill ridiculous..
slipping falling smashing through walls. the fun dont stop.
Its just nothing but jokes.
If you had to categorize people, those that went to church or those that skipped and watched the 3 stooges lol.
Would god punish you if you chose to watch the 3 stooges, or reward you.
Its so good natured, on the verge of criminal murder, but just on the edge, but they are inocent and meaning well.
I cant help but think of it sad in a way, just watching from the future now, you know their fate.
What is with the human brain or my brain stuck onto some old memories like that.
Some existential shit where the past is a better world then today.
I cant say that 2021 is worst than 39, the world had alot of growing up to do.
And what of the starvation themes in these episodes.
Basically humans aint wanted lol, the stooges is just that, people trying to fit in where they arent accepted.
Theres no room for stooges in the world. and i think i can relate with that idea.
Never once have I felt wanted or needed in this world, except if im supposed to be doing the dying r the cleaning up.
Had to fight tooth and nail to secure my spot.
And the stooges perpetually stuck here.
On the other hand its the orignial simpsons and OG comedy.
Nah its like hip hop in the 80s, plenty of ways to die or do drugs on the street and end your life.
Its the hip hop that maintains the sanity, the dance the raps, the music.
Only once youve commited the crime then, the government takes note.
Meanwhile they arent the ones with the after school.
Its liek the graffiti artists say, man city doesnt care if you die.
Bazilions in the penal system, with no resources on the street to help a man.
Thats what the stooges are.
Artists without a meal. And the Charicature is fiitting.
I cant believe i related hip hop and stooges together but there it is.
What does a single man owe society and what does society owe to a man.
What does a man owe to society.
A society thats shunned a man his whole life.
No loitering no standing no being here.
Then we pay into a system that fucks us thanks.
Supposed to help us, but some bone head decided that that money was for him instead.
And, hes got the gun like a god damned tyrant.
Sugar Barons Coal Barons, would it be any different if I was at the helm hell yeah. makes me think of Canergie.
I dont know if Canregie did anything really that special than any other man, except he was in the position he thought and then did something.
I defeintley see myself as the Carnegie type.
I guess id have to contest did carnegie do anything ill to inherit his steel wealth.
As for stock any of the steels is a not a hto investment.
I have a feeling though steel and the coal metalurgic coal in demand could be more more in demand.
Anyways fuck steel Id rather humanity.
Anyways yeh back to carnegie he really impresses me.
Building libraries around the world.
And, yea why didnt others do the same, im looking at you bezos.
Then back to the society.
The society doesnt want people the society wants less, and emphasis on the stay the fuck off my property style.
Then its like yea theres a problem let someone else deal with it.
Stooges episode, their all in france, cant pay the rent, trying to paint a picture, itll sell when your dead.
Its liek yeah its comedy but aint that a fact.
something about justice or lack thereof.
Curly machine gun hat what a interesting thing.
Curly is the best character.
Nicest of the three maybe most honest. maybe not.
What else the cars.
The cars are amazing in the three stooges,
Just brand new old cars, like a regular cuba.
Oh gawd dont get me started lol
But yea that curly machine gun hat, thats just something you dont see now.
Kinda like paliachi the tragic clown lol.
Not that the wife was cheating more like, the comedy is sad to an effect.
I juyst imagine to be born in the 39’s and make the world a better place than it is today, is maybe why i reminisce,
Also I imagine being born in another period in time such as Isaac neton time etc, youd be stuck in middle ages, people rumaging about their cargo vessels and like how to do you break the mold from the ancient times, it must have been a difficult thing, something i should keep note of. Just like picture it your born in the 1700s or earlier how disconected that place is of of here.
Wow mind boggling.
Now the machines will outlast humans, but its realy the limitations If you had to live 300 years you couldnt. Vampires maybe.
That whole story line is a connecticut man in king arthurs court. weird.
Whats the other thing.. If Stooges is creative whats the latest creative thing before stooges must be on paper and pen, cause aint much picture before that.
That freaking columbia logo though is something else.
I love it, its majestic, its fantastic, its sureal, how did they make it ?
You know just looking back kinda miss VHS. Youtube is almost as good. but youtube lacks in some things.
I wonder if someone a thousand years from now, is able to view three stooges freely. What would human from the future think lol.
Anyways whats it all worth; trying to have a discussion about the stooges and how i can percieve that. Even nowadays no one has time for any stooges.
Shit is long forgotten ago.
Squid games, new current event show popular worldwide atm.
The stooges have trust amongst themselves in a humorous way.
Squid games a show about breaking trust.
Squid games its like the best writing. Story within a story.
Actually id love to see three stooges in squid games, thats a kiler concept.
The first scene theyre playing marbles then it cuts to the stooges messing with triangle face lol.
I guess machine guns were the new invention of the time.
Even in this blog I feel the only one interested in these things as if Im from another planet.
I dont fucking care, I love the stooges, Fuckin glory days of holywood pre war.
I wish more was like the stooges now and less woke.
Lets talk about racism.
In the stooges episode I was a bit worried cause i send this shit to my friend, got japanese black and native friends all possible charicatures.
OK heres what I saw. Giant black man dressed as voodoo with doctor with hog style bone in his nose. Is that racist or just a caricature of a freak voodoo cannibal doctor. besides he kinda wooped the stoooges assses.
they ran away cause they didnt wanna be soup. Ok maybe im looking at racism the wrong way. All the rich people are white, he dressed like a cromagnon. Trying to eat people. Ok ill concede wheres the rich black lawyer. Slash mayor? Land owner, ok in that sense its racist, do you forget what the hell your watching. Its very grapes or wrath ish.
Omg i forgot shemp. Who is shemp. hes not an original stooge. weird but still love him.
Id say to my worst enemy here lets watch some stooges throw a pie in my face call it a day were even and lets be friends lol.
Theres a episode where Moe mock hitler fuckin crazy lol. But, its truth. Thats why rigth now im liek 3 stooges is the greatest shit on the planet.
Before you can even catch your breath! pie in the face! Its so funny it makes me cry.
Thats another one too was the Japanese charicature, when thwey all dress japanese. yikes that is not something thats generally well taken. Its more of a taboo, thats why im kinda exploring it. I can see the tension of the war, you know american vs germany and japan, pearl harbour etc.
Then the arab sultan with all the harems that was a funny episode, not nearly as racist towartds german and japanese.
Yea the thing with the whole thing not trying to hurt anyone cept probably the germans or japanese at the time. Its good natures, the stooges usually get their asses kicked. Its california after great depression , people arent wanted much, theyre trying to make people laugh. Which is commendable. Just liek making sponge bob gay, it has nothing to do with it. Out of context in a sense perhaps. Its the joke setup so anything goes. Some magic story about making the story go on.
This might not be the best example but im writing it out never the less. Its fuckin holyywood yea we know holly wood greasy, racist in fact nowadays, but aint no one calling out bollywood for not having ebough white people. How about german propaganda films, that was racist cause they didnt show other races, its just a complete ridiculous argument. Even though i would err on the side that hollywood turned into some sick abomination lol.
Heres another, how many people died on the set of three stooges vs the baldwin set.
Thats shitty story from current events.
As the guy is swinging a wild scimitar.
Everytime a stooge episode on im just chuckling away I can tell the hilarity right away.
The stooges are gung ho and ready to do any job. Which is more than most nowadays. When it comes to competence holy fuck id vote for the stooges over you know who ahaha.
Im fuckin inspired though.
Alright last goal. write out some commentary to a live episode, I just gotta do one thing first.


Plato that shits fascinating.
Like I said what u need is a academic thug Because observing the truth , then not doing anything about it. Well thats just UN-righteous.
Not saying violence is the answer by anymeans just u need a clever out the box solutions for complex problems as such.
Even a stooge stands up to the bad guy.
Like how fascinating would that be Plato, Stooges episode. Debate plato. Debate playdough lol.
I bet I could out debate the fuck outta plato the stooges anyone really.
Plato id be like you dont know shit my friend, lap of luxury making observations, any ol stooge could make.
Larrys grimace thats the best lol.
Thats my face rigth now while i write this.
Alrigth im bitter, im already better but fucking bitter lol.
Everything looks so new.
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Hahah ok the episode im watching is at Rockin thru the rockies, wow stooges write it like i do.
Curly just shot moe in the foot lol.
These ladies hired the stooges to get em through the mountains, and all they doing is shooting each other in the foot.
And then the horses escape.
Yo thats another thing about these episodes lots of cool animals, lions..
I gotta tell you nothing funnier than writing about seeing the stooges dressed up like voyageurs.
Yeah not only that the sets, they all chilling in some log cabin, fuck its way oldschool and just an 1930s impression of the past before that.
Whats the idea.
going out in the snow to take a piss lol. everyone know that. Curlys hum lol.
Holy shit a black bear.
old dirty matress. from outside. Curly and the bear lol.
Hes right up next to it wow
lol he jumps back in bed lol. they all shivering so funny.
I know what im doing you think im a dope lol
LArry gets buried in snow, i cant even keep up.
Ill fuckin exterminate you
Moe ets smacked in the head with the butt end of a axe lol
Prairie schooner with no horse.
The winter set amazing.
lol Larry got a fish pushes moe down the hole lol
nyuk nyuk nyuk.
now theyre fighting over the line.
This fish looks like moe ahahaha
Indians show up get stuck face first in the snow.
Coumbia logo so good.

