The Wars – Timothy Findley _ Up to three

More homework. Not sure what the questions are but I am to read up to three. Have a ton of math but heres the page I may produce more insensitive comments about the fictional daughter of marquises. They can mar-kiss my ass. And the buffoons in government, fought for nothing and complacent to silencing parliament. Set a reminder for September, reminder for more disappointment. After 6 months of the most sub-bar government Ive ever seen bar-none.
June 2 2020
Now that I have expunged the negative comments I had and sent them directly to the people responsible. I will continue to read this book. Lets see I could be reporting about the George Floyd protest but the world is saturated with. Ive only had a few negative experiences with the police nothing like that. I believe truth reporting is important accountability single and organization. Activism. Good government. Its a good argument for protection both ways with the body cam. Seen it at my friends house on the PBS news. That Rick Steeves speech was good. Can you believe the Feds have time for kayaking but not the House of Commons and democratic process, while we are watching current events unfold. Its like watching clowns flush money and resources down the st Lawrence laughing all the way to the drain.
I can go to Walmart but not fort Calgary or the military museum . What do they expect.

Two-11. Im still in this section before I had to do math.
Lady Juliet D’Orsey. First of all is a fictional character. From twelve to seventy. Fourth child from M&M St.Aubyn. Sorry I dont do fake people rank or titles from hundred years ago. Wilton place however does exist.
M.St. Aubyn I found was a fictional family. A writer with a similar name. Wilton place is a interesting looking area. Can visit with google earth. Across the srteet is the St Paul’s Knightbridge victorian edifice with ornate interiors. Oh the mentioned Knightbridge in the book the one time Im ahead of the author. He mentions the park you must cross. Lets see what it looks like today. Maybe was like an alcove secret entrance.Theres some brick roads not ideal for skateboarding. Hospital must have turned into the Berkley loks like a hotel with bars inside. The Collins room is super fancy. Wow from War hospital to posh hotel. Hang out at the blue bar, ornate walls. The bar and terrace looks nice. Behind the winton place looks like some built in stable doors. So theres a black car Daimler. And who feels like Aldren on the moon. Is this a memory or Rob. Oh its a memory of rob told by someone else, but who feels like Aldren ? Charlotte Krauss. Anyways they are looking at knight bridge. That makes me think of some pillar of the earth. A Gothic ruin. It looks good. There was a quire playing on the google earth too. Hes describing the scene I guess its the ancestor trying to learn more about Rob because of some clues from the past. There we go before they even meet she freaks out about the pronunciation of her name. Im so rude that would be the funniest thing I ever heard, although if she asked nice why not comply. Jeez just change your name . Imagine having to give that speech every time you met someone. Someones got fictional issues. LAdy J smokes and drinks gin at seventy. Something about Stuart Brothers and how they didn’t like each other or something. Who knows. Ill just ask the internet instead of playing this authors game. How about talking english and telling me whats going on would be alot more interesting. Keeping interest.

12 .
In my words, Rob meets MM’s daughters. After Harris.. Jamie Villiers Bandage man that has no voice. This narrative is just drivel., Its a voice recording talking about all these extented people form years ago jamie whent to school and they were real and so on. In real time theres tea and sandwhiches. Ok so theyre talking about the elite class partier poets that all died in the war. They havbe more than a brotherhood bond theyre in love according to Lady J. Who Rob and Harris. Something about atheltics and poetry and beauty. But maybe not as lovers. “Every generation has a war except this one.” Thats a bizzzare thing to say with the advantage of history. Might disagree with that. Ordinary man has the right to be horrified of a mangled human corpse on the side of the road. Can agree with that. Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war. Even with Artillery bombing or UAV remote weapons, might be a preferred way to fight but doesn’t include as much carnage as the tip of the spear. Then now. Ok so this is some weird things Harris said before dying. Then he gets cremated accidently. Rob gets the ashes, cant put em anywhere. Not a parishioner. All we are is dust in the wind. Then Rob and Tasffle and Lady J do the funeral I think. Go sing with the whales cause he was looking out for some whales on the boat ride over. Its sad neither his father would respond. Father couldnt care to even respond to a telegram. What else is new. Just as that starts ok so theyre at the bunker with the animals all over again and describing the St Eloi Mines that set off a barrage or atilery fire not far from their position. Crater is so big you could kayak in it. or paddle around. Massive craters in this area.
27-28 Feb 14-18 its hard to say. But some interesting tunneling engineer operations. Im willing research more to learn after duties completed

Takes me to -Three.
Ok good cause assignment due. Force feed this content.
3 is written by the hour and not separated by section so will read this all in one sitting.
June 3 2020.
Here we are well its morning technically doing what im supposed to. Lets see current events are crazy right now. Its Wednesday. Read an old retired St. Louis Police officer killed in the looting. Capt. ret. David Dorn. He was trying to stop looters from taking a tv. The US President commented on it on twitter. Theres some curfews in place. Thats harsh, wish i was hearing some Tommmy Edman , Tyler O’Neil, Paul Goldschmidt Dexter Fowler Home runs instead. More of that announcer Dan Mclaughlin. Anyways dropping all the names but I miss baseball. Wonder if they played baseball in flanders field. Did any US soldiers in WWI play baseball in Europe surely thats not too far fetched of an idea.. Yes much baseball in France in WW1. Alot of players giving up a large salary to fight with the Marines. SO they probably missed baseball more than anybody. Anyways probably just get back to the homework. Keith Hernandez was Cardinals announcer once.
The book starts for -three- Feb 28 no year.
I do remember some of the St Eloi crater. Glottal stop wow its a metaphor for talking into the shockwave of a explosion. Ok hes got the cages, seems like extra curricular duties but ok. Well hes in the bunker awoken by explosion and cant see then for a bit, candles go out. He can feel is legs. Ok start removing the dirt and earth and beds from them so he can get up. Theyre all talking officer like. Its liek pleasantries over lifting things. Forget who levit is, he was there before wasnt he. Or its Rob and Levitt Rodwell. Levitt the reader, and they arguing about candles on books and leviit is a psycho apparently. Well at least Poole didn’t die and so far they all survived that situation.
4:25 am it says,
Then starts “The previous evening”
So why doesn’t it say Feb 27. The evening before. Ok so basically they went to go see the front line of their area the evening before. They met the corporals and sgt seen the area, it was viewing distance from the stained glass dugout. Well that blast destroyed that position apparently. Apologizing for falling on a corpse ew. He saves a rat almost drowning in a pool. Just something alive.
5:30 am
Hes trying to get orders at the farm house, Germans are missing the farmhouse but some rounds get close. Anyways he meets his boss, and basically gets a few new replacements and well they need to put new guns up, but the OC doesn’t really know the situation but anyways thats the way orders go, and he introduces him to the cpl and hes in charge of a new work party .
Dont they mean 0700…
Sir did you mean 7:30 am or 7:30 pm when the attack starts.
PM OR AM !!!
22 no ranks, and cpl Bates and Rob. Bates Overawed at the battlefield. lol that made me laugh the cpl threatens to shoot everyone him self if they dont hustle, So Rob draws his pistol to protect him from the overzealous cpl.
HEs trying to make the gun beds in the AO of the stained glass dugout. Work out a plan first instead of hastily rushing nowhere.

7 : 30 AM
Levitt the book guy wont take his great coat off. I dunno about officers and dress its like figure out how to dress yourself and quit making it a fucking issue. What is this day care on the western front dont forget your bib. If it freezes then nothing is wet, but they have a job to do rain or shine. Oh theres a cloud. Thanks captain. And both their men are dead maybe a corporal can remedy the situation.

8:15 am
Ok so moving up past the destroyed line. Theres a stretcher casualty sitting there the bearers are dead. And basically they have to move forward because the gun positions. ITs not their job to stay behind and take care of the wounded. Just describing what a trench looks like after some serious effective shelling or mine blasts. The corrugated steel and the trench folding in on itself. Glad to wear gloves so you dont have to touch someones skeletal hand. Well hes got a plan gotta put the guns in a hole and have em ready to fire. Bates concerned he doesnt want a idiot in charge leading him to his death. So its a description of Rob leading the way into a crater to set the guns up and hes got backup and hopefully not waiting for a German attack to come over the lip of crater.

8:50 am
Basically some panic they’re all slipping and sliding in the crater. Theres a gas attack none of them are issued gas mask. Piss in a rag and breathe over it. So all at pistol point.Anyways ivbe heard of this more than once.

9:30 am Ammonia from piss caused chlorine to turn into harmless crystals, but what about your eyes. Rob has flashback about his chemistry class.

10:30 am suspecting attack.

12.15 lunch time. just kidding. the sun zenith died so maybe some clouds. its snowing.

Rob been there for a while him and bates still alive. Hes slowing picking himself up the snow might give away their position because Its a clue about rob getting haunted by that bird till he died. Back at the trench everyone was dead green and gassed and frozen so Some type of german sniper watching them and waiving etc all friendly like. Good you.

Now its moved to Days.
Friday 3 march, well now i can find the year. 1916 Theres talk of the new flame thrower weapon, Flame thrower guys with crosses oon their chests. Watching some Verdun footage. The flamethrower. Leviit went mad with his books. Winter hibernation Toad. Torpor is reduced metabolic state.
Rodwell gets re-assigned. Ross in charge of the toad. to be released somewhere green. Captain leather shows up. Why dont you just call him S&M fan. Levvitts books all scorched never to be read again. Kinda funny ironic the clausewitz book went up in flames in a warzone go figure. Rodwell is kills himself over some men torturing animals. With a touching letter to his daughter. Well some people have time to write. Unlike the Harris father.

Jan Feb March 1916 this must be Ross mom that I dont really care about. Ok she like to walk in the storm. Big fucking deal. Something about parliament being razed to the ground in fire. ok shes living in fantasy land. Ok really dont c are about ms ross love affairs with the rich carriage maker and not trusting love. To have and Have not.

8 March
Sent to England.he has Rodwells book and Rob was the only human he drew in it, or is it a dream, more like sketches.

Well that finishes it off he got through customs with a toad, releases it in England or France somewhere green.
Rodwells letter to his daughter is saying that things live on forever. What does he mean but that theres life everywhere and life helps life. Anyways so Rob loses another friend.
Its a sad part that Rodwell didn’t get to enjoy that toad. Animals just trying to chill and live meanwhile theres flamethrowers and cannons scorched earth. I didn’t fucking agree to this world war, killing, destruction. Whose responsible ?
Anyways that ends part 3 reading gonna have to write out some questions.
Not like Robs mom can go to the front and fight but i dislike the character in a fictional way. Levitt the scholar shoulda stayed at school need a combination of sharp scholar and althetisism. Btu what do i know about the front 103 years ago. I think the greatest frustration is watching the bad planning and orders unfold along with the chaos nothing goies as planned no one has issued kit. So its frustrating from the sideline but our ancestors persevered, won despite all the things going wrong.
Tomorrow is Tom Longboat day gonna celebrate it first time.
I can comment on the color of the scenes Is pretty vivid. It paints a picture in a sense how I painted the scene in my head. Then I seen 1917 this year that was pretty crazy maybe linking some scenes. Also to read about some of the Place Like St Eloi was informative.
Besides, no one’s interested in something you didn’t do.

