Carrie ’76

First time watching this in forever.
John Travolta.
Womens shower scene, the original slow motion action scene. Pretty racy for 76 some crotch and dropping soap blood scenes. I just got it playing in the background doing some other things meanwhile.
Just a horrible highschool experience for this Carrie girl omg. People so cruel. But I know what happens in this movie ultimate revenge movie..
Really all I remember is the very last scene at the dance. They certainly didint include that much shower scene on analog cable tv Or did they.
Smoking ion the office lol. Cigarette in the face lol. I think any non smoker is like Carrie. lol its funny when she made thee kid crash his banana seat bike lol. Lets see what horrible thing will happen next to Carrie.
Shes like read the sins of woman. Shes crazu/
Carries mom is the villain in all of this and her schoolmates. Shell turn into a monster though. Its sweet shes telekenetic though. I rememebr class like that to be fair I would hate going to that school too lol. Imagiune really these actors gettying transported to the 2020s how bizarre and crazy that would be for them. MAybe theres a Carrie anniversary where they talk about the film. So there ius a bonus clip with some people involved in the movie.

The discipline from the coach is a start of another campaign against Carrie. I I think the shorts are hilarious. 1976 seems so strange to me, a good 9 years before I was born, yet youve have to be around during the 70’s to really enjoy the 80’s. Im enjoying the 80’s right now still. The gym class. Sure enough PT punishment leading to. lol the teacher slaps the student . lol. Thats just an odd scene. The bully gang fallin apart. Thats so funny the PT punishment crying. Its a chuckle atleast. Some evil plots going on. I dont remewmber Travolta but there he is. IKts liek yeh drink and drive. Doing in movies. the cop flashlight in your face lol. Disco pre-80 driving the strip. pulltab can. 70’s fonts. Its cool its like a time capsule. Coal miner daughter. Really looks like that 70’s show. This movie probably gave so many people fear of gym class. Its obviously more interesting as Rated R picture. The prom here comes some mayhem for Carrie. Cant help but feeling sympathetic. Then its like what ulterior motives. Trying to hurt her.More of an emotional horror, rather than liek the haunted mansion liek spookies. Some effects, realistic horror. I dunno trying to categorize it. 44 years old Its established. Imagine they had cellphoens is a funny concept lol. Ew pig factory. Baseball bat the pig for ur girlfriend lol. wtf. I can sense the mayhem is just. Back to closet so its just non stop trauma for Carrie. Good sport actor to go through all that splashing screaming nudity. you got that stabby violin music Pretty fitting, Anyways isnt it weird these highschool kids going through the whole process of getting / setting up the blood. Totally savage plan. Yes now we know in 2020 that ruins someone trying to give your classmate ptsd for life. Its like there was Columbine kind of a turning point in bullying history maybe. Lots more froshing pre-columbine I guess is what im sayin. The mom is totally crazy , theyre all gonna laugh at you some foreshadowing. Like i was saying time capsule for anyone that didnt experience 1976 prom. And if you did can compare your prom to the one in the movie. Liek the back to the future. Pro is pretty busy. Bates high school kinda like BAtes motel
Wow Carrie is Stephen Kings first novel thats intersting. Debut. Carrie gets here fun prom moment shes smiling lol about to go downhill in not much time. Just all the anxieties all at once Stephen King knows.
Wonder why Carrie gets picked on, I mean to me they all look nearly ridiculous. Ruthless plan unfolding. Its like the perfect prom or is it. Was caught reading up all on this badlands movie about a murdering guy and his young gf. Well there it is the diabolical plan unfolding. Its like yep see it there and the teachers are all proud of what they did. Getting whole audience clapping for being prom kind and queen Bucket Dangling.Its like someone built the incredible machine. Ew . Anyways epic scene how could anyone forget that. Theyre all gonna laugh at you abnd the face of horror she has. The double shot is kinda cool. Like the crazy conductor of a haunted mansion. Conductor of death. Carrie definetly turnt into monster. Alot of there death scenes pretty saveage. Whats another Stephen King Story, Cujo where all the horror happens near the end. I guess this is kinda liek that. Although the mom scenes are crazy. Surely that dude, her date knew about it. N ice rollover car explosion. theres a franchise. Kids music and the stabby mom is pretty horrific. Slow death. Thats a pretty horrific scene I thought she might shake back to life. Weird end and tghe house is gone. Weird Jesus figurine looks like the way in which the mom was killed. As adult and not watching on TV so much better than I remember. Carrie white burns in hell. Some good screaming and mental horror. .. And shes still in the ASYLUM lol

Spookies ’86

Its a honest film.
Opening sequence.
Its like got a light.
No idea what to expect lol.
Right away hes toast

So in my own words, buddy just got his bag of loot stolen
hes like my dreams will actually happen
Other guys’s like eh u got a light for an old man,

This movie on the knife edge

Theres more to this movie lol
I like this movies takes its time.
the most bizarre movie lol.
Hard core good acting

This has some goood development
OK its ovver
wow wha an abominatiojn buit i love this movie and the people that
10/10 would watch again lol
epic bad movie lol
Whoever made this is good movie id say
budddy thats a work of art right there.

Monster Madness

Watching this list off ‘Cinnemassacre Plays” Channel.

Fright night – 85
This movie was awesome. Some good effects story characters. It was a new vampire story to me. The mom of the main character lets the vampire in its funny. Movie is clever and the creature effects were really good. Pop culture references id never seen before. I wonder if Jhonen Vasquez had seen this movie prior to writing the vampire cabbage comic.
Oct 8 2020

Heres the full list so far,
Spookies 86
Carrie 76
Puppetmaster 89
Re-Animator 85
Poltergeist 82
Hellraiser 87
They Live 88
Critters 86
The Stuff 85
The Beast with Five Fingers 46
Last House on the Left 72
Pumpkinhead 89
Child’s Play 88
Rodan! 56
The Omen 76
The Cyclops 57
The Hagstone Demon 2011
Spontaneous combustion 90
From Hell it Came 57
Creepshow 82
Hilarious House of Frankenstein 71
Infra-Man 75
From Beyond 86
Cabin in the woods 2012
Reptilian 1999
The Gate 1987
Basket Case 1982
Sleepaway Camp 1983
TerrorVision 1986
Bram Stokers Dracula 92

I think that concludes the list For monster Madness now
Its been a fun movie watching experience.

One set to come out really soon.
so yea these were released while back, Ive seen a few of these. Actually was interesting to see some old references Id never seen before. Discussing with someone. Sometimes you can see something youd recognize without having seen it before. Like maybe in Simpsons or another movie, or show. Ill watch these still and fit em in when I can.
In booming voice October the Tenth
Today Ive beeen sharing the link, so I should pitch some bucks towards what I like.
I wanna work on a Big L Tribute.
BIG Tribute forsure. I got the credit card.
Its bigger than L tho

Baseball, wow been a crazy year.
TB just beat the Yankees lol thats a upset forsure
Thats my edit, Im adding Nosferatu and a few older ones onto the list.