Curly punches a cop in the nose lol
hair tonic lol,
this shits ridiculous

Yea more stooges form the late 30s to the late 60s right.
Mike Matei beat stooges NES.
Thats amazing best video game player I know.
Him and Arcus, forsure, bets retro game players. i mean some specific speed runner game its crazy yea.
I dunno more stooges the jokes dont get old.
Setup after setup. Running gags.
Learn so much about the Stooges,
Curly short life funny as fuck.
Moe, Shemp the older brothers.
Larry fine, the arm burnt by acid incident, boxing violin.
C3 entertainment, Screen gems, Sony Pictures.
Poem by Moe, to his mom. Moes Daughter..
Theres a official youtube and website, pulled a free background off there.
Love the stooges and that vaudevillians vaudeville plays.
No emotional connection just funny situations.
Kids in the Hall and SCTV came up. Gonna be watching those after.
Comedy as a form of protest, its not really a protest its a counter argument display.
Fascinating to think about. And, just world needs more comedians of all styles.
i think that current event, making fun of that disabled kid, is mostly wrong its just cheap humor. Its like everyone that drives BMW , range rovers is a total deuche.
Its liek yea it might be stereotypically true, but still its a low blow. I find people that participate in that type of humor really get it back in mysterious ways, so I may make a inside joke between friends or on a unsecure line, but its meant for certain ears,buddy I aint going speaking on a mic with kids and family present.
Yea Abbott from Abbot costello stealing jokes from Moe.
Stooges just the purest form of comedy i love it. Part of what makes it funny it maybe like the outfits are sacreed then they get trashed. Nowadays you gotta be provacative get in peoples face almost with the offensive shit. I guewss i wouldnt agree with the sub par comedy that only tries to be provocative, you gotta be experienced and know. Not just lets do A cause B will be offended. I guess thats the key for me, knowing what makes A funny and true. And, who cares about B, it isnt about B.
Lol want some comedy look up some funny xmas costumes. Home alone..

More stooges bout 100 episodes in. Gotta love the stooges, Curly was sick or dying, sad. Shemps first shows are great though hes so lovable its equally enjoyable, although miss curlys jokes he was legendary. Yea christyne MAcintyre fun actress. Good singer, man love some of those sing and dance routines. Stooges dressed up as ballerinas. Lol Their effort for a job is quite hilarious, they are good natured and good hearted so its hilarious to watch. Like the tiger ripping the trains shoeshine pants buttox, that was outrageous. Moe is the best over actor, Larry salways saves the day. Shemp is up and atom. Oh yea the hot coal in the shorts thats hilarious. Comic book style. Curly flirting with the nurses priceless. Im thankfull for the stooge experience Its a lesson in Film and entertainment and the past Ill never forget. And im extremely grateful for a quick laugh here and there. Those guys were dedicated o comedy, and I dont mean being super deep or controversial I mean knee slapping slapstick funny. Its often so ridiculous. Those some dangerous stunts, and notice how they dont say ” no animals hurt during this production. Maybe a little testament to the Francis Ford Cappolla last authoritarians in Hollywood. Ya though experiment I wonder what the Stooges would think of the apocalypse now. lol.

Ok weird I found more. Cy Schindell boxer turned actor, he was in Its a wonderful world. xmas. Cy Schindell Rest in peace, the guy was a marine too. Jungle rot eurgh good job looking after the fam though.

Been a minute since visited the Stooges, well first of all the playlist on my youtube disappeared. That really made me sad, fuckin youtube ads on the cellphone too gotta use a mozilla browser, and re-login its just a paint. you know whats fuckin annoying too is some lame ass content creator add from the 2022’s covered plastered up over the stooges, it ruins the experience, so need those on DVD thats something thats worth it to me. Need a mhome entertainment unit not a computer laptop, but oldschool CRT VHS, DVD remote control. Been some good stooges episodes lately. Its such funny nature, they get fired from a job only to crash into another office. Just to land into another job. Shit makes me laugh man. Now they are dentists lol. Something also sad about it cause they dead, and well thats where I come in. Family members mom, got me a vhs of the new stiooges cartoon for xmas when i was a wee little on i musta watched that tape 100 times, so to be reconnected with something from my youth is magical, the new curly and they get old. Itys like in the 70s credit cash card. Ill forever love the stooges though and thankful for that glimpse and experience the old days. Event rhough ww2, they kept the humor and the jokes and positive-ness going. And well C3 entertainment and Sony they keep it going too. I prefer the xbox, but Sony goty the stoooges and seinfeld, well anything thats awesome has Columbia, to Sony. MGM is opk but i really prefer that Columbia. Ok to be clear MGM has James bond Rocky , poltergheist which i reviewed on the blog, i wateched alll the Rockys before i create this. Heres some bangers, Robocop, All dogs go to Heaven, stargate, GI joe, Tomb Raider.
Columbia though has too many to list. Columbia rules MGM im sorry. MGM has Adams family i love that though. Columbia justy has tenfold more of what i like shows and movies. Sorry opinions. Imagine seeing every columbia movie thats probably where im headed. Anywyas has nothing to do with stooges really just this is what ive learnt from watching stooges. Care bears movie lol that takes me bacvl ahahaha.What a different world nowadays. Like it better back then Shit is kinda cool nowadays but green screen graphic doesnt match up to real content and 80s flair. Everything so fuckin emo these days.
Anyways wrapping up these 1951 episodes. Um theres a Pacific theme forsure, I cant really pin point when it started but definetly noticing it. So obviosuly after the war, and some pacific themes, all sorts. Animals, to dance, to themes, its becoming more common maybe, and obviosuly capt ovious i dont even know why i chose to write that lol. Gotta love the end of the war vibe. Window into anotther world. What can i say its intyertesting to me. Totally innacessible unless you were to do some type of themed room set piece, or watch a film. Probably was more quiet less radiowaves 5g lol, less buzzin. Probably was some tough living just watched a NewYork air drill 1951. Thats crazy. Thats amazing James Cagney Thats warner bros, I didnt include warner bros in last comparisonm but i got nothing against the bros lol, i like looney tunes and spacejam lol. 50s country cowboy. Learning about AC leigthon had to check out my town in the 50s too, form a painting. Thats a good find AC Leighton. Royal tour the Queen looks so young. Im blown away seeing all these images, I never though something close to me would be connected to the stooges like that, just randomly searching the internet always finding the most interesting things. I love jusat searching down the rabbit hole never really looking for anything but finding all sorts of cool shit. Thats really quite fascinating to me, get an idea of what it was like back then, gotta watch more film and i guess the historic events too. Gonna have to watch some walt disney wonderful world of color.
Anyways last stooges episodes of 51, always find that post war vibe interesting. Shemp kisses More ahaha. Cat in a bag. The pies are flyin.
Last 20 episodes or so left. I can name off all the stooge gags, lol classic california style.
Freakin love the stooges though its just so comical to me, and now its like serious tv or comical tv
I know its old fashioned and outta date alot still relevant today. Still holds up alot though yea fter 150 episodes its a wonder how some of the jokes didnt get that old or repetitive, the ol fancy dinner wiht pieds flying. Making drinks or food, or ripping wires outta drywall “Repairs”

Name all the stooges gags freestyle. Been watching so much retro commercials. Gotta hvae my pops lol
Every job you can think of every crime, fancy peope getting sprayed.
Curly Dancing , and the wardrobe tears.
Cooking and serving, mioxing batches of paint in with the foods.
Being chemist and rocket scientists, pilots, test subjects, doctors, jobless , homeless , indians, frontier, *Not future yuety i dont think,except for extra beards.
Crashing inherintances, prospecting jokes. The last one, im Halliday im Taraday. Im Labor day.
When the last time you seen someone sitting on a bear trap lol
Arrow in the butt, coals in the pants did i say that. Spooked by height, flying dummy. Spooked by wolf ghost. Theres so many to name. Ive gotten used to the Shemp Episodes miss Curly Shemp is good, then read in the comment he died shortly after a few more days past a release.
Horse in the house, falling outta trees. Shemp died that sucks. I can watch another curly episode.
Forget the new guys name, theres a new intro.
There was a space episode, for late f50s it really looked like flash gordon still.
Back to the stooges, watching again from the beginning.
Fun to see Curly.
I stil feel like theres lots to leanr and see, that i might have missed the first time.
Really love the stooges.
Shout out to Kong ’33 again came up in a oscars speech/video from James Cinnemassacre.
Speaking of Oscars, so Will Smith slapped Chris Rock lol who seen that coming lol.
Theres a big list of Oscar films worth watching.

Second time watching, the Womans haters cluib was pretty funny speaking in rhymes initiating the train guy, when Curly is stuck in the train room wiht larrys wife lol. hes like banging his head in the room lol.
And Punch Drunks fuck that shit is funny. Thats when they all meet up for the first time, and Larry on the Fiddle, the good ole days.

Not gonna write a page for Spiderman, no way home, i seen it though it was excellent and shout out to Columpia pictures i was happy to see the logoi and that they create epic movies. Nothing against any other production studio i just have a soft spot for Columbia because of the stooges. And thats trhe particular film lable im researching lately. shit takes time you know.
and once im done on Netflix going to the disney plus to catch up on all those classics. Spiderman no way home awesome.

The Super Inframan ’75

Movie was awesome . Had to watch it dubbed.
What can I say the costumes we awesome the Kung fu was awesome.
Wasnt too long. It was funny watching it nowadays. Its like the original power rangers. The sets were great the villains were great. The control rooms and computers were fun. Inframan was awesome. The fight choreography awesome. Props awesome. Some older effects like the drawing colored light on screen were neat to see. I like the tracking beams. Mortocycle chases, the boat scene. The scenery. The 70’s style outfits. All in all just a fun movie. I especially like the dragon princess. The eyes on hands, the creative super hero, the challenges to overcome like the losing power. The creative mosnters, tentacle guy and spring guy. I think I heard a slide whistle when the dragon princess jumps. Definitely would watch again, or something similar. Just dont make movies like that anymore.

Apocalypse Now ’79 ~ 2000

-Authors note graphic content-
Reader discretion advised.

