Slick Rick

Write a litttlr diiidie bout slick rick
As i chuckle peopple be dyin.
Time to take weight off
niles all pissed up in the chat
Fuckin blog well it cant go
Lol finally got something to write about, your like driving and that dude pullls u over and youre like fucj what is it this time, Then well i guess it comes down to the birds chiprin. is that what i was mad about.Just bitcvhin about being alive.
eww slimelol post wasnt a bout slick rick but i don t edit yet so
Done did it quepasa
Booking UTM
paying tuition lol, man never wanna let slick rick down. you know what it is.
Im dedicating this one to Big L

MLB 2022

Everyone knows im a cards fan, good times being a fan this year.
The Pete Alonso taken down by the Stubby Clapp lol thats just funny baseball.
Im actually gratefull for the 2 all of them for creating a little excitement in baseball yes its good for the sport lol little rivalry still.
Ah man cheering on the team all season theres nothing like it.
Its a good pass time but i never regret tuning into some baseball and especially this year it fuckin awesome! So its still early in the season, I like what im seeing so far, its exciting enough to write a couple words about it. Yea the record pretty good and that mets ganme was heat so, do my part as a fan. I gotta say being a Cards fan is a great experience, theres no better team to be a fan of, and i can say the cards team fans are the best too. Its a welcoming team and Dan Mclaughin is good at his job. Yea Stubby Clapp I knew him with #11, Canadian first base coach lol thats good shit on the tv lol. No Emoji lol. Yeh i dunno i seen it in 2011 and i was just as much of a fan back then too. David Freese Chris Carpenter, Yadier was there yea I think this team got whnat it take too, Wild west style lol. I think its gonna be good times, is still cant believe that player managent dispute and the arbitration. Ah well now that the team winning its like whatever.

Classic Columbia

Im on the fence still with Sony.
Definetly Sony > Microsoft
Where does mac apple fit in? ahaha
But let me be clear, i freaking love Columbia pictures.
Heck I like Sony, Where is the Sony Streaming.

Anyways tried to get more history in.
Theres a columbia pictures, list unfortunately theyre incredibly difficult to find.
Some are even lost, like this one title, Better to be pitied than scorned.
I cant believe a 1922 movie from a studio lost.
Maybe they just didnt know.
So archives are an important thing.
Time capsules.
If paramount can have a streaming service so should Sony.
ill keep moving through the list though and this be my placeholder.

Alright i got something to say. Cant belive that Sony music and Cypress Hill thats ugly to me. Still like SDony but that was dumb move on their part imo , but yea thats just neither here nor there anymore, i knew there was some shitty things abou tthe columbia turned sony, but i guess thats the first one forsure is the cypress hill doc, lol. How can i not comment on that. Oh yea and then Huky and Amazon was both such ass, i just made a donation and downloaded the shit. Some Cypress fan put it up no problem at all. I sincerely tried, but im almots a expert / intermediate computer user and yea i dunno just not impressed. Even youtube lately its liek harder to fin what ur looking for sometimes. Its liek if you dont agree with the cookies its like they show you the shitty version of the page lol. Im waching Frasier on the other screen getting pinched picking up a hooker ahaha, thats so funny. Oh yea fuckin sony fucked up on that Cypress hill shit, i mean in the example for SNL, its liek what you condoned the Ashely Simpson , no offenses personally, bvut you condonned that shit over Cypress Hill, wow. And im supposed to take you seriously after that, its a bit of a heavy strike for me just sayin. I dunno still enjoyed some shit it just didnt work out with the hill sometimes, not liek itsa any of my business, that shit just crossed my path being a cypress hill fan. Yeh i dunno i think i figired it out, how i like Spony but its not teh same as the columbia, but they still use the same logoi, like e assured that i think the sony is tastefui. its just that minor nuance lol. Yheah they did release something new gaming, i barely seen, and yeh its like amzon, or hulu paramount, even disney plus. I almost think netflix and or youtube deserves it the most. you tuve is the best then. Unless its acting up liek i was describing, then go se edge for a bit lol. Whats the best movie Microsoft made, liek something windows 95 or earlier, or like Halo 1. Xbox original . Flight sim or something i cant think of atm.I guess the movies the OS is made on, i dunno if youre a cliche movie producer then its prolly all ridiculous all the time, and if it inst youre wishin it was.

