Dawn of a new day

Marking this occasion to enact all these shitty tasks ive bee letting slide.
I am shedding the past and
Smoking Drinking etc,
Ive drawn a line in the sand.
This is it.
Something in my mental changed and tats it.
Feels good lets go.
Set myself right.
love the army lol, cant get enough.|Army with a little ranger sass and jenesequioi.
Im loooking at you doouchebag.

Baseball 2022

Did great on the sports betting, Up 140 above the deposit.
got a 10 game parlay couple months ago was a good win.
Cards won the NL central championship. But wasnt enough to take em through the wild card game.
Vs Phillies that was a tough couple game to watch.
Mets and Padres tonight in a couple hours for the last of the wild card.
Then next round as follows.
Got the Guardians Vs The Yankees. Id be surprised if Yankees didnt win. They dominated in the regular season. Well still 4th in the top 99w 63l Guardians have a chance though.
Got Seattle beat the Jays in Wildcard Advancing to face the Astros. Seattle 90wins/72 losses to face the Astros, 106w 56L Astros prolly take it with those numbers.
Phillies beat the cards in the wildcard 2-0 was a tough couple games to watch, there were some highlights. Seen a couple Grand Slams. Was fun to watch Tyler O’neil win a couple games. He was a little inconsistent compared to last year. Still a fan. I remember he won a couple games, one hit by pitch that was funny. Phillies going in to face the Braves, that should be a interesting series.
Phillies the definite underdog 87 wins, 75 losses. We’ll see how Atlanta plays. Im excited to watch that series forsure.
Finally the winner between the Mets Padres goes off to face LAD best team in the league this year.
Also shoutout to Wainwright, Yadier Molina, Albert Pujols with a record carreer, sad to see him go. Almost tied Babe Ruth in #of seasons Homerun totals. Beat Babe ruth in all time RBI’s. Waino and Yadier Molina beat the most carreer starts together I think at 35 total, a record that wont be beat. Pretty sure it was Dejong and Donovan Grandslams, could be wrong. Hard to remember unless you keep score on each game.
Heres hopin one of the wildcard teams beats the top 4.


Nice a place to write.
What are some of the movies i seen.
Not top gun yet.
Got me thinking bit school takes priority so its takes its time.
yup studying and things to check off that list is a strugggle.
Even now as I type this hundreds of things to do still take a sec to reflect.
saw 6 bears.
Yeah wanted to watch sword in the stone.
another cinemasssacre review.
and oh yea the disney flikck i seen pinochio and fantasia, yeh sword and the stone burnt into my memory
Love vs gravity most powerful force on earth lol. thats a good one.
___ Yeh really enjoyed that Sword in the Stone, nostalgia memories i forgot I had.
Tough to get the blog posts going again but ive started so.
Im watching frasier too currently, great show.

Slick Rick

Write a litttlr diiidie bout slick rick
As i chuckle peopple be dyin.
Time to take weight off
niles all pissed up in the chat
Fuckin blog well it cant go
Lol finally got something to write about, your like driving and that dude pullls u over and youre like fucj what is it this time, Then well i guess it comes down to the birds chiprin. is that what i was mad about.Just bitcvhin about being alive.
eww slimelol post wasnt a bout slick rick but i don t edit yet so
Done did it quepasa
Booking UTM
paying tuition lol, man never wanna let slick rick down. you know what it is.
Im dedicating this one to Big L

MLB 2022

Everyone knows im a cards fan, good times being a fan this year.
The Pete Alonso taken down by the Stubby Clapp lol thats just funny baseball.
Im actually gratefull for the 2 all of them for creating a little excitement in baseball yes its good for the sport lol little rivalry still.
Ah man cheering on the team all season theres nothing like it.
Its a good pass time but i never regret tuning into some baseball and especially this year it fuckin awesome! So its still early in the season, I like what im seeing so far, its exciting enough to write a couple words about it. Yea the record pretty good and that mets ganme was heat so, do my part as a fan. I gotta say being a Cards fan is a great experience, theres no better team to be a fan of, and i can say the cards team fans are the best too. Its a welcoming team and Dan Mclaughin is good at his job. Yea Stubby Clapp I knew him with #11, Canadian first base coach lol thats good shit on the tv lol. No Emoji lol. Yeh i dunno i seen it in 2011 and i was just as much of a fan back then too. David Freese Chris Carpenter, Yadier was there yea I think this team got whnat it take too, Wild west style lol. I think its gonna be good times, is still cant believe that player managent dispute and the arbitration. Ah well now that the team winning its like whatever.

NCAAF 2021

Woo been watchingt he playoffs bowls, been exciting.
I watched some Purdue and Tennessee That was proibabloy craziest football game i ever seen.
Then pittsburgh Pathers vs Mich state spartans. both main players out.
Then Alabama Crimson tide and, Georgia just won. Cinci and Michigan lost. I watched a few games this years its a fun thing for Fridays and Saturdays, I dont care if I never went toi school there, i like watchin the good teams do amazing plays. So this year in particular has been pretty wild to watch and crazy stadiums.
Then I remember some wild times with LSU, and the Joe Burrow vs Clemson and the Trevor Lawrence that was good times, then I seen Joe Burrow NFL cinci. Now this year Alabama is the team to beat, and yea was hearingt he annoucer big boy that defense is pretty rock solid. Was cool seeing the winning ceremony and speeches, cheerleaders, 6 moe gamres on the google and the Final coming up, little bit more than a week. Overall that was exciting as fuck and I cant wait till next season. It would be amazing to attend one of these games in the future, Some pretty serious football clubs and stadiums. What can i say the marching bands and the excellence just makes being a student exciting. You know the winning team had consistency, its just like uphill battle for all the teams crowd is fun and wild to watch, teamwork for the win. When every player is a cog in part of the well oiled machine, I think Bama gonna win after what i saw, but im not 100% sure you know Bulldogs is a good football club too.