Im watching the 3:16:04 run time one.
This movie loosely based on the 1899 book entitled Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad.
Never read that book but its based in Congo. I find that super interesting that take one story then, base it in a completely different setting. Leaves room for interpretation. Leaves room for creativity. Ok Joseph Conrad; 1857 – 1924 Born in Russia. Didnt speak english till twenties then became one of the greatest English writers. Themes of nautical and courage of humans at sea in the midst of nature. Me its been a long ass August. Just cam back from some wild as bush party by Red Deer. It was a good time. Got kinda rained out and the body a little sore. Otherwise was good visiting old friends. Decided to start off more blog with a classic. It sems like Vietnam is coming up in discussion too fairly often these days so it seems appropriate. Plus I been listening to a bunch of the doors lately. So there you go. Its not my typical set up neither so thats the cause of the delay. Also trying to take a break from screentime. Aight Captain so and so. Cant remember his name. Sorry just back to Joseph Conrad for a second. This guy seems liek a well travelled individual. Family man, lots of friends. Lots of places. Also in the same hand, an ‘outsider,’ and a exiled. I think its worth some further investigation one day. Ford Francis Coppola, must be a interesting dude to be inspired by him Another note Director still alive. So Someone whose still alive that was making movies in the 60s and 70s. Holy shit Nicholas cage is his nephew. Lets See Outsiders, God Father, Bram Stokers. Apocalypse now won a bunch of awards. Ok back to the Captain. Opening scene, from the rotors to the napalm to the ceiling fan. Brilliant. He jolts outta sleep looks outside: “Saigon, Shit.” Divorced his wife from the first tour. Waiting for a mission. Like they bring it up like room service. Never caught that one. Lol, makes me laugh the MPs show up. They got the enveloppe, “they like are you alright ?” The captain responds whats it fucking look like. Lol Thats kinda humourous. The cast is just stacked. Its like This what made em famous I suppose. Martin Sheen is Captain Willard. Marlon Brando. Lawrence Fishburne. Hehe compare the matrix and this movie ahaha theyre so far apart. Good for him. I like deep contrasts. Who else Harrison Ford. I dunno Martin Sheen is kind o a one man show in this though. The rest is really supporting cast. Marlon Brando or the Colonel Kutz is omnipresent although dont get to see him till the end. Of course spoiler alert. Watch the movie its 42 years old. Hey buddy You gonna shut the door!? Thats funny he thinks hes getting arrested but nah hes got some top level orders. To be fair gotta be bat shit crazy to accept and complete an assignment like that. Darg his ass to the shower. Cold ass shower lol. Got the government official witht he tie. Theyre all spooks lol. Goes over the crazy missions hes not allowed to talk about. Talks about going up the river thats a live cable running through the whole war. Im familiar with a bit of it. VC Running operations outta Cambodia with the war laws preventing GI’s from crossing the border, yet being attacked from there. I know some special forces operations that went through there from some old books I read. Its funny how the Harrison ford, Im not sure maybe hes a Major or something, but he go a whole American style trailer complete with plants growing in old tires. Just how would he get a American style trailer out there would be some crazy logistics lol. By boat then to the airfield or Heavy cargo plane. Either way cant be cheap but makes a nice little touch of home. Specially high rank office some comforts of home lol. If I was him maybe did urself a little room under there lol. Hes got the roast beef dinner. Just completely surreal. Its pretty much amaerican homs style cooking,-in vietnam. Hes like you want some of this shrimp ? If so youll never have to prove ur courage again lol. Thats kinda funny. Then before they get to eat you get some psycho playback. basically gotta get this Run away special forces colonel hiding in Cambodia. Hes got his own army. The dinner scene is intersting. Talking about some abstract war and humanity things. You know its tricky to find out harrison ford insignia, looks like a artillery or swords but vertical. Black X, taller than skinny. Colonel G Lucas. I guess he was 37 when they filmed this. I know this was along ass process to film this. I watched a documentary the making of. I though it was fascinating.
Im on a mission with the Captain. Terminate with extreme prejudice. Thats all he ever says that dude.im on the mission long ass movie lol. Gotta get up that river. Ok 2 crossed rifles, Marines. Remind every marine your a rifleman first. Martial Nature of the job.No matter the assignment. some of that score music is pretty crazy. Wicked helicopter shots. He discusses how It was different all of a sudden the Colonel was american. Wasnt supposed to matter. The captain comments on how ridiculous it is, chargin a man with murder in vietnam was like handing out speeding tickets at the indy 500. Then what you just go back to america like nothing happened. Guess thats why he got a divorce. Accepts the mission cause nothing else to do lol. Well he says he wants to be in the jungle. Now he took a helicopter to the boat. And they ride off in the dusk. River patrol boat I guess isnt the worst place to be. You know looking at a map it would be difficult to travel up vietnam by river. Cambodia bot so much. Still youd end up in many built up areas. They travel down the coast they say. then it would be a hop skip and a jump to Cambodia, or phnom penh. Theres a genocide museum im looking at. Loks wild looks hot and condensed. Lots of 2 story stuctures. In later years, anyone though of being intellectual or knowing a foreign launguage was killed. A school turned prison. That prison played a big role during that time. Yikes wouldnt want to be around those times. Would be dangerous to walk the streets. Theyre so claled revolutionaries, but just a trail of failure and human death. Thnose pre made up busts, i guess people werent keen on celebrating genocide.. Its lawrence fishburn morn captain lol hes 17. I like the chef or the machinist probably the most outta the boat crew. Airborne at 38 yearas old lol.Arcligh they launched from Guam. The surfer guy scene. Landing assault craft and their boat. Its a bulldozer boat. Yeh this scene is just crazy its liek an operation must be hundreds in the scene. Kilgore lol hes crazy. Its robert duvall he actually likes the war. Wow Robert Duvall interesting actor. Bunch of Sci fi. And, well godfather he was actually in the army. Just a psycho hes like any man brave enough to fight with graphic shit can drink outta my canteen any day. The surfer garners more authority than the captaion lol just a bizarre scene. Helicoptering cows and beach party. Just a crazy weirdo. They base the recon on which river is best for surfing. hes a Army Major just Air cav crazy lol. Surfboards in Nam wh the hell not. They airlifting that boat but doesnt look like they show it. They carded the VC but there was nearly as many GI body bags. Sitting on hemets. Another crazy scene with dozen helicopters. Music. Heres the village now just explosion everwhere people running another hundreds in the scene. 2 villages in a row. Just that coastal bridge scene its awesome . Car mounted 50 cal. Flare in the chopper causes a kerfuffle. This air cav beach landing is quite the sight. They one guys like im not going. Gets dragged right off. Casualty collection point is a bit nervewracking. Casualties of the mission and surfing. The medivac gets grenaded and they got some problems now. Either surf or fight lol. Who says that. Oh theres the boat. This guy is freaking crazy lol. Hes got a baby now. Heres some F5s Im pretty sure. Ok the wtf. the major gets a baby inspects him then sends him off to the hospital. A bit of humanity/ Such a crazy character though. Hes like gripping that baby. Theres like bodies in the background.The other one its a twin boom aircraft. Im guessing the Fairchild C-82 packets, or the skymaster, but yea more like the c-82. Just that skymaser has a similar color less cockpit and fuselage. Nothing in the world smells like that. Love the smell of Napalm ion the morning iconic line. Smell like victory. He does look sad like one day the war will be over. Captain Willard is just like wtf. Captain like your not going out there. lol. Hes like wanna surf, get the fuck outta here lol. See a chancve and they escape. Wild ass scene though just money and pyro. The whole coast line destroyed in one morning. Vietnam many huge, many people operations. ITs like sight to see in film couldnt imagine seeing in person.They get the surfboard. Hes actually laughing. The captain is good shit to the boat crew. Must be dusk now. They took his surfboard lol. Just give me back the board, theyre flying around with megaphones lol. Another bizarre scene when they have to get out the boat.
Chance to show a tiger. I already seen this but definitely gets dark in the Jungle compared to the beach.
That tree and jungle they show up too is pretty wild. The chef is a sauce guy.
Ill have to put this down for a intermission, and come back to it got lots on the go.
The mangoe collection. Is that how you like it when its hot and hairy. Referring to combat. Maybe youll find out what you are in some factory in Ohio.
Well that boat goes through the shit. Surfer makes it. Im a saucier. Magoes off the tree thats kinda nice though. minus the tigers. Hes got a nelly bandaid something i never wrote. Oh the captaion sees something of interest. Freaking M-16 with that 3 round burst. Lol in suspense it got me too. lol Chef loses his shit lol. The captain runs right up to a bush hears a clicking then a tiger just jumps right out. Its a awesome scene and some good acting from chef. Hes just fed up with the war all he wants to do is cook. Its kinda humourous for the litle rag tag boat crew. Surfer laughing his ass off. Lawrence got the m60 he thinks theres enemy in the jungle, they leave the bucket behind. basically scramble onto the boat. The chief, chief of the boat, hes like a tiger? The captain just emotionless. Obviously a little rilled up. ad that with the surf colonel trying to get his surfboard back, what madness is this. Little trial by fire. First they had the 2 villages. Now the tiger in the jungle. With shots fired, nerve wracking. “Never get out of the Boat!”. Wow just learning about that particular boat and some history its quite fascinating. How would impede supplies on the delta. never get out of the boat the captain repeats, absolutely goddam right; Unless you were going all the way.. lol. Just a sinister line. This poor crew, yet its an adventure still. Leads into the captain reading more about Kutz. 38 yrs old airborne. Giving up carreer with green berets. Family couldnt understand him . The captain starts admiring him. Basically 2 assasins, one came first. Mutual respect. Id like to see that Joseph Conrad book. Just what are the similarities. Carreer soldioers with all the courses, Kutz coulda gone general instead he went for himself. Makes for a omnipresent character, there he is on paper with a air of deep mystery. Back on operation Kutz just teams up with some locals, and does his own opeartion no clearance, and major success. Theres some clues of renegade officer lol. Hes just gone solo, doesnt even need the army or its permission anymore. Thats probably why harrison ford aplus general and the spook are like hes gotta go. But after the press got the story they changed their tune and promoted him instead. Ballsy. Nice they end up at the strangest base. No doubt lawrence says what we all thinking. Its like a stage. Wow theres actually a Apocalypse Now event map. The base they pull up to is Hau Phat. Aint much street view around there but the place does exist. Giant warehouse of army supplies. The captain just full of surprises, he catches a tiniest bit of guff from the supply sarge and trashes him right over the counter lol. Of course no one else weariong the special forces outfit. The captain doesnt care theres a concert going on. Pretty funny, after that they get press box tickets and a bottle of booze for the capt. lol. Prolly doesnt wanna get disciplined. Again hes aight to the boat crew. The show. Just a wild ass scene. The stage is a water covered stage, with boat light surrounding it. Hundreds of extras again in the crowd. Its like a wrestling style crowd, they got signs, vibrant. You got a suzie Q playing in the background the playmates. Its a crazy fun scene, your like wow crazy soldiers on leave lol. Its like they outta control, desperation. Locals back behind a fence watching. Its liek a strip club gone wild. Little too crazy for the captn and chief. Others jumping over the barbwire to storm the stage its pandemonium mayhem. You can only sit by and watch the chaos. Kinda fun, but also added crazyness of the whole scene. People hanging off the helicopter. See that scene again at the end of the war. The captain reflects on how the enemy doesnt get much USO. Kinda reflects on these are the reasons. Enemy dug in too much moving too fast. And, look at this nonsense. Unorganized mess of mayhem. Dont think i picked that up too much the first times watching this. The mob on stage lol. Its completely ridiculous probably even for USA standards. Like I can think that James Brown concert during riots was nothing like that. Also didnt have 3 playmates at a army base. Death or victory. Talking about the ARVN the next day. Playboys. I think i remember now, they make it to another more hectic base later. Thats maybe when they run into the playmates again. Maybe the boat search next. Hard to say. Surfer got waterskies. Good morning vietnam. Dry your laundry indoors, everyone. the mayor of saigon want you to keep the city beautiful. Its like guaranteed no soldier getting shot at is gonna care about that minor message lol. Irrelevant almost. Meanwhile on the boat crew just having a merry old time. Chief getting a rest, Lawrence slapping hands with the Chief. Chef singing off tune, surfer is water skiing. Listening to rolling stones. Its like a small semblance of normalcy in absolute chaos. Which is neat cause the absolute contrast of war and death coming up. Theres some real character development. They sem like real people with families. Ups and downs. Fears and joys. The Captains sinister narration always brings the film back to focus. Yeh so i like the boat crew they seem real to me. Even though they armed to the teeth they have a sort of innocence. Its realy the locals getting off put. they behind fences, they getting dsturbed doing laundry by the wake of the boat. Cold rice, death, or victory. Its totally morbid.
