Planet of the Apes ’68

All right late sixties cant wait.
Ive seen this years ago.
Fifty two year old movie now.
Four astronauts on the most retro spaceship ever intro cryogenic freeze.
One of em is smoking gross cigar, and just leaves the butt on the spaceship counter, thats my style. Then he puts it in the spacesuit pocket for later.
Outside the spaceship stars are nearly bouncing off the windshield thats awesome.
According to the alarm clock displays, time dilation theyre never coming back to Earth.
The sleeping area is some meant to be futuristic sliding glass panel, the mattress is formed to the body the most claustrophobic sleeping arrangement ever.
Not sure what happens to the space ship but the team ends up crash landing through a psychedelic scene at the grand canyon.
Sinking, going, gone. That scene is pretty sweet, then they seem well prepared.
How bout that sinister laugh when the crewman puts up a little USA flag.
The moment they are out of space its pretty scenic and the water looks like a good swim, if it wasnt so much of a survival situation. The rocks are nice red color.
Grand canyon amazing I gotta check that out.
The film locations are above average for what ive been watching lately.
So many light years from the precious planet, and Heston is cool with that he says so in the begging, like a captains log.
The other crewmates and the previous casualty. Not so much.
Love those aluminum backpacks.
Love these wide shots in the dersert with so much depth and can see for miles.
Oh man that would suck being a caveman.
. The scenes and sets are elaborate and the ape city and zoo facilities are great.
Mouth looks kinda weird but theres so many apes in costumee they outnumber the humans.
Its convenient hes shot in the neck so he cant speak, makes for some good suspense.
– Alright its the next day.
Lots has happened I especially like the monkey court.
This movie is awesome its just like looking in a mirror on some of the silliest aspects of society.
Like Dr Zaius is intelligent but hes deceitfull and misleads the other apes.
Plus hes got that face you just wanna grab his hair and throw him in a wrestling corner turn-buckle.
Yea cant say im a fan of the leather outfits or whatever, but the costumes and props are awesome in this film. I kept wondering how they made those cages.
Some interesting conversations between Heston and Dr. Zaius.
I love that ; Hes a Man! He has no Ape law rights.
Get your hands off me you damned dirty ape!

The cave scene and artifacts, I wonder what Carl Sagan would think of this movie. I bet you he had a laugh maybe.
Well im not sure what else to write about this film but it leads to so many sequels its kindof crazy.
Its just such a funny concept with the humans and apes role reversed. I mean its not funny for the animals of this planet, but as a concept its good and makes me sympathetic.
Other scenes im like bash that ape!

Simpsons, the troy maclure monkey songs are stuck in my head. Its almost equally as culturaly significant to me.

“Oh youll never make a monkey outta meeeee!”

The rifles are cool, theyre like covered with a shrink wrap or something.
Just a small detail that makes it look like theyre on a alien planet.
“they ate all their food supply in the forest and now trhey have to come eat from our farms” its just a awesome statement that highlights the stupidity when a human says it.
If the chimps could talk theyd tell it to your face and still probably wouldnt listen.
You can see Hestons reaction after they lobotomize his friend, is probably a common experience for the apes of science.
I really cant stop thinking also about how smart chimps are and what a crazy alternate universe that mirrors alot of silly things still seen today.
I was conflicted with whether a human can learn something from chimp but I completely agree now, you have to be egoist and ignorant to think not.

Ok I guess thats pretty much wrapping up. The statue of liberty scene is pretty cool.
Thats an allusion when you see the torch maybe not recognize right away, but the crown 100%
To tour some of the locations of this film would be iconic.
Huge budget im sure, and the special effects seemed seamless compared to Kong. Kong was more fun though.
“That is of course, if anyone’s listening.”
puts out cigar on space ship

King Kong ’33

First start off with a memory.
Old shiny VHS tape box set collectors edition, there was a button you could push to hear King Kong roar.
Anyways that VHS box set with the red button you could push has made a mark on my memory.
It belongs to Dennis. For whatever reason never sat down and watched the whole movie till last night.

Ok what can I say about King Kong that hasn’t been said already, looking at a 87 year old movie.
Even though its only my first time seeing it last night I know the story.
If someone were to say the original ape movie it would probably be a allusion to this film.
Watching this in 2020 was an entertaining experience.
The setting from the beginning is dark. Its grainy and black and white but there is depth.
Carl Denham makes movies. He’s never had a female star. That’s how the movie starts in search of a star.
So the instances of New York in 1933 were pretty fascinating. The lights and advertisements. Again its slightly darker than one would expect.
I’m not from NY but I found it peculiar to see. Along with the hairstyles and fashion of the time.
So Carl finds his star, it humorous to watch him try to convince her to come along for some unknown journey to unknown destination for unknown amount of time.
I wouldn’t be writing this if she didn’t end up agreeing.
On the boat aswell as through out the movies theres some discussions about women’s roles in society. One the one hand, she stands up for herself among the sailors shes around.
On the other hand she seems the object of desire for man and beast. Fay Wray the Canadian born actress that plays Ann Darrow, shes very beautiful, and she goes under heavy duress.
Her wardrobe gets torn to shreds and its like you can almost see her nipples through the dress often.
Theres alot of screaming and men coming to her rescue, and she screams great.
Its a recognizable re-occurring sound in the film.