Drop Dead Fred ’91

Never heard of this although I might recall someone nicknamed this movie title, that did. Seen at some dnb parties like 2013-2014. Dnb might be hazardous to your health, rip. The fun thing about the 90’s just on the fringe of what I consider really retro, and 90’s seems modern enough to me. I like the appearance of the film in the 90’s not too much filter but just enough for that soft light. Not too much tech and cell phones.
Ok right away this movies seems like a light-hearted comedy, the little kid swears as the first line thats hilarious. Maybe its like one of these look whos talking type of kids comedy. No way Carrie Fisher. The opening intro is all hand drawn child style, pretty cool. Like green over exaggerated monster hands, with wax crayon. 21 years later from what ?/ Oh yea the swearing scene. Oh if 91 is 21 years later that makes 70. get some babysitter crush with the bangs. Some people dressed in ‘business attire’ enter a building. They are dressed in some funny suits for these days. Flower pattern. Lizzy is one of the female characters names shes in love with Charles. In something I could describe as a Elaine dress. They’re at Jaguar, the car place. The building doesn’t have a handi ramp or a button. Looks like she has Chrysler or ford maybe Its gray with darker trim. Can see a Pontiac logo in the reflection. Pontiac being defunct 2010. Legs and heels. Inside the Jag complex is some dark oak with some gold and hunter green trim. Lizzy walks in after she just seen him with the blonde. Go live with Annabella or go away or something. Ok so Charles has been bewitched by Annabella. As the previous blonde interrupts and requires test drive. So just some nuances the sunglasses, the tie. Bus stops vehicles bicycles. As Lizzy pulls up on the test drive. Thats pretty funny still dont know what theyre really talking about. Ok maybe its a Honda or a Toyota thats a bucket. So theyre broken up pretty much it would seem. Looks like New york maybe or some other Downtown. Payphone again I guess would be pretty common. Lol a purse thief with a hammer , dont leave your valuables in the car she didnt even see. This guy with the ciggie now steals her car. OK shes in a court room, lost her car money husband makes it sound kinda funny. Plead insanity. Thats such a funny line. Yo im pleading insanity, not even in a court room. Nice a court stenographer machine thats hilarious. Watched a video still looks difficult to use. Lets see theres a jury. The defendant, bailiff, lawyers. The clock says 1:35. Defendant tossing a apple way up in the air like a jackass. State of Minnesota. Thats ironic with the Minneapolis news. Just seen a wintery city scene, thankfully its spring here . Anyways shes fired, so fresh start no car no where to go walking with the office box. New character, Mickey. Mickeys clothes and hair with the daughter ID card lol. So i guess they know each other from back in the day, Lizzy did something crazy to Mickeys Grandma. Another person mentioned drop dead Fred so hes the character that will come turnt hese peoples lives around. She reminisces. An old lady gardening is shown covered in paint. Imaginary friends. Shaving cat scene lol thats funny but not for the cat lol. They just throw the hair in front of the fan with some sound effects. This Mickey character looks fairly familiar. Same with Lizzy. Outside the building at the fountain. Another lady suit walks up and is like I realize your conflicted. There its Carrie fisher didint recognize you with that hair cut. Shes going off about how pain is your friend and pain makes you conflicted which is good somehow. Maybe for some growth but i think the idea is to avoid pain lol. Lol so pain makes you interesting cause Elvis was very interesting before he passed on. Wow that suitcase with fabric pattern on of those old style packed to the brim. With the loud buckle clips. Oh its her mom. That kitchen and everything . Looks like a bachlor suite from the 90’s witht hat white ceramic appliances, White drawers and counters with natural wood trim. You can see just with the oven hood the minor nuances. Lol. This mother daughter relationship is on the rocks but can tell something comical is going to happen. Oh. That noise points up. wow pink cringe room. Atleast theres not dolls everywhere. But I wanna see this Fred and the mayhem he causes. Some intersting camera angles and they take wide panning shots so far. city scape phone booth. Nice a man-hand crawls outta the pillow and. Well thats it smacks her as a child self. Ok so there is some victorian era dolls i think its tasteful not like in the other movie where theyre everywhere. Ok that weird effect projected onto the screen. Bouncing ball sounds. Ok heres Fred lol, hes the anti adult, adult. Its like the cat in the hat. He starts by killing all the dolls lol. Im grown up. Ew and funny. But its kindof cringe lol. This is pretty hilarious though the dog shit right on the fresh washed carpet. Right on the chair lol. No lets not do bad things to the carpet she protests. Still pretty funny, cant tell the audience for this movie lol the mom is freaking out over the carpet lol gotta love that humor. She calls him by name ok hilarity ensues. Sleeping robes from the 90s are cringe. Hes tossing boogers. Lol. Fred too much shrieking hes a shrieker like dude shut up. But he ends up squashing his head in the fridge and loks like a spitting image of stewie family guy lol. The guy is like a clown lol. Anyways onward with the furniture smashing. Maybe she should marry Fred lol. Hits her in the face with a shovel. Getting charles back. Such a weird plot story so far. nice he got smoked by the firee truck in some cartoon style violence. These flashbacks are hilarious and just trashing the set. Just flailing everything. Like something hilarious about throwing a drawer of cutlery around. Just mischief smashing windows. The Mom and other guy are pretty funny. Whats with the string on here. Those two jump out onto the cop thats hilarious. Oh the sweater falling apart. Oh so she has memories to be herself. Have to get you back with charles lol with a makeover. Shes stunning though but shes dressed like her mom ahaha. Charles looks like a used car salesman. Nice scream lol. He just pops in whenever weith that green suit. So its important to stay young and what. He sticks hes ear in a ear. Nice down at the port. Carrie fisher. Shes lives on a river boat lol. You cant stay here cant go home lol. Ok so ends up staying the night is the imaginary friend real or fake. lol now hes cutting her hair. lol
I never had imaginary friends lol the guy says .looking like bush. River houseboat so strange. So her hair lopsided. Oh buddy carries gpnnna pissed when Lizzy ruins her paddle boat to chase a speed boat lol.
Nice smash all the dials. The lines in thhis movie whats that water doing there, what water.. That water. lol nice so she sunk the boat. Imagine telling your friend that. I have some bad news, i sunk your house. Its like set up for the next awkward joke. I cant hjjelp but just find it so comical the nit wit acting like businessmen its just funny mocking papers and making funny faces. Carrie pretends she can see Fred now pushing the chair out. Omg strangling the air thats priceless. slapping it. Thats funny never seen her like this. Its a treat after starwars. That was probably best scene in the movie so far lol. After the clothing shopping scene, and action. 2 plates of pasta lead the camera into a skyscraper restaurant. Mickey and Lizzy are at the center table, people look overdressed and not really eating. Wonder what that place is. You cut your hair yea corona virus style. Another invisible Fred rules the scene with hilarious comments and faces. Omg her pouring out trhe water all pissed off is also hilarious. Love this actress thats just so funny and awkward.

OK this scene is the funniest. Why did you do that ? I didnt. -Oh yes you did. Even Freds like yeh you did. Could not imagine a funnier first date. Super childish. Shes trowing the food. why did you do that. Im crazy. Food fight. Gets dragged out. Nice a mall food coutrt scene with that baby blue. Theres a classical band playing in the center. Ok i love this movie so funny nows shes having a screaming match with invisible fred about her mother in the middle of the food court. Nice fred is a violinsit, seems like hje likes taking the piss out of everything. The scene shes beating the ol violin player with the purse omg im dying. Mom has to write a check for the smashed violin lol. Violin player all teary eyed lol. Maybe using some of the same extras here. With such a innocent undertones then smash everything. Look an old computer. Time sheets and clock. Doc Ryland hes got clowns as office art lol. Now doc Ryland has to speak with the mother. The leading doc in dealing with imaginary friends. Hes like all talking quiet. The imaginary friend reunion. Ok in the funniest joke the imaginary friend Fred has imaginary friends that Lizzy cant see. All these imaginary friends with their own personas and theyre dressed all outrageous like clowns. Some nice carpeted stairway that wood cut line going up the imaginary hand rail position parallel to wall. Neutralize the part of the brain. lobotomy pills. Just the weirdest characters and the nurse looks mean. Shes like I got black belt and i could snap you in two. Which would be the craziest thing a employed nurse could say. Lizzy looks on stunned. “Conscious or Unconscious all the same to me.” Thats some line. Thats why fred is so funny dressed and looking ridiculous. Nice Mickey gonna save her.
Fred give a passionate speech about comformity and the pills can represent that metaphor. 1st man on the moon paper replica. The character that plays young Lizzy woulda been around 1970 on my math..
Im sure she been in a few films then. Clearly the mom is the issue here. I think I just heard her say i think I love you less or something like that. Well that just doest seem like something you say to your child. He seems more of a fitting part when hes with young Elizabeth, but its so funny with ‘adult’ Elizabeth. Beacuse its so over the top ridiculous and gotta recognize that type of humor probably not alot of prople can pull off. Its mostly annoying but also hilarious and when you laugh its like encouraging them like the class clown and genuinely hilarious. I just noticed the old bug box. If the film is categorized as ‘fantasy’ the box could represent Freds genie lamp. Here in Elizabeth past, NASA juts landed on the moon. Lace on the table. Silver. Wheaties Same green suit. ok that makes sense. Young elizabeth is adorable the scenes they p[ull of the robbery and now the wheaties dirt bowl. Ew. tear it apart to make it better. doom. Hes on the dining table lol pretty funny. Maybe ill just get on my dining tabnle as I write this next bit out. Wasnt expecting that reaction. Ok now the audience gets the back-scene trauma that happened to Lizzy as a child, her mom taped up and trapped her imaginary friend. Even the bf hes like ‘ITs not right’ I guess thats how to traumatize the child. Tape it up with some masking tape. So keep it but if you touch it ill throw it in trash. Ok so now audience has enough to let em have it. He presents the letter. lol. Its good transition between the child and adult version of a character. Those weird effects when she sneezes. The kung fu nurse. Locked out. Something about the slapstickness of running head first into a door or window is hilarious. Nice Mickey with the get-away ride. Gotta say the cityscapes are really nice and nice lighting. Minneapolis art center is where the next scenes are. Or the outside of the building is shown. Omg these outfits lol. Liozzy has some crazy bangs and a fuchsia dress. Fred is wearinga ridiculous 2 toned green green suit with cape and cane. hius orange hair pointed up into a point. Just looks completely outrageous. Lizzy gotr some goth tones going on with the purple black. Its fiting they have a finale all dressed up. Fred just looks completely ridiculous still its hard to not burst out laughing. Nice a classy wine tasting. Feds holding a curtain pole. Just playing tons of pranks. imagine thats your job serving hord d’ouevres dressed as a shirtless toga guy at the art museum. Maybe ill apply for that job next lol . 2 upskirts with some who framed roger rabbit eyes oogling women. Oh what a coincidence. This charles guy a Kurt Russell similar in appearance maybe. Short in the front longer in the back. Oh look Charles just walk in. Hes like your beatiful must have you. Marry and kiss lol. Theres a scratching at the door lol guess who. Yeah grab the frying pan. Lol. Smashed the nurse with the pan. Got caught saying Annabella . Nice well that soured the mood lol even tough it was just getting hilarious. Threes a crowd. Charles smooth talks her. She took the pill. A couple times. Hey Carie fisher again, speed walking with a cigarette lol. She got insurance money for the river boat. Mud pie lol. Some borderline mental issues here lol. Nice Freds in the fridge. Ok so Charles wants to have an affair. Nice imagination fly through. Doll house.Its the dream version of the house. Exaggerated and distorted lines. Now a tree rows. I guess imagination land with some artificial tree. Obstacle course. Hey the 2 characters meet. Its like beetlejuice setting. So nows shes resolved her problems she can go home. They kiss then he vanishes. ok wake up from the floor back to making salad. Charles gets dumped by annabella, hes liek at least i got Lizzy, she dumps salad on him and a booger too lmao. Here comes the mom scene. Had a child to save the marriage. Nice suspenders. Now Fred ghets dropped off on another mischievious kid. nice ending lol. such a strange but suprisingly good movie. It has its moments. Nothing like a slasher just a funny movie before the new HArry potter style movies. Nice 90’s sax to finish it off with the score. I gotta work on the math but that was a nice distraction. Pretty good movie too, I mean some weird parts but not the worse Ive seen.