The Death Kiss ’32

Behind and failing in everything what better time to sink a couple hours into doing nothing.
Pretty much failed my math class for this semester, all that work and im behind and failing. Comes a point where I dont give a fuck at least today.
Movie opens up they got me with the gag, as theyre on a set but they actually killed him right then and there, interesting opening to a movie.
Its like hes dead, cut, its all fake, no wait its true. Im just excited to see Bela in a non Dracula role. Old movie almost 90 yrs old. Not really in the mood for writing too much neither but im watching it.
Falls asleep during investigation. Me , so tired.
Well there he is,
“How do you know?”
Thats the line he said with a crooked eyebrow.
Theres another sly detective handles the bullet at the crime scene.
Hes friends with the star, dont worry pal I dont know who she is neither.
Motive, the divorcee. Getting questioned.
Classic whodunit, well I cant guess, maybe its the detective dude, the one youd least expect, or the movie star, that kills him in character. But that would be too simple for this movie?
The little curls on the side of the hair, thats where Clark Kent got it from the past.
Cept the present in the past.
You got this guy the dabbler in murder case, im pretty sure thats him. Hes like acting as the stars laywer during questioning already.
Sept 29
This movie was good. Overall i Liked it. I was hoping Bela would be the killer, but nah hes just the studio big wig. The writer investigator is a funny character. It turned into a comedy kinda. It was fun following the clues. Oh yea this time I got not much outside commentary. Just was able to watch the movie, I saw it had not the highest rating still but that didnt bother me. Yeh near the end, with he light and pistol apparatus, that was kinda silly, then what he gets knocked out. Then he leaves the pistol, anyways makes for a humourous film. The goofy policeman is a character. Anyways following clues, hes like look at this, then this, and then deduces something. The detectives get kinda chapped, but admit hes got some good ideas. Especially to look at the film. So they all saunter in the theater, leaving the film unguarded. Sure enough buddy gets beaned and the film goes up in flames. Gotta say with the old movies. Lots of characters on set.Ive seen worse thats forsure. I actually had a couple good laughs. Kinda predictable, but clever. I mean yeah murder story turned out to be not who I thought.
I could imagine that being your feature friday night movie sometime.
David Manners Canadian born American.
Bela Lugosi Hungarian/American struggled with a opiate addiction. WW1 infantryman served on the Russian front in Austro Hungarian Army From the wiki page.

She Demons ’58

Seen this list on a cinemassacre review. I like lists. Nice between homework. Something different.
How annoying is it when you go seek a movie, and someone re-used synopsis constantly gets in the way. I know nothing about this movie. Heroic, but dull. I wish people wouldn’t do that. Not only that gotta avert your eyes to not see any more of that text. What would I rather, the title maybe or genre, or what the film maker wanted you to read on the back of the boxes. Shouldnt give any opinion on the title. Anyways If I had worked on something and had a final product out, id hate for it to be introduced by a movie critic, sentence. As if that sentence speaks more than the film, it doesn’t. Wave riders.

Anyways movie starts wild footage.
Its a storm and some missing people get reported missing on the ‘news’.
I hate smiling.
So far plot is pretty normal. Stuck on a island. Blonde woman, on a ‘high’ horse says the fella. Hes like ur lucky to be alive. Didnt plan the hurricane or see the ship they were on ?
Mysterious island. Send home for money then late 50’s I can assume things are a little more chill. Its kind of a Kong rip-off but they dont go into the details about the the monsters on the island. That radio lol, its not a pocket radio lol. Whoa those are jets in formation. Maybe I was expecting propeller planes. Theyres on a firing range lol. Ooh foot prints. Possibility of bad things. Stuck on a island, and theyre not quite in love. Later radio man discovers theyre probably going to call the search off. I sense hilarity coming up. The jungle. That snake scene lol. I wonder where they are then. Surrounded with idiots lol. Oh no the camp and radio. Oh no Chris. Skewered with bamboos. Ok so the radio guy goes to follow the blood trail, and they turn over what could only be the ‘she demon’ lol. That’s a pretty horrendous face. Oh they said it. Title of the movie in the movie. Lets take our chances in the jungle. I hope I never have to say that. Nice set though looks like a bubling Dagohbah. Nice dialogue. Lol wasn’t expecting that. Caucasian babes on the bongo drums lol. Theyre having a little camp fire. Its funny cause i just went camping, its was like similar to this movie but not quite. Sio theres more than one she demon and here it really looks like the 60’s with some choreographed dancing. The crew Ill call em. The blonde the mister and the asian radio guy. Now some dancing and music bit. Its pretty good. Some minor mistakes I cant help but spot because i don e drill for so long. Wtf theres nazis now lol. Just here io was saying its all like the sixties some nazis with pistols drawn enter the scene. Thats like a bad joke. If you were in the fifties and burst out laughing im sure you’d get some looks. I look about as surprised as the characters in this movie do. No they’re rounding up the jungle women horrific. Lol some light humor. This dude gonna go talk to em. Meanwhile nazis are rounding up the women in bamboo cages. Heres a creepy doctor. The glasses are part of the costume. Human experimenter. The wife. Experiments. Chem supplies. Basically if I stay in school can become a evil doctor in a lab. Oh gawd I seen the alive she demon.. Im just being sarcastic I dont want to be a human experimenter, bnut having a spooky chem lab sounds kinda fun. Nazis in this movie up to their usual bad behavior, whipping jungle girls till death. Oh man, so the she demons get these big foreheads and long nails and teeth its quite horrific lol. The sets looks like your at a amusement park turned chem lab. You got your messenger pigeons, other ‘horrible’ creatures. hes like this open door is no problem. Oh wait never mind. Shouldnt have fire in the lab. This guy cant see lol. A beaker breaks. Anyways the blonde gets uncovered, shes about to turn into a prisoner. Therees a fight between the mister and nazi boss. He gets punched out of the room. All the caged she demons escape. Oh they get recaptured. This time they all surround the real nazi boss I guess ? hes the real experimenter. maybe the she demons are his experiments. Hes not trhe doc. He looks like a James Bond villain. Ok i get the synoposis from the villain himself hes trying to rebuild faces. Or skin tissue. Taking the jungle womans skin maybe. Is that where beauty products from the 50’s came from. Youth serum. Scar tissue into new skin is the tech. Anyways he looks kinda familiar maybe some other german villain ill find out after watching this. Oh this guy, he says given enough time could solve radiation poisoning I dont think is accurate thing to say as scientist. Thats pretty much a death sentence. Hes a compelling villain with his eyes. Hes gonna use lava to power something. Thermal power, perpetual motion. Nice thats what im waiting for the womans face all bandaged up like a freak, and a veil lol. Thats ur wife, lab accident gone wrong. Typically never get such a plot reveal from the villain.