Movie is a lot to take in and experience so its a work in progress. Im a happy go lucky guy with baseball, I took a dive in the absurdity and abstractness of it all. Where was I surfer was surfing boat crew having a decent time. Thats 2 groups of locals disturbed by the wake, its humourous but the GIs dont mix with the locals . I mean its minor its getting wet or whatever. Its like getting empty can of beer thrown at your head when changing a flat tire its not really necessary. Alternatively fuck the war, and fun comes first. Captain reads a lette from the colonel. Talking about how conscripts, tourists in nam. As long as theres cold beer bbq, rock and roll and all the amenities, Us troops remain debutantes. That a fourth of the force more committed experienced soldiers could win the war in less of the time. Theres that contrast. As the captain munches on a almond hershey bar and licks his fingers. Hell there might aswell be a Macdonalds at the base. The omnipresent colonel Kurtz. Walter E Kurtz is the characters name. Such a great movie and character development the omnipresent Colonel, lives through his letters newspaper clippings. These bastards 2 boats playing chickn and lobbing smoke grenades at each other lol. Its the mega contrast. The bullshit piling up so high you need wings to stay out of it. Burnt the canopy on the boat lol smooth move. Kurtz in October November ambushes then he orders the assasintion of some south Vietnamese army colonels. Ambushes in sector stop. Thats crazy they were spies. Telling vc his moves. Right 4 people. lol thats sinister. Army tried to bring em back. He said no, then thats were the captain comes in. Kurtz gone. All these crazy photos. The captain pretty chill doesnt even freak out on the drumsticks. Specializing in busting my balls. Chief and captain reach a bit of a deal. Getting a bit of tension, its liek yea it Cambodia. You get me close and Im cutting you loose. Seems like they boat past a familiar tree line, like they used it in 2 scenes. That synth sounds like a horror flick. Kurtz get accused of Murder, from the 4 double agents. Thats wild, so I cant really recall all these details since last I saw. I was more interested in other aspects of the movie. I really like the delicate nature of the humanity and complete savagery. Really some deep contrasts. HEs good but he bad. They fun loving but they killers. Its beautiful but its hell. The turmoil and growth in the captains inner dialogue. The fun on the boat to the unknown and horrors. Kurtz talking about how the charges are completely insane, in the context of the war. He did what he was supposed to. Thats so freaking sinister kurtz words to his family as read by capt willard as they boat past the wrecked helicopter still on fire. Theres shit everwhere. One vietnamese kid wering the pilots helmet. Theres a nother mega quote in the letter. I wont recite it cause I know it well and im not really after a reciting the scene by scene and dialogue, rather my interpretations of it. And, my reactions, see if i notice anything of interest to myself. The boat boys arrive at a new forward base in the rain looks completely fucked up. Hey the playboy helicopter. This base more looking like youd expect in vietname muddy rainy falling apart. Omg theres someone chasing a naked troop lol something youd see at a festival on the last.. or first? few days ahaha. Or a rock concert lol. Its the USO guy. The boat crew all wrestling in the rain. Capt like wtf. Lol this is the best scene so far. Couple hours with the bunnies. Fuel so they can prolly fly away. Ok well the huey was kersone the patrol boat diesel . I dunno just making some assumptions. lol. Hes like you just gave away our fuel for a couple hours with the bunnies. Playmate of the month, nah playmate of the year, he says with a grin, and he got his bottle. Thats all the captain cares about in terms of luxuries and pleaures. Definitely diesel fuel. Just so freaking bizzarre. Its like 10x crazier than the concert. The girls talking abou their lives and personality kinda. But theyre known as the playmates. Who reads the articles in the playboy ahhahaah. The birds and the women on the helicpter is just like womesn touch to a war machine another contrast or its an oxymoron almost. Lawrence all on the chopper bangin on the door. Theyre sayin some funy strange things lol. Its funny and shocking at the same time, ew a corpse pops out of the box. The one with the surfer, talking these things how she didnt wanna do. all these fairly traumatic things, the scene aint easy to watch. Yea with lawrence at the window, who are you oh im next mam’. Its liek some nasty ww2 shit. I guess any coveted woman in a warzone desired by many. Probably some of the most brutal shit i wrote about on the blog. All the horror shit has a bit of a humorous gore. This is like a psychological human nightmare. Back on the boat tensions are hot. Meanwhile theres this ominous “last photo” of Kurtz. Its Kurtz too his name in Heart of darkness. Im really curious about the book now. The last photo of Kurtz, darkened visage you cant even see his face. You can see the outline of his marine style haircut. The caption handed up by the ARVN suspected photo of Kurtz. Omnipresent antagonist. His aura dark and mysterious and unknown really. The whole movie is getting closer and closer to kurtz. He just makes appearances from his photo.
Wow someone just liked my comment on the Bruce Springsteen video thats hilarious. Gotta love that Bruce Springsteen all american. I heard he was so touched that Prince showed up at his concert all in disguise. Bruce Springteen heard that Prince went to his concert and he was really touched someone of Princes music caliber chose to come to his show. I just thought that was a cool story. Back in the 80s where creativity blossomed and well it wast all business yet. I was at the store today reading the tabloids, about how Britney Spears got her Dad off the conservator deal, after he blew away her fortune. What an abomination and poor Brittney too. She worked so hard and that sleaze business reared its ugly head. Also shows its sounder to build a foundation off he creativity than the business. Makes me think of Leonard Cohen. Screwed by his friend. What a bummer. 80s will be forever more accepting, and creative. Experimental, vs now the groomed artists. Cept maybe Jackson, could be a groomed artist but not really it was his family biz. I dunno im conflicted. Miley Cyrus too was fam business but its not even comparable to MJ. Not really hating on Miley its just not for me. Are they both pop? Would these people sing for fun or only fame and fortune. All yall records sound the same; Im sick of that fake thug, R&B rap scenario all day on the radio, same scenes in the video, monotonous material.. Anyways here just rambling about britney spears in the apocalypse now lol. You know what else Apocalypse now predicted Musubi rising with that naked dude getting chased by his friend. lol priceless… Aigt I gotta get into the shit now gotta do this boat scene. For whatever reason never liked this scene too much made me uncomfortable. Its liek the captain says skip it, they coulda skipped it but noo, lets watch our characters act inhumane and out-of character almost. The chief is like my boat we doing this. Lawreence just goes off and has a machine gun massacre jesus man. they were protecting a puppy. its like yea lets do some first aid after just unloaded a m60 belt into her. Captain finsihes her off just cold emotionless get this show on the road, what a shit show. That has to be the most brutal scene so far. He told him then they off acting like amateur hour, disobeying orders, trigger happy. Its gruesome. Then willards inner dialogue about lies. Its like some protagonist vs, becoming the antagonist. Yea i mean in that scene those poor vietnamese trying to fish do food things, fmaily or firends. Did they find any weapons grenades outfits. Kinda unnecessary. I get what hes going for in that scene though. Its willard slippin away, fear of becoming, or just unconsiously becoming Kurtz. Willard showed em whose more cold blooded he deemed it necessary though. Nowadays that shit isnt seen so much if so really frowned upon. It wasnt a problem for Kurtz to be charged for murder , for winning the war. I guess his methods just didnt fit with the politics of it all. either way glad the scene over, Its uncomfortable if they coulda jst found something justifiable worth the slaughter. Yeah chef is all fucked up. Hes reliable but going downhill emotionally. willard is also fed up he jst doesnt show it so much. Chief is annoyed the secret ops mission taking him away from routine. Lawrence young guy aint afraid to us that 60. And surfer is in some melancholy state he seems to be losing parts of his humanity unwillingly. They pull up to this bridge last army outpost on the river. Lance is the characters name, he like i was aving tab of acid. Chef is liek whats with you. You dropped acid? Far out. lol the madness continues. He still all camouflaged up. I think it must relate to his character development. His appearance changed. (Lance). Alright well they pull up to he bas tis even more fucked up then the last one. A bunch of GIs with suitcases swarm up to the patrol boat. Creepy sight. They must all be like wtf are we getting ourselves into. Someone flashes for Cat Willard, get that fucking light out of my face. Its like have some fucking flashlight etiquette. Specially nowadays mega torches with some idiot pointing it right in your eye like some cop, its like Im standing less than 5 meters from you. lol. anyways this base seems like a shit show. I never undestood the smoke pack in the band of the helmet neither. I guess it would make sense you could reach and pull one out, or ur not in a firefight got ur helmet off reach for a smoke. if its in your pocket or a pour the smokes get trashed or wet that sucks. Theyd get wet in the helmet band too. Lance wants to go on adventure.. dont you remember the tiger lol,. The bridge is a engineering failure. The VC keep blowing it up each night. The mail delivery and orders runner is just happy to gtfo there. Its like clown music. Looks like the mad carnival. I remember this scene not as bad as the boat. Bunch of black dudes just chillin in the bunker they dont say anything. Some weird ass rock and xmas lights in the background. Well they certainly were more chill the the screaming dude at the entrance of the trench. Says CO in a concrete bunker lol where else would he be. The most protected place. ahaha just like constanza during the fire drill. Lance is just tripping out wide eyed. Maybe they were listening to some jimi hendrix style music. Kinda what it sounded like some grungy electric guitar. Oh man caught me off guard there. That was funny. hahahaha. Ok it all happened so fast. Oh man thats a good laugh. Ok so not sure what happened to the captain. he ends up at tyhe bottom of the trench soaked helmet knocked off. I think he stepped on someone he though was dead and wasnt, thats not the funny part; they (Land and willand) get to the corner of the trench all you see is one guy on the left. The other guy is going off on a fifty cal butterfly gip , i mean like really going off screaming into the distance. Willard asks, what are you shooting at there soldier, He like what the fuck you think im shooting at motherfuckers screaming like a barbarian, then all of a sudden notices the captain bars, he changes his tune right away hes like goes from crazy to all polite explaining theres VC just outside the wire. Foir whatever reason I just find that hilarious, funniets scene in the movie so far to me, he s like oh sir, didnt see your rank lol. Goes from insane to sane in like less than a tenth of second. Outstanding. oh needed a good laugh. PLus willard all just recovering from being tossed in the mud. Fuck that made me laugh. OK the CO is in the bunker called beverly hills thats fitting lol. The black fellas are like aw hell nah. Wuillard gets tossed in the mud. the other one on the left is feeding some big ammo. The ceter guy hes like ” I told you not to fuck with me! You think you so bad huh! ” Really going off psycho style. Willard what are you shooting at soldier: What the fuck you think im shooting at , immmediatly hes like ” Im sorry sir” quick salute lol. “Thers VC out past the wire. But i thnk i killed em all. lol. thats one for the books. Im probably onlyh one that finds that shit funny. Aight moving on lol. U think you bad huh you think you bad huh screaming thats funny to me. Whose in command here, aint you? Thats gotta be fun to hear. I think like harison ford and his little trailer so far from this trench in every way possible. I mean they were having roast beef for fucks sake. Go get the roach. The roach? Its some crazy looking dude with a M79 calmly walks over , shuts the radio off. Tiger stripped M79. Hes like you need a flare, nah. Hes close real close. This is a bad dude lol. Cool as a cucumber. He was sleeping lol. Willard watches on in silence and amazement. One shot. Fuck-em. Thats some colder than samuel L jackson. he says its a drug induced stupor on the internet but its not like theres any actual clues unless its in the script or something. All it says is hes wearing beads and shit, and he wakes up kinda annoyed but sauters over all cool like. I dont see no stupor. Change of scene and a couple of GIs get blown off the bridge. Lawrence freaks out a bit chief tells him to stay cool he be aight. And Lance and willard get back. Bridge collapses as they boat past. Weird music from the score. Past the brdge day time. Emphasis on nature. Mail call. Everyone gets mail cept the captain. He just gets orders. Willard get a creepy new development. Theres was another man on the same mission as him before. He joined up with Kurtz. Army said hes MIA for the family but intercepts a letter he like sell the house sellthe car, sell the kids. Im never coming back. Dude with a football jersey. Captain Colby with kurtz. Chief got a letter with Manson pic front cover. Current movie time events I love that. I wonder what that orange fence translates to. All i can find on the internet is something about puppet governmnt. Maybe its not supposed to mean anything. Its just a visual contrast. The google translate shows, Online; By;
Ok; bow/also