Night Killer ’90

Ok well after Dennis the Mennace im stoked to be back in the 90’s. Dennis the menace was pretty good. Its May 23 2020 morning. Got this movie on youtube Movies for 1.99 wasnt too bad.
Walking in to the complete unknown in this movie, dont know the director. Who writes up the Youtube Synopsis. Yea as for the Cinnemassacre Its just way more fun to watch the movie then watch the review. That with the pandemic, more virtual friends along with twitch youtube. Me personally havent had negative encouters on the streets at all. People have be friendly, but on high edge.
Dunston checks in was maybe the worst since I started watching and even that wasnt too bad. I have homework piling up but what can I say, Its gonna get done by watching this movie now. Not sure whats gonna end up with this but I like watching movies and writing some commentary on it. Its harder than I iniytially though but I think im getting better. I think its best to write about some impressions on me, in context of entertainment. Also a movie log just like an old friend used to do and carry on his tradition. What else I gotta say reading that ‘The Wars’ has been pretty good, Im just curious to his fate, I cant look away. That it could have been the story of any Canadian unknown soldier of the great war. For fiction it has alot of things to research. I never claimed to be a world war I master, but watching BBC The great War ive seen and heartd some shocking things, not mot mention visited some of these sites. Its been on my mind, a bit anyways. This class ends right away so, is probably the next thing im working on too. But for something completely different now, Night Killer 1990. Yes. 30 years old.

Lol what am i seeing ok its late 80’s dance routine. Im already dying. Already gotta sample that. Ok this lady runs in and stops the ‘class’ . Thats pretty funny imagine I just walked in an stopped the teachers class. Was late cause traffic. The claw in the back of the scene and the music sets the mood. That song and the claw lol. Oh movies is rated R lol. After dennis the menace I dont know what I was expecting aahaha. Ok get a quick look at the killer. He just claws her and set her down in the bathtub all nice. Thats such a weird fashion thing the dancing oversocks, wouldnt you slip on the hardwood. Theyre always in music videos from this time period and earlier. Ok so the dance instructor freaks out at the students for being so bad and she decides to go check up on the previous victim. Ok now audience gets agood look at the killer, its not bad but its a mask and the claw seems rubber and silly. The set so far is just a theatre-like hall with long alcoves and passageways semi-lined with carpet and hardwood ornamentations. The effects are practical, something like clawing off some playdough to make it look like skin. Then with the sock shoe covering straight up shes doing the roadrunner legs running on the linoleum tying to get away. No title no credits right into dance scene awesome. Wow im like one step ahead of this movie 8:05 credits roll. Showing a scene of a overcast american town right away maybe looks like the home alone type house fairly large and brick 2-3 stories with an attic and two pillars at the entrance. Oh so Franco Gaudenzi never heard of him but always down to learn about writers. Nice movie title splash, its a red symettrical logo with some 80’s graffiti vibe. Creepy doll room. Taking up all the space. Oh man I was five years old when this came out. Kindergarden ECS. Ok new character looks like the princess from Flash Gordon 80s. Although not willing to th anything on that cause I was waay off last time. I guess mullet style hairdoo with wedding style lingerie ‘lawngeray’ Its really a mix of late 80s things Its got that cringe from the 80’s in the details. Coffee machines blender, carryon bags. Nice duck shot. Another character now with big hair. Nice neighhborhood. Man those patterns theres so much to comment on so far. If I was going to Day care Id be at Knob hill in Bankview thats some interesting memories. The tv clicker, i see it, and the thermostat, and all notice those minor nuances. Theres a magazine with Sly Stallone on the cover. Ok sweet the news lady wearing ridiculous furs briefs us on the situation, killer has a name I miseed. Hes killed several so far. Turn it off. Hmm some Mcgraw hill books thats funny I have one on my desk currently. Nothing to wear and other poems, never heard of that and Fire from the heavens, some more Ive never heard. Cool, Fire from heaven is novel about Alexander the Great. Reportedly from what im reading it was Oliver Stone inspiration for Alexander, thats going on the list for a later date. Oliver Stone is the shit, cant believe that came up. Ok Nothing to wear and other poems, just a brief look, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1807-1882 He was featured on a US Stamp 1940. Teacher writer traveller. With the magic of internet I can have a quick read. Wow just the intro he spoke to me. Thats neat. Me being born in the ‘new world’ I recall such a curiosity about Europe and across the oceans. Thats pretty cool. Anyways suppposed to be watching the movie but it came up still. Ok so lady is a writer.
Ok yea the movie lol. Theres a greaser in a bar. This lady character, shes got art shes a writer. Shes got the old new-style rotary without the rotary. Melanie is her name.. Anywways we ojnly see the greasers back hes got his collar up and has a raspy voice, probably talking with a toothpick in his mouth. Such a unique way to introduce a character. Undress he and make her state all her vulnerabilities. My prediction is shell probnably survive. That ring tone is just bizarre. Melanie has obsession with stuffed animals. So this lady has creeps calling her phone scream style. Or is scream, night killer style. So hes got the claw and hes a sexual predator. I guess he can talk with the mask on. I mean assuming this is allthe same killer, Maybe the drunk ex BF will just pop-in. If you ever wonder who drinks with gloves on, its people that CRUSH the drinking glass with their bare hands! It might be cause Melanie looks kindof familiar. Ok missingh some good suspense music. She checks across the street a man is leaving the payphone. Thats something you dont see everywhere is a phone booth. It was a handy thing but people would always smash em and spit all over the receiver. I remember there was a trick you could make the phone booth call itself that was cool. Talk about giving people space back then. Superman was able to get changed in a phone booth. You had your own private room with a closing door. Still with plastic windows graffiti everywhere. I dont know whats better now. If yous standingh in line might aswell catch up on the celly. People walking and driving around on their phones. Jenny beach has a police department, some interesting back turn scene. Diud I say Jenny beach I meant Virginia beach. Its South East of Washington DC Follow the coast line. Looks like a nice place to visit. Definetly that beach strip. Seen a palm tree too. Melanie Beck. Lock yourself in and Ill call back in 5 mins. Love the keys on the inside doors so you can lock yourself in. Theres a fire and your struggling with a key-ring lol. Titanic style. The turn around scenes are stylized. Claw guy is in the house. Nice the killer is back lol. Creepy voice hilarious face. Of course the doors are locked. She has time for a phone call. Oh her pretended eveything was ok so the cops wouldnt come back. Oh nice she has a 6-shooter snubnose. What hes wearing a mask for real. Ok plot announcement, so something terrible happens to her, 2 dectectives are walking through the hospital shes blocked out what the killer looks like from her traumatic memories. Shes forgotten everything now. She cant rememeber her daughter. This news report lol. Straight cheeze lol. For the record he goes off. Ok melanie is out of the hospital now shes driving trans am Drinking and driving straight up chases her.Agressive dude lol. Hes like where that lady go she walked in the bank. Now hes in the washroom checking doors. Lol shes making him strip lol. What was that scene lol. Hey man what happened to your clothes ahhaha. So i dunno who this dude he wants to be friends. This is Melanies idfea of a chill time several prescription botles and whisky shes probably gonna try to suicide. Now Jeep weirdo guy is on a hot pursuit at the beach. What are you doing! Lol now here cares hes drowning her forcing her to drink sea water this is crazy not something you see . trying to make her throw up. Just ruithless lol. I cant believe this. Ok enter greaser and his new date. Ok melanie survived rescued by a new assaulter. This actress going through alot and screaming a bunch. Now were in the claw guys art studio you can never see this guys face. So its the guy from bar. The guy with the mask and this girl just bizarre lol. Please just take me home lol. Face of hot wax what is going on lol. hes making out with a version of himself. Now some KFC. He wants to be friends. These character are so wild. These scenes are crazy. How many killers are there? Dating in the 90’s. Aquarium wave tank with a new character. Charatcer or mroe like victim. Wide belts were popular at the time. Aight here we go again the groper claw guy. Wardrobe malfuntion. Its always young attractive ladies getting chased byu the claw guy then he rips their hearts out. That aquarium pretty cool. Yea called it. Ok Melanie again. I kill you kill me with the crazies. wake up lets be cheery. This guyy is completewly psycho 50 shades of gray erotica. Tearing sheets. I think shes a good actress going through all these scenes. I Like the old pattern ambulance. The ideas and scenes are pretty scary for a 90’s movie The guy actor is pretty believable psycho. And with the gun and the mental trauma and chases, is pretty wild. I thought it would be cheezier and less suspense. I guess when youre that crazy you dont need a gun just a switchblade. ALso i wasnt sure if they were playing the mask off as a special effect liek that wasmewant to be real, and the claw too. But they are props. Hes seen taking them on and off and thats pretty good. The movie is self aware and plays with the questions im asking myself in my head. Its way cooler that the mask, is a prop the killer wears. I thought it was trying to be his actual skin. I gotta say I like when a movie features a town place ive never heard of, sometimes for better or worse. Mer personally I thionk Virgina Beach is a place I would like to visit not knowing very much about it, along with Cannon beach from Goonies (opposite coast) Amazing just seeing it on g-maps. I guess that can maybe relate to what I was reading about ‘Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’ From his own words about curiosity and outside of your own realm.
6th victim now. MAsked Maniac! Thats so fitting. And theres such a weird romance the mask guy is obssesed wityh Melanie, and they share all these close scenes, like close up face to face. Ok the masked maniac is such a good stalker he talks loud with his eyes wide open all creazy like. Crazy eyes and he drives crazy too its just exagerated but awesome in the character it create. I cant tell how serious this movie takes itself. i have no experience making movies but I like the camera effects. I mentioned the turning around motion shots the closeups. Ok i get the sense Melanie is starting to learn she could maybe manipulate maniac, im not sure yet though shes pretty battered. Shes mastered the screaming cussing and distant look. Like the long drawn out scenes like this is what im talking about. Really on some fringes between like a weird psycho romance. Hmm i think i recognized the phone booth guy at the detective interview. Something schizophrenia, maybe that is partially true but the killer exists does he not. Thats a good sample speech.Shes a hot mess. Theres are those who believe. Interesting so they have the squad cars out, are they rentals or outside the actual police dept. They describe the plot via interviews. She has a desire to kill herself. If she remembers his face he will kill her. Then the cringiest line, “hey your girlfriend has one hell of a hangover” And he howls: ” You can say that again.”
The way he drinks slow and passionately. The knock at the door. “What was that noise!, Gunshot!?” At the hotel lmao.Oh man sweet talk your way out of this. Heres a dollar tip in the eyeglasses. Softcore slasher style with giant weird strokes. Its a caprice police squad car with blue lights. The self proclaimed famous experts going on tv with ridiculous tv appearances shooting their mouths off with high pollutant theories that sounds familiar. Nice the detective threatens him with bad press to make him look like a quack. I wonder what that would look like. Homicidal masked maniac. Now the creepy music.. Hmm historical accuracy reference. The panama scandals 1892, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about France and South American scandal. Oh yea what else is new. Oh yea I forgot about the Father here in the relationshio he saved her once and only had the scar. I seemingly forgot about him in all the madness. A christmas tree. Using the Tv for plot deliveries. Thats maybe how i rememebvr tv and living room when I was five. Love how he shits the tv off with that authority click. Diplomat Motel wonder if its still there. Hard to say Motels can be similar in appearance. Theres a few in a row there. Noe the hotel manager. Hes on the phone. Well here we go the jig is up. The Hojo. Why dont you go back to the station aahahaha. lol BAd ass cop.throttles that manager. The hardwood circles on those doors is retro. Oh gun butt fight. This guy lol. Leave the gun lol. Hes almost got the gun in her face. The second mom lost it but same with scarface. Oh wow the old t-shirt pyjama thats retro. Those bucket bangs. Oooh more phone booths. She sees her headline on the paper. Lol as she escapes. So bad its good. Of course the taps didnt work couldnt trace the call. Temperate rainy xmas. and some funny running down the streets. This is such a small town you can just drive around and recognize people. ITs a car chase with people. Get in the car. The sneakers I rememeber that style. Lock yourself in again lol. She remembers maybe. The phone booth. Staring right at the window lol. So she can talk. Looked like the scarface was the killer. Still it could be switched then.. HEs here. This time its the scarface guy. I was pretending lol. 2 psycho actors for the price of one. That voice is the best. Sherman is a creep but the other guy too. Melanie gonna stab herself yea right hahaha. That was stupid of me he says. So whats the other guy also stalker but he wants to be friends.Heres shes all cut up and battered looking like a zombie. Shes chasing sherman. Lol. That grimace though. Oh didnt expect that that shes the nigth killer. Still I feel it can go any way. Lol oh my god she stabbed him at the wiorse place. Oh yo soemone jumps thru the window and blasts him. Didnt see that coming but whats the eal with the BF. Movie is pretty hardcore. Relive the experience to fix yourself. And they have a nice happy family lol. Mystery xmas box. Theres another twist im sure. Tara Buckman same era but not from Flash G, however was in Buck rogers. That was entertaining lol. And that mask. The music was good too reminds me of fantasy music like never ending story. Horror psychological thriller comedy suspense learnt some cool things too.