So on the bomb range is a underground nazi lab, where this dude is making his disfigured wife pretty again. Thats pretty creative. Jockey pants. That tree scene those laughing guards. Its not very believable , kinda funny. She demons are hungry. Pouting blonde doesnt want champagne. Didnt he have a wife already. This guy just showing off its like buddy nazis lost the war its 58 lol. Oh just like I predicted the wife sneaks up on em lol. This is like Jerry Springer. Jerry i think her name is bottles the guy. Its like the guard is Lurch. Nice the guys get rescued by Jerry. Uh oh here comes a she demon. Dont got too much more to write got lots of homework just wanted to watch something quick before never ending homework. Oh here its the old wife helping Jerry. Take this key to the lock on the gate lol. She got changed back into the first outfit. Its kinda funny the prissy high horse lady is saving the party. Ok the doc is the underground island commander. I wasnt able to recognize him. Even the evil nazi doc has domestic. That lab getting destroyed is impressive. Beams falling and quicksand. Buddy just throws his rifle. So the wife of island commander saves em all calm like and shoots a man. lol. Oh man that last scene is great. The fierey beam drops. And then the cave falls apart to show the lava flow its like projected in a early green screen type effect. Dummy off the cliff, awesome. Nice pistol shot.The earth effect are rad. The screaming guy gets covered in a rockslide. Movie ends as they see the ocean and boat after escaping volcano. I wouldnt wanna go onn a ocean journey with that. Anyways strange movie, I got some good chuckles. I got lots of homework to do, but ill do some homework then take a break. yea some of those faces really got me going. I wasnt expecting much but some cool scenes. Wanst expecting nazis lol, its was a ok villain.

Independently made
Rudolph Anders is the familiar looking character.+
Malibu California
Ferndale. Be loving those second story balconies windows on main street.
The Diane Nellis Dancers. Campy is right lol.
It was ok, was like a adventure matinee. Coulda been a date movie or something.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run 2020

Seen this today. Movie during pandemic. Wasnt so bad basically watched a movie with less than 6 people in the theater. Theatre was pretty much deserted, there was some other kids that brought their own candy in. Which is smart cause otherwise your paying 30 bucks for 2 small sodas and 2x popcorn 1 candy. That would be pretty funny, grown man getting caught smuggling candy in. Or even trying to negotiate for a ticket complication as your bag of candy falls out. I dont know ou youd call it a tickets it basically a pdf you could choose to print it. Now cant have a movie physical movie ticket anymore. Out ofd the norm. Which is fine but its like, cant have a movie ticket anymore cause paper, now its cell phone. Anyways I dont think that anyone is trying to argue that paper tickets is ruining the planet here except me and its for sake of argument. So yea back top popcorn its a travesty thew theaters charge that much for the popcorn. They surpassed the circus, probably giving the circus ideas. Layered butter still an option, and hell yea. Well not only the pandemic but also the popcorn and minimal pop. Its whatever shouldnt be drinking too much pop. Drink a couple gulps of that coke barqs combo is pretty good, and its all gone. Then I seen some yogurt covered skittles but passed on that, just got the regular skittles. Trying to think of some other ridiculous oxymoron food combos, but more in the sense of healthy and unhealthy hyperbole exaggeration. Then you can say how bout some cereal with that bowl of sugar. Covid finding a map of ‘contaminated areas’ its easy on reddit. Navigating government links not so much. Its like more big picture and shows the province when your trying to see the city. Summer time too people are outside. For the theatre itself was nearly abandoned. All the games were still turned on. Yea some places still use tokens but a charge card is what i seen. Disposable thing. Says magnet stripe was made of iron oxide on tape in 50s. The charge cards are disposable, and have a recycle spot. Yeh, now theyve gone saying change is to slow, lets just get twenties now lol. Seen some metro cards like that too different degrees of durability. There was Pac man game there pretty nostalgic its on a weird LED screen but i think the sound effects ann powerups prolly the best. Car racing game was some music self driving cars. I bet theres alot to it but its not like your really controlling the car. Being pro arcade player. Nowadays those mortal kombat inputs are destroyed, still kinda fun cause its shitty for the other player too. Anyways back to the .pdf ticket Sometimes im sure the scanner messes up. Pobably just spongebob reminded me of beinng a kid so much now naturally im thinking about sneaking candy in and forging .pdfs and long excuse for why the ticket wont scan, for some personal comedic enjoyment. If anything should forge the popcorn, and butter layers. For the cost it was well worth it. The one negative comment I might say is rigth at the beginning fo the movie theyre showing all the actors , talking about the movie theyre showing clips its like bro lemme watch the movie before you ruin it with clips about the movie, before the movie. Sometimes previews are good, sometimes Id rather not see the preview, just like I write these generally without consulting so much online opinion, till ive written pretty much all I can think of. Still even just looking at the movie title was caught reading some things, it happens. So in the previews its like dont give up all the best laughs. Sometimes watching the previews wouldnt give it justice or make the best parts of the movie throw-away clips. Im sure theyres some good theory on previews from marketing perspective and so on. Its most likely always been changing but supposed that specific thing would interest me. Spongebob himself, seen the games shows merchandise. Never seen a SpongeBob movie and now seemed about the time. The animation sets are really dynamic and relaxing to look at. Its like a modern, mary poppins, Who framed Roger rabbit, Space Jam. You got the actors on screen with the cartoons. Some bright casino and underwater colors. Has that 70’s esque flowers. Visually fun to watch like add some neon and nice looking surfaces. Its like what Ren & Stimpy turned into, less gross more the friends. Still fairly unfamiliar still like the style. Not much else to say it the characters everyone likes going on adventures. I guess if I had to compare to my real childhood heroes probably TMNT. This was fun to watch in 2020. Just to not think about whatever be it myself of the current events etc. I appreciate the people that put that together, im sure theyre well compensated and must have some sense of reward. Besides I cant hog all the entertainment, thats probably entertaining for alot of people. Oh yea Tmnt. Yea the TMNT I seen they remade i was a big TMNT fan, they had to change it up to make it better? As comparison to what I know Spongebob is. I would prefer the Spongebob and friends to the new tmnt. Doesn’t have the fighting or martial arts. IK mean has a bit of that, but Tmnt doesnt have the googly eyes and the funny crying, and true friendship in its simplest form. So wholesome. Teamwork is something the two would have in common. So back to people were enjoying this probably making it, and viewing it. As a non nostalgic spongebob person I enjoyed it. Just makes me think of other similar but not quite the same like Simpsons Movie. Yea at a time like this nice distraction. Going to more deserted theatre was unique in that sense. So yea probably a bad time to release a movie. Good time to release a movie people need positive happy things to do. That paramount animation intro reel is nice. Voice acting cameos all awesome. The mix between animation and seemingly reality is the best ive ever seen. The previews were showing some other not so adult films. I like the animation and cheezy clean humor. pump it full of morals on friendship with the lovable cast. Cartoon land the evil guys come along. Take a dip in another world. Funny too the air breathing creatures represented by squirrel scientist. And then such an interesting subject Spongebob show is already nostalgic. So after listening to the raisiK spongebob songs had to peep the movie. Yea seen the tv show, but not all of em just broken segments. Cameos be awesome in this movie, just leaving me chuckling. I wanstg expecting much out of the movie and alot more adventure, some actual conflict and getting behind the characters. There is the oxymoron food comparison metaphor the octopus guy says it. They all have series of flashbacks. This is something ill try to make more people watch life gets pretty busy sometimes. Hopefully not too busy for spongebob. So I wonder what the future is. Could the character survive a century. Its not trying to be too profound. Id watch more adventures on the big screen, the cutting edge animation. Imagine showing this to some Reboot people from back in the day. Just matching the dialogue to animation process must be so tedious, so seamless it barely crosses the mind watching it. Im gonna give ol Sonic a go. Seen a weird Keg commercial, just restaurant packed to the gills with customers. Ik dunno after Alberta beef Keg frozen steaks arent that impressive, but the coronavirus difference they used the set up footage with a footnote. I dunno interesting to see to say the least. just of those actualities and cant turn back time. New normal is annoying phrase, but see it adjusting to actual new normal. Wow took that for cashiers to get a sneeze guard from everyone else. You gotta forecast places like subway adjusting atleast somewhat. Now the people barricades are everywhere. Yeh basically gonnna be some guniea pigs for class and go see what happens. Infection count higher up then when they closed the schools in the first place. Before it was unknown, now its like test trial back to some regular society cause people fed up. At expense of elders or whoever but not the shareholders thats forsure. In that aspect the world definitely needs more Spongebob. Watched some Bill Burr right after.
Ah yes After rockos modern life self proclaimed favorite show of my youth i remember wow reading the wiki page. Gotta watch the sponge outta water from 5 years ago definitely didnt see that.
reading the history of spongebob and the pitch kinda amazing. I already learnt how jerry and larry made their show. Shout out to Stephen Hillenburg. I could learn more about storyboarding. Wow so much work iconic character. Yeah people puyttiing words in the mouth saying the show all about sexuality when its not. That wiki page though and the references lol.