First line Cho Nhan Dan Vietnam .. google translates to give core people vietnam
Next line ..IEn-truc Boi RMK – Bru Duoc cung-cap boi chinh- phu hoa google translates to ; (direct contact by) RMK could be airport australia BRU could be brussels? (Okay) (provided) (by) (conqeror) or (government) thats interesting. Its chopped scenes. its just orange and purple some colors not really seen so much so it really hits the eye.
Anyways Lance going off on the purple smoke grenades, then ambush. maybe some roman candles. Lawrence bought the farm. the whoel crew upset. Even sadder the letter from his mom is playing ion the back. Sad scene. Chief has a US navy patch on oops. Damn chief really took him on as a son and its sad to see him cry. Laughing before now its sad. The guy just a kid right. Kid with a machine gun sent to do some dirty business. And, that ambush was really close up. I guess in the navy patrol boat, you can only get as far away of the shore as possible. Its a loss for the crew. Its not like was on the innocent farm boat all movie, before the americans show up. Its like as a viewer you are on the boat and with the crew. lance looking for the dog after the fire fight and then, next scene another weird contrast of green, and blue. green smoke, blue dusk and clouds. Its weird an aire of pestilence. You feel sad for the mom on the tape speaking to the void. No wife but the mom was kind enough to send a message on the tape. Chief knows its going up river the risk so you wonder how much resentment he’ll have to the captain. Capt aint fuckin around neither. So its like yhou wanna rock and roll, better be ready for an ambush still. Some just not treating it like a warzone , just like Kurtz thought. Ew they drive past some bodies burning. And , a jet crashed in the river. Thats many fuselages stuck and burning in the river, like this movie is $$. Im sure they did their best with props but how do you plant a burning helicopter in the trees, jet fuselage in the river. Its really distressing to see pop out of the fog right before your eyes. The captain has to lower the mast and they litterally go under the tail. Thats crazy. More fog and low visibility. Theres not much talking since Lawrence left the team. They arrve at some weird built up area. Capt gets the binos. They pull in for a closer look. Its wreckage. It may have been a docking zone but iots busted up smoldering, abandoned. Theres a Renault oil sign. French. I hear drop ur weapons leave ur weapons. Theyre frenc they kinda surround em Chief speaks a bit of french New orleans. Just weird cause the french are supposed to have left long time ago but not this group. Funny how chief just drops his weapon cause some voice in the mist tells him to. Looks like some vietnamese. Weird the french guy has a leader, had that plantation for 70 years, and they have a parade to bury lawrence. Chief has a tear. His Navy dress cap. Theres a woman overlooking in the tower. Fold up this rags of a flag. Burry him with a few things the tape recorder. This movie took 2 years to edit can you believe that. So strange. So now theyre in france or as close as they gonna get to France in this. Wine sauces. Chef is really excited. theyre all cleaned up too.
Like how could this get any weirder. Hpw about a mega dinner party lol, why not. I mean the guys plantation been there for 70 yrs is a long time so it pays homage to the past, this movie has it alll. Goes off about why dont you go back to france, and yea thats a whole can of worms. I cant tell if theyre disillusioned and, or they have a nice plantation home they just want to stay at. I guess for me its a little mystical but whatever boat crew at the dinner party. Proxy wars and communism. Wow cracks an egg says the white leaves and the yellow stays. Its like who thought of this. Crazy. Anyways all these hot tensions cause he asked why dont you go back to France.THey have their own little ecosystem going on . Its just so much political banter going on and the whole histroy of france in like 10 seconds. Ive been to some of those cemetaries in france alot of people died I mean like as far as you can see. Definitely a touchy subject. Oh yea I should mention the obvious love interest . Because why not throw a love interest in the mix theyre at the officers table though. Lance and Chef arent there talking about politics. And Willard is like hes the one that represents all of USA. Well everyone knows the French were defeated proxy war, and I guess i know of it but not all the details. Its like gentlemen discussing battle plans. Its a scene a good one too lots of people of all types , huge contrast from the jungle. The woman smokes a cigar. Thats kinda hot. So yea the plantation history the had brought over rubber from Brazil to vietnam to make it grow make something of nothing, thats really what it is. Industrialism. Plantations just have all sorts of bad vibes sometimes. Lol its just the two of em left together. how romantic. Shes a widower. Very 1800s weird house.Im happy for the captain she brings up a good point that hes the same as them, your home is here. Thats a ominous concept. Your home is hell, but since the beginning willard wanted to be in the jungle. wow then they smoke opium or thats whats it looks like. Right on captain crazy just takes a huge rip of opium. i guess thats how you live in the jungle with some mosquito netting. Hallucinations. Kurtz . Hes close. Damn so much happening ; they run into some locals throwing sticks or something chief gets a spear through him. Then there were three. Chief wasnt too happy about dying thats all i can say, gruesome. total face to face with death. Damn the chief floats away small ceremony by Lance. Chef is freaking out, he though the mission was to blow up some bridge. But , no theyre after another GI. Chef talks himself into following the mission Really the more up river they go the more bizzare it gets. Cant tell if its night or day.
Desire to confront Kurtz. Lance all trippin out still for days it seems lol. Hes like interpretive dancing. They end up at some river flottila. Hundreds of people in that scene. The Photojournalist. Him Colonel Kurtz. This guy is nuts for Kurtz. This guy has a larger than life and hundreds of bodies and people on set. Just so weird. and theres te captain previous captain. Theres just bodies everywhere. Some interesting stone structures. Theyre waiting for him. The mud and muck its nasty. Willard gets taken prisoner. Smells of malaria. Out of no where he asks where you from. Kurtz. THe man of the hour. The omnipresent man, heard his voice a couple times on the tape. Htey talk about Ohio and rivers, Kurtz went down that river as a kid. He looks like a hot mess, old bald, sweaty. Still hes Colonel Kurtz. The bodies and stench of pungent death is present. Hes talking about a island it had flowers must be wild and overgrown by now. He looks ghasthly and he knows it. Hes like Do you know why they want to terminate my command. Totally insane. Im getting a picture of the Kurtz on the cellphone, well its been so many days dont wanna forget this moment. Kurtz youve gone insane and your methods are unsound. Hes the lord of death. This movie is completly self aware, the classified is out the window, kurtz asks him flat out what did you expect.Kurtz just drops the coldest shit, he says, you an assasin? Nah im a soldier; youre neither, your an errand boy sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. HTNis place is the temple of death foreal. lol The far our photo journalist are there still characters like that is there still kurt russell charaters too. The photojournalist is the liason, he tells the story cause how else could it. SHit just got so real I forgot about chef and Lance in the boat. Photojournalist is a strange character, hes like a bystander, a civy, itas all poetry and hidden meanings or simple meanings . Its really a fantasy movie at this point. Still not quite sure whats gonna happen. Well thats ominous hes got radio contact with the overwatch. Kurtz is just a scary looking dude. Oh shit its the chefs head. Gross. Seriously sick. I guess he got him for going on the radio. eyes looking at him. Kurtz looks like the craziest character in any movie ever! I cant really put it together its like a series of tortures or trial Willards goota go through. 1967. Yea just a couple comments. After that wild barbaric display, he rolls up in some fresh pjs sporting a time magazine. Hes gonna read to him. After all that death he surrounded by children very bizzare. Very gentleman like too. Experts.. That word is thrown around a little too much. He quotes the time magazine hes like how do things smell soldier? He lets him go. After saying a few words and soime basic rules. Dont lose the magazine clippings. Not like he gets much air mail i suppose. Then Willard and Kurtz have a date for later to discuss. Well Kurtz has the advantage, He must be trying to recruit him otherwise why would he let up a bit. One step out he passes out. Gets dragged to another gets brought back to life slowly. Food slowly as kurtz watches from a smokey background. Catches a fly then lets it go. Hes reading from a book. Ok comic relief thats why the photojournalist there. Cant land a space ship on a fraction. Those old stone carvings wildest set ever. Kurtz like discusses how willard can kill him but he cant judge him. He says it coool like. I think Kurtz wants him to do the job. And , willard he says A man broken apart from them and then himself. Horror and mortal terror are you friend, if not they are enemies to be feared. Sorry Kurtz! had to make myself a bagel. Maybe send me some water in a little cup to drink thru bamboo cage. lol. This is it the finale. Im sad its coming to an end. Whose the better character willard or Kurtz, thats a tough choice. Im gonna go with Kurtz, just the wildest larger than life character with a cult following. Sinister serious scary. Willards just an errand boy sent by grocery clerks. Oh god. The polio vaccinne story and the pile of arms, im sorry everyone this just the goriest shit but gotta get through it. Thats just a horrible story his words are rated R or rated X for hardcore disgusting. But thats his character the most savage shit. Killing without prejudice . Judgement. the judgement defeats the killers. ends the speech with how he like his son to kno what he did everything that willard saw, So i guess hes accepted willard is the one to kill him. Is there any other way out but death for the kurtz doesnt look like it. Willard got a new mission now. And the cow party. Another carnage the killing of the water buffalo. The twist of the story Kurtz wants willard to do it. Nartin sheen and that crazy come out of the water scene. Its very ceremonial both the water buffalo. Drop fire on em but cant write fuck on the airplane cause its obscene. Its hard to watch seriously. with the doors playing in the background probably the most hardcore finale ever in any movie ever. You gotta feel sad for Kurtz. And the cow. But with that Kill Willard can move on and the rest of the group get a big feast. Visceral and gross and close up. Willard sits behind the typewriter. Somehow everyone knows the deeds been done. Couple hundred in this scene no doubt. Close up and with a axe. He gets the papers and proceeds out. No one says a word to the captain as he walks out. Takes Lance by the hand like a small remnant of humanity. PBR street gang. Just 2 of em left on the boat now. The horror. The horror. Word thats haunt willard foreever. Im sure willard went back to the guys house to scare his kid too lol. I dunno what can I say Bravo. Most hardcore shit ever. Very unpalatable and weird. That woulda sucked to be in Nam. As far as the acting 10/10 The sets amazing the effects amazing. Its a freaking masterpiece. Marlon Brando like wtf. Unreal.. Probably wont watch an epic one like that on the blog for a while that was intense. Like after im gonna watch the making of.. and im sure ill knock this into 10k plus words no problem. My impressions is fuck that movie is hardcore. I must have missed alot of It watching it the first few times, this time I really got into it.
(War, huh) Yeah!
(What is it good for?) Absolutely nothing, uhuh
(War, huh) Yeah!
(What is it good for?) Absolutely nothing
Say it again, y’all!
(War, huh) Lookout!
(What is it good for?) Absolutely nothing
Listen to me, awwwww!
Watching the making of
Im speechless.
Im halfway through i cant watch any more.
Hearts of darkness.
Hey its fred forrest chef lol.
Lots of improvising.
Thats amazing
The boat scene yea i didint like that ahaha.
The puppy.
100 day shooting party thats awesome.
Comments on how long the movie takes.
The behind the scene.Lol talking about the substance.
The pig on a string.
The tiger scene lol. omg that was wild
Francis and being the characters.
Willard and francis and the mirror dream.
The other side.
Having some drinks.
Punches the mirrror lol.
Martin Sheen was down.
Just getting drunk omg.
Wow this is the most savage, he really trashed that room.
He might have attacked Francis jeez.
Oh Man Martin Sheen What a gem.
Its all your fault Kurtz.
Martins heart attack.
Jesus Francis Ford with his job .
Scared for his job.
Club soda department. lol
Francios what a trooper.
5 weeks later Marty gets back.
Im glad he made it back what a guy.
So they finsih the movie off.
The temple of death.
Killing the animals.
Killing the animal festivalthats totally wild.
Wow the priest and francis and the cariboo heart that is incredible.
Thats amazing!
Thats the photo worth a million.
Wow Francis is like Kurtz.
Totally insane.
All the bodies and the people to play the bodies.
Francis just goes all the way.
Hes the ultimate Kurtz.
Dennis Hopper, wow the cut from him all sketched out to straigh business. hahahaahaha
Thats some comedy gold.
Funny character addition.
200 days of shooting.
Marlon Brando.
He never read the book.
Dennis and Marlon.
Listening problems lol
I like Kurtz and as character hes the most complex character ever.
These behind the scenes are the best.
Marlon is a force of his own.
Francis is struggling to make a impossible happen.
Hes like you make the movie happen.
THe script doesnt make sense cant end finish.
And, doubt suicidal.
Threshold of sanity.
Extremes. Answers on 47 different levels.
Yea the last scene the party of sorts.
Willard kills kurtz and the cariboo.
Name a crazier movie than this.
The horror. The horror.
Back home.
All the awards its won.
He talks about the death of movie making in his way with the new digital age.
Ah but Man Francis what a masterpiece gave it your all.
What an experience.