“Note the notes.”

Classic Disney

Ok havent renewed the Netflix yet.
Decided to go with some Classic Disney.
Not on Disney plus neither im talking classic disney on youtube and other video sites.
Im not against Disney Plus just testing the waters first.
Just recap of what i watched, I watched the Academy awards, birds and the trees and also Three little pigs.
Yea; Silly Symphonies, lol its a (m) not a syn. Thats funny. But how often does one (me) write the word “Symphony.”
Thats funny.
Maybe a band of something, thats not quite a symphony, an ensemble..
Its an extended composition.
Usually for a western.
How many new westerns lately, i can think of 2-3.
Anyways wateched the 3 little pigs that was good, and birds and trees.
Snow white and seven dwarves was awesome.
Really good sets scenes facial expressions, reminds me of a book i had as a child, just a picture book with the story.
MAybe same as pinochio.
Anyways back to snow white seven dwarves, really gotta get my hands on that making of documentary, i wanna see Walt D. Speak. I cant believe he sold his house and showed a bank manager a clip to get a loan to finish off the movie, the rest is history. Its in the film archive USA National archive i researched some before.
I guess you know it all comes back to Grapes of Wrath for me, John Steinbeck, and literature pieces so important that they are archived forever, cultural significance, and its really a time capsule.
Besides im blown away some of that content is so incredibly good from the 30s.
Not saying that i didnt enjoy Soul as a classic, im just a nostagia freak.
the thing about nostalgia though always gotta be making new memories.
Yea that evil queen (snow white) what a character, Brothers Grimm; how did they know so many stories and fables, thats what im curious.
All these characters are unique, really take a fiction expert., team of experts to develop those characters.
And i liked the ending too.
So neat and fascinating to me had to check out the disney ride differences. First ride was scarey, second ride they digitized it and made it happier. Just evolutions.
Id love to be a fly on the wall at one of those board big decision meetings for the franchise(s) especially maybe Star Wars.
For the record i enjoyed Rogue one, and Force awakens rise of skywalker, ugh the ones i really didnt like were the episodes 1-2-3 almost unsalvageable, although i respect it.
I really like the George lucas Cameo in Beverly Hills cop 3. lol.

Suits — Netflix

Ok something new. Been watching the suits lawyer types running amok in NYC lol
beautiful people always groomed being smarty pants lol.
I dunno its interesting to watch funny how you watch some of an episode and then you become hooked.
I can tel you now though im gonna cancel netflix then and get the disney plus.
Anyways suits, what can i say i dunno its fun to see the lawyer biz doing all sorts of shenanigans, clients and lawyer problems lol.
Its dramatic but cant help but chuckle a bit.
its the super team.
Treeasure island.
Anyways i seen what the sitter?
Who is that ok i recognize Meghan Markle
and then oh knocked up thats where i seen her.
Yeh, ok well thats the only one i recognized but i liked the acting right away.
Yeh sets are cool, and themes are cool but the acting and the good looking people lol , its like you cnat look away.
What type of laywer treeachery will they do next.
Lucrative to be a lawyer but at the expense of the morals lol.
Omg she was in under siege 2 ahahah.
Reminds me of the Leprechaun ahaha.
Hey man theyre actors, theyre meant to be critiqued prasied and mocked sometimes.
From the bottom to the top.
Its just intresting to me.
ANyways the cast is great on the show, the story more or less believable.
And they got Neal McDonough, im sorry all i can see is Captain John Boyd eating private Reich lol from Ravenous, ahaha, that movie is not for the faint hearted.
Hey Neal McDonough if youre reading this; i loved you in ravenous sick character lol. Ill never forget that movie lol.
Buddy 20 some years ago ahaha. Cannibals.
I know i went right off on a tangent, whats better ravenous or the revenant.
Ah he got black listed lol.
Ah hollywood so werid gotta love the Neal Mcdonough, band of brothers, ravenous, suits. Thats a good list i like the actor.
Just another addition to a great show so far.
I dont even like lawyer drama but i like this show.