Something else was thinking couple days after the fact. A lot more movies then what I listed that has the animation. I never mentioned the Harry Potter, Fantastic beasts. Any marvel thing What id say about that it has the humans interacting with animations made to look seemingly real, something like ‘Cool World.’ wow that title from 1992 so non descript. “Cool World” in a pitch: “Its a world thats COOL” wow
Well in those its blatant animation. Marvel its special effects. Harry potter its meant to be realistic not overly-cartoony.

Drunken Master I ’78 Drunken Master II ’94

Watched the original drunken master about 2 weeks ago. Just now about to watch the second one.
I got lots i can say about the first one. Young Jackie Chan. No cell phones. Just farm type towns and Kung-fu. So forgive my blatant mistakes writing this from memory. Its not typically what I like to do, although in a effort to clear the queue. This becomes a movie log. I love movies wish I could do this more. And I can do more just maybe schedule and setting time asides for this purpose would help but more like refined schedule for the next quarter. Might aswell touch on current events. Parliament still shut down, only commonwealth country. Fucking idiots I tell ya.
Im justy one person, but the democratic spoiled Canadians, willing to throw it all away for nothing. Nathan would be pissed. Im pissed. Anyways regardless it will sort itself out but why not now, prior anything. Gotta sit and wait and watch it waste away. Should enjoy that I guess after watching this abomination since 2015. Good grief. I probably have the record of writing to dunce politicians. Need a multi faceted approach and persistence. Since its their business ignoring Canadians gotta find ways to be compelling, and persuasive. Go ahead judge my deeds ive never committed unjustified atrocities, not compared to my enemies atleast. Who gives forgiveness anyways. I aint the killer with assault charges. Nope not me. 2020 has bee the year of ASSS liberal government. Ya could be worse, shit could be alot better too. Prolly use this platform for my ongoing fur trader hoarding of knowledge. I especially like I got to visit Canal Flats this year, source of Columbia river , underground apparently. Thats one for the books If I ever need to get to Astoria. Maybe to go watch the Goonies. So not only Columbia but the Kootenay river. From East Koots get to a small town and get to the Uhaul. The modern fur trader lol. All for that beaver hat. Then Covid, I barely seen anyone. Most people keep their distance riding the plane its like every plane has several sick people on board. This world just aint built for poor people, and with covid makes it even easier to morally reject these people. According to the political forecast just pawn in a chess game, educational, medical positions. Not enough coordination not enough will power not enough teamwork, why the world isnt a perfect version of itself. Or that venus project maximum efficiency, why arent we there we need war or some problem to unite us. Anyways back to the matter at hand. I hearing Canal Flats under evac rigth now forest fires.