Space Jam 2 – 2021

Yo I seen it.
Opening day.
Movie was awesome.
Lebron James legendary.
Just so many Cameos.
The hype in this movie.
Its cool hanging out with LeBron and Fam.
Soundtrack wild.
Don cheadle, lol, little heavy on the Don cheadle, but its cool hes a good actor.
Surprising villain.
This movie just all around good family time.
Movie is about family.
Must be kinda hard to be the son of NBA player, just in terms of big shoes to fill.
But, hell I wish LeBron was my Dad id be so proud.
Just that slam dunk action, jock jams, mixed with animations and classic characters.
Teamwork, feeling down, nto giving up, having fun.
Acceptance in people.
Lebron speech about how it was when he was a kid, and how that didnt help him be a dad.
That was deep.
And Dom, well spoken too.
So i like that commeraderie.
When they started having fun and not all court boss style.
Even bugs was like nah im not playin unless you playin.

I dont even know how they decided to roll with it and the WB server room, but it worked out.
And, just awesome to have everyone join in.
Im not hating on it at all.
It is about fun, and the balance of winning and fun, kind of an abstract thing.

Goon squad.
Awesome characters.
As a kid I would be stoked on the effects.
Im just like more substance than just special effects these days.

Tune squad hell yea feel like a kid again.
I especially like how they had tro go to every warner bro world to collect the team.
Just so fun.
Its oozes fun and im happy for everyone that got to participate in it.
Its like yea sure little marketing and making money but its NBA superstars with classic cartoon characters.
Who wouldnt want to be in a cartoon. Cept maybe who framed.. or cool world, but those are still the predecessors.
Eveeryone at the movie, everyone around it has a smile.
Just looking at Lebrons twittr everyone having a good time.
I felt I was part of it all too not just standing by.

sports cartoon 3d live action crossover
Something for everybody.
Well in the real NBA its tied 2-2 suns and bucks
Im not even mega basketball fan.
But I like Space Jam, and the athletes, pageantry.
For me personally I admire athletes and wish I would known better when I was a kid to dream big.
Makes no difference now still tryingt o be my best self.
And, really can enjoy that feel good movie as an adult.
Props to LeBron.

Some old characters from the first one film.
You know what im doing next ahaha.

Creepshow ’82

Ok this movie was the cats ass.
George A Romero makes the best movies, this one too with some writing from Steven King.
If your a sadist like me and love twisted revenge plots and 80s cheezy horror carnage.
Cameos galore.
This was definetly a top choice on this list.
Right from the beginning with the asshole dad and the kid getting yelled at.
First story with the fathers day was ok. I like the Ed Harris, the dancing the old reich lady its set like a clue house, then chaos ensues as the dad wants his cake lol. Just people that dont like each other. Ed Harris is cool. Skeleton is cool. YUea like James said it was a ok start to the movie. My personal favorite is the weeds on, with Stephen king acting himself. Freaking awesome. Wasnt expecting that. Gonna say this on my favorite one. The set, the isolation, the doubts the drinking the symptoms. All in all its just a amazing story and I feel creeped out by it. The light innocent thing, just growing till it becomes a problem. the set evolution is really amazing. Just that farmhouse too is just so nasty too. Left me wanting more. so lets see Stephen king stories I know.. Cujo, that was a good one. The one about the kidnapped author funny family guy spoofed it. It is creepy though. Hmm It, Shining, Carrie, green mile. Anyways yea to see him act was a treat creepy story. Next the box wiht the creature in it from antartica. Yea this one was good it was just no idead what the hell was going on. Funny scenes funny acting, the character everyone hates. The awesome acting from the 2 older gentlemen. The sinister plot to gewt his annoying wife lol. And then the bonding of tghe dudee and the mosnter as he throws it off a chasm. I dunno was good wasnt the greatest. I wanted tyo see more of the monkey thing, it had small sense of cheering for the monster lol Gotta mention that unboxing scene seemed like it took 25 mins. Same as stephen doing thee bucket of water.
After that was the roach building. That was was pretty good. Had like a sanatarium feel to that white building. And just more isoltion more phone, convos. Neat acting cause hes acting his own self. Hates the bugs, had he considered going outside. ANyways when the power goes out the whjjole place falls apart. And that creepy exterminator guy getting stuck in the elevator dont help. Just makes for a uncomfortable strange scene. I liked it. Its like eventualy the bugs win. Just some nasty scenes, just that music and uncontrollable aspect of it all.
Then it finishes off with thee voodoo doll and the garbage man. i just i rmemeeber some of the 80s and the wresting, and you just dont see that much anymore like the ]kurt russell trucker character.People must be offended, is also a response to that. Making a film the grosest most graphic with sinister plots. Its like your offened by that wait till you see this and they went all outy and im glad they did. Result is a movie unlike really anything ive seen, mega cameos, comic book style. So yea that was a pleasant surprise. Now I own it on youtube too. And stoked on my purchase too.
Nice package too.
I wanna know more about both of em Romero and King.
___ watched the forest Gump too was good been a while.
Funny cause I was watching some curb your enthusiasm and Leon had some comments on Forrests life.

