a letter from Brad Vintage

Nice letter from Brad I found mysteriously lol throw back.
I remember that trip and ruining his sisters garden and building forts .. seen apollo 11 too

Its not Apollo 11 its Apollo 13.
Apollo 11 was the moon mission we all know about.
Apollo 13 is the troublesome one. Tom Hanks movie

Ruining his Sister garden lol.. what a funny phrase, I dont think she cares anymore but ill apologize anyways cause Im just remembering this lol.
I dont joy in ruining something, it was just cool mud fort with water fountains and pools and cool mud structure lol.
I also remember trying to fly into the couch at top speed possible which involved running top speed and flying over a sectional into the poofie couch lol.
Biking was cool, tiring.
Going down that hill was fun but after that it sucked going back up im not even sure if it was possible.
Airport scene was the best.
Overall great memories of that trip.
Kinda sad its done and all i have are memories actually.
The thing about Nostalgia, is its always important to make new memories.
Although for this trip pretty cool as a kid I guess.
Then reading all sorts of retro Canadiana Gold Rush, the place had a mysticism of course.
What seemed to be infinate money at the grocery store for comics.

Nah I have a vivid memory mostly lol
Well thx Brad sis for the place to stay.
Freaking long journey its no joke.

I wonder if they get some Cabin Fever up there.