Drunken Master i.
This movie rules. I remember it from the endless time I feel I spent in Wainwright Wainwrong. Its really good. Fights between evil and good. Jackie Character grows from petty crook to honorable drunken warrior. I think the comedy in this is thed best, you got the typical funny enemy combatants with different styles. Theres some funny slapstick jokes at the beginning. Theres alot of calliing farm animal names. Jokes about crappy kungfu. They all have a unique character trait that makes em a unique Kung Fu Warrior. What time is this movie set. All the characters travel through the land, theyre like have you heard my name im a badass warrior. Theyre like nah, but have you heard my name? Drunken master has one of those names that makes people take a couple steps back. Jackie Chan, is taught by his Father Kung fu, cept he gets in a fight with his Aunt. Hes always into trouble every scene lol, cept wafter he gets his ass kicked or lol super embarrassing, but funny. People seem really harsh in this era. Jackie seems always starving.Then he gets his ass kicked by this real kung fu asshole. Then he makes him walk between his legs like a dog, liek a humiliating display. Yeh this part is really funny the Dad master hires ‘another harsh master’ to ‘train’ Jackie in the ways of the 8 drunken gods technique never before beaten. The old master is harsh too with the bamboo stick wrist techniques, and basically hes just kicking his ass for a whole year. I gotta say thats probably how you learn something crazy like a kung fu style remove everything else and just learn everyday. The sets in this movie are awesome. Rolling green hills, and nature. Every time its so funny Jackies Character about to be disciplined but hes always sneaking some jokes in. He always is caught. Just make me laught its like hes trying to neak in a extra bite of food and he thinks the master aint looking but sure enough. Its like Looney Tunes jokes. Character is funny and loveable. Gotta mention ive been watching Jackie Chan movies since young. Rush hour and the likes, but seen this only after. When I first seen it I was amazed with the fighting, and moves. Still good. Some awesome stunts, and awesome fighting. Jackie a superstar still thankful, and happy for the movie memories. Sure enough the main character, he finally convinces ol master to go for town visit. Yea thats where he fights wins, they return to camp for some more activities, run out of wine then Jackie must quickly get the wine back. Sure enought leave it to jeapoardize the whole situation cause he was eating and saving some bucks on the wine. Gets even les wine, waters it down. End up beating the stick guy which was a challenge. Stick guy boss is humiliating 70-30 ratio, feet to fists technique guy.
Subplot to kill Jackies Kung-fu dad, and house. Oh yea because the assassin. Forget who hires the assassin. Anyways so he gets a rematch.
Thats where he really goes through all the styles. Ends up ignoring one of the techniques cause its like acting like a silly girl but actual strikes, anyways he never practiced those. Its hilarious the Master is sure in his skills so he comes to watch the fight. So its a surprise yet again Jackie didnt do his homework. Its hilarious. Return happy family not exiled from the family! Dont wanna disgrace the family name, cept jackie going around telling people you know what. Some light hearted humor. Its funny watching Jackie get liquored up and win. In theory, making your opponent think youre too drunk could be effective. Definitely would watch again, its just fun to watch. Alright Im about to set off on Drunken Master ’94. Its says somewhere double feature so maybe not so much comparison this being part two. Or I am wrong lol. lets see.
Drunken Master ii
Yes retro intro screens it widescreen.Cant read the symbols. Ginsing valuable. Yup the dad talking about a unfair world.Packed full or morals in a 90s style lol. Forgive while you can. Baseball! These intircate trains and set. Anytime Jackie is in a scene he always up to no good lol. Get away from those first classers. Ducks chaos. Already a sword and spear fight. Fighting in enclosed spaces. That pole arm vs sword nice moves. Jackies already super good fighter. Its cool in a world when you can concede but keep fighting for kung fu. Its funny with the army theyre like this package nah not this one. Anyways Jackie makes a friend with a generals son. Now its a industrial setting. Theres British and theres trade, and a piece of Jade. Armies , so less farmy more industrial. The early thief scene was pretty good. The kung fu world you go around moving faster than eyes can see. Either on or or not on the side of justice. But justice in different ways. So with the ginseng they are intertwined with the plot. The general son was the lad that gave him the helping hand up. Anyways he goes against the dad which was specifically saying you wanna travel low-key. Hmm looks like maybe his aunt or I mean cousin makes appearance now. Oh yea the bad guy is some british looking dude. Oh hers like yeah make those steel workers work at night too. yeh. Lol kungfu display for gampling thats pretty funny. So yea theyre all gambling while supposed to be working or something. They make it back to the Kung Fu fathers house. Theyre all acting all sick geting treatments, Jackie Knows wassup hes like what no Mahjong game lol. Lol hes like yeah have they lost much. Oh its his Mom. lol lightning fast she grabs those chips. Come back from treatment now, money losing treatment ahaah. thankfully the mom is kinda down with a new plot. All to fool the father lol funny things happening between the scenes. Trying to find ginseng root. lol distraction. Well hopefully this guy doesnt get sick lol. Steel mill. theyre like naw you work 24 hours. Steel mill factory fight. Goes to kick theyre asses. Everthing is settles in Kung fu ass kicking. Get rid of sommeone cause he wont sell the plot of land. This happy village, Nice more Kung fu fighting drunken boxing femals vs the fisherman boxing. Hes like drunken boxing nah thats nothing. Tsai li Fu, a style with powerful arm strikes. That dude is pissy lol, first he was happy now he wants to kick Jackies ass. Hes like nah. no druken box. Havent seen Jackie lose but im sure he will atleast once this movie. Mom sells the diamond necklace for the good ginseng. They got some hat and coat style, maybe seen in the Kung fu Hustle. Turn of the industrial revolution. Kung fu car chase for the what they think is the JAde. Yea Jackie gets the purse snatcher seriously who would fight jackie Chan, Probably every mma person, but this is a movie. Grabs the purse buddy like nah im not figthing you. Her jaw all smacked shes like go on fight. i bet this where Jackie migth have a issue with this battle theres several suits, and this guy hes like apologies to my foot. Who says that. But yea hes the one that bust out into some kung fu at the steel mill , kicking some workers assess instead fo paying overtime. Now thats a villain. Plus he hit Jackies mom he gonna die sometime. Writing Jackie so many times. Go on kick asses do the thing lol. Yea Jackies mom in this is funny as hell. Shes like just a minute ur son kicking ass with my necklace in that bag, shes like just moment dear sent it over. Yea he sends it like 30ft while fighting 4 guys. Its funny though its like master of kung fu comedy and pack as many jokes as they can in every scene. Buddy with the hat gets smoked. What does these stunt people do for fun lol. its really impressive the speed, and the final scene. IKts so funny hes literally flipping acrobatics and such and the crowd response and his mom like ah yea im on good terms with him, let me just ask him to show off the drunken boxing. Like re-occuring jokes, doing favors for you while he fighting its a good one, hes like anything else? Hes like nah i cant use the drunken boxing dad will get mad. For maybe not using dads kung fu, or hurting people, yea the mom is a funny character in this. Along with the villain hes like yelling obscenities at the henchmen love that. The fighting is pretty crazy.They get the wine mega prop. Dad wont let me drink. ahaha Just chugging liquor. The boos is like wtf is that. Still gets a couple hits. Gravity defying. Going thru all the gods again so sick.Swervy waist anmd drunken gait. More props Now hes battling dad. lol. Thats good laugh. Its liek babysitting drunken Jackie lol. Still unstoppable. I thought he might lose. The son Mother father is pretty funny. Small brother. lol he ends up admiting its all his fault. Feeling bad for Jackie gotta drown in the wine. Gets disowned afetr figthing back yeh now hes really drunk and shitty. Gets disowned again. Drunken box your dad lol. That whole jar of wine. Now whats he gonna do, hes a drunk singing along. Gonna have to use that drunkeness to save his dad somehow and beat those suits. Well hes relly drunk see how he does again. Fishmonger watching his enemy get it. he gets hung up in the sun with a king of drunken boxing. the problems of drink fighting fighting with family. His Dad gets it and the fish monger I guess said something nice things. They regain family after the fish friend. See its like people change in this long movie. here is s the original thief. Feign to make dad fight. Thats how kunfu masters meet they fight for like 10 mins interrogating each other. Its a battle to keep the jade in Chinese hands. The fight with the old officer and mother is pretty good. So the thief is actually a patriot, and has thought to his actions. So Jackie probably still can fight he gets excused for drinking a little more cause hes such a righteous fighter. All the family drama came out in the open though. The whole town deserted for this Kung fu fiught. Wow really like hatchet gang. Jackie just killing it as usual immediatly into a tight squeeze. Who else figth off a mob with a small bench or table. Ax gang. yea crazy fight scene cleared out the whole town. Again with the bamboo, awesome. Poor old general got an Ax in his back. How can you seriously handle that bamboo weapon catcher. Sick Fish monger back into the fight. Shit buddy gets shot thats sad. Well good thing he did the die face. Turns into a treasure recovery mission. Lol someone handing Jackie the documents. Lol they end up fighting 2 british soldiers except theyre both infiltrators lol recognize each other .
So theyure in the british consulate, the scheme of the operation. uh oh dad is pissed he always pissed how long till they get a plan to rescue him ? maybe with some drunken boxing. BNritish are after the land. Ok so it is his aunt. I see and she just took over role of mother after he passing. With a qucik prayer they are released. More afraid. Love that get up and good to go atitude. Theyre gonna end up giving the land steel exchange. Buddies like ok we got the moeny steel and everything else they like lets sail for Hong Kong. Finally after some reconciliation. They find aplan to take back factorey and look theyre stealing jade. Gotta support the steel workers, trying to get the message out. Now thats whats really up get the dad outta town for a few days on turn on that kung fu. Reminder dont be a drunken boxer, only if it righteous. get the helpers. Ass kickees u mean. Nice dont ever come back if you get beaten ahahah. So wholesome in the kungfu world. Team good guys shows up at the steel mill for the final battle. Really Bruce Lee esque in this scene, the amber fires. The nice clothes. hes going after the lead hencheman drunken master in a different style. How else you write a drunken master 2 script. Whip guy lol iots like a boss stage, and hes got the chains in the fire technique lol. Yea the obviously too agressive guy. Imagine being in the white villain business 94 lol. really went for some dramatic shots in this scene not so comedy. Make up my own. jackie Chan looking like jesus bout to do some righteous fighting. Yeh in the battle of good and evil fought daily in kung fu battles the righteous can use non righteous techniques like the drunken boxing to defeat their foes lol. One handed technique vs ponytail chain man. some weird clay fighting or speeding up the roll. Nice saves his foe thats rigtheous. These choreographed fights epic. just when you think it couldnt get any crazier it gets wilder everything fight. I dont think i ever seen Bruce Lee do that. Yea the glasses guy has a praying mantis crazy legs with some feigns, old props come back, earlier. Did Jackie Chan invent drunken styule he does it so well, what jumping on coals. Thats what it takes to get to the top. wow. Literally spitting fire lol. Yea id be worried too haahah. Its like theyre both fighting on a wire on tension some pull for tension. You really are a good father he says, so all is well that ends well. His dad walking around with a medal. Nice 2 min outtake roll looks a bit older than it is. I was 9. That was awesome though its more than, but a good setup for awesome battle at end of movie. Story wasnt as fantastic, but I think that was epic, you cant have one with out the other, but for a sequel so good. Do you need drunken god style its like the first part is learning it, and then the second part is it being used in a situation to help his community something like that. Gonna read up on all the intersting things about this pair of movies. That was fun. First one was kinda funnier, this one more action, i like em both. Ive seen the first one more than that, cause I dont recall seeing any of that, probably didnt have access to it. Before internet was everywhere.So that was a ‘new’ nostalgic movie in a way.
Silly me, film popularized its called Zui Qhan. Ok Wong Fei-hung was actual person. Medicine, Kung-fu Revolutionary. Ten Tigers of Canton actual figthers. Beggar so is the OG drunken master. Forgot about the combine all the other 7 styles and make up your own unique form. Wow original Drunken master, died after that movie, Dance of drunk mantis was his actual movie. Had been in lots of films. Yuen Siu-tien. Interesting the theme song became the anthem for representing folk hero Wong Fei-Hung. Wow some high responses for bets action movie of all time #2