The cast and crew arrive on skull island and action and hilarity ensues.
From start to finish I love this movie and when they get on skull island is where you get to see Kong the first time and he doesn’t disappoint.
There’s a stop motion clay animated Kong, and a close up Kong face. By no means am I mocking the setup, Its amazing, but its also hilarious and awesome.
Id like to say something about the movie effects and trick in the film are really amazing. For example when they blur out and use a clay type animation Kong body in the border of the frame and also Ann and Kong hand in a center of frame practical effect. That would be the equivalent of some special effects, film used a mix of both.
The painted frames to extend the scene beyond reality are outstanding. They make the island seem larger than life. Definitely making the island more menacing.
There’s some big doors that separate the islands usual residents and Kong, honestly look a lot like Jurassic Park gates.
Kong isnt the only monster or dinosaur on the island, and they battle it out all seemingly for Ann. They really indulge alot of these scenes which is great.
Other times when Kong crushes someone its only show it for a brief half-second. One of my favorites scenes was the tribesman getting chewed on by the Kong face close up its great.
Kong causes alot of casualties but eventually Carl Denham captures him.

Last part of the movie seems to end too quickly. Carl Denham has a plan to get rich of showing Kong the self proclaimed eighth wonder of the world to the upper class New York.
Flash photos from the press make Kong lose it and he escapes and has a rampage on the city.
One of my favorite scenes in the when Kong is climbing the building and he looks through the window and sees Ann!
He looks so betrayed when he sees Ann with a human man. Kong just reaches in plucks her out of the window no problem.
What can I say, if this was real in my city right that would be an emergency. Since its a movie kinda want Kong to smash more, and sympathize with the giant gorilla.
Movie is better than most things ive seen this year.
Love that Kong face closeup probably has a life of its own, how many collective nightmares has it caused.

The Barefoot Executive ’71

Overall I can say I liked this movie right away. It fits what I would consider crap disney with no animation and cringe retro.
49 year old movie I cant believe it. As a ambassador from nearly fifty years I think it stands up well.
Last Disney movie I saw at xmas was the Rise of the Skywalker. If this movie came on when I was 12 in ’97 Id be disappointed 100%. Right now as adult I found it charming and good humored.
It was funny. I didn’t even know this movie existed.. This movie 14 years prior my existence.
A young Kurt Russell, hes only a character in the movie (1/3) and he plays a funny character. Right away (Jack Post) he’s arguing with the monkey.. Classic.
They’re bickering about the TV channels. From there comes the a really unique premise for a film. If you know you know.
TV is a big deal back then. Jacks girlfriend. Shes the Chimpanzees caretaker. That scene where they’re having dinner at (her) apartment.
So funny. Jack is like a rock em sock em character and he has to share the room with the cranky monkey.
Right away they disagree and Jack just tosses him off the couch onto the couch onto this chair.
The monkey, well that pisses him right off and the gentle natured (Jacks girlfriend) has to check in on them because she hears the screaming.
The scene is super funny because Jack and the chimp are so similar and so funny in their behavior.
They keep arguing and again, Jacks gf has to come in the room. Jack is adamant” “well were not watching farm chicken hour for dinner.”
Then he has to compromise for the monkey.
Anyways the gf gets the last work and the monkey gets the last laugh.
Its all done comedy and I know the chimps are trained and smart some pretty monkey scenes in this one.
The girlfriend is very sound of music-ish. Seems very tame and proper and fitting its a disney family movie.
Maybe reminds me of a younger proper mary poppins , american.
Turns out the chimpanzee is a TV expert and can pick Americas favorite shows. With only 3 networks that makes money.
The gf would never agree so he conceives a plan to “switch the monkeys”. If that wasn’t enough Jack needs to keep his plan secret from the real executives in the screening room.
Kurt Russell is pretty much the main character. However there’s a lot of scenes with the actual exaggerated executives.
They catch on to the plot and must have the monkey for themselves! There’s the loud speaking executive from New York that’s always in front of the “sponsors” funny character.
Hes always like : “WHAT !?” *Gasp face ” Get me that monkey!”
Then the other driver and (LA) executive. They’re bumbling fools surrounded by “yes” men. Cause anyone who disagrees gets fired. The executives are funny to me.
That one building scene he must have almost fallen off 10 times. Seems like that scene went on 20 mins too long. Was kinda funny to see em trapped out on the ledge with the silly dialogue. They all get greedy, up to suggesting destroying the monkey. Monkey steals the show. Doing some funny scenes and dressed up like a janitor.
Near the end its like the gf hates Jack because he became a millionaire using the monkey’s trick. Then cashes in selling the monkey to the real execs.
Going after what Jack thought she wanted, actually pushed her away. Jack argues in vain : “Its the discovery that important.”
IT like the goose that lays golden eggs and Jack had to keep it under lock and key.
Mostly she is pissed he sold her monkey for a million bucks. For their wedding duh.
There’s actually a scene when the chimp is seemingly more friends with the film projectionist, after Kurt dumps him off like a sack of potatoes.
He really mastered that role young.
I think the purpose to show Jacks been blinded by money and ego and lost touch with the things that were important to him.
His apartment suite gets upgraded is also interesting to see, what someone migth consider “fancy” at the time.

Movie was short and had some good laughs If i had to watch it again it wouldn’t be a problem.
Cool to see that Honda motorcycle and some other styles of the times. No cell phones that’s for sure. Only high-tech rotary contraptions.
Guess I didn’t realize Kurt had acted so long.Starting as the network mail delivery, turned Snake Pliskin, turned Pilot.
I doubt in 2020+ to see motorcycle acting without helmet anymore not in a disney movie thats forsure.
Maybe some other actor I remember from disney fame but cant be sure. Probably take a look online.
Yeh finally just into the entertainment aspect of it, and what stuck with me most moments after watching.
Jack is from ‘Big Trouble’,Steve Post is from ‘Executive’.


wow this movie.

The 70’s looks so retro.

That was fun to watch, not as good as Monkey Shines.

Bell bottom cringe its like National Lampoon movie.

The ice cream scene was funny.

The theater scene was hilarious, all these odd folks in the theater.

Its really bad.