The Wars – Timothy Findley- two , 1-10

This is my homework commentary.
Finished the Quiz 2. Got some questions wrong, cause I wasn’t able to admit Rob was modest. And I called his little bit of resistance to the captain ‘not willing’. So there you go.
May 21.
Rob is a loner, or uncomfortable to varying degrees around others.
I missed one part ill have to go back after. Im not sure what happened yet maybe im reading it the intended method, or maybe not. It remains a mystery for now.

Book time is Feb 1916. Written of the 2 month 2 day anniversary of landing in France. Centre of the world is Ypres and Flanders fields, Kemmel hill. Kemmel hill nothing higher in Belgium and the low lands all the way to spain. Because of its flatness its been the scene of many battles since the time of Caesar. Low land equal mud also the season. Flemish, Dutch Germanic, native to flanders. Desription of ‘clyttes’
//..Called clyttes, exist at their worst north of Ypres in the vicinity of the Houthulst Forest. Because of the impervious clay, the rain cannot escape and tends to stagnate over large areas. Unable to soak through, it forms swamps and ponds, and sluggishly spreads toward one of the already swollen rivers or canals. The ground remains perpetually saturated. Water is reached at an average depth of eighteen inches and only the shallowest of puddly trenches can be dug by the troops, reinforced by sandbag parapets. When the topsoil dries during fair weather, it cracks open. The next rain floods the fissures. Then the clay blocks slide upon themselves, causing little landslides.//
Book, the description of the previous group in 1916 say you waded to the front and how water comes up from where you step. I tlooks swampy and many canals now. Back then with no topsoil liquid mud.

2. So were at Kemmel probably after a description of Ypres and flanders. Theres a war graveyard at Houthulst
. Now theres a hotel on Mont Kemmel, and many cemetaries there. Ok so theyre at Baileul which is SW of mont Kemmel Asylum not sure where that would be but in this area. Outrskirts. Ok tthe more NE we go the more Flemish it becomes.Rob gets called assasin by the Flemish Farmer. He said hes canadian surely cause toronto and the anglophones francophones. Anyways the farmer is pissed lost some cows doesnt like English people.

3. Bugler rank description.
Just reflecting on my life compared to Rob, Im able to achieve / attempt all sort of things with time and relatively consequence free. Its more like comparison to another friend who died in the forces. Another femal Artillery officer KIA. Well I dont even know if Rob died yet,or vegetable etc. I dont know his fate yet. But thankfull I dont have a fate of France in WW1, so far. Many died so ‘we’ could be ‘free’. These current events I keep hearing like politicians contempt for farmers is pissing me off. Well that is not benevolent. Ill concede the point of this isnt a comparison of Canada from 1917 , late-1970s , to my time in the mo, 2020 current events, unless I make it. Another friends word: Sacrifice. Its fitting but Im not claiming credit. The fight against tyranny. Sacrifice and freedoms and Canadian way of life. A comparison from the novel. On changes from a old society and the railroad and the quietness of towns, as a metaphor for going past a point of no return.

3. The Bugler
Cant remember who Regis is Ill have to scan the notes after, __ and research the things I dont know. Willie is bugler. All of a sudden theyre alone. Okj so the scene, theyre on a road, lets say from what I remember NE towards the mountain of the region. SE from that is a road and destroyed areaS. Gotta be some big differences in officers in near 103 year. Some things the exact same. Phosgene from the wiki mixed with chlorine theres soem disadvantages such as the color and the time it take to affect its victims. Sounds liek theres 3 of them and some animals. On or near the road. Theres gas. Theyre wondering were the rest of the packet is. Bivouac is the camp area they might be tasked to finding. theyre sending the orderly like the ensign from starrtrek back to rejoin the convoy. With the bugle as a type of sonar alarm pulse. some ducks pop out, Rob has affinity with animals. But then the ducks leave along with the orderly, and they try to joke that hes not super good on the bugle.. He cant remember bathing. When the wind blows it smells of ash bitter and acrid (irritating strong unpleasant) Lets see so after that another officer pops out of nowhere theyre in a dike had to leave the corporal in charge.. The 2 oficers lost now in a dike and its overflowing and theyre at a risk of drowning so action must be taken. Three men seven horses gotta get off the flood plain or dike channel.

4. Rob is the vanguard or the recce fdor land for the main body, the wind gives shape to the area. to the rigth a ruiver, to the left field. He dismountrs hes exoploring around hears some water and falls into the mud hes trying to escape and cant seem to get free from the mud but he gets free, hes stuck in some channel with corpses. Interesting with the slap slap witht he raft at jackson point. Jackson point being a swim hole for Young Rob, and Raft another Huck mention. Also the cant scream when dying, or reminding your brain to speak.

5. Crossing the river dike. Using it as a rinse from the chlorine mud. The process for crossing the river. Comparing the horse to Pegasus. Glad he unhooked the stirrups or he would have been dragged. Next hes drug out of water and next to the fire. As they leave the crows follow the convoy fresh meat for eating later. It was the crow eating the other guy probably.

6. trench description, 2 paralel trenches with their own comms infrastucture. 2nd batle of Ypres was April 1915. Talking about the duties and Root and Ross and the rolling Rs , 30 mins nuisance firing or 2 hours before trench clearing operation. 21 feb 1916 im guessing here. Attacking Verdun. Maybe hes over here by Knokke. Thin roads and nice farms

7. During the attack not much happenend now theyre at some observation post and can see some details about the enemy. Portion of trenches not covered so they havr to walk by but try not to hurry top fast or will draw fire.. Theyre relieving some people at the front.
May 26, bout to finish this off. This government, governor general is a fraud. Subservient to tyrants and complacent to shutting down of parliament. Its nearly end of May, Canadians have no parliament and no voice. Thats what you get voting liberal.Thats current events. Abomination government pisses me off. Now here I gotta read this book about these long forgotten Canadian principles. Sorry to say Rob you fought so some trust fund idiot can sell off canada to the lowest bidder for a couple votes and a never ending holiday.Subservient to tyrants. A non sustainable lifestyle. Rob went to go fight so minority government can claim dictatorship totalitarian state. Anyways trying to not let the current abominations take away from this book. Lets see governor general subservient to tyrants well isnt that a oxymoron. So to me that award aint shit cause action speaks louder than words. Politicians and representatives east of Manitoba, parasite on Canada. Back then, is Now.

7. Theyre arriving at the dugout.Rob thinks of Rowena when he sees the cages. Devlin / Bonnycastle, were there. Levitt /Ross. They collected stained glass and have it displayed , with patron saint of Metal Workles St Eloi. Ok they get stew and ressuply ciggiues and food etc thats nice. And a liter of cognac that would be sweet not so much these days. Levitts got the Clausewitz book about war, im suire has some good strategies and things, but there hardly seems any tactics and pincer movements from a cavalry book one could translate to trench warfare. What about the other war book, With the magic of internet can read aportion. Oh hes just talking about attacking somme defensive positions and considering them impregnable. Attacking a mountain and terrain features. Officer theory that gets men killed and plays god with lives and justifies killing.

8. Going on about the dugout and how grand it was. They make it sound like summr camp. The animal hospital. Who is Rodwell, doesnt say. Dour is gloomy or severe stern. Commenting about Clausewitz and man to man combat and how artillery wont do anything, wow is clausewitz mistaken but they probably didnt have as fgood cannons back then. Rodwell captain, see its like Im always guessingh who people are, and for a story its like give me the facts, and why am I guessing all the time. for right now it makes the reading experience a bit irritating. What is this a guessing game or a book. Rodwell is the winnieh the pooh similar person as A.A. Milne, since he writes children illustrations. They talk about the hedgehog and other animals trying to also survive the war in a popular hedge, probably cause everything else is blown up. Pedant, is a rule follower oh i know the type the know it all no fun allowed and critical on the least important points, They have the dinner, the frog is a field marshall etc

9. Seems liek bonnie and the opther are on their way back. Sickly yellow Pall thats a blanket covering the town in toxic gas. I guess Rob is sizing up his dugout mates and how no one is really normal everyone has a small nuance that makes them odd. Rodwell with his toad. Minuet compares the act of war like a ballroom dance with artillery hiding in places then making the enemuy come out and get em. Anyways seems kinda quiet the distant shots, the eyes, Pertubed is anxiety unsettling. Its a qfalling asleep scene not much to say he wishes he could run awway but in hius dreams he keeps seeeing taffler and harris.