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist ’02 vs Kung Fu Hustle ’04

Only watched Kung Pow so far this round. So I guess this was a movie before they erased the audio. Gave the characters silly voices, and blue screened some content in. Its pretty silly but it caught me off guard a couple times with some good jokes. I think I caught some three stooges references. I admire how they stitched it together thats pretty creative. The voices and dialogue was funny. Satire of the kung fu genre. Just hearing some funny phrases you wouldnt expect to hear. One particular one I remember is like the character is pleading with the other. Like Oh I wish youd reconsider as the other character says. Ok then. Just some funny phrases yhou wouldnt expect to hear. The animation hadnt aged well. Some part reminded me of some YTV or something. Right at the beginnning was fairly distinguishable like some reboot animation for the baby. Albeit probably better, and more advanced then the reboot comparing a little more. Im not a blue screen specialist but the boombox guy and addin extra content to old scenes seems like a very 2000’s thing to do. Got the Star Wars animation and Forest Gump in the presidential scenes off the top of my head. Id say there was alot of audio jokes, and jokes based around the dialogue. The dubbed jokes where the character says very little but says alot in dialogue, or vice versa says much on screen, but only a word or two dialogue. Classic. The acrobatics sillyness. Other parts plain stupid but its all good natured so its hard to hate on. Lots of back and forth video scenes as they chop the video sometimes tricky to see. It must have just been a blat looking throught the footage and trying to decide a script line and direction to go. The magician switching shirts i wonder how much chopped footage and how different it is from the originals. Or if the original actors seen this and either think its funny or stupid. Maybe youd be happy someone remade and brought new life into a otherwise forgotten thing. Its kind of an abomination but its just in fun, and not harsh humor. Rated Pg-13 13% Rotten Tomatoes Score, yet 91% google users like it. In particular the rotten tomatoes or metacritics are usually crap anyways. Its like how do you critique something as crazy and silly as this. You say it was more fun than profound. Its even worse look when the film tries to be more serious than it really is comes off pretty horrendous. Im critiquing a bit and trying to capture some original thoughts on the movie usually before visiting the expanses of the internet. Like id like to know what a rotten tomatoes thinks is a fun movie, cause Id probably think its a rotten movie. Ew Hugh Grant. And the critics are crazy about it. Audience not so much its a case of ‘crap’ telling me what I should like. Meanwhile crap dont recognize how shitty it is. Im standing up for this piece atleast more than 13% although ill admit its a piece of crap. Its made me laugh, or enjoy myself more than any boring critic could. I know good acting when I see it. lol.
First scenes of Kung Fu Hustle. The ‘Axe Gang’ He has a swagger, and a dance. They look pretty cool like gangsters with tommy guns with suits, and fedoras. Theyre mean too. Lady gets blown away shotty style. The sets are amazing like a asian film noire, some neon. Theyre like a giant piece of theatre. Its pretty unique. I like how theres lots of characters in the scene. Its dynamic alive set. Like a setup for a boom camera. I mean seems like I hard comparison. Kungpow isnt really a movie as much as this is. Landlords tipsy going around collecting taxes. The Landlady seems like a serious grouch.
Later the Kung Fu comes out the staff guy, the ring fist guy, I cant recall the thirds ability. Then the landlady and her husband make the couple. Dont find out till later that they are both experts. The sideways laying instrument make for some interesting fighters. Without the instrument I gather they arent that great. Musicians take out the 3 team slowly.They show some awesome Kung Fu morals standing up for your friends and the right thing. Yeah then findout the landlady and husband are fighter duo. Yea gotta mention the side comedic pair. The ones that started it all. The axe gang water tattoo guy, and i suppose a main character, the one with the conflict. First he wants to kill.Later he is the hero of good. He tragically steals from the mute girl he tried to rescue when they were younger. The humor in this is really good. I can see some looney tunes type humour and some scenes done with cgi to make a cartoon type effect. Some of the fighting was made funny dramatic artistic. Usually to do with the comedic duo. He shoots the firework and lands on one of the gangsters head blowing up his hat. Yea other times they do harsh things and it isnt so funny.The landlady always fighting with a ciggie in her mouth is funny. They set the stage with a few kung fu masters to battle it out. Every house they touch they destroy to smithereens. Later in the film the ‘hero’ gets convinced to enter the asylum and free the top killer in the world. Even the top killer just wears shower thongs. Not tongs although thats hella funny. Yea some insults just the way people treat each other in this is funny. Really theres no contest here. It was fun to watch both movies, Kung Fu Hsutle is better movie. I mean Kung pow was some funny gags, wasnt so much a movie as a effect. Like i said im glad I watched em both but nice revisiting Kung Fu Hustle since last time i seen it. All the characters and scenes and the movie isnt cheap on the fighting styles, and jokes. Its what an action comedy but just have some real storyline and plot helps. The humour more clever’er, more natural. In Kung pow itrs a shock youre actually seeing or hearing. I like the sets, and original music in Hustle. The different styles and fights. The set destruction. The mix of funny fighting and more flowing. The set building gets trashed with all the master moves burning up through the atmosphere. So yea the choice for me is the latter. Still kind of a weird comparison. Eiting on paper more or less hass to be the Hustle. Comparing to what else I know: Its like does Kill bill have jokes. Maybe some hateful eight has some dark humour. Its obvious to me atleast why at least Kill Bill would come up its kinda campy kingfu but doesnt have the humor these two do.I know whats coming up but yea Jackie Chan Movie have more that comedy entertainment, feel I know he got a sense of humour. Also entertaining. Got the fight for good, and evil. With some zings.