__ been a few games already morn, it Arkansas vs Nitanny Lions, still pretty close and tied, Jan 10 is the finals , Bama vs Georgia, got a OSU Buckeyes game later, Got notre dame playing today 5, vs 9 Oklahoma state. Vrbo Citrus Bowl thats a mouthfull lol 17 Iowa vs 25 Kentuicky, Last one is the Sugar VBowl Baylor6 and Missisipi ole miss rebels #8 thats exciting. im kinda surprised michigan lost so bad against Georgia, er sorry not as bad as Cinci, I dunno io though the Cicne game was semi close till it blew apart but yea, im by no means a super NCAAF fan i just enjoy it recently past 2-3 years or so, I think i intend on watching best games just for the love of the game of Football. So many amazing stories out there. Like this Arkansa player jst a touching story about how his mom is his inspiration and she suffered fromn stroke, and buddy was by her bedside but she recovered and was at the game. Halftime right now lets see who comes through, Penn state isnt even top 25, and they winning (so far).. Another exciting day for the college ball. All these players playing on new years day. Guess they didnt party ahaha. Yea commercials too. its like mini-NFL superbowls, shout out to the dr pepper ads, yea tons of insurance companies with some funny content too. An ad for the best glass floor office covering so you glide your office chair on heavy duty glass. lol.
Thats KJ Jefferson Razorbacks.
Baylor won the sugar bowl, Buckeyes won after some wild ass game, never gave up. Buckeyes with the marching band too. Just waiting for some youtubes to pop up on that one.

Belle Epoque

Just was learning random things via the curiosity found a few things worth writing down on some creative things from the Belle Epoque. 1900-1914
Was watching some old 80s documentaries on the Era.
Learning about Loie Fuller, American living in Paris doing the serpentine dance with silk and Lighting effect what else. She did the cool dances and movie effects. Its pretty good.
Other things I liked was the Renoir paintings really skillfull and interesting.
Oh man I saw suffragette Emily Davison get hit by the horse on video, I read about it but never thought id see it on video, that was pretty hardcore.
Gotta touch back a little bit on the stooges. But, for offensive shit the line back then was that playwright that got exile.. wait gotta find out more about that one.
Its like in sexual frustration he makes love to a scarf ad te world wasnt ready for it lol, Right now in retrospect its hilarious. Because even at the stoioges vs now, its just such a contrast. Wild ass contrast, seriously to a world almost where nothing is sacred anymore, and often I see shocking juts for to be shocking and not relevant or connected to the original context. Whats that ww1 guy that said, I still think any human has the right to be horrified seeing a war casualty body on a quick stroll. Thats a shame I cant find, that I imagine some literay poet or writer during the war. Totally agree. I think thats a little beyond the belle epoque but wanted to write it anyways. Ah its interesting to me Canadians in France. but also the arts. LEadup to the war. What would the world e without the first world war. Its not the same but Its a worthwhile question. Im not asking if It had to happen or if it was avoidable just what it would be like in a different universe. Time traveller let me know ahaha.
What is with playwrights and being the center of controversy, and when does the playwright as a artist (or the author in fact) decide to stop with the entertaining bit, and go full on trauma. I gotta say it takes an exeptional artist to go from that, to that. And in bad taste, when its done as debutants.. for example Ill use John Steinbeck and grapes of wrath, and death of a salesman, Arthur Miller. I guess art is so subjective I find it in bad taste when thats the initial goal, thats my 2 cents.
Salome play, was past the line too. Oscar Wilde.
Afternoon of a Faun sticks out as particularly notable too. 1912. Vaslav Nijinsky. Thats some powerful shit, make a whole audience and norm shocked about the graphic sexual desires. Can you just imagine all those well to do-ers going for a night out. Its like throw in a little Roger Waters political and social commentary with the entertainments, too. I dont think theres much else to add.


Physics been kickin my ass aint nothing can stop me holla back now lol
im bringing that boxer attitude
Gota keep studying im just like wtf how and what what ectectera.
See what the final grade says.
Sure was neat learning about Newton more. Yea i know how to spell his name just thought it could be humorous.
Few of those ancient scientists rocked my socks off so far. I visualized and researched more independantly was also neat.
Visualize that moon falling.

Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant Nov 6 2021


THat was the most epic boxing match ive seen in a long ass time. L:ike holy Fuck
What can I say, I really like Caleb Plant, his story where he came from his perserverance.
Canelo Alvarez the King!!
I knew Canelo was gonna win after he hospitalized that last opponent.
Holy fuck. So lets see what i can p[ut together. THe press conference they scrapped. Caleb Worthy opponent. nothing but 100% respect.
To go up against Canelo, but lose in round 11, he was getting wobbly footed.
And, that Canelo beat down.
Im just fucking completly blown away.
Whose gonna take out alvarez; nobody. I wish I was from Mexico to feel that national pride he just brought.
Yeh he kinda cocky but hes the Champ. My nurse friend says the crown in corny.
Wow that was the one Alvarez came thru with that left uppercut after the first left Jab that was the one that got him.
Really respect to both fighters that was a great show.
100% respect for Caleb Plant, the dude seems down to earth someone you can be friends with.
And the same for Alvarez,the guy is a legend in my eyes. He negiotied his brother release from the cartel, hospitalized his last opponent.
Just got distracted on the twitch anyways. Moving on, that was epic end to epic weekend, bryans bday, feeling pretty good about the life.
Im just blown away Alvarez exciting fight. No one is stopping him anytime soon , ill mark my own words.