Fun drum and bass rest final fantasy suits, driving around got a turkey dinner, with some old friends.
Seen a show did the dinner, watched treasure island again it was awesome.
Slick rick awesome.
Yup, gotta refresh and get back to kicking the can, it aint much but it soemthing.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
Watched some; jumanji 2, was awesome.
Loved the Dani Devito impressions.
Watched some Jack ass Forever, that was insanely funny couldnt look away.
Watched 3/4 of the How high , red and meth go to Harvard that was funny missed the end of it though ah well.
been watching Jungle Cruise. So far I like it.
Gotta love the Rock as an actor, his movies are so good. His Acting is really top notch too.
Good ol adventure.
Might make a push for some old disney movies and more Columbia movies.
I cant believe the Sony doenst have a streaming service.
And, but of a negative review already for disney plus.
Its like Disney plus it reminds me of the MLB tv so out of touch with their customers/ fans, really only got negative things to say so far.
Lol english lady punches the rock thats funny.
Myke Tyson punched someone on a plane recently, who would fuck with Myke Tyson seriously, and hes such a nice dude.
Gotta love the Rock too good addition to films and acting, and humble too.

Monty Python netflix

Omg im watching some Monty Python first time in years!
First time watching in order.
First time since cable tv, honestly it was like a last choice as a child watching some Monty Python watched few episodes already this shit is hilarious.
More and more britisah humor just growing on me, and my enjoyment of english. What can i say mocking the french and european taste on funny skits. I dont even know when was monty python 70’s 80’s?
Ive seen the movies seen the PC game, set during the plague. I love comedy. Fun to see these old character i havent seen in a while. Stooges was some great americana, this is sorm great Culture of England.
I can just do the same thing Instead of Columbia its “Britannia.” Goltta love em both, just curiosity what is France?
Marianne since the ‘revolution. Wow i gotta say thats totally fascinating.
Looks a little medieval wow took me less than 2 paragraps to start talking about France hahah.
ANyways back to English. the BBC, the the CBC and they play
Coronation street, fuck that took me a long time to remember, fuckin hate that show, but i can respect it.
Its like been running in Canada for eons.
I much prefer the full on Mont Python.
Like holy crap i didnt realize how much English/British Content there is on the Tv, just a quick look on the wikipedia freakin wild!
Canada Corner Gas, Kim Grocery Murdoch Mysteries. Im sorry im not a fan of CBC one bit. I like the Olympic coverage, i liek the CBC radio when i go driving the News and tv is so freaking subpar lol. Lately just all the CBc stories getting pulled filled with half truthes and lies pretty much. Not even gonna get into te states, i know someone gonna be like what about Fox news and Tucker carlson, well this aint freaking twitter. Im not America, unless you mean “North American” lol. Look facts are i love Mexico USA, Canada, France UK and their tv cultures. I never really thought about TV cultures till i wrote this. Really, and I enjoy the blog, chemistry and Physics are so freaking dry fascinating but its morew like taking in Information, whilst-writing, and the blog is a creative outlet. Its fun to me how i can link the Stooges, the Monty Python, the France Marianna, all together. Jst makeas me wanna comment a little opn the political, Stooges didnt need no Bill C-11. Monty python dindt need no bill C-11. I dont nered no fuckin loser telling what CANCON to watch, i found it myslef and through other friends supporting CANCON. Omhg that JAYZM officail of hatever it was from thos Canadian hip hop Cards that was a good laugh. But yea didnt need no C-11 to watch that shit. They try to play it like Canada lacking culture, its nah, its Establishment only promotes certain culture while ramming the rest under the rug. I didnt need no C-11 to Read Pierre Burton. I dont see them (establishment) promiting tha shit neither, and we;l see with the Platinum Jubilee, is it more selective or non-bias Bias, or Base,, gonna have to go with Bias here. Like im trying to see why i enjoy the BBC, while i cant stand the CBC. I need a englis persob to tell me what they thing of BBC. Some of my favorite english people Kursa, and Goldie, and Sya & Bow. They didnt need no Bill-C11 that shit stood on its own. The Crew of the Red Dwarf lol. Benedict Cumberland his role as Smaug i was watching that shit is fascinating. Just English Literature for the Treasure island to the William Ernest Henlay. C.S. Lewis was just learning about. Glad to write these down in a discombobulated post cause otherwise might forget.
Anyways Monty Python, can wirte more about that not ‘anything but. Just watching some ballooning and chaotic scenes. Gonna watch the wholes shit and try to get some memories from youth. Yeh and Netflix keeps takin away my WW2 in HD.
Monty Python been a hoot. Nudity back then its so crazy, and the sets they did so crazy
Its uniquely british or english thats forsure.
Love those little animations they did. Its like Whose line only a little crazier.
fun to watch the actors just drag it on every last line still in character.
More freaking Monty Python, silly skits, some that seem to drag on some that are extra hilarious, random , creative. i dunno its a fun show. Those paper animations lol southpark really refinedf that but the guy(s) that did the monty pythons beats are the jay the door animations.