Under Siege ’92

When was the last time i seen a Steven Seagal movie its been really long time ago. Now this movie 92, I guess this is going in the past since the Rental reviews is over. Ive been doing the Chem and just hasnt been time but since finishing latest project I have series to watch when I have time. Give it a whirl.
Steven Seagal, Love that 90’s blue intro font. Steven Seagal is a dude on a Navy ship. All the sailors think hes cool and he dont wear no whites. Hes got the dress no shoes. Seagal is a chef on a destroyer. Hes in charge of cooking for the captain of shte ships bday. the joke about some hamburgers. So Steven doesnt have to wear the dress uniform if he dont want to but as a consequence wont get to meet the president. Theyre on board the USS Missouri referencing the signing of the Japanese surrender onboard 50 years ago. Gary Busey plays Commander Krill, he dont like the chef. But the cheft gets a pass from the Capt. Adams. Some cool looking shots of the destroyer. Wouldn’t want to be on the business end of that.
2 weeks later. Still working on this I have priorities clearly. Priorities to watch ‘bad’ movies from the 90’s and other time periods.Not all bad. Probably have to start this over since its been a while going for the one intermission movie. Got the list im working out right now too. Just reminding myself i never did watch that Rocky V. Then there also the Flash Gordon goes to Mars could be epic. More force feeding content, and clearing the queue.
Watching spaceX commercial dragon departing watching some live view with the thermal cam thats crazy. Anyways so Bob and Doug on their way back. seems to be going be smooth, they dont have to do anything really. The docking, and undocking is pretty technical many steps. Back to the under siege. Overall after just seeing it. Its pretty bad. Theres some nuances i like and its a really strange piece. These long drawn out scenes that make the viewer uncomfortable. Super cringe. I watched it start to finish just now with some notes. Gonna get those samples after this. Most movies just get one or two funny samples this time I heard 7 funny things. But still the acting was pretty bad. Overacting I dunno still relatively fun. Garey Busey dresses asq a woman assasin. Most clichee piece you can predict alot. I mean its 28 years old. Lets see the main star is the shots of the ship the USS Missouri. Then you got some rag tag of actors aboard, over acting ridiculous. Steve Seagal says some funny one liners. The intro like I said had a deep blue title splash. I guess the whole movie im wondering how Steven Seagal is in the navy, and hes decorated. Or does he look ridiculous in a chef hat.Commander krill says hes a psycopath and hates america Bush Senior is in this movie. I was really stoked on seeing the sunset shots with the Battleship. Thats what im taking about. Its actually sitting at Pearl Harbour definitely a must see If I ever get to visit. Or just visit as a main attractrion. I think Hawaii would be the the main attraction. Buddy exclaims you got no time for nuclear safety? I object. Well see what we see. Steven Seagal in some jailhouse dance session getting interrupted by ensign. Speaking of Star trek O’Brien is in this. Its really some ridiculous people acting like theyre in the Navy. The captain acting but hes only does non captain activities and his Birthday party is the reason the ship becomes compromised. I guess its like this is a movie they did with the Battleship Busey is in this dressed as a woman with cigar miss doubtfire style, but way worse. There is the miss playboy ’89 Shes on Baywatch in this movie too. Yea the party for the skipper scene is really awkward cringey. Just goes on forever and with Busey dressed up as the aggressive lady. Hes liek do i look like i need a psychological evaluation!? Lol. They got a awacs plane. Tommy Lee eating that prime rib just like a savage who eats like that. His motivation is he missed the 60’s and wants to tomahawk missile Hawaii. Its like setup the movie so The president can only count on Steven Seagal to save the planet lol. Well Seagal escapes the fridge there and starts sneaking around. Gets his first hapless victium. Then he checks the pulse of the E-1 guard that just got blasted. Yeh that fridge door got blasted too. Here Steven Seagal is in his environment. The crooks in this movie roll around saying things like: “Time is money on this job.” After a Seagal slaughter, enter the bday cake. some bad acting. He insists hes just a cook. Erika Eleniak enter shes the cake lady. After a good cry they figure it out and she goes commando. Forgot to mention the commander Krill all gropey 90s style wth a consoling arm on the shoulder. Can compare it to some societal standards of today is all. Theres one shot of a submarine. Seagal mixes some liquids and some steel wool in the microwave. That causes explosion but outside some people get explosion blasted pretty good even Tommy later.Anyways the command center people. Theyre like were sending in seal team six. The baywatch girl shes like I dont date musicians. The Battleship scenes are still epic the foggy set they used. Just looks like a interesting place with lots of activity lots of spotlights. The cook is talking to the control room on the car phone. hes like yo gotta call the president on my car phone. They gain they re-lose control of the bridge and the radar assemblies.The nerd guy hes like i fixed it. Thats a funny way to keep it going.
Theres alot of business dudes and guys in jeans hanging around the battleship. They look like enemies from the Lethal Enforcers video game. Even at the headquarters the business suit dude compromises everyone. Its so ridiculous tommy Lee and his ‘band’ hijack the ship and launch missiles to Hawaii. And after Some dude in jeans on the submarine soots out seal team 5 from the sky. Oh I forgot the Jet the friendly fired with the Gauss cannon. That would be a crazy thing a battleship on the loose. Speaking fo crazy how about that flaming helicopter pushed over the side. More bodies getting flung around hatches getting blown apart with consequences on the other side. Still some clever things going on in the movie. Navy isnt just a job its an adventure. Funny thing to say. And yea that guy bitching hes like I aint into no heroics. Yea were all lining up to jump in front of machine guns pal. The one day you earned pay. There building the rail then transferring the tomahawks to a Russian sub with dudes in jeans. Garey Busey becomes the commander. Seagal is doing sneaky water things Really cool fog night scenes with the destroyer. . Hes like maybe he planted a bomb. Sure enough kablamo more bodies going flying.As some hatches were blown open Seagal meets up with some of his old dancing pals. By this time baywatch has gone full commando operative.Next best thing to Seal team 5. There a epic gunfight hes got the guns crossed. Atfter the carnage ge gets on the car phone hes like you can court martial me if I survive! Hilarious line. I wish I had the chance to say something as cool as that. Its just hilarious to me. i think they recycle the scene of the stunt guy falling down the stairs backwards, that looks tough to do. This guy gets a I Iron beam through him and the other suspended upside down.
More notes on the Under Siege Just watched the SpaceX Splashdown that was epic huge parachutes. Its always neat watching the 19 or so hour mission is my guess. Just gotta chuckle a bit thinking about the plot in under siege. Im not hating on it I liker ti actually its easy to forget its been a long time and movies have improved quite a bit. I do particularly like the wide foggy shots with background activity. Mentioned several times. Theres a maverick scene after he electrical tapes some hot plates, whats that for. Oh yea this is the part ‘Casey Ryback’ goes for a swim. Obrien’s like there someone in the water. Oh yea I wrote about this.This is where Cmdr Krill becomes the sub commander. Yeh I can imagin the writing in this movie. Make it so that the presidents only hope is Casey Ryback. Its awesome of the Navy letting em dress up and make this ridiculous movie. Id rather it exists and people can spend time with the boat and learn about it like me. On the google earth can go for a quick tour its pretty cool seeing that radio and radar equipment tower is way big in real life. Even the pics I see probably dont do it justice. Ah yes was commenting on how it was humourous that The presidents only hope is cook navy seal “Casey Ryback”. As the sub is escaping the rag tag team of patriots gets to direct the USS Missouri main guns onto the sub. That scene is probably the one of the best in the movie is them loading up the guns. Those marshmallows of charge thats crazy. Steven Seagal looks like hes gunning good, and they get a direct hit. Kind of a fun part of the movie I thought. I said id watch a youtube on a actual crew doing that. Wow with the magic of youtube see a operator loading, and firing that is crazy. Thats really cool they put that scene in the film I though. Wow theres a training video im about to watch. Thias training on the Iowa 16 -50 ‘ gun.
3 gun turret. This is amazing to watch this and learn to be operator. Bag gun.
That was very informative.