10. Well already on leave Harris got sick, Rob is in london getting the webley from some family representative. I guess whats therre to write about gore, horses dying. mangled corspes. So write about sleep and child like things. Gonna take a break theres a live space launch rioght now first manned space-x flight. Looking pretty cloudy down there. Ill get back to finish off #10 before the definitions assignement.
10. Ok hes on leave in London thats interesting. Town in Kent called Shorncliffe, so its a stockpile for the other artillery in the area. Embarkation leave. Ok so i messed that up this is a flashback seemingly. Since embarkation is before. Well I dont know then, if he had been to France or not yet. Lets they give a date. Straight of dover. Google shows some fall colors foggy, small town with bright white building facades. Curved shoreline. A military cemetary. Nice trees. This iones got some allied soldier of the great war, superimposed on a image of a war cemetary in spring. Theres a building nearby could imagine what Rob is seeing. It could be a infirmary.

lol theyre talking about the astronauts like theyve done the mission hundreds of times in rehearsal, so its no problem theyll just get out of their seats annd say: mission complete.
I think maybe so but theres gotta be no ride like that ever first-second time. I think compared to those apollo astronauts going around the moon thats the wildest. This time testing a new vehicle theres some math motivation right there. Anyways thats much better current events than shitty politics.

10. 10 still, hes got the webley.This is a flashback, well I guess the whole book is a flashback, but he hadnt gone yet overseas.I guess its a description now of London during ww1. Times are looking pretty bleak. Heres on the zepellins dropping bombs. It is far betrter to face the bullets than to be killed at home by a bomb.- Join the Army at once & Help to Stop an Air Raid.-God save the king. Then people were quiet and kept to themselves. I guess in culture its much easier to get an impression of London in ww2, than ww1, for me atleast. It was like a tunnel that you walked not knowing its destination, him or me. harris estanged from his Father not answering telegrams. Buddy can relate. Talking about the hospital theyre sitting in and the visitors that visit these places since no one should die alone. Well if they came over on ship together why not be freinds, and hes got the pneumonia. Probably gonna die from it. Rob link this to Roewena and how he wants to be around this person all the time. Anyways yea the gifts canned things and flowers. The princess visiting a cousin. Rob in his spotless breeches is horse riding pants. Is a strange thing he says, about being on the fringes of human and fish society. Hes having hallucinations of drowning or something. Maybe he dreaming of breathing under water.
Next para. freesia is a flower. Cathleen Nesbitt actress from London. Diana Manners the coterie. Rob sees taffler, he thinks about the peephole. Clues he meets barabara again, theyre all posh and Rob doesnt want to intrude. Just a fake photoo op it seems like. Its all for show. Captain Villiers caught in fire lost his vocal cords could talk back but guess he wasnt too happy bout what Taffller said or sometyhing about Barabara and the nurse hates Barabara liek why is she coming in here fake photo op. Kids of Marquis and Marchioness , yawn. who fucking cares

Dennis the Menace ’93

Wow am I glad to write this one down. Long week lets get on with it. Right away I wish I was Mr Wilson
House and nothing to do. Right away this movie is dennis the menace the carton, this I dont recall when I learnt of DTM but here I am watching this movuie. May 22 12:50 am, The Homework 2 weeks coming up got me losing my top. Im gonna be old one day. Could you imaghine. Ok If was Mr Wilson. Lol the young and the old. Just lemme stop you right there lol. This is like the most annoying thing trying to get back to sleep. Fuck sleep thats why im here. Just lie flicking at everything. Its time to wake up lol. Little shit putting thigs up his nose lol. This is cracking me up already. Its really slapstick.Trying to shove pills in his mouth
Enter the slingshot of course slingshot mr. Wilsons throat. Just hilarity gasping chocking . Get that little shit outta my house.
Ok this movie has been free for all. I recognize Dennises dad.His Mother too look like outta a comic book.
You shouldnt visit people so early in the morning.

Your son shot a aspirin down my throat lol.
with a slingshot.

The monologue AND THE props
Now some morals
Dennises dad arguiong about rules and regulations. Lets just see how
lol ther wife is like youd better come in and have your breakfast.
Ok and the plant that only flowers for ten seconds. Yea i admire the George is his name. I want that wake up do you lawn nothing to worry abou tthat sounds great. Oh its a Ford TAURUS
Dennis mom
Theres some new characters
George Wilson Garden Contest winnner.
some cute kids. ANgry Mr Wilson lol.
Lol caught that joke wilsons wife is making fun of his husky potly chubby appearance.
Such a funny idea the youth vs old.
Mr Wilson uses the ice cream trick.
Sweet this movie need a villain..
ITs Doc from back to the furture.
Buncha scenes i dont feel like typing.
Theyre starting a new kid town.
Lloyd is the villain we all want. Akin to scrooge.
Nice shadow smoking scene ,hes such a bum.
Combing his hair setup after setup tastes like paint lol.

The babysitter making out classic
Everyones supposed to be asleep.
Th freaks come out at night
Theses scenes are too funny to comment on. This is like home alone pranks.
Its hilarious watching these two sneaking around lol. Doc looks like a witch.
I love mrs wilson shes always like oh dear heavens
Again with the sleeping scenes
looks at himself in mirror. puts on teeth
lol magic box
HEs going to have his picture taken. Misssing some chiclets lol.
Yes doc. Gonna Grab A Baby or something
Its like a ride.
Bring me something good.
Alright now lets get into it
theyre in the house.
Arguing young and old is great.
Playing with produicts under the drain is bad.
Bedtime story
Nice poem.
lol wilson did the splitz
Just the slapstick
Its killing me the routine sillyness. Mouth wash and cleasning spray.
Nice monologuer speech.
Kissing the dog thtas pretty funny.
Lol just start untyying things.
MAyhem ensues.
Reminds me a bit of
Old people parade.
Dennis and wilson is just the funniest pair ever.
THe actor from the seinfeldf the academy.
Somehow mr wilson doesnt kill dennis at his garden party
Tragedy of this magnitude has to be someones fault.
Yeh i remeber being a kid and having some similar
THe flower.
That sad old man, and im sorry.
Sounds about right
Wheres dennis on some rampage lol.
YES christopher loyd

I love this old and young.
yea i remember
I wasnt sure how they were going to introduce these characters
what a sobre scene
IS all i can say.

This is the best the
Key falls in the beans.
THeres something about this under the bridge scene, Dennis feeds hium beans ill never forget that
lol oi here they come lol dennis and doc are the best wow fire . The DOC
thx james for making me watch this. Reminds me of the goonies. Epic!
Doc u the man.
Ok i dreaded watching this but im glad i did.
Shout out to this movie.
Good distraction. Props to the doc

Born Free ’66

Lets see I know barely anything about this film.
I know its sad. With a title like ‘Born Free’ makes me think it can’t end well then. Even as the years have gone by since this movie I wonder whats happened to these people and scenes im seeing. Never been to Africa but the Lion is pretty amazing. That Speed. Theres a monologue. Joy Adamson, George in Kenya. Barong or something region difficult to hear exactly but couldn’t find it, and a man eating lion. Theres George. He takes care of the man-eaters. As in shoots em. I dont think hes a hunter, but gotta protect the communities. Now theres 3 little lion cubs. They wont eat or unable to eat. Thats sad you know theyre going to be near domesticated. These lion cubs are mega cute. They all have their own personality as Joy describes. Elsa the smallest one. Its fun to watch em play. That other small animal not sure what that is. Its a family that lives with 3 lion cubs getting into trouble constantly. Questions if man-eating is a hereditary trait, that’s interesting im not sure either. Im sure the dna has a role to play, but generally its a giant tiger with huge claws playing and hunting probably have the same effect. Eviscerating something to shreds then eating it. Hunger or opportunity could also play a part. Might be a bit more docile but still. Would have to go against most instincts wrestling with a full grown lion. Now theyre off to a zoo, eventually. But how would they live wihtout being able to provide food for themselves. Poor Joy she lost her little critter. Lots of hazards in the Savannah. Id be motivated to keep Elsa instead of the zoo as well. Crazy seeing the gazelles. George can sense his wife grieving the loss. She cant deal with putting the cubs on a plane. Getting a look at Nairobi I believe, Joy did some shopping. Nice just seen Elsa in the back of the truck. They’ll have to live with it now for better or worse, or redo that trip. Its just as the accepted it was gone and was not a human, was allowed to keep her pet. This fellow arrives again he suggested the zoo the first time. Some time passes and George is recovering from malaria. Buddy makes himself a drink. Elsa seems fairly large. Elsa smushes George she must weigh a great mass. John is his name. Just stays the nigth instead of having a drink then driving home. They have a nice home. John foreshadows a upcoming situation where George and Joy must return back to England for ‘leave’. Hes the game warden maybe its a temporary position.
It would be frightening to cross paths with an unknown lion in the wild. Imagine just in your house while trying to wash up. Old school washroom. Wall;s floors and colors. At night time would be on the prowl. Elsa thinks Joy is her mom. Wouldnt be alive in the wild. George is concerned, first hes talking to Elsa, then Joy is having a increased bond with the child lioness. Georges duty calls him to the road. Gonna have to go kill another man eater. Joy becomes the narrator. Shes right George is there to kill another lion but here they have a lion pet in the back of the truck.Hes not there to kill automatically im sure, but assess the situation then respond. Im sure theres some qualifications to the job they’re doing. Some noises coming from the kitchen or trucks. Nice camp setup. Its a small house. Yikes crossing paths with a wild lion. Hopefully Joy doesn’t decide to start playing with it like Elsa. Slowly back away. John’s goat eater. George pretty brave but he sacked a couple aggressive ones last time. These older movies the lighting at night time looks pretty bright sky still. Early dawn twilight. Sure enough just as he turns his back the lion shows itself, George goes to fire, but rookie move, no ammo. Its like a bad dream alot of scenes in this movie. Crossing paths with lions, firearms not working when you need them. This time the goat eater gets away with a meal. George embarrassed forgot his ammo. Third time he gets rushed in this movie. Some humour about the watch dog that slept throughout the whole ordeal. Now the big cat gets to meet Indian ocean with an entourage. Theyre all swimming thats not something you see. Another scary scene to encounter on a Sunday swim. Was expecting a shark but instead its swimming lion. The beach is pretty nice featuring some overhang small cliff ledges. Suddenly something bad happens and interrupts the vacation. some cool scenes of lion swimming. I know it to be true but havent seen much before. Lion playing with a coconut. Hes having some type of seizure. Too much malaria medication, seems like hell be ok for now. Doc is happy to get outta that tent. Lion determines when its meal time. Joy states the last holiday they all took. Theres a male Lion hanging around now. Some troubles coming up and some hunters in the area. First things is to shoot it. Anyways Elsa escape that fate for the moment. Some elephant herd and lion footage. I wouldn’t want to get stampeded by elephants. Shooting only for protection. Joy narrates as the follow the aftermath of the stampede everything is trampled and destroyed. Somehow Elsa has a friend of prey and the single out elephant appears at the property. John suggests it was Elsa’s fault that caused the stampede. John is quite insistent on the zoo. Joy suggests setting her free, again they dont know if she could feed herself. Well they got their 3 months then John has some drinks and drives home. Maybe some type of wildlife preserve. They have a plan to introduce hunting and cut the meals. Now theres a new Male lion maybe they can start a family. Theres a bunch of howling dialogue. Lions playing but that was interesting encounter. Elsa has the Savannah taxi, she gets to tour lion destinations, such as trees and dead zebras. There was many lions to feed that last kill. Elsa got ditched and George and Joy are having some guilt. Elsa getting bullied by a warthog. Isnt looking good for Elsa, but shes just being natural. Theyre not having much luck making Elsa turn wild. all beat up like an alley cat. Not sure what the outcome will be. George drops em off. Poor Elsa getting dropped off alone in the rain. Its sad cause theyre all used to living together. Wanted to leave her out alone for a week with the gazelle. Poor lion all tired and hungry cant feed itself dying of nutrition. Its a tough predicament thats even tougher with a emotional attachment. Its a moral dilemma that comes with playing god and living with wild animals. Joy is determined that Elsa have her freedom, and its a sad situation. Its like the Free willy of the 60’s but way better. Theres some character development with Elsa, and she kills the first warthog and again. Also they have a better living estrangement. George can kill wildlife to feed Elsa if shes starving and starts going out more and more. The goals is to join a pride then, and live free.But its nice they make effort to let her life the most natural life possible. Lots of unpredictable tiger scenes must have been hard to shoot. Cheering Elsa to find a new family but battle ensues. Its a sad turn of events but in a wway its the best possible scenario for the Lion. If its not natures its humans as predator. Well they go on leave, and return to the same place. The calling card is a rifle shot in the air. Thats nice ending. The importance of not caging wild animals and letting go. Thats a good movie, good story.