WW2 Netflix docs

Been so busy life and school lacking on the blog, but caught up on some ww2, netflix since war in Ukraine.
i dunno what stands out for me.
Battle of the midway, Stalingrad, Marines at Tarawa, Fire bombing Dresden.
Wow lts of gore and bodies i seen this time.
Germans frozen to death at Eastern front.
Yeh the Pacific front is quite scary, do not envy those boys one bit.
I liek the tactics, the yes-men, the personaities, the diary keepers.
Just insane destruction on the way to Berlin.
Stalin pitting his generals in a race against time.
Its liek rigth after the ww2 ended , was the strat of the cold war, to as it is today.
Often the generals of new armies, have their yes men, over exagerate the abilities of a certain battlegroup that leads to disaster.
yea learnt more about the north african campaign and Italy this time.
Seen the Red Ensign a few places.
The mafia assisting the Americans in Italy that was interesting.
Seen some footage of the Otto Skorzeny, just interesting cause i read his autobiography once upon a time.
Yeh listening to some survivors of ww2, theyre all non-chalant about what they did, really incredible though.
And, yeh the dawn of the photo-video techs.and propganda machine in the same hand.
Just an effort to make sense of whats going on today.
Then yea the Dunkirk spirit, DDay and difficulties, to the impossible situation of amphibious assaults, island hoping. Its pretty crazy.
Id love to be able to tour some sites in the pacific one day.
Just thought to write a few words on that before i forget forever.
Actually went back to the stooges. Baseball, artworks, boxing.
Charles Schefeel and the stories about the Shark and the Black segregated pilots rocked my socks off.
WW2 just wow.
Blessed to have this life currently, and didnt have to do any of those horrible things.
LL Cool J was narrator cool. for mr Shelby Westbrook
I think the Scheffel and hotel stpory in San Antonio, and the Jesus medic, then the sinking of the USS Samuel B Roberts Jack Yusen SHark Stories, then the Japanese American Jimmie Kanaya, wow what a leged, and a sad part of history. Just cant believe how much ass he kicked despite his fam being loicked up and the germand recapturting him and suffering in that way. Jack Werner too just some stories and names that are hard to forget. Prolly maybe the best fo the 3, the first 2, WW2 in color, and ww2 the one about the road to victory, those wer cool but its so much more to hear if from those that were there. I noticed they were all chipper, acceptace, and funny. depite what they had to go through, gotta have some faith. Gotta not give up.

Chemistry 2022

wow still got a ways to go.
Acids and bases, did better this semester than ever before. Um still a tough one.
Not giving up, but yeh Bonding im excellent at, shapes and vsper all good.
Balancing, medium, still having some issues on some tough equations.
Acids, bases, never done this well so thats a bonus.
yup im between 50-80 this other unit, well now the acids and bases over, its gonna be a stoich refresh.
Better to get the 50-80% rather than give up.