From Hell It Came ’57

Love me some Apostrophe number.
Been a min.
OK its definitely a campy opening not that bad though.
Its still a scene, short run time.
Theres chickens at the sacrifice altar just some stakes in the ground. laughing emoji.
Black plague, and some sorcery or more like a caucasian voodoo guy that kinda looks like Seagal.
I think its kinda silly so far not sure I could do better. Id be willing to try though, but need that capital and people.
Reminds me of the possesed king, that allows all sorts of bad things to happen in a semi-passive way.
Lol the dialogue I mean theyre looking in the rights direction, but something bout that is super funny. 64
American medicine, and the guy gets betrayed by the wife.
Thats a motley crew i dunno its fun. They have a little hip shaking party after the son dies.
Hey a chem lab. Lets see beakers, posters, fridge cabinets, lamps, shades. Wooden retaining pillar.
Ventilation cabinet, or could be an oven. Many beakers and stands on the island style desk. A new character faces away to the chemist character. You wouldnt want to leave your soda layin around, and mistakenly pick up a giant beaker of something steamy. Wash down your burger. Or like back in the hold day eating a spicy pepper you just wash it down with something spicier.
Anyways speaking of burning theres a bunsen burner. Holy its a animal in the cage. the that I thought was a venting carbinte. Anyways just paused to look at everything. I guess dont realy get that option in the theatre but gives me a chance to slam on that keyboard and make some observations. Really with the blog can easily write with only looking at the screen. Theres also one of those anatomy human models.
More than a min this movie post in months in the making.
Gotta vote my allstar picks.
Everything and anything before this movie lol.
Just wrote to the senators with my grievances. Buncha fuckin imbeciles.
Guys in the 50s, detective, intelligence.
Ok I remember months ago putting this down for a sec.
Just neat seeing a room piece scene.
Stove. and kettle.
Liquor and cigarettes.
The guy sitting down gonna be a research chemist.
If he ever makes it back tio the USA.
The tiki drums are concerning lol.
Already love this movie.
Ther doc and chemist.
lol. The typhoon and atom bombs.
The witch doctor.
High priest.
Monkeys. Search for romance lol.
Tops here.
the Sergeant with the top and bottom stripes.
All of a SUDDEN.
Theres been a attack on the female of the group.
Well good things theres a doc.
Campy is the word that describes this the best.
Get the white dudes acting as natives.
I dunno its ’57 aint so bad I like it so far.
The wake up.
Control yourself the acting is terrible.
So they dug a vertical grave.
So the acting is horrendous but its kinda funny
The lady was almost killed for witnessing the ceremony.
The widow she is.
Maybee shes the husband killer.
Shes like throwing herself or some kind of ulterior motives.
The more I watch it the more I appreciate the scenes and the character.
Gotta say im watching this show in my underwear on Saturday morning pretty awesome, i hope someone comes to the door so I can let a massive fart rip ,nnn-yellow.
Thats my idea of comedy.
Ok just killed myself laughing.
Ok so never seen this, the window character.
___ was abreak with some emails and Alice Cooper, Schools been Blown to PIECES! fuck yea that song rocks.
A youtube commenter hes like The wall, and Schools out, musta been rough on the 70’s kids tell you what.
Baseball too. Life is hard.
I digress.
Baseball complete heat wave.
Stock footage of a destroyer.
Helicopter and villager scenes thats makes me laugh.
I dunno its a nice set still.
Oh sweet so buddy is coming back from the dead.
Buddy got his wife flown in from the destroyer helicopter.
The villager scenes are just the worst lol.
theyre like looking up at the helicopter.
Extra bottle of peerfume.
Outcast shower scene lol.
How you speak that ..uh english .
3 doctors and a tribe of natives.
All they need is a coffee percolator.
Poison berries to get the americans.
Rock and roll and rejections.
Emotions vs intellect. Lol that aged well.
She is woman scientist though, just confused by her emotions, kinda cheezy lol.
Lol the stump is coming out of the ground.
.. Came back to life as a tree monster.
The tobunga.
Keemo is coming back, I cant wait for this tree monster to cause mayhem.
Another geiger counter just like cyclops.
Good idea hack it to pieces.
They know about the tobonga, theyre gonna control it.
Double triple cross. Nice the monster almost in its final form.
Now electrocute the bests heart lol. 750 volts of so strictly scientific.
Experimenting on monkeys and other animals experimental formula X37.
They got an IV of radioactive juice.
Might aswell go to sleep.
Lemmee guess in the morn its gone.
Old periodic table.,
Yes it walks.
Treee monster geting revenge awesome.
Drops her in the quicksand. lol.
Go tobonga.
Nice spear throw ahaha.
hopefully chief fgoes in the quicksand too lol.
A chain reaction in the monster eh.
Are the guns loaded he asks lol.
Tobanga come lol Tobanga come thats oustanding.
Tobanga fell.
Tobanga burnt but ok.
Theyre asking the americans for help.
Chief assistant got it.
Search party searching for green ooze, is that where tmnt bit that.
throws the cief asssitant down a hill and gets punctured by roots.
Go tobunga its your birthday thorw those evil peopl ein the quicksand.
Oh the widow is getting some too lol, she musta done something bad.,Oh ts not the widow its the miss Scientist.
Ok the widow is with some tribesman, just a smilar haircut is all.
Will you be our witch doctor ahaha.
lol ends in a cheesy romance.

Ok hands down cheesiest movie I ever seen probably ever!
Stioll makes it grow find to the heart.
As a time capsule holds up great that was hard to watch seriously for 70mins took me a few month but now its done im glad.
I would totally watch that again.
Theres like nothing wrong with that movie, if you know what youre getting into.
I dont think this movie would go over really well if I was trying to show iut to friends and fam, anything more than this personal movie blog.
I liked it for a black and white movie too.
The characters so out there.
All you need to be an american , is some lab coats, cigarette danglin from your lip, suit jacket, open, panama hat.
Grab the women by the arm when you talking to em ahaha.
I dunno id like to see some people from the 50’s in current present time, that would be funny.
And, also the opposite, some super stereotype millennials lost in the 50s.
Like trying to improvise Google in the 50s. And, I remember some pre-internet times.
That periodic table it was missing some elements.
Could you imaginge going back in time and explaining those types of things.
I like the connecticut yankee in King arthurs court. ITs a cool story idea.

Just gotta say too the Led Zeppelin VHS review on Cinnemassacre that was awesome love some led zeppelin and that was funny.
just somethings I woulda enjoyed as a kid, and still now.
Theres probably boxing on right now.

Spontaneous combustion ’90 and boxing 2x

Placeholder this movie been on the liost months.
Im watching the Navarrete // Diaz fight.
Prelim Vargas/ Shaw fight. Looks like Vargas gonna win round 3.
Gotta do some chores just finished math onward to the next awesome thing.
This Edgar Berlanga the “Real Hasta La muerte”.
Undefeated 16-0 all in the first round – till tonight