Flash Gordon ’36

Glad I gave these a shot, its a bunch of shorts. 84 yrs since release.
Planet of peril.
To someone being a space traveler in the future these films are gonna be the most entertaining thing to watch.
The synopsis is the same. Two scientists observe a planet rushing towards them, one of their sons is Gordon. Gordon happens to be on his way on a trans-continental flight
The plane encounters some meteor showers and passengers must escape with parachutes. They land in visibly upset Dr. Zargov’s field. So with a quick description of the problem they jump in the steam valve rocket ship. Its pretty awesome. Comments like: “oops forgot to turn on the oxygen, its no big deal.” The lizard fighting dinosaur scene is pretty epic, theyre running outta caves and wrestling then they get zapped by another rocket ship. The sounds are awesome for the rocket ship and some real pyrotechnics. The costumes looks like some suits of armor. The party meets Ming finally tries to throw Flash in the arena, but he comes out on top. Both the emperors daughter and the ‘earth’ girl are bamboozled by the polo-Gordon. Anyways what can I say so far awesome.
Planet of peril is a novel. Writing about sci fi is neat concept just imagining what things will or could be like and add in some humor and entertaining situations.
Tunnel of terror.
Whats happening with that intro scene and all the flailing arms. That crown the emperors daughter is wearing looks like a lesser model to the statue of liberty crown.
First time I see rocket plane. But nevertheless awesome. And all comes from the comic in ’34 so far is what I learnt. Emperors daughter shes beautiful but also mischievous. Theres actually a dog fight in the air and crash thats awesome. Whoa the giant god oracle statue thats a cool moving prop like Kong. Thats what I saw in the intro scene. Some roman centurion outfits, some Egyptian looking props. Claw monster suit is really good.
Captured by Shark Men.
This pretty fun to watch and only 20 mins per short.So Flash and his new buddy they’re making their way through the castle. That gong keeps smashing, and they storm the wedding crashing through some ornamental statue. They grab Dale, the ‘earth’ girl. Flash rescues her from the wedding to emperor Ming. Flashes buddy is left behind fighting, Dale and Gordon fall into a trap, and then these shark-men get released. Its a strange scene, half mix between water ballet and fighting. After some slow fighting they board the shark mens boat. IT hazardous trip as they witness shark and octopus fight.They call the octopus something else. Everywhere you’d expect to be some computer display in submarine is replaced by valves, knobs, pistons, pressure gauges,light bulbs, clamps, bells and whistles. The octopus could pose a hazard to the crew so they are to wear some bucket mask re-breathers. In case they must swim to the surface. Anyways they make it to the water king, there flash has to fight him one vs one. Meanwhile emperors daughter is chasing the path of flash, she find his new buddy. Buddy says they went that way. Flash beats the water king but then is sabotaged and turned in to emperor Ming. He gets dropped in a new octopus tank and so far was beating the crap outta it. He looks kinda like Aquaman. Otherwise its pretty good going to keep watching this morn its May 8th 2020.
Battling the sea beast.
Thun is the name of Gordons friend. Spaceographed. Lets look through the window at flashes fate. The octopus you can hardly tell the difference. Poor flash battling all these monsters but someone always comes to help him, ore he uses he strength to dominate the situation. The skull caps are archaic in appearance. Octosac is what its called. Thuns got the wild beard. That town on the mountain top looks like something Bob Ross could paint, with increased sci-fi. Zarkhovs lab, inthe observatory. The shadow of Ming looks like Yoda. One of the sharkmen at the computer facilities. Emperors daughter destroys the life support, shes so mischievous. The toppling city, on the wobbling table. The title wave cut. This film is great so far that was probably on of my favorite so far. People from Mongo are keen on destroying Flash but he always manages to make daring rescue attempts and gets rescued himself. Its cool he doesn’t have any extraordinary super powers, or need any tech, just being physically strong and strong-willed.Can run fast, able to hold breath long.
The observatory was meant to be shot of Earth, I just realized, not a shot of the Zargov laboratory. Thats ok. Now its May 9, few days on the Flash now.
The miniature cities are cool so far theyre all unique, Ming lives in the mountains, Kala used to live in the sea. They foreshadowed the negative ray.

The Destroying Ray.
Princess Aura is mischievous thats her name. Although she did save Flash, for herself. Not only that she destroyed the whole city and air supply, thats not nice. But she is Mings daughter what does one really expect. Oh yea tidal wave. Ming explains he has this ‘other’ ray, turns a slider and some knobs,. Im not really clear, so Ming has a tv set he can zoom into the sea-town, but needs focus. There also a magnetic field that keeps a city underwater, but from the lab Ming has another ray, that happens to simulate that same effect. Now Ming decided he wants a rescue party. Every territory has a king, good to have friends in high place, but everyone has their own agenda that might not agree with Flash. Thun is still a good-guy. On Planet Mongo, Mings palace the guards resemble space Romans. Other metallic suits. The real heir now introduces himself to doc Z. He happens to have a rocket ship so off they go. the audio kills me its a plane fly-by sound with the rockets. Love that. More dragon scenes I dont see the strings its a nice travel montage. Heres some hawkmen. Obviously arent so friendly at first , the first thing to do is rush off the girls. Well its convenient hawkmen can fly. Flash fight anybody group of people too. Everyone has short clothes, maybe its arid climate. The rocketship scenes are pretty badass. So now at the hawk city. The boisterous fellow he looks familiar. The hawkmen city floats on three beams of lights. Its maybe the nicest of all theree and features in the title screen. Nothing like seeing the you know what salute. They have a gravity ray, something maybe nowadays call a tractor beam. Just funny to me the nuances of the time. Whoa painted bear, slaps him on the butt. Maybe I got it wrong but the string just cuts. Probably something to do with Hawkmen gonna save em, is my guess. Space Soldiers is the title, Flash is the main character, along with the rest of the party.

Flaming torture.
The synopsis is clear, Ming raised the city, as in, raised it out of the water with the beam, saving the earth and friends party. Just then Hawkmen interfere splitting Dale and Thun, taking them to sky city.. The city in the sky is arguably the best. Meanwhile, Zarkov and Prince Barin, the true heir they become frned and have left Mings mountain palace , not theyre headed to meet up with the rest of the gang. Thun had become prisoner, and was shown in some scens i thought it was coal, but hes shoveling in radium to the atom furnaces. Much power needed to keep a city afloat. Bespin could be hawkmen sky city. King Vultan is the best, he has a pet bear with paint and piercings and a boisterous laughter. I suppose hes comparable to the 80’s version. Which probably didnt need to be type but here I am. Even the title screen has described him as boisterous, which could mean a few different things.
Radium is interesting to learn about. Thun might be on his way to a lethal dose of radiation. but i guess was popular product a bit earlier time than this movie was used up till 1917s.
Ok the ray hit that ship. The ray hiut em and also saved em. Ursel begone. I would be slapping no bear thats forsure. Oh Flash isnt gonna be happy with Vultan. Sky city might have the same fate as shark city. Everyone wants Flash for their own prerogatives, same with Zarkov. Ming finds out about the Hawkmen. Ming claims the prince is the pretender. Getting the sky fleet ready now. Flash is the Best he just fights any oppressor anytime. Well they know radium kills, and the king knows that he needs a better power source. Now Aura and Dale, Princess aura convinces her to ‘give-up’ Flash, cause shes the cause of all the problems. Dale is like ok seems legit, ill do it. Thos other grandiose sets with dozens of people and the stairwells are interesting. meanwhile Vultan stuff himself. Some of the off scene dialogue cracks me up every time. The voice is slightly off or some content they had to put in after the shot. Just something to comment on that I like. The chef hawkman thats pretty funny, well I guess they dont have beaks and claws so they eat like humans. Wow those chops of meat hes eating. Hes very hospitable. I just realized thats his entertainment. That Aura shes such mischievous manipulator and leads the King on, that Dale find mongo men more attractive than earth men. Wonder if he be laughing after he finds out. The wings look pretty good and standard, a bit stiff. Well Flash had enough gets up and cracks the whip guy in the face. Prisoner riot. Surely Dale loves Flash as much if not more than Aura. How will Flash get out of this one, the tesla torture chamber. Im sure Flash will escape. Lets see Buster Crabbe in UFC 249.

Shattering Doom.
Compelling is inspiring, or cant look away. Compelled is forced to join. ‘Princess aura determined to wed flash’. This is like the Archie of the 1930’s space explorer. Dale is Betty, Princess Aura is Veronica. Theres some deception afoot thats forsure, surely to backfire in her face. The static room, thats his interrogation room where Flash remains. Its a rack and some spark action in a new laboratory. Its a unique lab to the rest but im sure some pieces were used. Electricity overcharging sounds. Im not sure what his intent is with Dale, but to find the truth on her love of Flash. Her fainting cant hide her love for Flash. All of a sudden Princess Aura appears with a ray-gun. Vultan is upset to be disturbed during his ‘science’. But appears aura’s true intent is revealed. You mad ? Well hes not laughing. So its twice shes saved him. Shes like, yes I want the ‘earth’ man all to myself. Poor flash has been zapped beyond consciousness and giving any consent. Oh the electro stimulator, thats what revives a zapped person. This is science from Zargovs mouth. Its a bed within a tube surrounded by springs and lights, that looks like a retro CT scan machine. Or futuristic I mean. Flash has been Ko for a while, he will.. -pause-, live. His eyes wide open and a semi-sinister laughter. A hand puppet show. So flash comes off the table is relieved to see Zargov, he doesnt comprehend the whole arranged marriage hes been set up. I want more than your gratitude. Classic I cant have you she cant neither, and she tried to kill him but couldn’t. Pretty dramatic. Finally they Dale and Flash get to see each other for a moment before a quick fight. Back to the furnace room. A luxury city cannot operate without slaves and whip carying slave drivers. Not sure that crank that the one hawkman is operating in the furnace room looks like a giant clock face. Here comes Mings fleet. Nice break behind a metal wall. Zargov appears with aplan to get Flash free involving a shovel. Its not just any wall, its a lead wall. I do not dine with unruly subjects, something similar. Here Vultan and Ming are arguing over the ‘earth’ girl and Flash is about to throw the sabotage shovel in the furnace causing probably total destruction. Ming wants apologies. Ming is pissed, Flash throws the shovel in and the resulting explosion. takes out the camera just like the tidal wave previous at shark town.