Back to the movie was looking maybe at some veterans of the the Battleship. They seemed quite happy to be there and why wouldn’t they. Nearing the end of the movie Ryback rips some guys throat out a little piece of flesh lol. Theres a few knife fights. Then Tommy Lee Jones gets his knife bitten.. Get a kitchen knife in the brain after they had a reunion. gets his head smashed thru the radar glass. Talk about a fun overacted role lol. Hes probably my favorite. And hes just obnoxious enough to be a good villain thats lost it. When hes concussed from the main guns thats pretty funny. Thats Steven Seagal for saving the planet, and they got the code to detonate the tomahawks safely and He kisses the girl. Lol this movie is just a strange piece but im glad it exists, and I had pretty good time watching it and learning about was fun. The last shot is super cheeze hes in some business suit navy dress. Garey Busey what happened to him. What a crazy role he played. Its fun to see him as a submarine commander yelling at people. Finally been watching the nases SpaceX mission 2, finalizing theyre having a press conference. Going back to the moon to live there for a while taking that tech to Mars. Thats wild watching history live. Bob and Doug the Space Dads everyone loves. Commander Chris Cassidy other 2 fellows at ISS. Been watching for months great to see them back on earth land safely. Its bigger than Apollo program cause its showing the business plan to go to the moon and mars. Yo forget tom cruise in Space lets send Steven Seagal to space for martial arts knife fighting, and save the planet. Cmon Tom Cruise or Steven Seagal.
Guess I missed the part about them stealing the North Korean sub to go along with the plan. Its been fun talking about Under Siege. Banned from hosting SNL thats hilarious.

Top Gun ’86

Just been way too busy with classes but managed to get to watching Top Gun. I remember this as a kid almost vividly, whats weird is watching it again in 2020.
Gotta love that F-14 just looks slick as fuck. Nice curves. Extenda wing. I be you can sit in one somewhere in USA maybe San Diego.
Maverick the best worst pilot. Otherwise whats not to love. Aggressive romance, planes, cars,bike, beach bods. Maverick is always in shit. Its hilarious. But then his buddy dies.
Danger zone. Then Maverick grows as character. They go on mission. Just some sick sunset scenes flying acrobatics and funny one liners. Friendly competition ? Val Kilmer the top gun top of the class. Hes like hey you.
This was a top rental. I remember as a kid. Watching it this time around just noticing the rooms and sets. A young Tom Cruise pretty good movie though. He has that introspective moment at the runway. This movie is really about the planes, and cockyness of pilots, and the everquest of having most elite navy fleet air superiority. Nimitz aircraft carrier is such a awesome thing the USS Enterprise Big E. Speaking of nuclear tech.. I just think it would be a awesome thing to check any of those out. Film was dedicated to Art Scholl a acrobatic pilot, camera man. Anyways obviously some parts were a bit cringe but overall that was pretty fun to watch. Definitely one of the more classic high budget films on the list. I mean without a time machine thats a pretty close representation of 86. In some way it reminds me a bit of ‘The Right Stuff’ just the dusty old bar, and being around jets all the time. Hes always doing the fly-bys and spilling the control towers coffee. Just reading another writers comment on a super tomcat page: “Growing up in a Grumman family, our lives were consumed by the F-14 as it was a revolutionary design that pushed every engineer on the project to and beyond their limits. Remember, this plane was developed before there were even electronic calculators!”smacfe
Art Scholl died in a accident in the movie.