___ Wow its been a week already.
Tonight is the Andy Ruiz Jr vs Chris Arreola fight
Im gonna watch this movie.
Ruiz lost to Anthony Joshua tHis first time seeing him since then.
Where Deontay Wilder Bombsquad! lol
Loved me some Boxing Saturday nights.
Also spAce X crew 1 heading home live on youtube.
Watching with 42k people.
Fernando Molina wow young up-and-comer.
Wow some highlights of the Ruiz Joishua 1, that was crazy.
Then the Joshgua Ruiz 2 that was his decline.
Sometimes need to fall to rise back up stronger that before.
Need those experiences.
I think Ruiz can do it.
Learning from loss.
2019 currrent lol, thats some major changes.
I dont know anything about Arreola.
Some mutual respect buty IOve never seen him figth I dont think.
Thats funny hes like one time he wanted to be like me, now I want to be like him.
“Ruiz disciplined inside the ring undicsiplined outside the ring” lol thats funny.
Could Chris win, he could very well.
Hosted Shawn Porter & Mikey Garcia.
Lol Andy Ruiz eats snickers before the fight. Snickers jokes.
Lennox Lewis ringside.
Joe Goosen trainer.
Whoa Lennox Lewis got style.
Hes got a suit jacket, liner.
With the Lennox Lewis Tyson fight card as the liner.
J.Ramos vs J.Molina Ramos is the 20 yr old. Molina the former olympian and more years pro.
Ramos undefeated southpaw.
Lennox Lewis moved to UK since Canada didnt have boxing infrastructure the, goes on to face Holyfield, Tyson.
Lewis Plays chess, and created a chess student after school program thats awesome.
Ramos good fighter pretty sure he got this.
Molina gave him a run though.
All the cameos.
I appreciate the Lennox Lewis commentary the Champ.
Learning some Mexican boxing history.
Salvador Sanchez Awesome boxer sadly died in car crash at 23.
During the 80s.
next fight, Cota vs Fundora
Fundora younger.
Gabriella fundora upcoming.
Fundora fighters frame 6’6″!
Lanky tall reach.
These Tv notes lol. Fundora, built a house for sparring partners in back yard lol.
Cota figthing for his son, so his son can see his dad never giving up.
Wow Sebastien Fundora is no joke man.
Cota put up a awesome fight though wow.
Thaty was pretty wild.
Mystery song i heard I know the tune but cant pin point it, thats too bad.
Abel Roamos VS Omar Figuroa JR.
After seeing Jesus Ramos.
Omar looks ok just hasnt fought since 2019.
Figueroa Jr is a unorthodox fighter, seeing some unique moves. some good defensive moves.
He figths from a weird angle unconventional. How do you break from the pack and learn a completely new style.
Its always cool wehn theyre having a good time too.
Nothing against the other 2 figthers those Ramos family woo! Ok nephew uncle right on.
Aint nothing easier than writing about boxing. Personal stories.
Humbleness in victory, and defeat.
An exceptional rendering of ‘Star Spangled Banner.’
Whose gonna win. If it follows theme of the evening young , I like Andy Ruiz.
Chris Nightmare Areola wearing Dodger colors. The traineer from befopre Joe he wearing all white thats funny.
Ruiz walks on with young family member yellow smoke with purple rhinestone trim.
Rolls up witha thug song. Buddy this is exciting. Go Ruiz!
Chris is fighting outta Riverside CA His last fight 2019. He a scary looking dude still lol..
Joe Goossen the only trainer ive seen wear white lol.
Wow this fight is crazy. Ruiz was knocked down for a sec. Ruiz is hurt.
Chris got a good hit on Ruiz left ear, ruiz is shaky. Ruiz disbalanced. This might be an upset. Chris looks strong with some solid stance and solid shots. Ruiz back on the offense.
Andy looking better in that last round.
Lol Chris is the 40 yr old nightmare. He seems more on the offense.
Joe Goossen I was learning he helped bring Ruelas brothers to world titles. Gabriel Ruelas fought a man that later dies of his brain injuries, contemplated retiring, instead continued and donated some winnings to the Jimmy Garcia family. Andy ruiz just slightly up in punches %.
Chris A shoulder got hurt. Ruiz definetly got this now. Just the small victories more consistent.
Chris A just got one round seems a like too little a score, I though it could be an upset. He quoted Dre.
That was epic nigth of boxing.
OK supposed to watch a that movie but alas here I am lol. Gonna try to compare this movie to a couple nights boxing.

___ Movie
Watching this movie to get shit done, its been on the queue forever.
Watching before boxing this weekend.
Ill just starty it from the beginning and ignore any previous posts or drafts on the matter. Then Ill watch the Canelo Billy Joe Saunders.
Billy Joe says: “im not afraid of greatness.”
Alright excited for that.
Excited for this. Long time in the making of procrastinations. then ill do the list items.
The intero is sweet its flames and people screaming sound effect.
Valves and ignitions, plasmas.
Hot gasses lol.
Taco bell ass lool.
Burning ring of fire Johnny Cash.
Found this movie on youtube huzzah.
Oh some plot. Its the first nuclear family.
I guess thats thyroid inject.
Lol those goggles, that just makes me laugh personal reasons.
That device is shaking like a ride in front of the supermarket.
Bomb shelter demo. p[retty fallout esque.
The new old footage is always cool.
It just doesnt always look so vintage.
Not like Forrest gump that was awesome.
A good old fashioned dance and a guy smoking in the background.
Atomics is like nearly what brought on that golden age, or the one theyre portraying in the film.
That shelter experience, they say boy can it take it, I dunno there was steam shooting valves bustin up like a universal studios ride.
Theres been some content on cinnemassacre about the fear and loathing and can probably mesh it with those first opening scenes.
I cant imagine the 40’s being a very fun time to be alive. To the 50’s more optimism, American dream, one arcticle suggest conformity. Young old conforming. Well thats not so much the same I was thinking whats its gonna be like post covid. 60s wave counterculture. 70s depression economics, Music for profits FM radio Albums;. 60s really the end of that post ww2. Good music in the 70s though. 80s to now. Thats a fictional 44. And just quick exploring. Increase in consumer spending 50s, conformity not really seeing that lol/sigh . 20s aftermath of ww1, post spanish flu.
Ok I remember this, nuclear family has a kid. Is this the flame baby.
Correction its the nuclear flame baby. Human torch.. 39s Frank R paul 61s reactivation
Well right away the nuclear family catches fire lol. Thats quite bizzare. What the hell now its the 90s or 80s .. Its a play.
I was just googling actual spontaneous combustion thats so strange.
hydrocarbon on fire, with no heat. I mean some things combust in presence of oxygen so.
If these are highschool kids they look older than me. At this School or whatever. Theres like anti-radiation something armbands and posters.. Some foreshadowing. Why do they combust is what I want to know. is it cause the nuclear fire baby is mad? Stop nuclear power is what it says. Well id would tent to agree if people be catching fire all over the place. Nuclear power and bombs Id say are completely different one frees humanity the other destroys. That red car scene was weird. I wouldnt even know how to descrive that car, its got a center cylinder chrome jet intake looking piece.Its like a mini hubcap in the center of the grille. Its kinda ugly in my opinion. Novelty but ugly.
Interesting its about nuclear power shows a spherical room design. Power plant going online, in the movie. Theres the intro theres the learning about this guy, who looks fairly familiar.
Trinidad beach fictional plant.
Going around turning lights on theyre really pushing this spontaneous combustion, everyone just catchin fire around the town. late 80s 90s theme. This guy hes getting flashback looking into the globe of the fire. This character mega distraught. Imagine when he learns hes causing all thee combustions lol. Just his face says it all. Wow I like thos blue building accent lights. Omg that neon pink phone lol and the layered mirrors I forgot about the layered mirrors!
That neon phone omg. Had to take a break was laughing so hard. Talk on the funny phone to the doc. The radio doctor to be clear. Ok so the birthmark growing mega pain. HBE remembers his mom. Use his flame gift to help the world. lol Human Torch. I found it its all Dapy phone dapy speakers. Some back and forth telephoning anxiety trying to get ahold of Marvin Monroe lol, caricature. Ok tech guy bursts into flames theres some gross skin effects. Black ooze, and the neon phone its just ridiculous. Face says it all hes like oh damn. Thats like a Chernobyl under the skin ouch. Lol the guy, previously baby. Hes like really selling the acting with the other one looking right at teh camera. I dunno it has its charm. The shields on clothing and bowties are just outrageous lol. Strange if you google 90s fashion you might get some late 90s fashions. Nothing like this cringeworthy sand cast pieces. Adorned with stuff ok. It has a life of its own online thats strange dont see anyone reppin the real 90s trends im seeing here lol. Ok theyre in the hospital or something. The guy has a hole in his arm, looks super flush. The doctor / doctors assistant just has his mask drooping down as per norm,nowadays lol. Dunkaroos shirt lol. Next. ew gross a unnesecary surgery scene maybe. Hes radioactive. Ok i seen some funny items. They show the dr monroe tech on the TV. Man tube box tvs, tvs, got thin and stayed that way.
U of Illinois credited with a flatscreen invention thats cool. 06-09 There was a shift in market before even. Oh ya movie, so theres a moment its like reanimator, I must inject you with this fluorescent goop . Itll all be over shortly, looks at clock 35 mins left..
Ok re-animator turns into another combustee. Reunion with previous baby and the surviving nurse I guess. Tolerance to nucleics thats just crazy lol. Dusty suitcase. Charred up merry go round. Why would he blast his parents that makes no sense. Movie time lol. The footage from his flashback.. Lew company made tthe radiation drug and been interfeering with the previous baby. Im not sure his name still. The car from the 40s still in perfect shape. This other guy has a bug painters mask lopl that was horrible scene lol. Lol its Lew. That was such a lame scene. Horrible lol. Finally knew what to search for, its the tucker 48 or a similar 2 door model. love the phone booths. More Neon, like 89. The lew corp. He blasted the phone booth. Phone booth is really clutch. Eye swollen. Wow his card is so electrified. More victims. Wow he just points and burns now. Hes definetly a monster. I guess that swollen eye thats the closest thing I can compare to these 2 boxing nights I never really meant to write about. Imagine a boxer that could make people catch fire. Back to the 90s dream pad. Everything neon and mall-like, plastic bedside phone. A pillar. That black furniture with gold trim. That looks old fashioned to me. Not like i care that much, just if I was buying new bedroom furniture that plastic gold trim looks so tacky lol. SSSSSSSMoking lol. Theres that whit black tile floor. Floor bust chandelier. Some sweet flame effects. Its like the sky in ghostbusters. lol that 90s room its just tacky but I cant look away lol. Oooh an answering machine. Believe it or not George isnt at home. Where could I be.. Believe it or not im not home! Heres Lew with the seryinge. Lew is now SMMMMMOOOOOKINg lol THats the effect its like they get blasted out after sticking a fork in the socket. Neon meltdown, stairwell scenes, just like scenes draggin on. Lew throws himself off the stairwell and lands in a heap of SHC. Ur making it worse the ex wife now in this scene really milking evcery scene caharacter lol. Lol Lew back from the stairwell facemelting off musta had some good drum and bass.
Lew disappears in a flash of light the combustion gone. Omg its over. That was a chore not gonna lie. Now its done im super glad. Nice distraction, nice little hobby thing, ive been doing homework for the past forever that was pretty fun. Movie wasnt the top tier but the action of paying attention to that mish mash of scenes and screaming oh man lol. Alright that was nice escape from dull Tuesday feeling motivated to get my tasks complete. Movie was a slow ride, wasnt the worst some of those scenes were great and horrible. Love me some retro room decor. Brad Dourif good actor. I recognize him from deadwood too wow./
John landis Cameo
Hes in Chucky lol, the voice of chucky.. hehe (Brad Dourif)
Lol that was a good one next, From hell it came ’57
__I did feel better after enjoying all that so a little overworked stressed out. Still i think im ready for some more. Schoolwork that is.
Is it escapeism ? I mean I feel more content when I do something. I said I would do. Fanstasy, monster movies, i like the log inventory. From Oxford is better. I used the word more loosely.
Distraction vs escapeism. Theres a James Brown Escapeism song
catharsis vs distraction, therefore escapism Too much escapeism bad.