Tournament of Death.
Cant believe im 8 chapters in. so Zarkov thankfully helped Flash potentially escape. Instead of putting the high voltage on his wrist he put it on the Shovel. Flash is the charismatic leader of the furnace gang and thankfully he has the Prince with him, although I saw him try to hold Flash back, thats probably a mistake. But before he throws the shovel in he instructs everyone to get back behind the wall men.I love how the chapters all start similar. Mid-scene and some destructive event and…… (jumps into scene). Another riot. Another city about to be leveled. Flash runs into the throne room uncontested grabs a sword and has the emperor subdued for now. Zargov explains the countdown clock. Its going quick one moment while the city leans is all flash needs, everyone is stunned. This scene must be one of the original startrek bridge scene, everyone is grasping the nearest support and stumbling all over the place as one would in a earthquake. The air quake. Zargovs new ray fixes the sky city and rigth away the emperor of the universe denies him, Flash looks pissed. Now under the newest terms flash had to enter the death arena and survive, but then he gets his own kingdom and wife of his choosing. Its straight up Arena of Death. Mighty masked swordsman of Mongo. “You may go”.
Flash gets dressed in the only paid of pants on Mongo , to fight Ming’s Birdman. Its a fencing duel like gentleman. Arena of death just happens in the throne room, just opposite side. Damn Flash lost his sword for a second but quickly recovers. The prince confesses is love for princess aura, the titles are suiting. Suddenly a ape-unicorn beast appears. this must be the beast of Mongo. Theyre not shy on showing it too a bunch of close ups. Its no so much of a unicorn but a rhino spike. The prince has gone back to having his pointy little mustache. Cmon flash beat up that gorilla. Everyone watches on. Ming is having a great time.The chapter ends with the battle unresolved. Eventually Flash is going to win all these contests.
Its May 10 2020. Not much Flash left.

Fighting the Fire Dragon.
Back to the emperor breaking promises. Oh yea Flash was fighting the huge Orangopoid rhino head beast. Slayed that beast.Nice so of course Ming has another plan up his sleeve and Aura saves him again. Well Thun had enough of the party. “I dont trust Ming,” she says “oh now dont be silly he says.” Zargov keeps trying to contact earth from Mongo, the planet Mongo. Flashes dad is at the other end, they cant make out the message yet. Ming bout to do some first aid and takes control. Vultan had pissed off the performer but especially Flash. Now the Ming priest spying on Aura who in turn, spying on Flash and Dale. The priest motivated by a fear of death from the emperor and Aura motivated by wanting Flash for herself, they hatch a plan to deceive them and bring them through the Tunnel of Terror, cause the fire dragon should be sleeping. Nothing but the sacred sound can rouse him. Priest gives her some pills to sedate em. Well theyre waiting the 3 days, before going to Ming palace. Aura sets off her plan. Some wine appears seemingly from Vultan but it must be the poisoned brew. Sure enough they both pass out, gotta put him on a stretcher bed. Maybe someone sabotaging the radio communications. Vultan shows up he says no whine was sent. Buddy counting his coins. Princess Aura sent the wine. Here comes the gong of everything. Yes fire monster. Flash just sleeping the screaming monster is the best seriously. How is Flash gonna wake up in time, and destroy that fire monster.

The Unseen Peril.
Flash supposed to be dining at the emperor feast day, but instead hes in the tunnel of terror cause Aura drugged him, and the priest woke up the fire dragon with the gong.
Drugged with drops of forgetfulness how clever. Now Flash about to kick some ass hes gonna be pissed. The gong even ha s a pic of the dragon and poof he just appears. Whoa doc Zargov comes through with the grenade and blows its to pieces. The High priest considers this sacrilegious and gives them a stern lesson. Auras pretty much busted. Busted giving Buster some powerful drugs. Back at the Ming Hq. The unforeseen peril is that Flash cant remember. Vultan loses it, with good reason, but they’ll never defeat Ming without teamwork. Now Mings gone and done it and confined king Vultan in a dungeon. Flash lost his memory but Zargov has a plan that involves rays. Aura now starts with the lies. Dale clearly broken hearted. But says nothing, a few tears. Flash, pauses. No. I dont know why he trusts Aura, now Flash and the prince have a fight. Zargov restrains him Prince knocks him out. Prince Baron, I cant remember. Back on earth they get a new receiver. Zargov gets on the horn with earth. Its inconclusive. Aura has nothing to do but escape and inform her father. Ming is pissed, one earth man messed with his empire. Ming wants him executed, Aura protests, but the main guard heads out on his mission. Things are not looking good. I thougt maybe he was like stand here, now you cant shoot here or something blows up, but Flash just disappears. Ming and Aura are gonna get theirs I’m pretty sure. Just imagine a whole planet of humans like Gordon, giving Ming grief. Ming is losing it with one. Officer Torch.

In the Claws of the Tigron.
I wonder what that is. This time, the chapter starts when.. Oh a new Ray, that makes you invisible or visible. Its the same steam sound as the rocket ships or the submarine, some power sound. Ok Flash is invisible for part of the episode. The guards just ran off. Now torch produces the story. These scenes are the best Flash is invisible causing mischief of his own and strangling Ming. However Ming is clever enough to figure out the invisibility machine must be coming from inside his own house. King Vultan meanwhile is set free. All the guard are scared of the prospect of a invisible Flash. Someones going to end up staying invisible forever. Zarkov says, I want to call New York. He throws the chair in shock.Here Ausra is working her plan. with a audio cable of some kind to listen to their conversation. Nice room behind the wall. Prince Baron notices that their conversation has been compromised. So they quickly flee the lab. The prince gonna come back and guard that invisibility machine later. They take some big electrical transformer boxes off towards the space ship. Flash is invisible a second/third time, but hes been compromised and the guard has already reported back to Ming. So Mings intent is clear he wants to marry Dale, cause shes not allowed to leave the planet now. Always some deception. Earlier Ming after he was choked, the high priest suggested cause the god was mad that was the best scene. Lock up this babbling ape. Ming gets interrupted by the gong on his on speech thats hilarious. Mings face when he finds out Dale is in the catacombs with Baron, somehow he agrees to not blow up the invisibility machine for now, aslong as flash is destroyed on sight. Instantly. Tigron is a dog pretty much that follows a scent. Thats a good fight scene when theyre trying to find out what happened to Dale and the prince, and now the Tigron, its a tiger should have known it looks pissed. Maybe Vultan slapped its behind. Dale gets surprised by tiger Climbing up in her thats crazy.

Trapped in the Turret.
Wonder what that means.
Its May 11 2020.
Trapped in the Turret.
Left off Dale was being attacked by the actual Tiger, on Mongo they call it Tigron, it probably has some accessories. From the title screen we learn that Zargov decided to undertake the venture back. Invisible Flash. Ok Its Prince Barin, I keep writing ‘Baron’, sounds the same and dont want to check more online content till im done. The text states that Vultan and Zarkov are loading the ship, they return to the laboratory… I love the intros, there quite a bit going on per episode. Barin knows the catacombs. The fight with Vultan and ‘invisible’ Flash is funny. Vultan uses his belly to bounce off his enemies, all while laughing outrageously. Flash is beating them up while invisible.The guard hes like stop them on the floor. Reaching out. Flash and Barin rush to go rescue Dale, whose being mauled by tiger, shes screaming obviously. Thankfully Flash and prince Barin arrive, Barin is wearing armor but its flash that runs in and wrestles down the tiger in some pretty crazy scenes. Ming is playing on the steam valve computer. Hes able to view the fight between flash and the Tiger. Again Aura puts Dale in danger, then shes all concerned when Flash jumps in the cavbbe room and fights the tiger single handed. Maybe if he would have listened to Thun, none of this would have happened. Finally after watching for a bit Barin jumps in just as flash kills the tiger with his bare hands! Auras friend is all sad. Just like the rancor keeper in Return of the Jedi. She runs off. Aura really cant see anyone be happy. Barin pleads with her, you can be friend with trhe earth people by helping them. Alright she agrees. As they hold hands. Meanwhile, guard Torch regains his blaster rifle and he wants the secrets of the invisibility machine. Flash looks a little disturbed after killing the Tigron. Aura pleads for another chance after several failed and successful sabotage attempts. In the throne room Ming is barking some orders about doubling the guard asnd trying to get to the bottom of the Zargov invisibility machine. Ming is lucky he doesnt get his head chopped off, he wants them all to live in peace. Meanwhile the invisibility machine is destroyed with the butt of blaster rifle, Zargov is pissed. Ming still is having trouble granting the earthling their freedom. Instead they want the festival to go on. However for now, he declare them all free Vultan, Zargov, Flash and Dale. Of course guard Torch doesnt believe them. Zargov is sad, the invisibility machine is broken. Back on earth, Gordons dad gets the message. Thats theyre trying to leave Mongo and return home. “Gee that was swell doc” Flash says about talking to his dad. King Vultan offers a suggestion why not come to my kingdom before returning to Earth. Sure sounds like a good time. Ming enacts a plan where the earth peopl emust be observed and monitored for every move and every conversation overheard. The second part of the order to monitor Barin and Aura. Now Ming cant let anyone be happy hes gotta wave his scraggly fingers in everyones face from the throne room chair. Torch is like ok. Thun is coming back. Theyre watching them leave now. Watch them yea we know. Load up that oscar meiyer weiner rocket. Theyre heading to the turret house Lake of something R. The guard walk so wide. Liftoff on one of the rockets. Thun is back on the TV. Here Thun was in command of a fleet of saucers. Dragons make an appearance along with the propeller plane engine noises. They get to the turret house where theyre supposed to meet Barin. He he comes landing the rocket. Oh this rocket is shooting at them . Probably not Barin then. I guess it trying to build suspense and maybe finish this conflict once and for all.

Rocketing to Earth.
Is this already the conclusion. Well all good things must come to an end. That kind of makes me sad that was a fun adventure. Last time watching the intro. Zargov was dejected then, didnt realize that was an emotion. But it means in low spirits and you could see his face. Dejected indeed. Its obviously Ming. Conveniently theyre right above a trap door. Looks like Vultan got blown up but manages to walk away. Now Prince Barin in the same dungeon as Flash and the party rescues him. They’re in the laboratory preparing some defenses when torch, and minions show up. They still know, but Doc Zargov has electrified the door. They all back up in horror every time the door zaps, Ming is the best he stumbles a few paces back with his hands flailing in the air. Finally they cut the electricity to the chamber, and the door becomes a regular un-electrified door. Here is a air sire and Thun is in command. Destroy the door seize the prisoners. Bring em to the throne room again. Now theres a dog fight between Thun and the emperors fleet. Theyre called gyro-saucers or something. Everyone gathers around the TV. Nice Thun and the lion men. From Lion city. Now Ming is on the run. The throne room infiltrated. The narrator announce Thun. One of those odd off camera clips. Thun Barin and Flash pursue Ming as he gets to a double set of doors. Aura in pursuits shortly after. Here comes the gong, and Ming and showered in smoke behind the mysterious double doors in a bizarre ritual.The high priest claims hes dead, but well see. Zargov claims theyre out of danger for now. Of course the high priest overhears them, and they have a chance to escape. Again in the throne room they have a final fairwell, for the benfit of science. Too bad the high priest has sabotaged their ship. Another rocket scene, the original puppet ships as far as I know. Theres a bomb in the ship they must get rid of, so Barin gets at the radio station, her advises Flash theres a time bomb on board. Flash is jiggling the radio finally he gets the message, thankfully he knows what it looks like and throws it outside. That was pretty suspenseful. Flash calling earth, shut down all generators. Nice announcement scene. New York. Zargov is happy they saved themselves and Flash and Dale can get married. Kinda sad thats over now im pretty sure theres atleast one more film I can seek if I need some more Flash Gordon in my life.
Gotta get the intro.
I guess theres not too much profound about Flash Gordon 36 but it was pretty interesting and havent seen anything quite like that. Theres really no comparison to the 80’s version. i might be inclined to check the comic or other movie another time. It was entertaining. Theres more movies featuring Buster Crabbe. Olympian and lion tamer army training films lots of interesting things. Its amazing reading some of the comments on youtube when Brigadier Flash meets Buck Rogers cameo. The Sharkmen King performed in alot of movies i was reading, was a body guard. Zargov was in a bunch of silent movies.

Flash Gordon ’80

Got this going last night looked pretty epic so far, the only context I have is the Queen Song, same title.
Hes the savior of the universe alright.
The 80’s are fun, Im expecting that going to have to watch the original after, which I know nothing about.
Oh yea the actor from this film appears in another film I think its hot tub time machine maybe and he crashes through some walls. I cant confirm and ill do the research later.
Well I like the sets so far from the plane to the greenhouse. The characters seem silly a bit, comedic almost. The moon rocks pretty funny. Once iarrived on the moon the sets and costumes are crazy. Ive noticed the targeting cam used a couple times. Rocket ship trip is thrilling. The overlord costume is both awesome and ridiculous. Hes like: “yeah your loyal ? then drop on your sword.”
But so far this movie pretty entertaining, didnt expect much. Ive heard the song more times then ive though about watching this movie. Special effects are pretty psychedelic it feels a bit like a cartoon or a comic. Which I guess is why they show the comic panels at the start.
The flash reminds me of the 60’s batman ‘Robin’ Flash is kinda nerdy with some cheezy one-liners but I expect him to do some awesome things so its ok.
I cant believe the sets and costumes. Very red and gold shiny plates
The lizard man and scream is just the funniest thing. The drone flying around is rip off from some of the droids in Starwars, stormtroopers a little bite too.
The 80’s style in futuristic space, is the best.This doctors , i still gun this gun in my pocket. Hes like stop. zaps it.
Angry hawkmen, the loyalty offerers that drapecd gold chain upon themselves, the little space squares with helmets, the easter-color princesses looking with robes, the black and white tall furry hat chess piece personnel with metal mask faces, the gold-robbed-golden-mask, and the red vest wearing gold outfitted with red bloused boots ‘Iron-men’, the typical storm trooper red and gold plated guards, the blue veiled triangle finger shape makers. the darker veiled group in the back the portly skunk fellow, the long white robe also wearing hat shaped like a skyscraper, and the wrestling intro for the emperor, and the gold masked darkened face sidekick to the emperor are some of the character in these shots. The hawkmen wings look like old metal, the rest of the outfit is straps and skin. Ming. Obey or sacrifice your daughter. well its just a harness for wings then. The ultimate bead costume is how I would describe Ming. The one princess looks like shes from Never ending story. Hes like Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets, nice. Oh hes got the ring of Schwartz. Oh its the emperor daughter that looks like from never-ending story. These teeth guys with the helmets, and the bubble wrap girls. Whats not to like seriously. Some wrestling football combo. Love those watercolor or smoke backgrounds need more of that. Snout mask guards. The execution set looks like something out of willy wonka, and some judge dredd types how is he gonna get outta this one. So everytime theres a unplanned natural disaster, its emperor ming. How many beads were used in this film, and they show ww2, monkey montage with his life flash before him. Maybe there a way to get them back. Nice russian accent. Cant get enough of the watercolor smoke backgrounds . Its called telepathy, over. Looks like the williams pinball logo. Ewok village scene. Its Robin hood pretty much. Oh man the hawkmen,lizard men. Now its Dagobah. Its the crystal palace. Allright they got a plan. Fist in stump game. Spike circle mario party eliminator. Nice eyeballs. Skullcaps and rocket cycles. The hawkman character is pretty funy hes so boisterous and loud. That mud scene was like the tom cruise white horse sinking in the mud too. Lots of similar costume and pieces and the song samples. Now its jason and the argos. That roll out banner. Nice the goggle eyes and the general melting Be merry under penalty of death. Nice his second crash of the movie.
For what it is and the cheese special effects Its awesome in all its uniqueness and bites. Strange movie. The end? Thats a whole experience of a movie.
Its the Ted Sam Jones cameo. Ornella Muti, really beautiful but not from never ending story. The outfit or headpiece might be similar in my memory.
Maybe ill watch one of those old 30s Flash Gordon, never knew any of that. Nor Buck Rogers bit before my time. Thats kind of interesting though.
Obviously Queen, and the Flash song, but forgot about Highlander.
Dr. Zhargov it seems like hes in fiddler on the roof forsure, but also looks like a character from a Clint Eastwood movie.
I can just imagine someone promoting this movie saying its gonna be the new starwars. Its completely silly, but its more than watchable.

The Thing from Another World ’51

Besides the intro, and the burning dripping theme, this time in b/w.
Last black and white I saw was Kong.
Facilities are way better, at least for the officers.
This time the poles are reversed, and actual Arctic not, Antarctic.
Similar story. No Kurt. That plane with the skis is pretty sweet. Where were they Alaska , 3 hrs to North pole, or 6 hour total trip. Anchorage.
Ok so these are the real facilities. The ol Kentucky home. I bet hes the first one to go.
Anchorage to Northpole. Some hight tech machines and some 50’s hairdoos and generational speech.
The landing site is pretty interesting, and the scenes used in another horror flick is what ive heard.
Blew up twice, the background clouds seem painted on. That geiger counter going off too and they brought the thing inside. I estimate maybe one of the knowledge hungry scienttists might prematurely thaw the alien. Orders came down and they are to thaw the discovery. Probably smart just incase something was to happen. Its kinda like the haunted tomb where the raiders all get mysterious illnesses (cursed).
Movies 1951; “The telegram came in broken messages. Cant get any messages through..”
Movies now, the internet, or cell network down. Its not the call is coming from inside the house, or ‘the line is cut/dead’
Maybe not as much suspense, or a different type so far. The concept of discovering such a thing pretty wild, some type of off-earth artifacts. Even what brought down the craft, that cell imitating ‘thing’, could have taken the last operator of the craft. Im looking forward to seeing if it looks anything like the 82 version, cause that was crazy.

Just commenting on the mess hall it reminds me a bit of a fancy summer camp. The captain and his girlfriend they like to smoke. He like to whip out a couple cigarettes, all stylish.
Tabbaco companies infiltrating film or just props, or a addicted actor.
Im sure thats not unheard of.
Imagine they’re like action! And you’re like nah thanks just had one. Or keep getting the scene wrong and keep having to light up . For the fifth time action!, lights up a smoke..
My comments on the wardrobe. They aint wearing sweatpants and onesies, which i mahy or may not be wearing. Its old fashioned and more chic then today. That is a mild generic statement but applies I think to the ‘pilot’ and ‘love’ interest. That pointy bra is nothing something you see everyday. The winter gear is simply old fashioned but looks familiar. lol
Captain got tied up let his guard down thats silly but a good opener.
Oh i seen the thing! its like a grey alien, and hes got the electric blanket on the ice block.Those pistol clinkey Oh man the alien eating the dogs again. Then now a vegetable intelligence or communication network theory thats awesome, and the journalist is juts so cheezy. And hes got the cleaver. Cinched up belts, the doctor looks the most ridiculous with the pants and jacket, and he wants to talk to the super carrot. The super carrot is awesome just seen that ‘the thing.’
Its May 3, the concl. Pt. Math.
Theres a big discussion on the science of the plant guy. The doctor is overacting so much it looks ridiculous. Lets see the plant dude regenerates, absorbs bullets, absorbs blood. The doctor has been experimenting and created a planter full of breathing little plants hooked up to some blood plasma. Its a good prop. They’re all baffled. Care to listen doc, hes amused. Its like the wail of a newborn child. My mind is still perfectly clear! All some good lines. The Doc that suggests the visitor is here to start an army, is a good theory but then why crash the ship ?
Now captain need the blood packs, oh, im sure theyre gone. The love interest shes, like: better take a swing at my chin. Anyways now they get word from hq that theyre to protect the plant creature guy until a superior can arrive. But that only comes in the stairway room. Under no circumstance take action against it until my arrival. Finally the flamethrower suggestion or some kerosene lol. Another smoking scene this time the Lt gonna start a fire in the only building in Alaska. Well that all happened fast. That was awesome, and they did end up pretty much burning the place down. That howling monster.
Ok got a plan the monster doesnt burn get organize and go after it. The oil aint getting to the heater and thats around the building back so. Fight the ‘thing’ from the generator room, put on your burnt clothes. The doctor and the news guy, 7 plus the doc and the 2 guardsmen. Maybe whats left of the party behind closed doors but then what about the tall guy. Snyder judge gray execution. Bang and the Geiger counter going off.. now the thing, And the doc sabotage with a gun i knew he was unstable who gave thjat man a pistol. and the doc and the plant guy most epic scene. Hes like science i dont need no stinking science. Then buddy throws the pick axe to make him jump on the the fence, nice the got him telsa style. Turn it off thats inhumane!.
All thats left is a crispy critter and the news press man passes out. That was probably one of the better final, monster scenes ive seen for black and white. The press speech via radio, off the top of the head. A sure way for people to think your crazy is utter the words, ‘flying saucer’ and really mean it.
Now that its over thats a shame. Was pretty good movie. The John Carpenter version is like on steroids compared to this but maybe id watch this one first before the updated one with the crazy effects. Im sure theres some different nuances with the book if I ever get to it. But the story is pretty cool, finding anything from space is just so neat and mysterious. I love the plant dude he listens to the science mans speech hes like rawr nawh! Just kills me. But the thing listens and considers it for a moment and ponders the proposal.
Its the 4th May ’20 evening.
It was interesting to hear James Rolfe talk about the original, now im just curious to get the book ill put it on the list. But im glad ive been watching these movies. After hearing Rolfe and other people talk about it makes it more interesting, intriguing. I never noticed such a thing as the interrupting dialogue. I mean honestly i liked em both, the carpenter is just so visceral and crazy that its shocking, your mind just cant believe what its seeing. Makes me appreciate the black and white one that much more compared to then when I watched it initially.